The Human Cat Perch!

Laaaadeeez annnn gennelmen! The Snorgling Brothers Circus is proud to present the fearless flying feline who will leap in one amazing bound onto the Turban of Terror as the daring damsel does deeds of death-defying dental dexterity!

Thanks to the sensational sender-innering skills of Arlo R.!



  1. This cat LOVES chillin’ on her head.

  2. Wow. And I thought my cat was strange.

  3. The paw dangling acshons at 1:23 is awesome.

  4. What a very silly kitty, and how lucky he/she is to have a human slave that accepts this behavior.

    I’m glad that our Henry doesn’t do this. He weighs about 17 lbs and might well break my neck!

  5. Every cat has its own personality. I wonder what attracts him/her to her towel-head?

  6. Further proof of my revolutionary, groundbreaking scientific theory: Cats freakin’ love towels.

  7. The cat on the hat! How appropriate since this date was Dr. Suess’ Birthday!

  8. Desdemona says:

    My cats (presuming they could be pursuaded to jump on my towel-covered head) would never tolerate the head turning, nor the buzzing toothbrush. I would be forced to just stand still.

  9. How relaxed the kitty is, is just too hilarious. Most cats would’ve probably jumped off as soon as she moved… well.. most cats probably wouldn’t have jumped on in the first place, but you know what I mean 😛 heh

  10. Uilleand says:

    That….that’s just a whole lotta awesome right there…

  11. LaureninGeorgia says:

    I’ve got a half Siamese tuxedo who rides on my shoulder, and will leap there as I walk by her. I’m going home tonight and trying the towel thing! This is very funny – especially the tail over the face.

  12. My cat Bobo does this to my shoulders. If there’s ever a situation where he can jump up there, he’ll take it (even when I’m sitting on the toilet, which is majorly awkward). He’ll just lay there and purr himself to sleep. 😀

    BUT, it always has to be my right shoulder for some reason…

  13. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Someone, somewhere, is going to try this, I’m certain.

    I recommend instead of bare shoulders that maybe a thick jacket and/or a towel be put on its shoulders before commencing the training of the human.

  14. Paunchie says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awesome.

  15. Copperbat says:

    omg hilarious! That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! ❤

  16. (speechless)

  17. JA Cook says:

    Now that’s high humor content. Especially the fact that the kitty’s human had to record it because no one believed her!

  18. “Nooooo one believed me……” Hysterical.

  19. shahinrani says:

    This is one of the silliest and awesomest things I have ever seen.

  20. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! i love this!! ^^

  21. That’s a cat for you. And I don’t doubt that he does it every night–cats LOVE routine.

    carter: I too have a cat that HAS to get on my shoulder every time I sit on the toilet. It’s interesting that your cat sits on your right shoulder. Every cat I’ve had or heard of who did this insisted on the left shoulder. I thought maybe it had something to do with feeling the heartbeat. Maybe not . . . unless you’re one of those rare people whose heart is on the right.

  22. Explosion of awesome right there.

  23. If you let ’em do it as a kitten, they’re going to keep on doing it when they weigh fifteen pounds….

    Love the dangling paws. He’s obviously very comfortable up there.

  24. Fluidstatic says:

    This… This is awesome beyond belief. chillaxin’ on Mom’s head with the brushings of the teeth… and she’s just like *eyeroll* I TOLD YOU. XD

  25. Oh, and about the towel thing: I notice this cat was doing a little kneading and ‘nursing.’ Maybe it’s the nubby/fuzzy texture of towels that cats like–reminds them of mom. I don’t know, I’ve never had a cat that was particularly into towels–except right after they came out of the dryer, of course.

  26. We’re just trees made out of meat…

  27. OMG. Awesome.
    And gryt is right, the paw dangling acshons is the BEST.

  28. Paunchie says:

    I had another big fat LOL at the trying to use mouthwash with kitty’s tail going swish swish right in front of her nose!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    He probably likes the vibrations in her skull from the sonic toothbrush.

    I was more shocked by the fact that she drank straight from the bottle of mouthwash. (And she didn’t swish long enough. That wasn’t anywhere close to 30 seconds. Heh)

  30. That is fantastic. My little Lacey loves shoulders as well. Whether I’m lying down or sitting up the first thing she goes for is the nook of my neck to settle down in.

  31. I laughed so hard at this that I started choking then I wet myself a little.


  32. I get the feeling that the kitteh’s human could have gone on to eat breakfast, get dressed, drive to work, and commence her workday: and the cat would still be perched on the towel…. 🙄

  33. There’s a lot of that cat-perching going around. Even Morgan Freeman is getting in on the act:

  34. Resriechan says:

    aHA!! So THAT’s the job for which NTM is destined: a carnival
    (you will pardon the coinci-dental phrasing here) BARKER !!!!


    (*snerk* as well)

  35. Resriechan says:

    (get it? I used “dental” there, too)


    (second giggle)


  36. Wha . . . no dental hygienist nuffers saying her brushing is half as long as it should be?
    And lol@Patito:
    (in a Charlton Heston ‘Soylent Green’ kind of voice)
    Meat trees! We’re all just meat trees!

  37. gravyboat says:

    I want a cat hat too!

  38. CoffeeCup says:

    Love the video. I have a theory about why the cat loves perching on top of her head so much. She’s washed her hair, so I think maybe the cat is attracted to the heat coming off her wet hair and the towel. Cats loooooove warmness and all.

  39. Now to find myself a cat. HAHAHA!

  40. My cat is afraid of my electric toothbrush, she’d never do this. I did have a cat at the farm where I used to work who loved to ride on my shoulders as I went around watering the horses or picking the paddocks.

  41. This just proves my long-held-but-never-scientifically-proven belief that tuxedo cats are just wee bit ‘special’. I have one now, and was step-sister to another, and both have done weirder than weird things.

  42. fifthsonata says:

    I love it!
    I’m boggled that the kitty didn’t climb *her* and manages to just land straight on her head. Even the position of that towel turban – how do you get it to lean to the back? Mine goes straight up! It’s seriously in “kitty perch” positon!

  43. My cat picked me by jumping straight to my shoulders. He still does it sometimes, and he’s about six pounds heavier than he was then. Sure, get myself a nice little tabby, and he grows into HUGE KITTY OF DOOM! Anyway, hopefully he doesn’t get any ideas about my head, because fifteen pounds of cat is too heavy for me. 😀

  44. I used to have an iguana that like to ride around on the top of my head. Strange I never considered doing the towel turban before she climbed on…

    I count my blessings that Max can’t do this. He likes to sit on my shoulders when we’re in the car (I’ve explained to him that that is too dangerous, but he doesn’t listen. When we travel, now, both he and Lulu are restricted to the crate.) and he likes to sit on the back of the couch so he can rest his head on my shoulder, AND he’s been known to jump on my lap while I was sitting on the toilet (awkward…). Thank goodness dogs don’t have the leaping power that cats do

  45. Love the flopped kitteh at 1:26

  46. Shouldn’t you brush for 2 minutes?

    I saw this one while I was lookin’ at that one –

  47. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Check out her look of anticipation at the 0:06 mark: “Well-p, here it comes, folks…”

  48. Birdcage says:

    OMG! So freakin’ funny.

  49. One of my cats claims any towel on the bathroom counter as HERS.. probably a good thing that I don’t put it on my head.

    She’d better watch out for those back claws when the cat jumps up… yowza, looks like they’re going right for the eye.

  50. How great is it that we all get to see her and watch her brush her teeth with a cat on her head.
    I too noticed the paw dangling akshons! love it!

  51. BStrange says:

    I have now had my daily dose of amazing. Apparently she’s read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and remembered her towel! The tail to the face… WHY do cats love the tail to the face maneuver? Are they trying to hypnotize us? “You are feeling veeeeeryyyyy obeeedient…”

    I’d almost swear someome read my last comment on the cat-elevator thread, too. “To the top of the head!” ‘Course mine never balanced up there, she was content to use my head as a launchpate.

