Tripping balls

It’s like spin cycle for the mind! This film by French director Pleix tosses chirping eggs and tennis balls into the cutest, freakiest laundry day ever.

Also, take a look at Pleix’s commercial for Duracell: Today’s weather calls for a swirling vortex of bunnies, transforming into sumo wrestlers by mid-afternoon…

Thanks to Phillip P.

UPDATE: Switched to YouTube versions.  If you had trouble viewing the videos, try them now.



  1. They look like Peeps :]

  2. Steeb2er says:

    How odd that they’d use pink bunnies to advertise Duracell, considering Energizer’s mascot (in the States) is a pink bunny.

  3. Bunny overload, so precious!

  4. oh my god. I’m going to go stuff my laundry room with birds now. And when I run out of birds, I’ll use eggs.

  5. BonzoGal says:


    This is what the world would look like if Mark Mothersbaugh were Mother Nature.

  6. Good grief: the little Easter decorations haz invaded the howse and done a domicile takeover….!

  7. Well those are…interesting….
    I am reminded of the old Coneheads sketch from Saturday Night Live.

  8. Suzanne says:

    @ Steeb2er…it’s not odd, it’s trademark infringement if that ad ever gets air time in the US

  9. OMG, that first video caused the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Two of my dogs were sleeping nearby. As soon as the first chirp happened, they both popped identical, simultaneous Baroos. They kept switching Baroo sides for a little while, then one of them continued from the floor while the other came over to sit up on my lap for a better viewing angle.

    Thank you, CO, for the best laugh I’ve had in AGES.

  10. resriechan says:


    The stoopid “Parental”/ community restrictions on the compooters at my apt complex don’t let the vid run 😦

    goes off to a corner to pout more noticeably.

  11. resriechan says:


    “Product Cuteness”??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

  12. Fluidstatic says:

    These won’t play… some sort of plug-in issue on my computer. *pouts*

  13. Fluidstatic says:

    @resriechan LET’S POUT TOGETHER! ❤

  14. IncrediCute!

    On an unrelated note, your search bar doesn’t seem to work. I just searched “cat” and got no results!

  15. earlybird1 says:

    What video??? I want to see the video!!! Also, I love the randomly floating black hoverpeep in the top photo!

  16. earlybird1 says:

    Oh, NOW I see the link on top. Sorry. When I first posted, all I could see was a photo, no video. Honest.

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    UPDATE: I found versions of these videos that can be embedded in the page, so if the videos didn’t work for you on the Pleix site, try again here on this page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  18. earlybird1 says:

    I still like the word hoverpeep tho 😉

  19. -hippee voice- Whoa man…its like…trippy…and stuff…ykwim

  20. The Rudolph noses on the bunnies in the Duracell video kind of weird me out…

  21. earlybird1 says:

    The Sumo Bun kinda creeped me out, but I loved the bunnyfall. Or the bunvalanche. Whatevs.

  22. @risha – awwww 😀

    those little ball things were cute, but i bet if anyone saw that vid while they were tripping balls…that trip would go real bad real fast haha

  23. It’s not just power, it’s “POWAH”:P

  24. OneEyedDaruma says:

    Kelsey – I kinda think that’s the point… if the power of one hyper pink bunny is good, the power of all of these is stupendous!

  25. Resriechan says:

    YAY NTM for responsive Qtness!!!

  26. so…do the little birds fold and put the clothes away? If the do, I’ll take them! Who am I kidding, I’ll take them anyway!

  27. Robin, I had the exact same problem recently when trying to explain to my boyfriend that he looked like a wombat. I did a search for “eye capsules,” then “wombat,” then, as you did, to make sure the problem was with the search function, “cat.”

    Someone get on this, lest my partner never understand the beauty of his eye capsules.

  28. Mary (the first). says:

    Yeah, the “soich” button only comes up with ads, not CO posts.

    [Known problem. I just go to regular Google, type “ ” and whatever else I need for search terms. THAT works. 🙄 – Ed.]

  29. I love it when the bunnies are holding hands (er, paws) and running! btw, the Duracell pink bunny is the OG one, see for yourself:

  30. Fuzzy Buzz says:

    Oh my floofiness!

  31. Nothing can top that Friskies commercial, the one with the cat in Adventureland. It’s like he’s tripping on a hallucinogen! Catchy tune to boot, as well.

  32. A. Non Ymous says:

    The Duracell ad totally creeped me out. I may have nightmares about swarms of pink bunnies.

  33. janet2buns says:

    Hmmm….bunlemmings. I’m trying to decide whether or not that is cute.

  34. leetle peeping birds = CUTE!
    Lotsa pink bunnies = not so much.

  35. Those bunnies freak me out. Seriously that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Cute pink animals that form sherman tanks?

    [OK then! “Nightmares” tag… added! 😀 – Ed.]

  36. Better check your socks for peeps before you wash ’em next time..

  37. I … I don’t understand.
    Would having sound have helped? This viewing experience was … odd.

  38. BStrange says:

    @ h.v.w. – No. Not really. It’s bizarre or bizarre-with-music, take yer pick!

    The bird one is cyoot. The bunny one = *stare* What… the…? Okay, must cut back on my hallucinogenic mouse feet intake… (Yay for weird comic strip references.)

  39. victoreia says:

    That bunny vid reminds of (one of) the earliest Energizer Bunny commercials: “Somebody stop the bunny, please!”

  40. I’m with MissK. I loved the glimpses of bunnies holding paws

  41. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Hmm. The bunny-vortex reminded me of the one in Wallace and Gromit’s Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

  42. @Suzanne The duracell bunny exists since the 70s. The Energizer one came later, as a parody, supposedly.

  43. ohhh I want some laundry birds 🙂

  44. Duracell: the battery that will make you trip balls.

  45. marthava says:

    I think we should have a Cute or Weird category.

  46. bunnies. a force to be reckoned with.

  47. The first video is so prosh! Thanks CO for making my morning!

  48. Um…… scary!

  49. “Tripping balls” always makes me think of NPH in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. “I was at this party earlier tonight and some guy hooked me up with this incredible X. Next thing I know I’m being thrown out of a moving car. I’ve been trippin’ balls ever since.”

    These videos were just weird for me. The first was mildly cute for about 10 seconds, then got boring/pointless. The bunny tornado -> samurai -> falling elephant was just crazy. Like, Italian television crazy.

  50. Paunchie says:

    Someone dose my coffee this morning? What the?

  51. those little birds were delightful! I wish that happened to me when I did laundry… I just get dirty socks.

  52. Never underestimate the power of the PINGU influence! (which is, bref, a good thing).

  53. PinkLimoncello says:

    That Duracell commercial was revolting. Seriously. It turned my stomach a little.

  54. I think they’re both cute! What is the first one supposed to be advertising? (I’m assuming it’s not advertising cute little boids and ping pong balls…) 🙂

  55. I had the same thought at Steeb2er, so I looked it up. Turns out Duracell had pink bunnies first, Energizer copied them as a parody and got the North America trademark. Everywhere else people say someone with loads of energy is like a “Duracell bunny” while here we say “Energizer bunny.” Who knew?

    (Click my name for wikipedia article.)

  56. Hon Glad says:

    I like the “Music” with the birdy balls,at one time it would have been produced
    by a Moog synthesizer, these days, who knows. Perhaps one of the peeps or surely
    our model of a modern, mythic, moderator.

  57. Katiedid says:

    the bird one creeped me out a little O.o hehe…

  58. BeckyMonster says:

    This, my friends, is why i LOVE the French. 8^)

  59. the music in the first one reminds me of DVAR…

  60. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ceejoe: The first movie, “Piu,” doesn’t appear to be a commercial for anything. It’s just a short film. Aspiring production companies sometimes make films like this to demonstrate their skills and style.

  61. I think Piu has a lot in common with the Impossibirds 😉

  62. Pleix is very german!

  63. Thanks, NOMTOM, ‘preciate the answer!

  64. Yea, the duracell commercial is way to close to the Pink Elephants on Parade in Dumbo….. we’ve all been traumatized……

    yea what is this guys daily medication? Anti psychosis? And when he has to do a commercial/art he goes off it for a few days.

  65. eep! are there words that flag moderation?!?!? what are they I won’t say them D=


  66. It makes no sense but there are PINK BUNNIES HOLDING HANDS (!!!) so I don’t care.

  67. Omg the bunnies scare me. No really… I mean really scare me. ::huddles in the corner:::

  68. Brandi7920 says:

    Yeah…now I want some peeps!!! lol

  69. Alexandra says:

    The sound of joy I emitted watching the bird commercial caused my puppy to run over and give me baroo head tilt. Cute perpetuating itself–it’s a beautiful thing.

  70. The first one was a little cute but the other one was just idiotic and stupid!!!!!!