That Ain’t Charmin, So Squeeze Away

Three questions come to mind immediately (while several others will surely eventually follow):

1) In which aisle can I find the below product?

2) Where is the barcode to scan on said product?

and 3) How much are these absorbent “value packs”?

What fluffy Cottonelle, Katie K.



  1. Mary (the first). says:

    Please fill my basket IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Jess&Friends says:

    Do they work better than a Sham Wow? I’m under the impression that you can never have enough fluff.

  3. I want the one with the waggley tailio.

  4. harlemgrrl says:

    *my* local costco is obviously lacking…

  5. oh my lord, i can only imagine the insanity in that household…

    i count 7 puppers. how about anyone else?

  6. Wrecks143 says:

    Gorgeous pic of the parents. LOVE
    A Pile o’ Puppies – a dream come true!

  7. Katiedid says:

    Cool dogs! What kind is the big one in the last picture??

  8. catloveschanel says:

    Fur overflow! I love how the big doggie is loving the touch of the white-coated one. Could that be Miss Whipple?

  9. catloveschanel says:

    How much is that doggie in the window?
    the one with the furry ta–aaaa-aaa-L

  10. Barcode is obvy on pawpad.

  11. I– Oh!!– Ahhh–! (Left literally SPEECHLESS by the EXTREME bundles of cute!) Are those Great Pyrenees? (sp?) Ummmm, LOVE!!

  12. Manager line 2, I have a price check on 6 pack of puppies!

  13. Michelle says:

    There are even less than 10, so we can use the express lane. Quick, pack the puppies up because I want to take them home!

  14. cubbybutt says:

    a shopping cart from heaven’s grocery store

  15. I believe those gorgeous pups and parents are Great Pyranees dogs, bred to heard cattle. I used to ride my neighbor’s Pyranees, Shotzy, like a pony when I was six. My Mom’s toy poodle would order Shotzy around, eat his food, all that stuff, and he’d just sigh and let her have her way. They are such sweeties. I want to ride in the cart with the puppers!

  16. I’m soooo excited – a Great Pyranees on Cute Overload! I have a Great Pyranees – oh how I love my big boy! They are the cutest pups….but they do get BIG! My neighbors call him the neighborhood polar bear.

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Bleen-up on aisle four!

  18. My kind of BOGO!

  19. Fleurdamour says:

    Where can I find this polar bear store?

  20. georgina0912 says:

    Where is that supermarket?

    I want to go to there!!!

  21. Squeeeeeeeeee I LOFF white fluffy dogs. I have a maltese and would throw her in the pile and she would get totally lost 🙂

  22. heehee, luf the one in the bottom right of the cart who’s all like “honk-shus” despite being jammed into the bottom right of a grocery cart.

  23. Awww, Mom Dog is anerable.

  24. Gives a whoooole new meaning to “Cleanup on Aisle 7.”

  25. Obviosially, a Big White Dog (as they are known in the sheep-raising world). What a cartful of floofie woofies!

  26. 260Oakley says:

    Obviously caught the tail end of a white sale.

  27. The big dog in the last photo looks like my friend’s English Cream Golden Retriever….

  28. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hey, shouldn’t there be a limit of something like 2 per customer so that we all get a chance to stock up? Or do they offer rain-checks?

  29. Oh my stars and garters…that’s a lot of fluffy puppiness! I’ll take two please.

  30. “Aisle 5: pasta and grains, Aisle 6: Snorgleable puppehs …”

  31. LaureninGeorgia says:

    but, they sure are charming!

  32. Watched an episode of scrubs yesterday when J.D cured a patient by yelling “a basket of kittens, stat!” and poured (purred?) them over the patient. This must be a pharmacy then with this overflow of puppies. I think im a bit sick too. Puppies, please!

  33. Hey Hey HEY! The sign clearly states *Limit 1 (one) per customer*!!!
    So gimmee!!
    (pushes cart back to aisle & begins restocking shelf)
    Grumble grumble, I swear these things scamper off the shelf as quick as I stock ’em grumble grumble.

  34. lexipuppymommy says:

    That’s a lot o’ dog! Those grown up puppies make my labradoodle niece look tiny by comparison! I’ll take a six pack of those puppies myself 🙂

  35. Aww! I luffs da Great Pyrenees! My parents have them and they are gorgeous dogs. From my research they were bred to guard flocks of sheep (they are white to blend in) and they were also meant to be big enough to fed off wolves from harming their flock of sheep. This also makes them absolutely wonderful guard dogs because they become very attached to their family and will do anything to protect their family. They are fantastic around children as well.

  36. Calliope says:

    LOL @ 260 Oakley! I second the opinion that these adorable balls of fluff are Great Pyrenees.