    @JohnnieCanuck – and also a thick pair of pants if it’s an older/heavier cat. Their springs tend to wear out as they age. *points to thigh scars… the product of cat-o-traction, not liposuction*

    & Patito Gigante, yes, yes we are. Ents made of meat, actually; they don’t expect trees to walk to the kitchen and feed them.

  52. @BStrange, it’s all because of THIS:

  53. Jackie Rose says:

    That was priceless! My Marco the Magnificat used to jump on the back of anyone who bent over for any reason. It wasn’t so bad when he was small and we were fully clothed, but when you’d just gotten out of the shower and were bending over to pick up a towel, it was a bit of a drag. I looked like I’d fallen butt-first into the rose bushes.

  54. That is one lucky woman. I hope she knows it.

  55. Hahaha!! That is soooo funny!!

  56. BStrange says:

    Ahh. Cats are taking revenge on us for inventing that thing, then, Theresa? (Those things drive me nuts.)

  57. Ah wow this is so hilarious! xD But sadly, I have hiccups and when I laughed it sounded like “Ha-ic!”…So I laughed again from that + cat on head and it sounds like “Hehehe-ic!”…and yeah…x3 ykwim

  58. PS, I have deja-vu…or however you spell it…ykwim

  59. BStrange says:

    Also, Jackie Rose, “butt first into the rose bushes” sounds like a euphemism for proceeding unprepared into trouble. A good one, too. 🙂

  60. Heidi K. says:

    That is so flingin’ flangin’ funny I can’t stand it!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. And as others have said, the paw dangling action really seals the deal… my word, I LOVE it!

  61. 260Oakley says:

    Cat head. Much worse that hat head.

  62. YAY! What a perfectly silly and fantastic thing for a cat to do. Love the double-paw-dangle once optimum Velcro Mode has commenced.

  63. If my dog were small and had the gripping action of a cat, he’d probably do this. He loves the smell of my conditioner or something, and will roll on the damp towels I’ve used to dry my hair. When he’s not trying to roll on my hair, that is.

  64. Hypnotiq says:

    I think the cat likes the vibrations from the tooth brush. Silly good kitty! 🙂

  65. tessamo says:

    Great toe grip-tion by the kitteh.

  66. chanpon says:

    I want that cat. 😮

  67. that is so hilarious that my head asploded!

  68. I want that cat too.

  69. MamaLana says:

    My Abyssinian kitty jumps up onto a nearby bench every time I’m on the toilet, and she meows until I brush her. Every time. So funny!

  70. Hilarious! I so miss my kitties. Then there’s this vid:
    Love how the kitteh comes out of nowhere, and the stoicism of the cop…

  71. Shelley Noble says:

    Someone please, for the love of all that is good in this world, feature this charming, adorable woman and her hilarious cat’s antics in a movie! I’d go see that movie.

  72. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    By the way, the nice lady in the video gets dental hygiene bonus points for using mouthwash before brushing. For years, I was brushing first and then using mouthwash, but a dental hygienist told me that doing the steps in that order was less effective.

  73. Love the little giggle at the end, just before she turns off the camera. Still with the cat on her head.

  74. relieved to see no one here has nuffed…when i saw this on youtube awhile back, i laughed myself silly and then made the mistake of reading the numerous comments from those decrying that somehow the cat was being mistreated! Um..yeah the cat def jumped up there of his own volition, and appears perfectly content. Anyway, yay COers!

  75. Wicked cute n’ really different!

  76. @1:21 Rule of Cuteness #25

  77. Em (The Original) says:

    awesome 🙂 =^.^=

  78. That gal has the best kitten evar.

  79. Wonder if the cat enjoys the vibrations of the toothbrush?

  80. MoonCatty says:

    Absofreakinadorable! Tuxedo Kitty seemed to do extra sensual paw action when the electric toothbrush was used. Did her entire head become a vibro-massage towel?

    Wonder what the backstory is? How did the cat on towel on head routine get started? Did the first jump result in a partially scratched face and salty language from kitty mom? Or was it a gradual thing, chillin’ on the… countertop… then shoulder… and finally head…?

