Brain freeze! Brain freeze!

Apparently Ginge never learned the most important lesson from “A Christmas Story”:

“I weewy, weewy wish you had wahned me about dis befuhand.

It’s all in Good Humor, Maria F.

[To a very few folks out there: Stand down, people. Please. We do understand chocolate isn’t pet food. This kitten is taking small licks of the ice cream, not mawing a pound of baker’s semi-sweet. And to the rest of you, carry on. 😉 – Ed.]



  1. Speaking of “WANT WANT WANT” … 😆

  2. WendyPinNJ says:

    Which? The ice cream or the kitty?

    I’ll take one of each. Love me some butterscotch puddin!’

  3. Anybody care to hazard a guess as to which tag is my fault? 😉

  4. Ooooh what soft kitttyy!! Also, I must go out and get ice cream now!

    [Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… – Ed.]

  5. A marmie, an ice cream, and thou. Life is good.

  6. Resriechan says:

    um Theo — my guess would be that you chose the tag which mentions Ice Cream and also uses a word of…”how you say?”…..emphasis???

    (aka the Foist Tag is yers?)

    [Cooooooould be. :whistling: – Ed.]

  7. Resriechan says:

    Wow — THAT tune sounds VERY MUCH, like the Innocence Tune, that the TV/Film characters always whistle, when trying to convince the local police or the FBI that “The OTHER GUY” did it ……

    (joins the whistling, but walks away into the distance, as the film ends pensively…)

  8. Kidless says:

    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr!

  9. those paws are huge lol so cute now i want ice cream but no cat hair please lol

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    Smooch and Mwaahh!!

  11. Look at the GIANT PAWS! Eee!

    [He’ll grow into ’em. Look at all the ice cream he gets. 😉 – Ed.]

  12. OMG I am dead from the cuteness of that cat!

    and Well it does not need to be said… but I could use a good humor bar about now too!

  13. Paws in Mirror may be larger than they appear.

  14. Lindsay says:

    Ah! I would never give my kitty people food! Especially hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup people food! *winces for kitty’s liver*

    […in ice cream? 😕 – Ed.]

  15. 260Oakley says:

    The road to purdition is paved in chocolate coating.

  16. Theadosia says:

    Loooove the feet. Big feet are good, they help to distribute the weight of the kitty when it stands on your bladder/sciatic nerve/that bit just above the knee-cap that turns out to be incredibly sensitive.

    My cat and I have a deal – when I’m eating ice-cream from a bowl in bed, I will not scrape all the melted stuff up before putting the bowl on the floor and he will not attempt to stick his face in the bowl while I’m eating…….much.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    and it’s a Rocky Road, at that.

  18. Resriechan says:

    @ 260O:

    Maybe I’m slow on getting this next motto…but an email from a friend, a few days ago…was on the theme “save the Earth” and the punchline after the Nifty Nature graphics….said “because it’s the only planet that has chocolate”!!!!!

    Certainly not the most PROFOUND reason for “Save the Earth” movements, but fairly humorous!!!

  19. Lindsay says:

    Hey Editor, cats are lactose intolerant. They can’t produce lactase! The milk can give cats diarrhea. And the sugar isn’t good for them. Cats are carnivores and should eat a meat-based diet. Junk food will just make them fat, which can cause heart disease and diabetes, just like it can in humans. A bit now and then won’t hurt…but I just decided not to encourage the habit in my cat.

    [I know this, actually. Please remember, this is a humor & entertainment blog. – Ed.]

  20. PippinT says:

    AWWW sweet sweet sweet kitteh! You are SO nomable! I want to stick my nose in that fuzzy axis of snorgling and take a biiiiiiiiig sniff! And those GORGEOUS paws! ACK!

    Don’t tell my Maine Coon ginger kitten I’m looking at other gingers, kay? I’ll have all sorts of ‘splaining to do!

  21. Theadosia – my cat and I have the exact same deal! Also good for cereal, yogurt, and any other dairy based food I might be eating in bed.

  22. @Theo: I’m guessing the “Impending Doom” tag 😉

    [Nope; Resrie already guessed, in the earlier comments – Ed.]

  23. sugarbee says:

    My tuxedo kitty had huge paws like that so I named her “Slippers”.