  37. This is the Costco multi-pack, right?

  38. beardediris says:

    White floofy puppies were on my shopping list, too … until my cat Charlotte put her paw down and said absolutely not. 😦

  39. Missy P says:

    Beautiful beautiful dogs! How on earth do they keep them so WHITE though?!

  40. Katherine says:

    I have two Great Pyrenees and they are the best!!!

  41. Camille says:

    Missy P – the dog bleach is in Aisle 2.

    [DISCLAIMER: That was a joke. Do not, repeat, do not attempt to bleach your dogs. They won’t like it one bit.]

  42. Paunchie says:

    Lookit that giant dog! Don’t you just want to kneel next to him and give him a giant bear hug!

    A great bear of a dog!!

    But he looks sweet and gentle!

  43. Eight puppers. Amazingks! And when they are full-grown, they will already know how to pack themselves into a Smart car.

  44. Mary (the first). says:

    @beardediris #34, I have the same problem at home. Every time I ask “can we get a dog?” my grumpy 19yr, old cat says “NO WAY!” And since she is the ruler of the house.. she wins.(We used to take a vote but the other cat voted on her side. Now I’m down to one cat.. the Queen.. she still gets her way.)

  45. Resriechan says:

    Will there still be any left in stock, by the time that I’ve built a house big enough for the Mama “Bear”???? Or will they all have been Sold Out?

    Anxious but Hopeful

  46. @ Camille LOL!! The joke is OK but the fact that you felt obliged to put in the disclamer in REALLY made me laugh 🙂

  47. Resriechan says:

    Qu #5: how did the TP from the Breaking News Alert Bulletin Thingy, get wet and expand into DoggieFloof????

  48. Heather says:

    Growing up our neighbors had a Great Pyranees appropriately named Moose. He was a sweet dude. I never forgot him.

  49. LOVE this! Once upon a time, I had a GP (now in doggie heaven) who was just the sweetest thing ever. This melts my heart.

  50. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Won’t they have a bark-code?
    I can just imagine the fuzz flying during shedding season!

  51. Are these on clearance or end-of-month special? Or Buy One, Get One Free?
    Unadvertised store special? Do you take credit cards or personal checks? Just cash? *fumbles in purse*….I seem to have left my extra money at home in my other wallet…..Can I do a lay-away? O noes, the puppehs are running away, at least two have escaped from the shopping cart…..What to do, what to do???? 😯

  52. Sunnymum says:

    Oh I LOVE Great Pyrenees! I knew a family that had two of them, and they were named Paddington Bear and Bosco Bear. When they stood on their hind legs in a kennel and put their front paws on the door, they were about 6 feet tall! Beautiful, gentle giants. 🙂 I’d have one in a heartbeat if Sunny would let me. 🙂

  53. Awe, great pyrenees puppies!!! I have 2 pyrs. i want a puppy 1 though!!! 🙂

  54. My Great Pyrenees, Penton, – “Beware leaves I shall attack you if you fall on me one more time!. Oh no, Bicycle coming at Four O’clock – duck under daddies big truck til it passes!” They are just the most lovable dogs…

  55. Duh, it should be BARKcode !

  56. Are they Pyrenees, or Kuvascz? (sp?) Awfully squeezable, whatever!

  57. OneEyedDaruma says:

    heywaitaminnit! Could this be the next big eco-friendly cleaning product? Forget about vinegar and wadded up newspapers for your windows… use summa this here bloo stuff (in the cart…see?) and one of these fluzzy puffs and your windows will sbarkle.

  58. DogEared says:

    i. just. love. them.
    they would all get a kiss on the head and nose-beep from me. constantly.

  59. OMG! I can’t believe I finally got a submission up on here! Those are indeed Great Pyrenees, owned by my lovable neighborhood eccentric (who we call “giant white dog guy”. I know, we are so creative). He takes the dogs everywhere with him, and the shopping cart is his solution to take the puppies all over the neighborhood too. I’m not sure what he is planning on doing with the puppies (he isn’t very talkative), but I can attest that mom and dad dog seem to be pretty much the loves of his life and are the sweetest pair ever.

  60. I used to have a Great Pyr. She was gorgeous, just like these puppies. They’re such sweet animals (if you socialize the hell out of them, I know someone who didn’t and the dog wasn’t nice)!

  61. Arielle says:

    i count 8 puppers in that cart. what i would give to be allowed to shimmy in the middle and sit there, happily, while those 8 floofballs climb all over me. Heaven!

  62. Cool! These guys are my neighbors, everyone in the hood knows them. Momma and Poppa are the sweetest, mellowest dogs. I was surprised/elated the first day I saw the family out, I couldn’t stop watching the little ones roll around. As you can tell, their person is a little eccentric but obviously LOVES his dogs. (for any doubters – they are purebred Great Pyrenees)

  63. @KatieK – sorry! just noticed your post now. Glad to know someone else in the hood appreciates the awesomeness. BTW – pups are up for adoption but he’ll only let them go to good homes, of course.

  64. Pyr pups are the best.

  65. So adorable! I want to cuddle them all!

  66. Pyrs are from the same family of doggies as Newfoundlands, so they get to be about the same size, from what I recall. A big, fluffy, sweet, drooly bunch of goodness there in that cart!

  67. Call me crazy, but they almost look like Akbash dogs.

  68. chanpon says:

    *ahem* I believe the flyer clearly reads “Limit 4 per household.” Hoarder.

  69. naturalady says:

    Per breed afficianados, Great Pyreneese, Italian Maremma, Hungarian Kuvasz, Turkish Akbash and Polish Tatra are all variations of a related bloodlines and look a lot alike. And all beautiful, especially when doing naturally what they are bred for: sheepdogging.

  70. BStrange says:

    Resriechan, “how did the TP from the Breaking News Alert Bulletin Thingy, get wet and expand into DoggieFloof????”

    ….Spores? 😀

  71. naturalady says:

    But oh to be small enough to be rolling around in that cart full of fluff would be such a joy.

  72. BStrange says:

    Richard Schulze –
    *prepares to wear out an already old gag* ahem.

    In CO-viet Russia, dogs snorgle YOU.


  73. @naturalady: Let’s not forget Slovakian cuvac! I used to know one and still miss her. Terrible dogs in wrong hands, terrific dogs in good ones.

  74. Resriechan says:

    @ BStrange:

    1) “spores”: my response = “verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interestingk”.

    2) re. CO/ Russia = : )

    @ Iggbie (comment # 66)

    I’m one who thinks, if ye’re gonna share your life w/ a canine quadruped, get a big, hairy, slobbery miniature horse & love ’em !!!

  75. Sinamon says:

    oh thank you for posting great pyr pics! they are my favorite. they’re so lovable, mellow, and gentle…as gentle as a giant dog can be, of course 🙂 with a sweet disposition and happy to lounge around with you, they are the ultimate companion. i want a farmload of them so they can run around all day doing what they love and then keep me warm at night with their bear hugs. oh to dream…

  76. Rachael says:

    Richard Schulze: I’m hopelessly smitten with Albert. I have small dogs, which I adore beyond reason, but the thought of snuggling with a giant fluffinator like Albert just leaves me weak. I ❤ Albert.

  77. michelle b. adams says:

    that would be ‘barkcode,’ wouldn’t it????

  78. Katrina says:

    Good heavens, I hope it doesn’t rain on the way to the car…ewwww.
    Beautiful fluppies and parents.

    Now, Albert- what a wonderful video, it just made my heart go pitter-pat, lub-dub.
    Yay Albert! May I please have a “YAY Albert?” Thank you!

  79. Trez4400 says:

    *dead* nothing to say about this

  80. *gasp* *pinch myself* yep it’s GP puppies *ded*

  81. ALBERT!! 😆

    The Pyrs are wonderful. We had one in our neighborhood who was a perpetual puppy. Always wanted to play. But the shedding, oh dear, the shedding!! 😯

  82. Awww… BIG puppeh!!! And little baby big puppehs!!!

  83. Lerrinus says:

    I would love to have have big dog like Albert, he would sleep in my bed every night! Who needs a blanket with a GP in bed with you!? So cute, the song was right, all you need is fluff! 😉

  84. Paunchie says:

    LOL @ Albert! I love you too, go see Dad!

  85. Keladry says:

    Oh, the puppies are cute, but the parents are gorgeous! Where is this supermarket?

  86. OK so I’ve got two senior solid black pets. I’m used to black fur all over the place, I don’t any many light colored clothes. But right now I’m babysitting my sister’s champagne kitty and I can’t get over the light colored fur EVERYWHERE! So right now, when I see these pics all I can think is, OMG, their house must be covered in white fur! (It’s worth tho, isn’t it?)

  87. Resriechan says:

    @ Shannon:

    I’d be willing to purchase an ENTIRE HOUSE PAINTED and upholstered in white fabric (sofas, curtains) to serve these Pyrenees…………..

    and I’m a cat-a-holic, not a dog-a-holic!!!

  88. Hon Glad says:

    I’m afraid their floof, would be too coarse for my delicate botty. That aside
    there wonderful.

    Naturalady – I think it must have been a Turkish Akbash, that chased after our coach
    as we drove through the Turkish mountains. It kept up with the coach at,
    at least 30 mph for quite some distance. Well we were near his sheep. 🙂

  89. I assure you, dogs can make excellent cleaning tools. When I was growing up, we had a Sheltie who would eat any, and I mean ANY, food dropped on the kitchen or dining room floor. If you dropped it, you had better be quick, or you had better not try to pick it up! We called him the canine vacuum cleaner. Made it really easy to give him medicine…

  90. Theadosia says:

    Personally, I have found the Golden Retriever deluxe absolutely invaluable for removing baked-on cheese and sauce from oven dishes. Sadly, my current house did not come with one fitted and I have to make do with a far less thorough electric dishwasher.

