Slightly icky Rule 25 action

Justine W. sends us a textbook case of Rule 25 in action: If you dangle your paw, it’s cute.  But that ain’t all that’s dangling, if you catch my drift.



  1. ah! bit o’ drool! that’s still cute.

  2. Extreme Sandwich says:

    Hahaha, cute yet gross

  3. It’s like he’s a frat bear on the morning after a kegger. “How’d I get up here? Where are my pants? Oooh, my head!”

  4. panda drool is cuter than cat drool…

  5. Jessica says:

    This panda’s going balls out with such a sloppy sleeping position, spit dribble included!

    That’s what we were referring to, right? His dangling spit dribble…?

    [some pun involving dribbling balls that ain’t very basket-related]

  6. Suzanne says:

    With all respect to John Hughes:

    “Oh sexy girrrrrlllllfriiieeeennnd!”

  7. jocelyn says:

    oooooohhhh! there is some drool hanging! wheh!! i thought you were referring to something else that has been known to dangle….

  8. Lindsey says:

    Who knew they’d hang down like that? You’d think they’d be more discreet or something. I do kind of want a close-up, for scientific inquiry. Because I’m a librarian, and I’m currently reading a Natural History of the Platypus. So.

  9. marthava says:

    LOL. EW. LOL.

  10. kokobutterbuns says:

    dammit…even the drool of a panda is cute!

  11. Resriechan says:

    um. The Tree is pretty nice, too. Foliage & all that ….

  12. Whether or not you think it’s bear drool or bear bits is going to tell a lot about a person… 😛

  13. Where’s the COXCU of the drool? Eh? I don’t know what YOU are all thinking about. 🙂

  14. jocelyn, I thought the same thing, but I couldn’t see anything… which means I’ve been checking out that panda’s crotch for a good 5 minutes now. I feel a little dirty. :o)

  15. Katiedid says:

    A collective: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lol

  16. COXPCU? Meaning, Cute Overload Xtreme Panda Closeup, of course.

  17. I thought you meant the lower bits and I was all ready to say “its just the panda’s fluffy tail!”. Then I saw the comments and noticed the drool.

    Huff recanted. Carry on.

  18. What??? No Drool-hance???

  19. Jocelyn, Victoria, ffleur: same here. I’ve been checking for something else thinking, “dang they must have the eye for that cause I don’t see anything”. There’s a little dark spot you could mistake for… :-s, hummm hooo there is a droool 😀 *joy* that’s what they were talking about!! Well, that was it? Just that, that little clear drool??
    Heh! I see worse than that regularly on the ground by men clearing their nose/throat :-s!!! Now there’s a EWWW!

    He’s cute! He looks just like pandas or characters in japanese animated series. With the little bubble coming in and out of the nose ;-D.

  20. Hahahahahaha. Totally was looking south and thinking, “really? I had no idea. no wonder they need help getting preggers.”

  21. I’m a sicko too–kept thinking, oh, that’s just a tail. Embarrassed drool on my face.

    @Kim, you nailed it (though I’ve never been a frat boy).

  22. Panda Bits..sounds like a cereal.

  23. I too was looking for something dangling . . . uh, elsewhere.

    You know, I ALMOST think NOMTOM did that on purpose.

  24. Yup, I’m one of those sickos who was looking for something else that dangles. I’m glad it was just drool lol.

    My cat likes to drool on me when he’s really happy, it’s a little gross!

  25. I absolutely thought bear balls. I STILL think that’s what NOMTOM is referring to!

    Side note: if his name is “Not That Mike The Other Mike”, why isn’t his CO nickname NTMTOM?

  26. TrixandSam says:

    All who thought bear balls follow me to the Snicker Lounge. I hear they’re tapping into a beer ball.

  27. The post made me giggle, but the comments are making me snort water out my nose! That’ll teach me to imbibe whilst looking at CO…

    Keep ’em coming, peeps!

  28. OK I’m following to the Snicker Lounge behind you TrixandSam but what is a beer ball? Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. Wow< I had a complitely different answer. If you catch my drift.

  30. *goes to Snickering Lounge without further comment*

  31. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Rumi: No, I was referring to the drool. I actually missed the other possible interpretation; shame on me.

    I think my pen name gets abbreviated to NOMTOM because that makes it pronounceable.

    [Exactly. And it rhymes with “pom pom”. – Ed.]

  32. drywontonmee says:

    human ‘racks’ = cute, but panda knackers = not cute? Is that what’s implied here? Teensy bit man-hatey

    I think they are very cute, some panda bloke done with a day’s suffering of panda-bloke jungle stress taking some time out in the tree and some time away from the judgmental panda-ladies letting it all hang out.

    I feel for this panda.

  33. *sigh* Add me to the list of dirty-minded individuals looking for panda bits…

  34. NOMTOM fan says:

    @Mike.. and because we all love you and some of us might even want to nom you, if you know what I mean.

  35. HA HA HA HA HA! OMG, that’s a face/palm piece of hilarity and fluff (and ….stuff) !!!

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    I was also looking for panda bits although I wasn’t exactly sure what to look for, having never really seen any. The drool is totally harmless and I’d even call for a COXCU on it.

  37. XD Count me in as one of the many peeps who was looking for bear bits. Didn’t even notice the drool till someone pointed it out.

  38. So my first thought was
    “looks like Scraps is a boy panda”

    [TAIL, people. 🙄 – Ed.]

  39. Hon Glad says:

    Um, yes well, of course I new it was Panda drool, that NOMTOM refered to. I was certainly not looking at that tuft of fur and thinking, my Pandas do have rather impressive particulars.
    Actually, if one of the clever clogs, can drag up the relevant post, from the Cuteoverload waste bin, it featured a Panda giving birth. Not to give the game away, it was a surprise to he and the Panda Mom.

  40. Hon Glad says:

    was a surprise to the

  41. BStrange says:

    Am I the ONLY person who, when faced with “slightly icky dangling” and that photo above, assumed there was post-digestive bamboo dangling in the grubby tailfluff somewhere? Totally missed the drool and the, er, masculine interpretation of the caption.

    Back to cuteness: This panda has stepped in bleach – and has a headache, it seems. Either that, or the panda is facepalming in advance at the interpretations above… Prescient panda?

    Oh and: Even when it was “NTMTOM” I read it as “NOMTOM” for almost a month before my brain ceased insisting on rearranging the letters to suit itself. Bah.

  42. Um, random science here, so be warned!

    Even if the dangler is male, we aren’t going to see anything–pandas are notoriously hard to determine the sex of, even for experienced zookeepers, to the point where a panda who was declared male gave birth to twins a couple years ago.

    End random science.

    And yeah, I agree with Kim et. al. that s/he looks like s/he partied a little too hard last night, and is just coming to terms with the consequences.

    Either that, or there is an especially tasty-looking grove (stand? tuft?) of bamboo below that tree.

  43. catloveschanel says:

    @Saffron, that was fun weavning that story! 🙂

  44. Don’t worry BStrange, I thought that too.

  45. Fleurdamour says:

    I notice you did not ‘enhance.’

  46. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Hm. Must be a little warm today.

  47. If he was more comfortably resting about 10 feet higher 4 seconds before that picture was taken it would explain the drool and danglyness.

    That’s one seriously long, and off-set tail if Panda’s are hard to sex.

    I’m not disagreeing with Corianne mind you, I’m disagreeing with long, off-set panda tails.

  48. Katrina says:


  49. Katrina says:

    NOMTOM! I write it that way because a) I can remember it better and 2) it is more fun to say. (Snerk!!!***) Love you, NOMTOM, and THEO and MEG and Prongs and Tony James and ….
    [Wait, Tony’s never been on the staff…? 😕 – Ed.]

    ****There are purple and green and pink and yellow peeps at my local CVS! I even found white ones! OK NOW~PEEP SEASON! (Wabbit season)

  50. TrixandSam says:

    Beer ball: It’s considered a small keg and is also known as a Party Ball. It’s a plastic ball holding approx 5 gallons of beer.

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    *(sigh) heads to the Snickering Lounge*

  52. Lindsay says:

    Yea, I had to read the comments to find out it was to drool being referred to. Whoops!

  53. victoreia says:

    (shuffling off to the Snickering Lounge….)

  54. We’re featuring a lovely cabearnet at SnickerDangles, this evening… 😉

  55. totchipanda says:

    I was thinking “it’s panda flub!” just like the flub my kitty has under her belly that I love to mush around and she lets me… Totally missed the drool. Perhaps a close-up would have cleared up the confusion quicker 😉

    Still adorable! Does this possibly qualify for a paw’s-up rule too? One set up, one set down…

  56. crypticinsanity says:

    I think that’s a panda tail….apparently accd to wikipedia they have the second longest tail of all bears

  57. What a wet noodle.

  58. Mud Bug says:

    I think we’re gonna need a bigger Snickering lounge !

  59. ……I too, thought it was balls.