  24. Her eyes match her fur, how adorable! 🙂

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Oh! please, please,

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Hon Glad! I know, the cuteness is lethal. Take deep, deep breaths…

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahahahaha! I just kissed my cat. He was sleeping on my bed and he looked so totally adorable that I had to smooch him. He began to immediately puuurrrr and then he did that cute stretch-out-the-front-arm thing followed by the open mouthed-no sound coming out-non-meow thing! He’s so fab!!

  28. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    QOD-“I just kissed a cat, and I LIKED it”?

  29. “Nom nom nom nom…OW OW OW….nom nom nom nom….EEK…nom nom…om nom nom…hm……nom…EEK…” 😉 ykwim

  30. chanpon says:

    I would’ve thought a creamsicle to be more appropriate than the Dove bar, but still so redonkulously cute.

  31. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge.

  32. I’m surprised there haven’t been more nuffs about the ice cream. I don’t think a lick or two would harm the kitteh. It probably wouldn’t want to eat so much of such a cold thing anyway.

  33. Ms. Lady M'am says:

    Only 2 nuffers in a whole thread, a new record!

    Lovely Marmie Cat, my Cornelius loved fruit pops all flavors except grape.

  34. Where is Meg? She never posts anymore, and her posts are the funniest. Meg Back PLZ.

  35. Kitty’s got paws the size of waffles! Remember him?

  36. victoreia says:
  37. victoreia says:

    (..or not. 😕 )

  38. Noelegy says:

    Man, those are some big ol’ feets! How fuzzy and adorable.

  39. Hey Teho, I think Lindsay may have been channeling Sheldon, who would have said exactly that. Me, I’m still overwhelmed by the PAWSIES!!

    [I said that, and I was actually quoting Penny, singing to Sheldon per his request. “Ed.” (for Editor) is me, Theo. :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  40. Cat’s tongue can’t taste the sweetness but they can enjoy something cool.

  41. AWW 😀 Ginge is one kitty that I would SPOIL SPOIL SPOIL 😀 I would enjoy giving her ice cream in very tiny amounts 😀 There must be lactose free ice cream that one can give a tiny amount to a kitty 😀

  42. @Zuzzie 😀 I agree with you 😀 I would go get ice cream if I could also get a kitty to go along with it and help me eat it (tiny amount to kitty) 😀

  43. My Dante loves ice cream and yogurt. He gets tiny amounts of ice cream (no chocolate of course), and as much yogurt as he wants. No sign of lactose intolerance with him– in fact all my cats have enjoyed and tolerated dairy.

  44. dr. berthaservant says:

    Eskimo Pie

    for Creamsicle Kitteh.

  45. Rachael says:

    I am not permitted to consume a Dove bar without sharing it with my two critters (doglets, as it were). No chocolate coating, just the vanilla goodness. Tiny amounts but it seems to mean so much to them. ❤

  46. Considering there are posts in the site every day, Feb 27 is a bit ago!

    Also I love the look on that cat. HEE.

  47. My cat Bentley liked to lick out the ice cream dishes and would push his face into the yogurt cup if he could get it. I often put his thyroid pills into a little chunk of cheese (Cheddar preferred, especially the spreadable kind) and he swallowed them right down without a fuss. Lactose intolerance NOT, as he lived to be almost 23 years old.

  48. Chill out you silly peeps if you look closely at the photo you can see that where Kitty is sniffing there is no Chocolate. And since the majority of people who come to cute overload are pet lovers and animal advocates you are, actually, preaching to the choir.

  49. I really want to see the rest of this cat. Just imagine if the paws are proportional–I’d give him my damn ice cream and anything else he wanted!

    [Ya ain’t kiddin’. – Ed.]

  50. BStrange says:

    On a lighter note, who ordered the whipped cream poofy-paws, and where do I get two pair (plus cat) to take home?

  51. My kitties are far from lactose intolerant! Theadosia, I wish my deal was as good as yours! Not only does he get the bowl, he gets the spoon (whilst I am eating) and the bowl, if he can get his face stuffed in it. Ice-cream piggy!!!!

    Sugarbee – LOVE the name Slippers! Precious!!!!

  52. P.S. Mine never ate the chocolate (in ice-cream sandwiches), but boy, they could hollow one out in 2.7 seconds! 🙂 Fastest tongzies in the east!!!

