Famous Spelunker Braves Devil’s Dumplings

I’ve been caving plenty of times, but this was just weird. I felt like a pinball in an inflatable jumpy house.

All hams on deck, Lexiedh S.



  1. I bet you that there are other things lost in the cleavage. Maybe even and entire sofa.

  2. Umm, I don’t come to this site to see breasts. There are plenty of other places on the intranets to do so. Could you please just go back to cute animals, witty cut lines, and bit less bras and cleavage.

    [Well, no, we’re going to continue being who we are, thankyouverymuch – Ed.]

  3. Took me a minute to notice the hamster

  4. Holy Hooters Batman!!

  5. marthava says:

    My eyes!! My eyes!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I planned to see………….. Sheesh. A little warning the next time, please!!!

  6. TrixandSam says:

    That’s quite a set of hammary glands.

  7. doxylover79 says:

    At first and 2nd glance that looked like someone’s butt with those little thong straps showing above her jeans.

  8. that’s a lotta boobie for cuteoverload

  9. N. Fritz says:

    “Ham ‘n Eggs” tag – LOL!

  10. LOL this should not be on here get it OOFFFFFFF!!!!!! ;*

  11. Anonymous Coward says:

    whoa. that’s borderline nsfw.

    …oh, and there’s a hamster in there?

    he must really be jovial!

    (the day anyone on this site picks up on the joke/reference, i’ll have to figure out how to mail beer to them. and no cheating with google, it must come out of your own memory!)


  12. I loooooove this picture, but then, I just love boobs. Wanted to leave a positive comment before the badness exploded. 🙂

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Wow. Even with my super duper widescreen, all I saw when I opened the page was the crack…

  14. WOW! What a cute little robo hammy.

  15. Anonymous Coward says:

    actually, is it really a hamster or is it a gerbil?

    seriously, i don’t think it’s a hammie.


  16. cubbybutt says:

    should be filed under cute or gross.

  17. This picture is very inappropriate and pretty tasteless. It really shouldn’t be on here.

    /never participated in a “commentroversy” before but this time I had to speak up because this is the worst I’ve ever seen on this website.

  18. Paunchie says:

    LOL just waiting for the nuff to explode.

    Cute, brave little guy! Seriously you could smother somebody with those giant knockers!

  19. this is too much, seriously!!!

  20. Wow. Really? Congrats everyone of a) being ashamed of your bodies, b) being insulting to someone anonymously (how courageous!) and c) managing to find something at which to be offended. Well done.

    You may begin your boycott of the blog now.

    It’s. Just. Boobs.
    Deal with it, puritans.

  21. darkangel2188 says:

    you publish this but not my cute bunny pics! This is ridiculous! At least zoom in on the scared look of said hamster about to be crushed!!

  22. well this is a little in bad taste, but I looooooove robo hams.

  23. Hell I would hide in there if I could too 🙂

  24. Oh noes folks! A bit more bare cleavage than normal! Aiiiieeeee! Quick, run for your lives!

    People, calm the heck down. I’ve seen 14 year old boys react less to cleavage than this.

    Oh and Myma Jane, the only thing vomit-worthy here is your attitude. GTFO my cheer-up site.

  25. Brandi7920 says:

    Holy crack!!! LOLOL Hammie has to be thinking w.t.f….hahahaha

  26. Those pics should at least be labeled at nsfw and then opened by click in a separate window.

    Please watch what you are posting!

    Thank you!

  27. bolei_cha says:

    too much boobs; needs more hamster 😮

  28. Hmm… gross. I regret the day someone decided “critters-n-racks” counts as cute. At least it’s a Saturday so no one will get caught at work checkin’ out some chick’s tits.

    Sometimes I think Prongs just likes to put up controversial stuff to see us spaz. 😛

  29. BouvieGal says:

    My eyes!! *jerks back, claps hands to eyes, and tips chair over backwards*
    All my mind can think of now is H. Rider Haggard references..

  30. BonzoGal says:

    Nuffers, please remember that this is not YOUR website, it’s Meg’s. If you don’t like what you’re looking at, go look at something else. Not all things will be, or should have to be, to YOUR taste.