  91. OMG

  92. does anyone else wonder why they are a shopping cart with no room to move?

  93. OMG! How could you do this to me? My Giant White Fluffy Puppy is 3 yrs old this month and we haven’t had a baby puppy in the house since then. I’m dying for another Pyr and you post these pics!!! Are not they the cutest floofiest little polar bears you’ve ever seen? Will I get a discount if I take all of them?

  94. BStrange says:

    @ Jess:
    They look pretty roly-poly and small (relatively speaking); I’m guessing they still sleep in a similar pile. So I’m guessing it’s because they’d tucker out long before mommy and daddy mountains-of-dog would (like, at the end of the front walk), but mommy dog would spend the whole walk whining and pulling homeward if taken out without them. Whining, okay, but I would NOT want a dog that size to get in a mood to pull. Besides, if he’s looking for homes for them… Advertise early, advertise often? 😀

  95. Wow, what a treat! These guys live in my hood.
    I can’t believe that local Portland is on CO!!

  96. Lindsay says:

    Hey Richard Schulze, and I thought snuggling with my kitty was a hassle! I can’t imagine dealing with that giant dog!

  97. Wait, this is in Portland? I must go see them immediatleh! Where is this fabulous hood? It looks downtowny, but “eccentric dog-owner” is a quality found anywhere from NE to Sellwood. Actually, that describes most of Portland. We loves us our doggies.

  98. naturalady says:

    @Janni… thanks for the tip about the Cuvac doggies. They are all beautiful. I’ve been a dog-watcher, like others are bird-watchers, since forever. I absolutely loooove seeing one I’ve never seen before and running home and finding it in one of my books. When several breeds look so much alike it can be corn-fusing. But now folks are crossing every pure-bred with every other purebred and making mutt pies out of breed recognition. But we love them all, don’t we….

  99. Shannon says:

    @ Resriechan:

    Like I said I’m used to black fur. Wear a lot of black clothes, the fur doesn’t become an issue. But with a new light colored ursurper in the house……ACK!!!! It’s EVERYWHERE! I plan on collecting black furred animals. Dogs, cats, rats, goats. I even saw a solid black duck once…..

    But yes this family is gorgeous. They make you want to dive into that basket. And bed sharing with the momma and poppa! Sheesh! I’m having trouble convincing my medium-ish lab that sleeping on the bed is a privilege, not a right! Making the whole house black would be a bit much even for me, tho, lol!!! I’m babbling – it’s 3AM and I’m going to bed. G’nite COers!

  100. I’m almost crying over here! As a little girl on the farm, we had the sweetest GP, Abby (who I secretly called “Aslan” because she reminded me of The Great Lion). These pictures and videos made me miss our giant, kind, elegant, floofy, slobbery Great Pyranees. *Sniffles.*

  101. I was thinking the one was getting squashed in the back of the cart! Cute pups though.

  102. “Aww! I luffs da Great Pyrenees! My parents have them and they are gorgeous dogs. From my research they were bred to guard flocks of sheep (they are white to blend in) and they were also meant to be big enough to fed off wolves from harming their flock of sheep. This also makes them absolutely wonderful guard dogs because they become very attached to their family and will do anything to protect their family. They are fantastic around children as well.”

    Yep, pretty much all true generally, mine aren’t as protective as most because they’ve been down at the restaurant being played with by everybody. They think everybody is wonderful. I didn’t want a “guard” dog, more trouble than it’s worth to me. I wanted, and have, a bunch of big friendly love sponges.

  103. I just wanted to jump on the Great Pyrenees are awesome bandwagon. We had one growing up and she was an angel.. Seriously such a teddy bear. Once my hubby and I get on some land we are definitely getting one ourselves, but right now one big dog in the burbs is plenty. I love these so much.

  104. They are sooo cute! I have one and he loves our 4 kittehs. Not good with other dogs though. All our clothes and furniture have busy patterns to hide all the different color floofs 🙂

  105. I know these dogs! They come to my work every day. (Where the photos were taken) They are super cute. The dads name is Toby, and the mom is Carol. I think the pups were seven weeks in that pic.

  106. They are Kuvasz, I have one , named Tibor .

  107. Look closer, especially at Toby. Kuvasz are shorter haired, and smaller. The local
    Great Pyrenees people showed up one day, with one of theirs, and they seemed to think they were pyrs.

  108. OMG how cute!!! Fill my cart immediatly but… those things better be house trained!!! lol!!!