  53. BStrange says:

    KK3, that was mine, too! If given half a chance, they’d gut out the ice cream and ignore the chocolate bits. Of course, as the dairy tolerant were supposed to get no more than a Baskin Robbins pink plastic sampling spoon, leveled off, this only happened if I made the mistake of setting said sammich down before unwrapping it. They’d chew through the side paper while I answered the phone and be there licking merrily away. The dorks.

  54. BStrange says:

    Eddly One: undahstood, I threw The N Word in that other post specifically so it’d be sure to get mod-approval before going up (or not). No worries. 😉

    Cat-topically speaking: I spy, with my little eye, pink toebeans a-peekin’. *nod*

  55. BStrange says:

    Uh, the CO N word. Not the other one. I really need to not get distracted by toebeans whilst posting.

    [I read what you meant. 😉 – Ed.]

  56. BStrange: (whispering) toebeanstoebeanstoebeanstoebeanstobeans!

  57. Theo and Kidless, thanks for the Big Bang Theory references … I love the Soft Kitty song! Okay, I’m sleepy now, go away.

  58. my old cat would get his medicines in ice cream and he went absolutely insane for it. if we left an empty bowl on the table that had ice cream on it at night, we’d get up in the morning and it’d be licked clean.

  59. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Not that the Overlords need defending, but, PLEASE! They may post panda balls and various species ‘n’ racks, but you know they don’t post anything showing harm to an animal. You KNOW this.

  60. Reblochonne says:

    You can’t blame people for caring. I instantly thought the same thing too (re: chocolate).

  61. frogprof says:

    @Theadosia and foxy: The Stink [bad orange tabby] and I have the same deal, and she’s not lactose-intolerant either … in fact, she’s more tolerant than I am! But I suffer just so SHE can have her small pleasures (yeah, right) … She [!] especially likes the local grocery’s “Creamy Creations Intense Chocolate” which has not only chocolate ice cream but also a wave of fudge sauce AND ginormous chocolate chunks — although I kindly remove those from the remnants before I put the bowl down for her.
    These days, though, she actually prefers reeeeeeeellly expensive Brie to ice cream [no Président Brie for her, no sirree, she’s gotta have the $11.99/lb stuff] — and if it’s on one of those nice Australian water crackers, so much the better …

  62. StormCat42 says:

    I have two fuzzy bebehs who love ‘nilla ice cream and yogurt as well… They don’t get much, but they do get some… Of course it’s hard to NOT give it to them when they are all but in the bowl while I’m still trying to eat it… The only deal in this household is: You have it, and I’ll get it.. period… 🙂

  63. sugarbee says:

    KK3…thanx! Slippers was a sweetheart. She went on to her next life in 2003 and I still miss her every day.

  64. Awwww! Those paws are MASSIVE! Kitties love ice cream…. so do my dogs. The nearby Dairy Queen gives FREE “pup cups” if you bring your dog (through the drive through or outside). The problem is, these small cups of plain vanilla ice cream last long for small dogs but my newfies gobble them up in one slurp!

  65. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Our cat, Lucy, all but hollars at my husband that he BETTER save her a taste at the end when he has butterscotch pudding or tapioca. Darned if I can figure that one out.

  66. Those are monster paws! OMG. HA! LOVE them. And yeah, for the few neg posters out there, a photo of a cat with her face to an ice cream bar does not automatically = an owner that doesn’t know how to care for his/her cat.

    Carry on owner of the big pawed cat… carry on 🙂

  67. skippymom says:

    I think I’ve seen ads for some special frozen cat “ice cream” treats that have been delactosized and so are safe for the kitties. I know I’ve seen something like that for dogs, at the supermarket. Anybody know anything about this?

  68. skippymom says:

    Maybe I should have said frozen ice cream cat treats…didn’t mean to suggest that the ice cream has frozen cat in it….

  69. @sugarbee: Slippers was one unforgettable kitteh; I haz a sad to hear that the cutie is no longer with us…. but you must have some wonderful memories
    to treasure.. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  70. sugarbee says:

    Cheshire…oh, millions of memories! I went to the Humane Society and there she was, a four month old kitten who was all fur and paws, with a little look on her face saying “what are you waiting for? I own you.” And that’s how it was for the next 11 happy years.