  60. I’ve been waiting for you all in the SL. Does droolage get a “GEE-ROSS!” tag?

  61. Haha.. put me on the list for the Snicker Lounge. I was looking at that picture for 5 minutes thinking “Really? Is that what a panda’s junk looks like? It’s really furry….”

  62. Add me to the laundry list of commenters who thought the panda’s “bathing suit area” was the dangly thing being referred to. Talk about a totally innocent post gone awry..

  63. Do your drools hang low, do they wobble to a fro?

  64. *tries to go to the Snickering lounge, finds it’s already full, decides to snicker outside*

  65. Behold the Snickering Lounge:

  66. Ok, add me to the list of dirty-minded individuals who thought it was a ball. And is still not fully convinced:D

  67. bookmonstercats says:

    @Theresa, my all time favourite film scene, along with the one in the hotel (Night in Casablanca, or The Big Top? – can’t remember) where they are trying to pack and Harpo is unpacking it all at the other end. Yayy for the Marx Brothers (and NOMTOM’s pen picture – as soon as I saw it, I knew he was the man for me).

  68. Heather says:

    Nothing cuter than black and white – ANYTHING in my opinion.
    Theresa: thanks for the Marx brothers reference — I have a black and white Boston Terrier named Harpo. We registered him as Tarbay’s Classic Comic for Tess. (His call name is Harpo and Tess is my other Boston Terrier.)
    Harpo Marx loved children and animals. We also named the Boston pup Harpo because the little dog is funnier than a comic strip! 🙂 Incidentally, my husband’s grandmother was next door neighbors with Harpo and his wife in Palm Springs, CA.
    Harpo is the man for me, bookmonstercats. 🙂

  69. Rachael says:

    Heading for the Snickering Lounge but at least I’ll be in good company. I thought it was the furriest bunch of boy bits ever and I wondered… well, let’s just say I spent way too much time pondering his boy bits.

  70. StormCat42 says:

    Ok, first of all… Can SOMEONE please build a bigger Snicker Lounge? I just tried to get in, and dang there is NO more room in there, and I think QoD is drinking the last of the booze!!!

    M and Theo, I all but fell out of my office chair laughing!!! (Can only imagine how to have…um…ya know…”fun” with a fuzzy…um…”dangler”…)

    And lastly, I LOVE PEEP SEASON!! There is a CVS right across the street and I am SOOO heading over there after they open… (Wabbit season, Peep season… continue at will)

  71. totally thought it was panda bits we were looking for. woops.

  72. ❤ @ catloveschanel and cheshirekittehcat, coauthors in "The Cat Meowed at Midight" story. It was fun! ❤ ❤

    When someone mentioned a Snicker Lounge, it only made me hungry for a chocolatey snack item. 😀

  73. Who doesn’t drool in their sleep a wee bit when dreaming of sweet & juicy fried bamboo sticks? This little guy kills me. He has perfected the art of grabbing a nap whenever the mood strikes. Loves it.

  74. Katrina says:

    I’m here outside the Snickering Lounge waiting for QoD to tell her my weight-loss secrets. (drumming fingers)

    I’m sorry, I thought Tony James was a wayward Peep who stopped the peepshow. My apologies to whomever’s teeth I set on edge.

    Wonderful thread everypeep, Theresa, you are a genius, really!

    I’m opening the door and…..

  75. skippymom says:

    (raises hand) Yep, late to the party here, but totally thought we were talking about bits even though I also noticed the drool.

  76. Lerrinus says:

    *falls off chair laughing* Funniest thread ever! 😆 😆 😆

  77. OK, I’ll head for the SL, but let’s face it, “But that ain’t all that’s dangling, if you catch my drift” is definitely a nudge, nudge, wink, wink kind of sentence. It’s not that all CO fans have dirty minds. Really.

  78. Hon Glad says:

    What is this CVS, to which some of you refer.

    Hon Glad (Miss) DFC,KBO,G&T

  79. beardediris says:

    I read the post and immediatly looked for the same things most of us looked for, and thought: “I’m pretty sure that’s his tail, because if I were a female panda, I would never let him … ” and then I spotted the drool! It’s nice to be with like minded folk. 🙂

  80. beardediris says:

    Also, my face was about three inches from the screen as I leaned in for a closer look. For scientific purposes, of course. *ahem*

  81. beardediris says:

    @Hon Glad CVS is a pharmacy slash store.

  82. you all are cracking me up, with the drool/bits confusion… I was right there with ya…

    Hon Glad – CVS is a chain of drug stores.