    They are both charming characters!

  81. wuyizidi says:

    @CoffeeCup – incidentally, that’s Dr. House’s theory on how cats know which terminal patient will pass away first – because they are the ones with warmest blankets.

    I cringed when I saw the kitteh lose her footing momentarily. A friend of mine was sleeping one night, and being the inconsiderate human he is, he didn’t leave enough room between top of head and the headboard. So his cat, a giant tabby cat that looks like a small tiger (23 lbs), on her nightly patrol over the pillows, had to step over his face. Again, he being an inconsiderate human, has a nose made up soft cartilage and flesh, which did not provide a stable surface. So when she lost her footing, instinctively she planted that back foot down with claws extended Wolverine style. He showed up at work next morning with a big gash across the nose.

  82. Just when I think a video can’t be topped on cuteoverload, this one tops the previous one, and so on, and so forth. What an awesome, awesome, and HILARIOUS video!

  83. The Hell!?? I’ve heard of cats doing this (The Blogess’s cat apparently does it too.) but for some reason I thought people were like, either making it up or hallucinating or something or other.

    Weird! but extremely hilarious.

  84. marthava says:

    ok. Every time I watch this it makes me nuts, because she’s not doin’ it rite! That’s a Sonicare toothbrush, and it does not work like a regular toothbrush, i.e., by moving the brush up and down and/or back and forth. The vibrating brush head does all that work for you. YOU are just supposed to hold it still for like 2 seconds or so on each tooth surface, outside then inside, top then bottom. (And don’t forget ur gums! I should be getting a royalty for this… But it does clean ur teeth better than any other brush!) GAH! I finally got that out!!!

    @NTMTOM – I don’t know if that’s mouthwash or a pre-brush rinse.

    And, finally, don’t forgit the floss, then the Waterpik!! Waterpiks work so well that some surgeons use them in emergency rooms to clean cuts in accident victims.

    And, finally finally, did you know keeping your teeth and gums super clean significantly cuts down on all kinds of diseases, not least of which is heart disease? That bacteria on our teeth can cause some nasty s*** to happen to our bodies. Scientists even believe it can negatively impact the progression of diabetes.

    Can you tell teefs is my personal specialty? I’ve put many a pony in many a dentist’s backyard with the bucks I’ve paid sitting in that chair ‘lo these many years…

  85. Noelegy says:

    One possibility: this is a routine happening, maybe she staged this for the purpose of videoing it? Because a video that showed her entire dental routine might be a bit long to sit through? Just a suggestion. P.S. Stinking cute!

  86. knock knock knock


    knock knock knock


    knock knock knock


    don’t mean to bother you, but, um, i seem to have horked one of my lungs completely through the interwebs and onto your server…you think you or one of the eds could, like, email it back?


  87. …and the 38th thing I’m grateful for is that my cat doesn’t do this to me.

  88. kibblenibble says:

    I love that cat people (myself included, of course) and CO people totally GET this, knowing that all of us love our animals and their crazy antics unconditionally. I also love seeing the cat so happy. The woman is funny too. Very understated, just letting the cat say it all for her. 🙂

  89. My boyfriend’s cat Capote loves to climb up on my shoulder and stay there until I pull him off. I can walk around and even bend over and he just stays there.

  90. This is the best thing EVER. I might be in love with kitteh’s hoomin, just a little 😀

  91. You know, for some reason all this reminds me of that Vermeer. Girl with a pearl earring. With a cat. Isn’t that a painting? 🙂 Purmeer? Sorrrrry, couldn’t resist.

  92. dr. berthaservant says:

    The girl is kind of cute. And she has a “Family Guy” calendar. Lots of win here.

  93. @QoD, did Samkitty see this? Does he get ideas?

  94. I agree with Noelegy, kitteh’s human didn’t want to bore us with proper dental routine but keep the video short and interesting. What a great cat! Reminds me of one very, very special tuxedo cat I used to know and love.

    This video was a perfect way to start my day. Thanks!

  95. this is all sorts of amazing

  96. WOW you can really wear it! Looks good onya, mate!

    yeah, you’re right. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it 🙂
    How did it start? I mean … was he just jumping on your head one day?

    We REALLY need Dr. Dolittle. I wanna know what this HatCat thinks 🙂

  97. Oh yea by the way:
    once he learned how to balance on your head – the question of what to do with it when you go abroad is answered.


  98. Carolyn says:

    This is the freakin’ Holy Grail of catdom.
    I’d marry that cat…I swear would.

  99. I will never again doubt woman -with -an -orange -towel -on -her -head’s stories!

  100. I love the way she’s wrapped her towel (how does she do that???). No wonder kitteh lubs eet!

  101. Cats are so strange LOL.

  102. Rachael says:

    Holy guacamole! Best vid evah on the interwebs. Dangling paws pretty much did me in. *thud*

  103. Katrina says:

    The human resignation, the feline certainty of the moment and the interaction between the two- just too wonderful! The cat does his thing, she does hers-and you know she treasures every second, “especsh” now that she has video proof!
    They are both so very proud of themselves! Just beeeuutiful! Thank you!

  104. Yep. Been there, done that.

  105. My dear departed Steve used to lie draped over on my shoulder while I tap-danced.

  106. I would have believed you, dear lady! My cat (also black) loved to jump up on me. I’ll be leaning over putting wood into the fireplace and then all of a sudden, there’s a cat on my back. Or I’ll be putting my bathrobe on in the morning, and then he jumps into my arms. He also love the shoulder leap. He once tried the head leap, but I had to draw the line at that one (scalp pierced in several places from his nails as he tried to hold on to the orb). But we sure do lurvs our kittehs, don’t we? *happy sigh*

  107. Aimee hasn’t jumped on my head (yet) but she likes to sit in my lap when I am in the “library” I gues it looks like I am free for cat snuggles

  108. I just loved the girl, the way she says in thebeginning “Nobody believes me so i had to record it!”…someone had to expose the lengths ours cats go to to the extremes of crazyness in day to day life! Good for you!

  109. Rachael says:

    At this point I’m willing to believe that any cat will engage in any behavior at any time. No more skepticism from me!

  110. Jenn in IL says:

    @blair: Don’t think I didn’t catch the Big Bang Theory reference!!

    I love tuxie kitties…mine’s a weirdo and this just gives me more proof that they all are! Cute girl, too!

  111. Resriechan says:

    BTW, Salinger (RIP) used to do a similar routine; but NOT starting from me being in the fully vertical posishe.

    I slept on a futon & he would climb up onto my shoulders behind my head & stayed there while I got up & he would stay up there and hang out for 5 minnits or so & stay there while I started my day (kitchen, pouring cereal & milk, etc) & he would just stay there. So I can relate VISCERALLY (vocab word for the day) to our human star here trying to gargle her mouthwash with the cat shoulder-surfing & staying up there.

  112. Resriechan says:

    (oops sorry I left a phrase in there 2 x — stayed there etc. SORRY
    proofreading FAIL)

    [heh heh heh 😈 – Ed.]

    […oh, and I think you can relate CRANIALLY, or maybe just skeletally 😉 – Ed.]

  113. LOL I love this video and had a beautiful Cow kitty named Tuffy who would jump up to be on my shoulders…he always sat on the right with head and shoulders drapped over the left. and would snuzzle me.. I loved it most of the time though it would make my shoulders hurt thank goodness he only weighed around 10 lbs.. and we never had the issue of him gettting on my head … Thank goodness… his favorite way to get on my shoulders was to wait for me to be gardening out side and jump up as i bent down or leaned over to plant or weed.
    I miss him he was awesome!

  114. I had a black kitteh that used to jump on my back while I blow dried my hair. I completely know where she is coming from. Also, I agree with the others when they said they think she just did the short version of her routine so as to record it for proof. Two minutes on the toothbrush may have gotten boring for her audience. What a great vid!

  115. I fall in love with cuteoverload all over again. Brilliant, brilliant morning video festival. And a dental hygiene tip.

  116. Hitomi'sMom says:

    This is really great, it’s funny that she keeps saying no one believed her. Cats rule.

    My kitten does this to my back whenever I bend over just a little bit. She then proceeds to curl up and go to sleep. I wish she would do this so I could at least walk normal!

  117. this is the most amazing kitty-thingy ever!!!
    what I love the most is the point where there is two kitty arms just hanging, chilling, so relaxed!!

  118. Too funny! This is one of those things that makes me appreciate the non-lurkenschproinginess of my dogs!!!

  119. Fleurdamour says:

    My roommate’s kitty does things like this. I told him they should go on the road as a circus act.

  120. ADORE-ABLE and I like the FG calender in the back (MEG!!!)

  121. lexipuppymommy says:

    That’s just weird.

  122. Calliope says:

    I also have a kitty who is half-monkey, though this tuxedo cat definitely takes the cake!

    My girl tabby often hops up on my shoulder when I’m at the bathroom sink or when I pick her up. She likes to perch on my shoulders and walk around the house with me, checking out her territory from a higher vantage point. I tolerate the scratches more than my boyfriend does, but she LOVES his shoulders because he’s a lot taller (“Ooh, I can see even better from this tree!”)

    She also likes to hop onto our backs and just sit there, or even lie down and get comfortable. “Um, Penny, it would be nice if I could stand up again sometime in the next hour….” She takes any opportunity when we’re bent over, cleaning the litter box or picking something up off the floor. Luckily she only weighs 7 pounds.

    As a morning routine bonus, both cats are also obsessed with just-shampooed hair. After I get out of the shower, they like to chew on my hair and “comb” it vigorously with their claws (they see my hair dangling when I put my head down to wrap the towel around it). Between this and the shoulder-hopping, it keeps mornings exciting.

  123. Calliope-gee, I hope you are a ‘morning person’!

  124. Calliope says:

    Katrina, I’m not really — but having two cats meowing for breakfast and “helping” me comb my hair is a good motivator to get ready faster!

  125. kokobutterbuns says:


  126. @Shaz: It DOES remind me of the Girl With a Pearl Earring painting!!

    In fact, I liked your comment so much that a created my own rendition of Vermeer’s painting… I call it… Girl With A Purring:

  127. TracyFlick says:

    Adorable cat. PS It’s nice when girls are so naturally pretty they don’t need makeup. Go girl!

  128. I am definitely not showing that video to my little Mimi cat, I don’t want her to get any ideas. She is content to just jump on my shoulders at every opportunity and then ride around the house while I am trying to do things like cook dinner or fold clothes.

  129. Carter, that was Photoshopped! I could tell by the pixels!

  130. blauenaugen says:

    Aside from the little black goatee, this looks exactly like my cat. He loves to jump on my shoulders while I’m brushing my teeth, too! I think he loves the minty toothpaste scent.

  131. The girl looks like Ellen Degeneres

  132. DaytimeDeb says:

    At 1:02 kitty started to lick his paws — I thought we were going to have a grooming video x2!

  133. Carter, that is AWESOME!!! Vermeer would be proud! 😀 LOL

  134. Is there a bird in the house? My cat started doing something similar after I got a roommate with a bird — that bird often comes out of his cage and sits on the roomie’s shoulder, so my cat is jelliz.

  135. This is why I love cats so much, they do the silliest things that put a smile on some one’s face. Who ever said cats don’t have personality never owned one.

  136. Your kitty is rewriting the Cat in the Hat, and calling it the Cat as the Hat.
    I too love the paws stretching out mid air…made me laugh.

  137. tail in face, dangly paws…so frikkin’ hilarious. I want two cats just like that one someday…by the way, does anyone know the cats name?

  138. Melinda says:

    That’s the best! Can I say that I am just a little jealous? I love my cat dearly, but he does nothing quite as awesome as this. (Although he does rest his head on my shoulder like a sleepy little kid, that’s pretty sweet.)