    Besides, that ham has a lovely soft warm place to hang out. What could be nicer?

  31. The Other Bryn says:

    What a brave hamster! That’s quite an adventure he’s taking on there!

    Myma, I don’t mean this in a snarky way at all, but that’s just not a normal reaction. I wonder if you should see a therapist?

  32. Love the hamster, less the devil’s dumplings (though a Blackadder reference is always brilliant!)

  33. Boobs for all! says:

    Best pic yet. Celebrate the female body and the cuteness of hamsters!

    Biologically, boobs aren’t part of the sexual organs… it’s part of the reproductive system. 🙂 Hurray!

  34. Jeez folks, breasts comforted and nurtured you as a baby. They are a normal part of the female body. They are not disgusting. Chill, relax, scroll down, enjoy tiny hammy.

  35. 128 comments about Panda balls and people are going to whine about THIS? Have you ever been outside when it’s over 60 degrees?! How about a beach ever been to one of those? Good grief they have Victoria Secret BILLBOARDS with more implication than this! >.<

  36. Holy gazongas, Batman! I mean, what a cute hamster. 😀

  37. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Wow, looks like a Victoria’s Secrets ad gone horribly wrong! LOL!! (Not offended, just amused…)

  38. Everyone will see your dirty pillows 🙂

  39. Ugh those boobs must belong to one gigantic woman. This is not cute at all and like one of the posters above I thought it was a butt-crack at first too.

  40. That’s a little more boobage than I want to see over here. Not because I have any problem with boobs at all. If you got ’em, flaunt ’em. But on a cuteoverload site? No thanks. Cute little hammy for sure, but I gotta give this one a big thumbs down.

  41. kibblenibble says:

    Awwwww! Hammie looks SO cozy! BOOBIES! Yay!

  42. My dwarf hamsters used to love to get into my clothes, esp. my sleeves, so I’m not surprised this little hammy got a warm place to get into. However, my hedgehog really likes to get under my shirt, and being all prickly, not the most comfortable animal to snuggle up with.

  43. Seeing that the hamster barely shows, I’m kind of bummed about this picture.
    My four year old reads this site with me as a part of our day. Now I feel uncomfortable doing this…
    At least add an NSFW warning or something. 😦

  44. Although I do think this pic is a *bit* too much bare skin for work viewing (NSFW warning please), I’m going to guess that every person whining and complaining about this picture is a flat old lady with zero cleavage.
    You’re all showing your jealousy and insecurity, girls! Love the boobs, don’t hate them.

  45. Bailsabub says:

    Devils dumplings!! LOVE the Black Adder quote!

  46. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Joyce – LOL! .. “they’re breasts mama, every woman has ’em”

    And yes, a little less prudery please peeps!

  47. Rone – yes, don’t let your 4-year-old read this site anymore. If he saw the skin-tone part of a pair of large breasts he might just explode, or start a life of crime! After all, it’s not like he’s seen his mothers’, right?

  48. Hahaha poor hammie.
    Its not that it is gross, I personally don’t have a problem with this but maybe a tad bit nsfw by the standards of our society :), so I agree that this may need a warning so noone gets in trouble at work!

  49. Although maybe I should be working anyway 😀

  50. Rebecca says:

    Yay for furry animals in racks!

  51. Paunchie says:

    thumbs up on the term “boobage”

  52. Hamsters do love little hideaway caves.

    Them’s some beautiful bosoms. I wouldn’t want to get caught looking at them at work. But I wouldn’t want to be caught looking at kittens and puppies either, since they are just as non-work-related as boobies… Though seriously, the way the college students dress, I get this sort of view at work all the time sans hamster.

  53. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    How is this NSFW? She isn’t nude. Did I miss something? Are there landmines in there? A hamster orgy? A very small serial killer dungeon?

    Nakedness is not dirty.

    PS. Anonymous Coward, it’s a Roborovski dwarf hamster.

  54. Myma Jane says:

    @ Proph- I will not get off “your” cheer up site. I can only assume by your comment that your fun bags resemble our lovely pair up top.