  83. I think Kim nailed it.
    And I must be the last innocent on the planet because I didn’t even consider panda balls until I read all the comments while laughing, and then I thought, wow, I must be really naive for a 35 year old. 😆

  84. No, no, that’s a tail. Pandas have weirdly big flabby tails that you can’t really see until they sit, or sleep hanging from a tree branch. Really. I promise.

    [Y’all should listen to Kim, here, people. Mm-hmm. – Ed.]

  85. I thought the same thing as totchipanda: tummy flab. Also known as “googily.”

    Nothing else even entered my mind. [insert overly innocent emoticon here]

    And for all the peep fans: If you’re not already familiar with The Washington Post’s annual peep contest, you MUST check it out.

  86. Yet another victim of NOMTOM’s suggestive winking. I completely failed to see the drool.

    In my defense, on first seeing the dangly bit, I really did think it was a tail. But failing to see the drool and figuring there had to be something more shameful. than a tail hanging down, I decided that pandas didn’t have such long tails after all…

    THEN I was, as some other others above, kind of stupified by all the hair. And all the… well, how much of it there really was. And I figured this guy might just be the hope for future panda survival…

    Thanks for setting me straight, peeps. Now I need a drink to kill the evil dirty brain cells. Make room in the Snickering Lounge! I brought mojitos for all!

    [Ooh. Moe HEE toes. 😀 – Ed.]

  87. “Promise me you’ll never go skydiving in Mexico, they just don’t have the regulations.”

  88. Resriechan says:

    @ Katrina:

    (BTW are there possibly two Katrinas commentering on CO these days??)

    QoD resides on the LEFT side of our nation and isn’t allowed to be visiting CO during her work hours….so it won’t be until evening tonight when she begins her CO shift..that is, assuming that SamKitty ALLOWS her the downtime !!!

    He’s a pretty tough supervisor, haven’t ya heard???

    Peace and pandas (non-gender specific, pholks; remember I still think I’m an innocent little Catholic gurrl who doesn’t even KNOW what “bits” are!!!!) to all.

  89. charliewabba says:

    tummy flab, googily, or flub, is in our home referred to as dust ruffles.
    ‘scuse me, I’m heading back to the Snicker Lounge. And to think, I was such an innocent at one time, the mere thought of dangling bits would have made be blush furiously. Any Snicker Martinis left?

    [A martini with Snickers is no martini at all. *SNIFF* – Ed.]

  90. Wow, if he’s drooling he is realllllly sleeping. Wonder if he/she snores?

  91. anybody else salivating for a new post?

  92. Fran in L.A. says:

    Okay, you guys, you made me ROFLMAO!!! This is one of those times where the comments are funnier than the picture! Is there a way to expand the Snickering Lounge (tesseract, wormhole, simple magic???) I’d love to join in the fun.

    As for those of you cheering for Peeps season, one time I bought a box of Peeps and lined the critters up on a bookshelf. I waited a whole year until the next Peeps season and was shocked and dismayed to find that a year in the open air had not hardened them at all!!1!! They may be cute to look at, but I fear eating one…

  93. … can ya tie em in a knot can ya tie em in a bow!? can ya throw ’em over your shoulder like a continental soldier ….

  94. @Saffron & catloveschanel: the never-ending-story was so much fun;
    probably the only way to end it would have been for each of us to write an ending, put them in a hat, and have Theo pick the winner; (but then, mebbee not: we probably would have been writing our endings into next week….!) 😆 😆 😆

    [You HAD to know that set-up was too good for me to ignore, right? 😆 – Ed.]

  95. Paunchie says:

    .. . . or are you just happy to see meh? *snerk*

  96. Well, I looked up Pandas on Wikipedia; I don’t know if somebody mentioned this already, but Pandas have the second-largest tails in the bear family:
    approx 4 to 6 inches long; so I purrsonally think it was his tailio……!

  97. ramhist says:

    *shuffles off to the Snickering Lounge for a mojito*

  98. to-night I’m gonna party like I’m comm-ent nine-te-nine

  99. catloveschanel says:

    chesirekittehkat & Saffron, I had so much fun. I had a happily ever after in my head, but will just have to settle for that in real life.

    Wuva big akward Panda.

  100. Thats his tail, dorksters. At least I hope so. If not why do they bread so seldom?
    Either way he does look like he regrets last nights party.

  101. Cholmondeley says:

    *Stares in respectful awe at Patito Gigante*

  102. Snerk… Okay I thought it was Panda bits too and well I have an excuse …we have sheep and they have I think the biggest bits to size ratio ever so I think that is a good excuse for me..(rolls eyes) Then i went and looked at pictures on line …and it IS a tail. (Slaps Forehead).. and the drool is like a sparkling gem. HEhehehe!

