Let’s play Dog or Piglet

Sender-Inner Emily E. claims: “Viewed from behind, she looked like a little piglet—chubby belly and cork screw tail.”

Not to mention piglets AND dogs like sleeping on the carpet in sunbeams…

I’m going with piglet.



  1. biscuithead says:

    Is this like playing puppy chicken?

  2. srsly this is just too cute its like it’s some kind of cute over load – hey what a great name for web site

  3. @ biscuithead – lolol…thanks for the oldie-but-goodie.

  4. R.P.B. – redonk piglet belleh ….OR….redonk puppy belleh!?!

  5. Puppy looks soooo comfortable in his sunbeam. No sun here today so my cats are all sleeping either on the bed or on the couch.

  6. Hey little girl, I can see your nipples!

  7. I want to plant a kiss on her little head, looks so soft and shiny. Aw.

  8. It’s one of those exotic pup-bellied pigs. Or one of those Porkuguese Water Dogs.

  9. Very close. Very , vey close, but less snouty. I say dog. Am I right?

  10. I have never wanted to blow a raspberry on a belleh so much before IN MY LIFE! D:

  11. Toe-floof!

  12. OH! Adorable!

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    *sigh* sunbeams. *sigh*

  14. Oh my god, that dog looks exactly like the dog from Toy Story.

  15. warm puppy belly…….sigh.

  16. Chubbeh puppeh belleh!! I needs to snuffle my whole face in it.

  17. That is one sublime-looking nap.

  18. Gotta be doggy. Puppy toes, not trotters.

  19. earlybird1 says:

    Doglet. Or puplet?

  20. 260OAkley OMG.. You just completely slayed me wth that one!

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    TOE BEANS!!! (nibble, nibble, kroncsh, nibbley-poo)

  22. Ich bin ein Schweinhund!

  23. Isn’t that a jelly doughnut? 😉

  24. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    nein, Theo ist einer Berliner.

  25. Resriechan says:

    PS: Theo — pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me iffn’ there’s sum kontraversy over why my lil’ story about blueberry picking in Florida (under the kitty taking a sunbath) got moderated/ delayed?? It’s not very long & truly I DON”T see anything even remotely politically incorrect except some kuntry unusual spellin’s/ incorrect grammar/ spelling done for flavah????


  26. temperance says:

    warm puppies smell soooo delicious.

  27. Monique K-D says:

    dogs that look like piglets are “doglets”. we have some.

  28. *hands 260Oakley a mop* Well!! YOU can just clean up where I sprayed my drink, buster! 😉

    Schnozzular regions, general limpness, punbeams… *yyyyyawwnnnn* I suddenly… need… a nap… SO…BADLY…. *thud, zzzzz*

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: I like your new avatar but I kind of miss Tennille. 🙂

  30. QoD: Oh NO you DI-INT!! Don’t go there!! (waving finger)

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Yep. Went there. *Zorro snap in the Z formation*

  32. “Porkuguese” snerk!!

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Pssssssst…Theresa….let’s short sheet Hon Glad and Theo’s beds!

  34. It definitely looks a lot like a puppeh, and a lot like a piggeh, but based on the excellent sunbeam-centered posish, and the delectabuhl toe beans, I’m gonna say kitteh. Yup. That is my final answer.

  35. Want to scoop up warm puppy in my arms and give him kisses!

  36. Hmm. I think I need a SNOUT-HANCE to decide.

  37. @QoD, when my brother was in college, he came up with a really wicked prank involving canned peas . . .

  38. This dog looks so much like my rat terrier, Buster, he/she could be his twin! Same long ears, same facial markings and pink skin. Only difference is Buster has a docked tail. Sooooo cute!