    @The Other Bryn- What would be a normal reaction? Should I have salivated instead? Those breasts are not cute at all. Yet I make a slightly wicked comment about some grown woman’s breasts and it’s all the hub bub. All I can hope is that you recommended therapy to all the people who hated on the baby pics that were posted on here a few months ago. That was sick.

  55. Eoz:
    Four year old’s DO know what butts are. And that is exactly what he thought this was.
    It’s more of a thing that he, being a four year old, makes a big deal out of things.

    And, I never once said “OMG GET THIS OFF THE SITE”, I said an NSFW would have been nice because while my son may not know what these are, I don’t feel comfortable letting him look at it. I am a mother, after all.

    Then again, who knows? Maybe I’m a prude.

  56. AHHWOOGAAA! Cute hammy too.

  57. When I was little I had a hamster I named Nibbles. Wonder if this guy is named Nipples?

  58. “Aaaaaah! dirtypillows!”
    Calm down, people, not that big o’ deal

  59. I have a friend who, when she goes out, puts everything in her boobs. including, but not limited to, cameras.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she put a ham ham in there one day!

  60. Brittany F says:

    French onion soup, on the other hand, celebrates Fascism, and is not included in my daily meal regimen.

  61. Melissa says:

    What’s with the butthurt over the boobies? I happen to think they’re a nice pair. So what if there’s more boob than hamster? That’s what makes this pic funny.

    As for NSFW warnings and “omg won’t someone please think of the children?!,” I say… get a hold of yourselves. They’re just breasts, clothed breasts. Children have seen their mother’s boobs before, and seeing a bra is no better than a bikini top. And assuming she’s a large woman to have such big breasts? Please. I’ve seen skinny minnies with huge gazongas before.

    Ah, well. Haters gonna hate.

  62. derpaderp says:

    Even if she was a large woman, so what? Hopefully she’s healthy but apart from that what does it matter

  63. I am a flat chested, old American woman (born in the United States portion of the American continents) who is flat as a pancake because of breast cancer, and I thought the shot was innocently cute. AND as an old fashioned, before the internet, retired worker and occasional supervisor, get back to what you’re paid for, you naughty slackers!

  64. Owlpower says:


    It’s a Saturday! XD

    thumbsup to you though

  65. oh and p.s., I bet anything that if this was a dude with a ham between his jeans and boxers with a little bum crack showing, 90% of the OMGWTFGTFOBBQ commentors would be going “mm mm break me off a piece of THAT papa!” 😉 jus’ sayin’

  66. N. Fritz says:

    *doffs her hat to Nancy* – eloquently put!

  67. You starting a sister site, BoobOverload? I’m pretty sure you have enough material.

  68. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Rone, in all seriousness and not meaning to attack you at all, but do you think that maybe he makes a big deal out of seeing human bodies because YOU do, and because you shield him from it?

  69. Still gleeful over the Blackadder reference. “Devil’s dumplings” – tee hee! I think it’s time to rewatch some of those.

  70. Lindsay says:

    Yea, cute animal + boobs isn’t cute…maybe some people like it, but when I go to CO and see giant breasts staring me in the face I don’t go AWWWWW.

  71. @ Brittany F LOL!! Your on! Custard pies at 10 paces (:-)
    But not at dawn OK? It’s the weekend after all 😉

  72. Wish I were there!

  73. Wow, only took 50 comments to Godwin the discussion! They’re just boobs, people, stop hyperventilating.

  74. Paunchie says:

    “fun bags” LOL

    “You’re all worse than Nazis!” LOL!!

    Get back to work you naughty slackers!! 😆

    you people are making me giggle!

  75. lol poor hammy! it’s a good pic tho

  76. heatherfeather says:

    fegli, if that was posted definitely 100% of comments would be “omg someone needs to take care of plumbers butt. sick.” I come to this site to look at cute pictures, they’re really therapudic, you know? “cats n’ racks” was pushing it, but this picture goes too far. you can practically see nipples. i don’t come to this site to look at soft porn, i come for the adorable innocent animals. so please less emphasis on the big boobs. even if you cropped it so hammie was the center would be fine, but please. grow up people.