  71. Hmm…I don’t think I would want to finish that after teh kitty had been nomming it, but I would certainly share – probs a dollop on my finger for ease of kitty nomming. I feel like a bad mamma when all the nuffers go on about not giving pets certain foods, as I know I’ve shared in the past (but am pretty sure I haven’t killed any pets through doing so) Obviously no-one should be giving gallons of ice cream to pets or massive bars of chocolate, but seriously…it’s only an ickle nom. Next to massive paws.

  72. BStrange says:

    …….toebeanstoebeanstoebeanstoebeanstobeans…. Oh rats… more rainbows.

    I’ll get the mop…

  73. Starlinguk says:

    Mah kitty likes the hawt chocolate. Whenever I get a cup of coffee, he -has- to stick his nose in the cup to check I’m not hiding hot chocolate (ingredients: milk, sugar, cocoa) from him. Ah yes, I give him the last two licks in the bottom of my mug sometimes. I’m sure I’m a really bad cat mama, but he seems healthy enough, unless sleeping in an inside-out pretzel shape on his back isn’t normal 😛

  74. According to my highly respected nutrition professor at vet school, cats will become lactose intolerant if (and only if) they stop drinking milk. A cat who has continued to consume dairy after weaning will not suddenly become intolerant.

  75. Indeed, Starlinguk, I was going to mention my kitteh’s hot chocolate obsession as well. The first time I made some, he thought he was being sneaky, and crept up my legs (reading in bed with hot chocolate: perfect rainy day!) and tried to stick his head in my cup. He will chew through almost ANYTHING to try to get to chocolate, so I have to make sure I don’t turn my back on any for a second. He got into some brownies once, and I about had a heart attack, but the vet said he was fine. He also does the inside-out pretzel… hmmm… 😉

  76. Rachael says:

    I’m a dog person since forever. But I have to say, I love reading y’all’s stories about cats you’ve known and adored throughout your lives. I have a whole new appreciation for feline furballs and I would gladly allow myself to be owned by one. Problem is, I’ve signed an iron clad contract strictly forbidding it. Damn those dogs of mine and their attorney, F. Lea Bailey. 😀

  77. Honestly the mockulate coating the outside of most ice cream bars probably has so little real chocolate that a little lick now and then isn’t going to hurt anything. Stuff like dark baker’s chocolate or ultra dark bars are what you should really worry about keeping far away from kitties.

    Also agreeing that while the majority of cats are lactose intolerant, not all are. My kitty purr had a teaspoon of cream every night when she got old and crotchety, and it did wonders for the calcium deficiency she had started developing. (This was long before they developed no-lactose products, I would go with that today!)

  78. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Oh, yeah, speaking of cats getting nibbles and slurps of hoomin food, every morning, weekends included, my Lucy gets a little bit of sauce from my Lean Pocket. She doesn’t go for the pizza sauce, but the cheese ones go down fast. She likes oatmeal, too. They haven’t put that in a Lean Pocket yet (ew).

  79. This is SUCH a waste!!!! I cannot believe it….it looks so yummy and this crazy person had the guts to let the cat lick it! No matter how intimate you are with your cat, this is unacceptable! Shame on you!

    by Chocoholic who is suffering for current lack of sugar on his blood.

  80. @sugerbee 😦 I am so sorry to hear about you loosing your dear sweet Slippers 😦 (BIG CYBER HUG) Slippers was one lucky kitty to have a loving owner like you 🙂

  81. @KK3 😆 I bet your piggy kitties would empty an entire tub of Vanilla ice cream if they could get their paws on an open one 😆

  82. This reminded me of the time my dog accidently got into and ate a box of See’s nuts and chews, which involve a fair amount of chocolate. I almost had a heart attack and was sure she’d drop dead, but she was fine. She didn’t get the least bit sick. I felt it taught me important life lessions: 1)Things rarely turn out as bad as you think and 2) See’s nuts and chews have a shockingly small amount of real chocolate.

  83. ah ok just see… you say it wasnt eating the choclate. ok! sorry! unfortuneatly can not delete the comment. well Ìm glad the cat is fine, then 🙂

  84. Jeez, even if the cat WAS eating the chocolate, so what? My cat gets on the sofa and forcibly removes huge chunks of my Breyer’s All Natural Chocolate Chip Ice cream, whenever she can get it. Doesn’t seem to be doing her any more harm than it’s doing me. (I know I know DON’T SAY IT la lala lala!) 🙂