  103. @ Patito…. Heheheheheeh! Clever Girl!

  104. wuyizidi says:

    [In Kungfu Panda’s teacher’s voice]
    Look at you Panda, you’re supposed sleep during the night in order to fully recover from a hard day’s training, not stay up until the wee hours on Chatroulette.

  105. Oh my, off to the snickering lounge for me. NOMTOM, you must be way more innocent than the rest of us! Somebody pass me a mojito.

  106. SixFootJen says:




  107. Cracking up at Victoria’s comment. I did the same thing.

  108. Heather C says:

    It’s been tooooooo long!!! Need new posts!!!!!!

  109. Carnivorous M. says:

    “That’s her tail, Sid.”

  110. Queen of Dork says:

    *looks around*
    Wow! Nice crowd in the Lounge tonight. What’s a mojito? Can I have one? 🙂
    *hits the dance floor and dances and snickers while waiting for a mojito*

  111. I was wondering the same. Where did everyone go? Where are the new posts. I keep hitting the refresh button repeatedly and nothing. Is everybody okay at CuteOverload? This is scary.

  112. We want posts! We want posts! We want teh cute!

    everyone join in plz!

  113. Claudia C. says:

    Well, Out here on the Left Coast it’s rush hour on Friday. Out on the Right Coast it’s probably the dinner hour (or Happy Hour.) So there’s no tellin’ what’s holdin’ up the posts. I can’t get in the Snickerin’ Lounge for the crowd. Would you mind sending out a mojito?

    Cute bear, and clever NTMTOM!

  114. Queen of Dork says:

    Claudia C.: Here…there’s lots more room. C’mon! (oof, ‘scuse me, sorry, oof). Here. Have a seat on this bean bag chair while I go get the mojitos. (What the heck is a mojitos?)

  115. Can I come in if I bring pie? It’s chocolate meringue?

  116. Calliope says:

  117. What… we on strike today or something?

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Lizzy: As far as I’m concerned, you can come in if you just bring your dang self! But pie sounds good. Does it go with mojitos? (I still don’t know what that is. I guess I could look it up).

  119. Calliope says:
  120. I too am getting worried, not so much that there aren’t posts, but that no one is posting anything (if you know what I mean). I hope everyone is okay, and that there haven’t been any kidnappings, alien abductions, dingo-dining, or other such mischief. And if y’all are taking a well-earned day off, enjoy!

  121. Melinda says:

    Ohhhhh! It’s his TAIL…not the other, ummm, thing. I never even noticed the drool…heheheh

  122. I LOVE mojitos. They CERTAINLY go with snickers.

  123. doxylover79 says:

    You could not just let me think that was a tail could ya? Nooooooooo, you had to go and point out it was his dangling bits. (shaking head)

    […except, it IS a tail. For real. Tail. – Ed.]

  124. Katrina says:

    Yeah, but [ed.], the term ‘tail ‘ does not really offer an awful lot of clarity/lack of innnnnnnuennnndo in this sicthiation, now does it? *snerk*.

    If there is another Katrina, well, either my alter ego had emerged or Hi, Katrina!
    I take full responsibility for the Katrina comments I see…but I haven’t gone back to the last few comments today, yet. I say “yet”.

    The peeps stayed with full peep integrity for a year, huh? Now I really need one, just think how they can preserve me!

  125. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: You did make one curious comment…at least it was to me. What is the weight loss secret you were going to tell me? (inquiring minds want to know) 🙂

  126. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh good grief. I just noticed the claws on the dangling back paws. Now I have to go splash water on my face so I can stay upright.

  127. Paunchie says:

    Dammit Carl! How hard is it to stay upright! LOL that little thing has wedged itself into my brain for good I think. Thanks Prongs!

    I like mojitos! I’ve only had one once or twice, but I know the secret is FRESH MINT. Ground with like that pestle thingy. Hm…. May have to try that later tonight!

    Fresh mint, lots of lime.

  128. Eh. Moderation won’t let me post for reasons unknown…I was just going to point out to someone that cats and kittehs are just as anerable as pandas. ykwim

  129. I think we need a ‘drool-hance’

  130. Panda drool, please!

  131. LizzyBee says:

    Very, very funny thread. My tum hurts from laughing.

  132. Dear, Dear QoD-I answered the weight loss MIRACLE DIET!!!!!! on the “spotted Licorice Whatsit” thread.

  133. JulieBoBulie says:

    Panda underpants would be adorbs right about now.