  77. Brittany F says:

    Unlike you Yeropeeans We americans work on the weekends. I do not accept the terms of this so called agreement. *throws freedom silk pies at Gigi*

  78. OH NOES! BREASTS!!! Actually, I kinda like ’em. I guess I’m just sick in the head or something.

  79. Brittany F says:

  80. Nicole M. says:

    I am jealous of this adorable hamster. Very, very jealous.

  81. That hamster must be horrified. I know I am.

  82. I love the NSFW comments. If you’re working, go work, don’t go browsing Cute Overload. Furthermore, they’re just BOOBS.

    That said, this picture could use a good crop or resize. It’s way too big for my screen and I had to scroll and scroll to get to the little fellow. As much as I’m not bothered by boobs, I came to see the hammies, not the mammies.

  83. @Rone:
    “while my son may not know what these are, I don’t feel comfortable letting him look at it. I am a mother, after all”
    You weren’t serious, were you? Please tell me you were joking… How exactly would your son be damaged by looking at this picture? Why couldn’t you just say: “Yeah, they are boobs. So what? Doesn’t the hammy look small compared to them?” And then move on to the next picture.
    Acting weird when seeing pictures like this is the most effective way of teaching kids (girls and boys) that there’s something bad and unnatural about breasts and nudity in general. And that’s just wrong. In the country I live in parents take their children to public saunas and swimming pool shower rooms where they see naked people from early on. Yes, little girls might go to men’s dressing rooms if it’s their dad that’s with them! Gasp! Little boys see lots of wrinkly saggy old lady bodies and fitter, young ones when they are too young to go to men’s side by themselves. Swimming naked is rather common and unisex saunas too (no towels, mind you).
    I’m not telling you this to claim I’m a better person, just trying to enlighten the fact that you can open your horizons a little and still live normal lives. We’ve got very few teenage pregnancies and STD’s here, too, in case you were wondering.

  84. wannadance says:

    yall attend
    Watsamatta U or somethiing? it’s a wonderful pic. possibly some are nuffed off by the glimpse of areola??
    gimme a breako. if it’s good enough for infant nutrition then it’s good enough fer me.

    and anyone who states that h e feels a vomit coming on? body image problem. i thiink breasts are beautiful and furthermore quite useful. unless she is jogging braless. then they’re a little bit dangerous.

    kabong, kabong, kaBOING, uh. knocked out cold.

    nuffers don’t know from how short life is. i do.


  85. I don’t see how the cleavage is “gross” other than a demi-cup probably isn’t the best bra style for her. The critter looks more like a gerbil than a hamster to me, too. And yeah, it probably isn’t the most appropriate shot for this site. I’d prefer PG-rated pics, thanks!

  86. Burrzzzz (sound of buzzer) wrong answer!!
    I’m so looking “down” on you, *drops poutine on Brittany F’s head”

  87. I thought they were but-tocks!

  88. bookmonstercats says:

    @Nancy, more power to you, sister. And you’ve got a great sense of humour.

  89. Hmmmm; I think they’re wheeling out the Pudding Pult right about now:
    I wonder if its range reaches across the Pond??? 😯

  90. Andi from NC says:

    Can’t we get some “Puppies and Pecs” around here every once in a while?? Or at least “Birds and Biceps?” It’s not like I expect “Kitties and Krotches,” or anything, but the occasional “Hamsters and banana Hammocks” would be much appreciated!! 🙂

  91. Paunchie says:

    “the hammies not that mammies” 😆

    I’m having a good ole time ovah here

  92. Janni:

    Don’t care. 😛

  93. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, folks, the let’s-snark-at-the-Americans stuff is really uncalled for.

    So is the how-dare-you-raise-your-child-the-way-you-see-fit nonsense.

    And the you-must-be-a-wrinkled-old-flattie baloney.

    Come on. Can’t we be civil in our disagreements? Do we have to be ugly and abusive to each other? What’s wrong with someone stating they don’t like the PHOTO? As long as they’re not attacking another poster, what’s the harm? It’s just an opinion.