  139. Nice, a Family guy calendar!

  140. Carter – brilliant!

  141. reese120 says:

    my tuxedo cat is weird too he licks me to death..i think he was dog in his past life. just luvvvvvvvv this video!!!

  142. Queen of Dork says:

    What a great video and funny cat! I thought I had it bad when my cat positions himself on the arm of the couch when I’m sitting there and manages to stick his butt in my face a few times as he turns around and around trying to find the right comfy posish.

  143. @Theresa: Aah, sorry, I was not implying that I actually painted it! lol 🙂 I’m definitely not that talented. 🙂

  144. Oh my God
    How could u do that !

  145. 😆 What a silly kitty 😆 I am amazed that the lady in the video was able to keep the towel she was wearing on her body on (blush) If it was me, no towel (blush)

  146. Carter’s Girl With a Purring is beautiful! I saw the original in the Hague a couple of months ago & I think I like your rendition better!

  147. helenpaige1 says:

    XD So funny!

  148. Wait…who uses mouthwash BEFORE brushing??

  149. Resriechan says:

    Angela, Angela, dear —

    don’t distract us with unnecessary background information, huh?

    (JK — kinda — Remember we’re all DELIBERATE CuteOverloaders, here!!!)

  150. Hee, so cute. I’m glad my guys don’t do this though, I’d be scratches all over. I’m sure she actually brushes/mouthwashes (is that a word?) for longer when she doesn’t have a video camera on her. I love how she keeps turning her head so everyone can see the whole cat.

  151. What a nice cat-mom that lady is!

  152. roxanne says:

    cute kitty, cute girl, cute routine! it kills me!

  153. My cat is a tuxedo cat like this one and she is constantly jumping onto or “asking” to jump onto my shoulders. She then drapes herself so that I’m wearing her like a cat shawl with legs dangling. I got her at the Humane Society and both her and her sister kept jumping onto my shoulders when I went into their cage. I have many scratches on my back, but she’s just so cute so I put up with it.

  154. i love this video! found it a few weeks ago and showed it to some friends. never thought to submit to CO….

  155. nuffer alert!!!
    I think that there should be a postive side to the usage of the words ’nuff an nuffer’ ) sooo here’s my postive use of it for today. 🙂
    ——-not e’nuff info.
    whats the cats name?
    I wanna see more vidos of the kitty
    and I want give the cat a big ole smooch .
    If I’m the only one home I’ll leave the bathroom door open.
    When I have to close the door within seconds I hear meows an the sounds of scatching on the door frame. I’m the only one they do this too.
    Sigh. just like having toddlers in the house. MOM !!!

  156. My cat does this too! Or did, until she got too darn fat.

  157. At which haberdashery can one purchase one of those tuxedo hats? I must have one!

  158. Cute girl, and cat 🙂

  159. @Carter:

    Nice! Thank you. 🙂

  160. @Carter again — the girl with a purring is really awesome, and the first time ever I’ve inspired anything internet. Whee! 🙂 Great image.

  161. Cute cat, but cuter girl. Is she single? 🙂

  162. One Skunk Todd says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier:

    Catatouille. 🙂

  163. I love it. I wish my cat does

  164. lol

  165. You know, I have one of those Sonic toothbrushes. If you put your hand on top of your head while you’re brushing, you can indeed feel your skull vibrate. What a smart kitty to figure this out! It’s like one of those massage chairs for heem!

  166. I love towards the end how the cat just dangles there. So relaxed and just hanging out. My friend has a cat that will leap into your arms as you walk by, then climb up onto your shoulders or head, but its nothing like this one. Too cute.

  167. I love how this lady goes through her routine basically not even really noticing she has her cat on her head. Then the cat totally stretches itself out on her, totally relaxed. What makes me laugh though is that when the lady turns her head, bends down to spit out her mouthwash and all that, the cat hangs on.

  168. the cat is funny

  169. The cat moves around her head depending on her position so that it doesn’t fall off

  170. Great!!! Love relaxed Kittie with two paws just hanging.