Lookie What Loki Found

Oh boy, I bet these have been buried here since 1984! What a treat this is! A real relic from the past!

They taste like the Wrinkled One’s hard candies, but still – what a find! Check ’em out – WAX LIPS!

Loki’s quite the bear character, Annie. And his fear of all things vegetable is getting into Dr. Lipschwitz’s territory. At least the dental hygiene is in check.



  1. Loki is such a perfect name for that ball of floof! hopefully he does not bring TOO much strife and chaos to his owners 🙂

  2. georgina0912 says:

    Wait a minute…all i see is white, fluffy snow. Where is the cute-overloader? I CAN’T SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!

  3. What an adorable snow he is

  4. Snorglepup says:

    Pupcicle looks like a cross between a great white pyronese and a baby seal.

  5. My cat’s name is Loki! He’s a baby too! But he doesn’t look like a bear…

  6. Hot Tams says:


  7. I didn’t know snow had eyes and a tongue! Real life snowpuppy! What a little sweetie.

  8. Katrina says:

    Killer ‘boof’ed (while laying down, mind you) all through the video of Loki and the Carrot! Boof!

  9. OMG, the barking at the carrot to show it who is the boss….I am DED from the qte! ❤

  10. Snorglepup says:

    A vegiphobic Samoyed!

  11. Christy says:

    It’s a polar bear!

  12. BStrange says:

    AAAH! The snow moved! Oh, hi cute puppy. *restarts heart*

    Regarding that carrot video, in which he seems to be waiting, impatiently!, for it to dance:


  13. chanpon says:

    Wow, yeti’s are getting cuter and cuter!

  14. Aw whant to hug! Cant help it.

  15. SOO CUTE. i didn’t know what animal this was at first.

    also simpsons reference ftw.

  16. Wax lips! Bwahahahaaaa there’s a blast from the past. If he found those, the snowbank has also gotta be full of KooKoo and candy cigarettes, but he’ll never find the ciggies in the white snow.

  17. Marci B says:

    Fluffy baby dog!!!!!

  18. Complaningks from a Samoyed:

  19. omg, with the carrot top!!!! enough already, i now need to make an emergency trip to the ladies’ room…please have mercy on my old lady bladder!!!

    he certainly has high expectations of that carrot, or else he is doing some really good acid.

  20. Hon Glad says:

    Mr Plough suffers from Lachanphobia the fear of vegetables. His ancestors
    came from Siberia, I don’t suppose they see many vegetables in the snow.

  21. Vacuumslayer says:

    He’s like part puppy part Teddy bear and part baby seal–too cute

  22. Excellent Simpsons reference! Makes me think of Barney in a hot tub with Linda Ronstadt. “We’ve been looking for a project to work on together… *BEEEAAAUUGGGHH*”

  23. @Hon Glad, Yeah? And what about FROZEN vegetables? Eh? Eh?

  24. Re: Loki w/ carrot top: OMGWTF!!!! WHATisitwhatisit OMG whatisit maybeitwillgoawayifIscareit BARK BARK WTFBBQ BARK BARK!!!

  25. Oh I just immediately started whimperingks….

  26. Simpson’s references are always welcome. So are adorable pupppies.

  27. More like “ice cream”. what a cutie

  28. zeldapie says:

    What a sweet ball o’ fluff! SQUEEEEEEE

  29. 260Oakley says:

    It’s OK, Loki. I’m afraid of Carrot Top too.

  30. I totally thought he was a polar bear cub in that first pic!

  31. I tough it was a polar cub lol so cute

  32. fft5305: Barney and Linda Ronstadt in a hot tub?!? Now I’m going to have nightmares.

  33. Awww my first dog was a Samoyed, but she was older than I was so I never got to see her as a pupple. Still makes me miss her though. Cute snowpuppy all the same!

  34. When I was a little kid we had a Samoyed, and my father, (sadly) kept her outside in a doghouse. My most vivid memory of her: I managed to crawl into the door of her house; and I sat there in the doorway, holding a box of her dog biscuits: one for her and one for me, etc., until we polished most of the box off, or until my mother caught us, I don’t remember which….(I never did wind up barking, though, thankfully….!)

  35. BStrange says:

    Theresa, your “Re: Loki w/ carrot top” comment gave me the giggles, which on top of the 😮 face (thank you, Oakley, for causing me to picture Carrot Top at his scariest) must’ve looked a little.. odd.. heehee.

  36. NutherDeb says:

    Now I have the “Mr. Plow” song stuck in my head. Thanks!! :/

  37. dr. berthaservant says:

    I prefer the “Plow King.”

  38. gooeyctr says:

    Señor Plow no es macho,
    es solamente un borracho!

  39. This photo inspired me to get an ice cream yesterday, even though its not summer. Delicious.

  40. Beautiful pup, looks like fun.

  41. Awwww! I have a black cat named Loki! I bet they’d be great frie…troublemakers 😉

  42. My Leo found a cheese sandwich in a snowbank two days ago.

  43. catloveschanel says: