Caught mid-air and sent to us by the fabulous May-Li K.



  1. This….is…..amazing……going to watch it again!

  2. The dog’s happiness at 0:57 is one of the most sublime I’ve ever seen!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    In-flight meals can be so hard to come by these days

    P.S. I can also touch my nose with my tongue. Just saying.

  4. rumbledoll says:

    Love the look on the boxers face when he gets his!

    I like this music, too :o)

  5. Worthy of Leni Riefenstahl.

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Roger, Houston, we have lift-off. Commence docking maneuver with orbiting nutritional module in T-minus ten… nine… eight…

  7. @260Oakley, I would expect nothing less. 😛

  8. Um, rip-off.

    Or maybe they hired that guy?

    [It’s GOT to be the same artist/crew – Ed.]

  9. Which is the firt dog’s breed?

  10. The other one is also amazing, but clearly not going for TEH QTE. As for this one: OMG. Why have we not seen more of this? I love the toes of the dog jumping into the air.

  11. Sorry to threadjack, but I HAVE to show the Qte peeps these commercials- everytime a new one comes out I think ” I have to submit this to CuteOverload!” I don’t know if you get these in the US, but my fellow Canadian Overloaders have probably seen them….there’s SO many and they all have cute cute animals!

  12. Cats! I want to see that done with CATS!!

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Theo: The ad was not created by Pleix, which is a European film and commercial maker, but was created by TBWA, Toronto. More details at the link below:

  14. Life in general would be better in slo-mo, with appropriate sound tracks.

  15. fearthebear says:

    YEA!!!!! The very first and last dog, presumably the same one, is a keeshond just like my babies including my avatar Sophia. Very cool, and treats for everyone!

  16. Heh, heh. Just realized I posted the comment above using my “old” name.

    fearthebear == mtkees

  17. Bron-yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin just happened to come on my iPod when I watched that video. EPIC NOMS!

  18. First breed is a Keeshond, and I couldn’t be happier to FINALLY see them featured in something! They’re so amazingly wonderful, and they’re like invisible. A tragedy of cosmic proportion.

  19. I wouldn’t consider it a “rip-off” of anyone’s idea. Unless “slomo animals in ads” is SO unique, which it isn’t.

    Plus, the “Birds” thing isn’t an ad for anything, it’s just a bunch of dogs flying around in slomo, occasionally moistening the atmosphere. 🙂 I prefer the ad. Shorter and IMHO better put together.

  20. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG! Doggy glamour shots. Doggy super models. I particularly like the big-headed handsome pit toward the end with his big ‘ol tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth!

  21. I think it is a ripoff of the style of the Birds video. The background color, the framing choices, pretty much the same speed of slo-mo. I think it works really well as an ad, but it seems like a clear case of copying the style of the other work. I was just reading about a photographer currently being accused of ripping off other photographers’ work by going to the same places and taking essentially the same shots, framed and composed just the same. I actually happen to like some of the accused’s images better, but I still think the originator has the right to cry foul.
    Stepping off soapbox…
    Cute poochies! I do love the tongue action.

  22. Lauriel says:

    I love at the end when the dog landed in front of the food bowl, and when each paw fell it left of like a wave of motion up the fur on its legs. LOL!

  23. n’ my doggy would just let it boink off his head. Has to land and be sniffed before ingestion – the boring poopy!

  24. On-topic: Love the commercial, love the Pleix video as well.

    Off-topic: I stumbled across the Pleix video way back when while trying to find a video for some French dance song. The video was comprised of various shots of dogs sitting in rooms. The rooms were on bouncing pistons, however, and so when you watched the film it appeared that the dogs were bobbing up and down in time with the music. If anyone has any information about this video, much less a link to it, I will wallow at your feet in gratitude.


    Give you a cookie, anyhow.

  25. 260Oakley says:

    Love the video… especially got my goat at the end.

  26. This reminds me of countless hours tossing popcorn to my then puppy, who is now about 14 years old. Cute!

  27. MoonCatty says:

    Now that would be a cool super power… to see the world in super slo-mo…

    We miss so much at regular speed.

  28. victoreia says:

    @Oakley, re nads’ post: You’re not kidding. ❗

  29. 0:58 Bliss! Noms! Sproingage! Coiffures!
    Would love to see it re-cut to the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey `a la Homer Simpson, astronaut, munching Ruffles with the ant overlords.

    Also liked the original ‘Birds’ video; but if the peeps +/- Eds. could explain why it’s called that: erm, ‘cuz they’re flying? Especially since it’s more of a Pink FLoyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ lighting effect.

  30. Snowpea says:

    Yup, has to have been “inspired” by the Pleix Birds video.