  94. Brittany F says:

    You crazy Europeans and yer foods with all those vowels and strange pronunciations. You misunderestimated us Americans!

    ((I do know what Poutine is, I just know myself that half the time it’s called french silk pie, the other half it’s called chocolate silk pie 😛 Are you near Ottawa? I ❤ ❤ ❤ Beaver Tails Mmmmmmm))

  95. Wow so she must be fat because she’s got large boobs? So now not only are you exhibiting your ridiculously prude anal attitude that American society loves to perpetuate(I’m American) but you’re also now size shaming? The hell is wrong with you? I have large boobs, I used to stuff my cat in my camis when he was a kitten and I took pics of it. A child isn’t going to clutch it’s pearls over seeing a pair of mammaries. You only think it’s inappropriate because you make it inappropriate. Boobs are boobs, hammies are hammies and they are both natural and lovely.

  96. If someone wants to complain that the picture doesn’t fit the site’s theme or that it should have been tagged “not safe to work,” that makes sense, but the moral outrage is ridiculous.

  97. (to = for)

  98. @ Brittany F
    Nope, I’m form the birthplace of the poutine the beautiful province of Québec, the French part of Canada. And the sugar maple season is starting here now, if you like Beaver Tails you would love “tire sur la neige”. Hot tick maple syrup drizzle on snow that you roll up on a stick to eat, sweeeet!

    [If I hadn’t just eaten a load of pizza, you’d be making me hungry – Ed.]

  99. Jackie Rose says:

    Cute little rodent (gerbil, mouse, whatever), and my sympathies to the woman in the picture. I speak from experience when I say that gravity is not going to be her friend. Time will see those 36DD’s turn into a 42-Long.

  100. Mud Bug says:

    He’s a pinball wizard there has to be a twist………

  101. *Hands Theo a pasickie”
    Wow, we Godwinned at 51? That’s gotta be some kind of record.
    *removes wee hammie from cleavage and gives it a little ham snack.*

  102. No one needs to see that! Gross!

  103. To me these pics are boring as always. No whoop. What I don’t understand are people who get angry when people get angry. If someone is uncomfortable with seeing this, so what? Let them express themselves and leave it at that. Sometimes certain individuals appear to be under the belief this site belongs only to them. It’s actually here for all of us to enjoy or not. Most of the time I do enjoy; sometimes I do not. Whateves.

  104. RATS-N-RAX!

  105. Donsie_Lass says:


  106. N. Fritz says:

    Thank you, C.O., I’ve learned something today (Godwin’s Law)!

  107. Katrina says:

    Breasts, as they are called in Connecticut, are beautiful. So are pecs, and to honest I’d love to see Birdies and Biceps, should the occasion arise.

    Here is the solution to the problem. Skip this picture. The CO people count every picture and its lookers every day. Don’t click on this picture and you will have shown your disapproval in the best way possible. The CO people will get the point and I won’t have to learn that some people think that breasts are revolting. I have had two boy children, just about all growed up now. They were breast fed until they said ‘no mas’. (Dear Heavens I hope you get that incredible pun). They are happy, healthy and have wonderful sense of humor and do not exhibit any behaviors that are untoward. Breasts are beautiful. They are an accomplishment of Nature that is pretty-much unrivaled, when you consider how many of them there are.

    Nancy, my fellow Peep, I wish you all the best and thank you for speaking up here, we all need the reality check that terrible things happen and that this picture just ISN’T one of them! Perspective, Peeps, perspective!

  108. No, Melissa, all children have not seen Mommy’s boobs. Try a little modesty . . . maybe future little girls will stop dressing like sluts. This site used to be a favorite for me to show the little ones some cute animals, but no more. Fortunately, there are others that don’t have immature editors.

    [Oh yeah??? Well, well, YO MOMMA HAS BOOBIES! THPPPPPP 😛 – Ed.]

  109. Brittany F says:

    @Gigi MMmmmm that sounds gooood. I’m so glad you didn’t think it was a meat product lol. Most people do and their immediate reaction is ‘HOW COULD YOU EAT THAT?!” Hahahaha. Damn Canadians and their Beaver eating (watch yourselves!) habits. Tisk tisk tisk. I like the one with cinnamon, sugar, and lemon. Mmm.

    P.S. You are more European than most Canadians in that you are Quebecian. Because you obviously speak French. Therefore you are halfway there to being french 😉

  110. jubilations says:

    I hope all the naysayers get smacked in the face with a pair of boobs.

    What? 😛

  111. N. Fritz.. :LOL I learned about Godwins Law here too.. Cute overload educating the world!

    Regarding the rack.. They are real and they are spectacular.. and LOL at the little hamster/gerbil!


  112. @Anonymous Coward #15:
    That’s no gerbil. Looks like a dwarf hamster to me.

  113. I’m with Andi. Let’s have ‘pups&pecs’…please! The boobage is cool, but I’d like to see some manflesh with a puppy snuggling.

  114. jubilations says:


    Enjoy those other sites. This site fortunately have editors that won’t bend backwards to everyone’s body image complexes.

  115. Rita, I take it your children weren’t breastfed, then, since that’s what Melissa was talking about.

    Anyway, haters, don’t let the door hit ya on the way… Hmm. Actually, let it. Let it hit you hard. Because all y’all are pretty creepy.

  116. earlybird1 says:

    *cheering for Nancy and Katrina* 😀

  117. As always, I’m amazed at how much indignation and outrage can be generated (on both sides, mind you) over posts on CuteOverload.com. One can only hope the energy level is this high when discussing “big picture” stuff, such as particle physics, cancer research, or worldwide hunger eradication.

    I think we could all be worked into a tizzy by discussing the merits of pulp-free OJ versus heavy pulp. In fact, forget I even said that…


  119. earlybird1 says:

    IMHO, the most disturbing thing is how people are saying such mean things to each other! Keep it about the photo, people!

  120. earlybird1 says:

    Oh, and with pulp, please. 🙂

  121. fifthsonata says:

    I normally like the animals & racks, but this one is a bit too much for me. It took me a minute to even figure out those were boobs.

  122. Lol, that little hammy certainly has some BIG mountains to climb. Wowza
    And come on people… they’re just bewbies and they’re covered.

  123. //maybe future little girls will stop dressing like sluts. //

    How dare women not hide their bodies under burqas and enjoy themselves.




    The slut-shaming has started. Because a woman who isn’t covered from feet to toe = whore. Why can’t women just do as they please without having others screaming at them?

    Cute hammie, btw. :B

  124. Given that at least half of the reactions to the pic are along the lines of “hummina hummina” rather than “awwwwww”, I’d tend to say that this pic is really about boobs, not hamster. If “ladies in lingerie with animals” is your thing, I’d bet there’s sites for that, too. Exhibitionistic women get plenty of their own websites already.

    If Cute Overload thought the hamster was cute enough to rate putting the whole pic on the site, that’s fine, it’s their call; but I agree, the other 90% of the photo is NSFW and should be labelled to allow people to choose to see it or not. (Granted, 95% of folks would be curious and click anyway, but then it’s their choice, no?)

  125. The full effect of hammie cuteness is eclipsed by those gigantic boobs.

    BTW, how far does that cleavage go??

    I do second the pups n’ pecs idea; women need eye candy too!

  126. calm down guys… it’s just boobs. And more important, an extremely cute hamster cuddled in between them. Why is everyone worrying about TEH CHIIILDREEEEN? What did you fed them with anyway when they were newborns? I’d be more worried if they’d never seen any. Keep the cutness flowing, CO.

  127. Ugh. So tired of the nuffers. Personally I’m glad that there are people out there who take the time to put up cool pictures with clever captions on this fantastic website that make me laugh. I don’t expect every single post to make me laugh and don’t demand that every single post should magically conform to what I find funny either. Nor do I think I own the website.
    Also, I thought it is pretty obvious that this site isn’t really aimed at kids… it is aimed at adults with a sense of humour.

  128. Prongs is never funny. Ho hum.

    [Funnier than you, though. Easy. – Ed.]

