Knitting Cheetah Says

…Lavender is a wise choice for a unisex Baby blankie.

Happi Birthday, by Sø Uиіque ˣ Baya3it alWáяd was sent in by Natalie B.



Listen, who hasn’t been tackled by an ecstatic four-legged goofball with zero coordination who slips on a banana peel, skids down a Slip and Slide, and regains instant composure?

Perhaps some grips on his paws would do the trick, Emilia von H.

Wait for it….!

Noisy kittens! waiting for dinner! Their incessant cries—a sea of need! Their pantaloon tackling—incessant! WILL-THEY-EVER-BE-FED!?

Get ready for the next meal now, Katia R.

Attempted Crowage

Will you please get a load of this MINI-ROOSTER, attempting to crow. Perhaps for the [head cocked to side] FIRST TIME!?

Sheena B., it’s time to get up!

THIS JUST IN: ‘Chunk’ the Groundhog

Look, I know this pic is not the BEST PIC in the whole world until you focus on THE EAR ACTION and the fact that this is a Groundhog NAMED ‘CHUNK’!

Just enjoy it, Brandy G.

Meet Pledge Flounder

Flounder knew he had an important job; he used his “sad, wittle eyes!” and “cute, fwoofy tail!” to help lure the ladies to Delta Tau Chi. Without him, the only action his brothers caught was a seasonal flu.

What would Dean Vernon Wormer think, Megan?

Tights, Cape, Cod Piece…Check, Check, Check.

Excuse me, do you mind?  This nice lady is volunteering her brassiere as a place for me to transform into my alter ego, Captain Meddler.  We can’t all have fancy-pants telephone booths, you know.

Where’s his Clark Kent curl, Pauline S.?

I’m never staying in this hospital again

You pay extra for a room with a private nurse, and then she just goes to sleep on the job, while I’m stuck sneezing my head off!

My Pig-Fu Is Invincible!

“Your skills are weak, young pup. You are no match for my advanced spinning-laying-down-surprise-attack technique!  Hah!”

Found on Your Morning Adorable at the L.A. Times.

Christo’s “Kitten Soup for the Soul”

“My dear Tinsley, you absolutely must come to the library and see our newest acquisition! We paid a delightfully obscene price for it, so you know it’s something special! Of course we have no idea what it means…Do you think it needs to be watered?”

Weird concept art, Pam W.