  31. So glad you posted it… there is actually several of these commercials airing nonstop during the day in Canada. Beat that.

  32. My, oh my, oh my, oh my! Mesmerizing!

  33. ElleJae says:


    My VERY first goggie Tiko (RIP) was a keeshond! He loved to chase geese and eat cold pizza with me and nearly gave himself concussions sliding into the kitchen cabinets when we cracked the ice tray!

  34. Snowpea says:

    I will say, after re-viewing the Pleix video that the production values seem better here, and the doggie emotions clear and strong, but Pleix’s music is LOTS better.

  35. crimson says:

    my favourite part is at 40 seconds just after the red dog has jumped, with his tootsies dangling mid-air. i wonder what breed he is?

    loving the music from the pleix vid

  36. That smile at 1:00 is just killer.

    I think we have a new agility sport!

  37. @nads, bless you.

    Love the goggies and second the motion for a cat version.

  38. Can anyone name for me the breed of the dog @ 0:22?

  39. Great commercial, any one have any idea what breed the brown/reddish shaggy dog is?

  40. Glad you like the vid- Telus has so many of these cute ads. For the past few years they have been doing all these amazing commercials with animals. There is a Christmas one with a hippo that is just hilarious! 🙂

  41. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I had a nom, but I ee–aa–tt–ee–dd it!

  42. BStrange says:

    I have no idea, I’m wondering the same thing. My first thought was “is that a young wolfhound?” because the outer coat has a similar coarseness and those do come in red. But the ears seem larger than I’d expect if that was the case… Hmm.

  43. This is prolly how they see a treat every time:P

  44. dr. berthaservant says:

    Awesome!!!!! Love the tongue action!!!

  45. catloveschanel says:

    Toes, tongues, flowing hair, wow. I have gotten absolutely nothing done today due to Cuteoverload, but I had a lot of fun!

  46. Gosh…I do love dogs!

  47. Hon Glad says:

    Haveing worked in advertising. I can tell you that that the copywriter and
    art director, do come up with ideas from watching feature films, Nature documentaries etc. They seldom copy and often improve on the original .
    The background to Air Noms is calleld an infinity cove and is white canvass with a sweeping curve, when looked at straight on it aears to go on for ever ‘to infinity’
    I notice from NOMTOMS post, that the director of this ad operated the camera. This is something Ridley Scott did in his commercials days and is normaly done by the camera operator.

  48. Hon Glad says:

    erratum – Having, “it appears to go on”

  49. Helen in Oz says:

    Re-release of a 1988 RSPCA (Australia) commercial for “all creatures great and small” – it’s still great.

  50. SO CUTE! The puppeh at 0:57 is soooooooo cute!

  51. Arachnophile says:

    I totally get the video rip offs – FOR sure! I just wan to say that this is my fav of this whole campaign of videos. It’s so much better to focus on the dogs than the product, as long as the product is good. In this case – I shan’t comment on the product itself. 😉

    This is an awesome collection of doggie awesomeness! ‘Nuff said. ;D

  52. Arachnophile says:

    LOL.. all of that being said, I’ve never in my LIFE imagined just how… complex the vision of a jumping Basset hound could be! So.MUCH.skiN!

  53. wonderful!!!

  54. Clawed Monet says:

    OMG!! LOL! Best commercial EVER!

  55. Resriechan says:

    1) The music “feels like” Enya to me???

    2) Olympics mood, overall; so that fits this month’s current events.

    DEF. Cute.

  56. I wish my cats could do that. 😉

  57. Rachael says:

    I don’t particularly care whose idea it was – it’s just joyful to watch! Love the normally overlooked keeshond and the flying shiba inu. Pure awesomenesses. ❤

  58. That is HYPNOTIC! It’s a close rival with the Slow-Motion Maru movies.

    My childhood dog King used to jump up in the air and catch pancakes tossed to him like Frisbees.

  59. Katrina says:

    dub1-I’m with you!
    Have a wwwwwonderful day, Peeps!

  60. LovesDogs says:

    Gorgeous. Dogs RULE!

  61. mrsgilmore says:

    re: pleix video
    basset hound floppage, FTW.

    [Woof. 😀 – Ed.]

  62. I think the bulldog missed. Just has that look: “Dang! Should have had that!”

  63. I love the that Pedigree commercial – made me want to go buy bag for my pet rats! I also like the RSCPA.

  64. THAT WAS A POMERANIAN not a Keeshond though they do look alike.

    what an AMAZING video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [There absolutely was a Keeshond in that sequence, though. SUPER fluffy, two-tone gray. – Ed.]

  65. There’s a moment just a couple seconds before the end, where the keeshond’s fur is sort of ‘close in,’ that he looks like an OTTER! Very cute.