  129. Butiful pic, the baby hams look very nice and cool.

  130. fish eye no miko says:

    “Celebrate the female body”

    I don’t think I’d mind this Site “celebrating the female body” if it “celebrated” the male body even half as often. I third (or fourth or whatever we’re at now) the “Pups ‘N Pecs” idea. Or about about “Cats ‘N Sacs”…? ^_~

  131. great, misogyny *and* fatphobia.
    the nasty comments here have made me feel ill.

  132. Wrong type of bra for the size. I’m a similar size and can’t do a demi cut. I looked at this with my seven year old son who thought it was a butt and then started laughing hysterically when we realized what they were. I wish I could fit my 40 pound beagle down my shirt…now that would be a funny picture!

  133. Why don’t you have pictures of hamsters stuff up some butt cracks while you are at it?

    [Are YOU going to submit that picture of yourself? – Ed.]

  134. Katiedid says:

    WOW O.o… umm.. humm… I’m glad this wasn’t posted durning a work day.. eeekkkk

  135. It’s like my dream house!!
    Excellent pic. If you don’t love the breasts you need to get off of the planet; they’re simply everywhere. You can’t throw a hamster without hitting some boobs.

    If there is a demand for a “dudes and dogs” page then go for it. I for one would like to see which is more popular, breasts or chests.

  136. MickeyC says:

    Mmmmm. rack of ham…

  137. nasty cleavage? what? man, whatever.
    sheesh. it’s just boobs. chill out.
    amazingly i totally bypassed the boobies and was just searching for the cute. and i found the hammie and it was cute. and i was happy. and then i was like “oh he’s snuggled in boobies! aww! haha!” and it became cute. if i had a leetle aminal and not a pit bull i would put it in my boobies all the time.
    as for celebrating the male body. sure, go ahead. i’m not really into pecks or any of that stuff. one time there was a post of a really hot dude with a monkey. mmm.

  138. @Rone: Someone writes an intelligent and well thought out comment to you and your response is “tl;dr”? Do you read to your kids at night or are there just too many words to bother with? This must be why kids watch Hanna Montana instead of reading these days.

    @Rita: I don’t see how a child seeing her mothers’ breasts will make her into a “slut”. I always thought it was curiosity from being sheltered.

    The comments by the mothers disturb me more than the “oh her boobs are big, she must be fat and therefore a worthless vomit-worthy person” comments. Actually, no, they both disturb me.

    I think it’s the angle and the close-up that makes this mammies look so big, but it’s also what makes that hammie look so cute. 😀

  139. Wow I just learned what godwin means from urban dictionary!! *mind-boggled* Thanks cuteoverload for the educational interlude!! :-p

  140. tracylee says:

    y’all, how many times do they have to say it: this is a PG-13 website… don’t look at it with your kids if you don’t want them to see racks and some innuendo every now and then…

  141. Momof12cats says:

    @Fish Eye–oh, no you didn’t!!! LOL

    @Katrina and Nancy–Well said, sistahs!

    I, too, noticed the slur against women of a certain size. Fatphobic. much?

    Theo, NOMTOM, Prongs and Meg: Don’t ever change what you do. Keep challenging and entertaining. I appreciate what you do every day!!

  142. JohnnyJohnny says:

    I’d like to second Carla – comment #131:

    lemmiwinks lemi winks lemmi lemmiwinks.

  143. @ Rita/all the other haters, you are right!!!
    After seeing this picture I changed right out of my covered from my neck to my toes clothes (true they were nice and comfortable in the cold temps we have been having but the picture had sent me right off the edge)into daisy dukes (latex style) and a tube top (no bra!!) and super high heels and full on whore makeup. I have no doubt that I will soon start frequenting seedy bars and street corners and toss my law abiding, no drugs, no alcohol ways to the side. I suspect I will immediately hop on the fast train to “h – e – double hockey sticks”. Oh why did no one think of the children?!!?

  144. SQUEEEE!!!!

    oh wait, wrong post =P

  145. I seriously thought this was a continuation of the pigs above with all the pink skin all over the place! 2 pig butts in a cami, what’s so bad about that?

  146. Omg.
    (Yes, this is my picture, my boobs, my robo dwarf hamster)

    First of all; this picture is at least 4 months old (probably much older). It has actually taken someone at CuteOverload this long to decide to post it. And now I see why! I’ve only looked at comments on this site a couple of times, and I’ve never seen such madness. Seriously people; it’s FAT CELLS WITH SKIN OVER THEM! Ok, so my boobs are big, but some of us get them at this size, and some get none. I’m would be happy to share with someone with less but wanting more if I could. It’s a strain on my back having them, and I’m actually considering getting them reduced because of that, but never because people are offended by them, and by the fact that I sometimes wear clothes that are not covering them up 100%. I am a woman. I will show it. And now the world of cuteness knows where my dwarf hamster used to hang out when I cleaned his cage. He felt much safer in there than in a plastic tank, and he seemed like he wanted to stay, because he started stocking food in there.

    If you have something bad to say about this picture you can either shut the fuck up, or take it directly with me. This is not “politically correct overload”, so if you want to pick a fight, pick it in the right place. You have my mail address, and I’m the only one in the world called Lexidh (as far as I know, google me and you will not find any others). I have nothing to hide, especially not my skin.

  147. Haha, as soon as I saw this pic I knew there would be tons of people whining and bitching about “won’t someone pleeeze think of the children!”

  148. i knew there’d be a lot of comments on this post, lol!!

    opinions are like nips. everybody’s got ’em. 😉

  149. janet2buns says:

    @D #137: Yeah, me too! Wowsers!

  150. Clearly an homage to Renaldo & The Loaf’s The Elbow is Taboo.

  151. HA!!! I love it!!

    And I admit that the first time I looked at it, I thought it was a butt-crack!

  152. Queen of Dork says:

    Help me. Just had a bad thing happen to me. I must shower now.

  153. tomato.bandit.queen says:

    Oi. They’re just boobs. There’s nothing “Gross” or “NSFW” about them (they are covered, afterall).

    And posting insulting comments about those boobs (calling them “gross” and saying “eeww!” or “vomiting”) is not nice, either. What if the owner of that hamster (and subsequently the boobs) saw all these mean comments directed at them? That’s just cruel.

    [As it happens, she has. Scroll a bit. – Ed.]

  154. Love the hammie, but could do without the cleavage shots, please!!!

  155. i could go without having to keep looking at the boob-revolution. what is this, a fetish site?

  156. Seriously? Distastefuloverload
    I think that is a way overboard for cute overload. I frequent this website because of all the cheerful posts and fun animals but I don’t want to look at that sort of thing on a “family-ish” website.

    [We’re not a family-ish website, though. – Ed.]

  157. I gotta be honest, this just isn’t a very cute picture. It’s not even a slightly cute picture. It’s someone sending in a photo of their cleavage that happens to have a hamster in it. I don’t care about all the NSFW hubbub, I just don’t really want to see boobs when I come to a website that usually shows photos of cute animals. Let this be one of the few remaining mostly-boob-free zones on the internet, eh? There are plenty of places enough to find photos just like this sans hamster if you want to.

    [Please. This is not that, and nobody’s going to get the two genres mixed up. – Ed.]

  158. Dobermama says:

    Geez. It just so happens I’m kind of a big prude. Yet when I saw this picture I just thought, Aw, little hamster looks like he found a nice place to snuggle. Guess I’m not as big a prude as a I thought. Thanks, Cuteoverload!

  159. This is a disgusting picture and it has no place on this website.

    [This website does not agree. – Ed.]

  160. Everett says:

    All I can say is this: I like the hammie, I like the boobies, I like most of the comments. Overall, I would rate this picture a success for CO! Congrats!

  161. MamaLana says:

    Thank you, Lexidh, for an adorable picture. Cutie patootie.

  162. Lisa (#153), I also thought I was looking at someone’s rear end!

    An appointment with a professional bra fitter is in order!

  163. Actually, and don’t tell anybody this, but I usually do wear lacy brassieres on my ass. All the time. Really. It’s like a thing.