    To the keeshond lovers: Yes, they are beautiful dogs. If I ever get a dog, that’s certainly one breed I would consider. Even though the one keeshond I actually met wouldn’t go for a walk with me. I thought it would be fun for both of us, but nope–he just barely crept along and kept looking back to the house where his owner was. We didn’t even get to the end of the driveway before I gave up, turned around, and took him back to his human–much to his delight. Ungrateful cur. 😉

  66. What kind of dog is that white one? (Not the Old English Sheepdog although he’s super cute too 🙂

  67. Hon Glad says:

    Resriechan – I ‘m suprised you like Enema,what’s that? Oh Enya, is it, soree.

  68. crimson says:

    ok, i’m not an expert of pooches i’d say they are

    Old English Sheepdog
    Bouvier Des Flandres or a Giant Schnauzer or a Russian Black Terrier or a Briard (they have similar looks)
    some sort of a mix (?) possibly terrier (?)
    Shiba Inu or similar breed
    some sort of a hound or gun dog (totally guessing, looks a tad like a setter)
    Greyhound or Whippet
    American Staffordshire Terrier or similar

    anyway, i don’t know what type of breed that reddy/brown one is with the dangley tootsies but i want to smoosh him!

  69. OMG – too late for the Winter Olympics!!!

  70. I think this is the best commercial I’ve ever seen!!!!

  71. Beautiful…… Makes me want one.

  72. I had to watch this several times. On one hand it’s cute and happy and omg noms… on the other it’s amazing to think about the way nature designed these dogs to do that, their feet and bones and muscles and all.

    About a cats version: if it had my cat in it, it would involved him RUNNING away from whatever I threw… then taking 5 minutes to sneak up on it to sniff for another 10 minutes and then licking it until he gets bored. In slow mo, it would be a feature length film!

    Unless I threw tuna, in which case even the best high speed cameras wouldn’t catch a thing! 😀

  73. I see this almost every day on TV in Toronto, but still had to watch it again. It really captures the beauty AND hilarity of dogs in motion, doesn’t it?

  74. Paunchie says:

    I want the Shiba Inu, such a handsome dog.

  75. Paunchie says:

    the reddish brown doggie with the dangling tootsies, wow, you see the whole inside of his mouth when he gets his nom. Yowza, what beeg teef!

    Did the bulldog get his? He looks disappointed! Aw. Here. Have two. Good boy.

  76. The dangling toes dog looks just like my friend’s chocolately Labradoodle. So I’m guessing that’s what that is.

  77. Beautiful. But I caught myself unconsciously opening my mouth along with the dogs like I could help them catch the treat. I’m a goober.

  78. SOOO full of win!

  79. Can’t stop watching this one … and keep expecting Annie Lennox to start singing “No more I love you’s” each time. Just lovely.

  80. I immediately thought of the Pleix video when I saw this. It’s the music video for Vitalic’s “Poney Part 1”! I’m really surprised I (or someone else) had not sent that one in before.

    Anyway, this commercial is plenty welcome. The more slo-mo flying dogs the better as far as I’m concerned.

  81. When they film in slow motion with such majestic classical music, the doggies seem so much more INTENSE and DRAMATIC and POWERFUL; the smallest movement, even the raise of a puppeh eyebrow is so MEANINGFULL……..! 😯

  82. I laughed, I cried, I sighed. What a wonderful commercial.

  83. ❤ the worlf hound feet leaping shot. It looks like wiley-coyote feets!

  84. BouvieGal says:

    @ Crimson– that’s a bouvier des flandres at :15 and 1:09.
    Ahh, this whole video makes me happy!

  85. Rapwnzel says:

    I’m guessing that the bulldog was too lazy to jump for it and prepared himself to be hit on the face with the treat (:58)

  86. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ CUTE

  87. upupnaway20 says:

    This video is fabulous!! I love it!
    I think the reddish labradoodle-looking dog is actually a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I lovelovelove the Italian Greyhound and the Black Russian Terrier (I think) licking their noses! ❤

  88. Tigress says:

    I was wondering when this commercial would reach CO. I see it several times a week while watching Dog Whisperer.

    Doggies plus slo-mo = win!

  89. For those who want slow motion cats, there is some slo-mo Maru here:

  90. AWESOME!!!!

  91. I’m just annoyed that it’s a Pedigree commercial – cruddy food, ridonculously adorkable dogs.

  92. Shiba shiba shiba, i love shibas. my shiba is just like this, i love her

  93. I laughed so hard I was crying and started gagging because I couldn’t breathe!! So amazing. I haven’t had a laugh that good in ages!

  94. Really cute video, but Pedigree is the worst stuff to feed your dog. First ingredient is corn. D: