HALP HALP! Halp me, Caturday! Help me Tom Cruise!

Margaret G., I think you better call for back-up.



  1. “Roooooaaarr…?”

  2. Tom Cruise? What’s he gonna do, give him a copy of “Dianetics”?

  3. Back off man… you don’t wanna mess with me man… I got 10 sharp blades and I’m just crazy enough to use ’em!!

  4. Halp me Jewish God! 🙂

  5. Kitty, I’d call out for Denzel Washington. He always saves the day.

  6. 1) not to be socially unkind but …wow kind-of got that inexpensive, well-worn look, huh? (JK)

    2) Matchingks:?

    3) Naughtiness?/ Danger?

  7. The doggeh is just trying to touch that soft kitteh belly. It’s what I would do, too.

  8. So freaking cute, i dont like cats but only they can do that pose lol

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    In the words of our Meg: I’m Inno-cent!

  10. doxnsox:

    I concur with your strategic decision. And, to quote a friend of mine, who, when commenting on her SIgnificant Other,

    “He’s not only functional; he’s decorative, too!”

  11. and @ Theresa:

    (I AM SO ready to drop this punchline. THANKS for the setup, T)

    “Of course not. He’s gonna jump UP ON THE COUCH!!! THAT will
    solve EVERYTHING!!”

    (*snerk directed at Tom Cruise, Omniobsessions*)

  12. I’m not sure who’s cornered who in this situation, but lets hope it all works out in the end!

  13. 😈 Get that dog, kitty 😈

  14. I love when dogs & cats have the same colorings.

  15. Sorry goggie, you may be bigger but you aint got the speed. Pfft Pfft.

  16. I love the angle of the pic. So funny!!

  17. Patty Cake , Patty Cake Bakers man……….

  18. Not especially cute. Kinda creepy.

  19. That dog looks so unimpressed. He looks more concerned about staking out his claim for sleeping on mommy’s leg.

  20. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

  21. “Hey, this is my fort! Mom said!”

  22. Scary monster kitty keeping a terrier at bay! That’s right, stand up so you look big (not itsy-bitsy) and bug out yer eyes all manic-like.

  23. temperance says:

    hey! did you just make a planet unicorn reference?! suddenly i’m in the mood for ambrosia salad…

    [Ooh, Cadillac… – Ed.]

  24. I have no doubt Kitteh McFluffypants will prevail over a mere dog. 😀

  25. Mr. White Chocolate Snoopy Dogg is right, Kitteh McFluffypants hast been to lazy for too long. This time he has to Pimp slap her!

  26. This has all happened before, and will all happen again…

  27. I had to look at that picture for over a minute to sort everything out.

    I think Doggie is in for the fight of his life.
    Cause Kitty is some kind of Martial Arts Master!

  28. I have seen this scene in my own home many times. Poor dog looks for a snooze and kitty goes on attack.
    And Kitty says:
    “Come one paw cwoser and I’se gonna neuter ya!”

  29. (kitten) “….And the mouse was this big!”
    (dog) “Oh, go on with ya!”

  30. Help me, Santa! Help me Christ! Help me…

    Nostalgia Critic is awesome XD

  31. oh yea! Anyone who raised a kitty knows that the poor dog is about to become soft pouncing bag.

  32. der puppers is just applying principles gained through study of this online course in cat-surprising:


  33. I guess they put the old yucky furniture in one room and turn it into a rec room for the animals. That’s my guess.

    Yeah, yucky, I said it. I would never ask my mother in law to sleep there.

  34. the tom cruise reference is from Talladega Nights, people!
    Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! Help me Tom Cruise!
    I really want to see my cat do this pose, it seems like only itty bitty kitties ever end up in that position though.. I guess my kitty has gotten too beeg!

  35. Margaret G says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, 🙂

  36. catloveschanel says:

    Hey so cute Margaret!

    I actually bought jeans that were all ripped up the other day. Do you think that is how they do it?

  37. Resriechan says:

    Everybody’s beeeyooooooooooooootiful (in their own way)

    (OldSkool Earworm, ennyone? Reeeeeeeeeeally oldskool)

    (for me) it’s VICTOREIA for the WIN!!!!! YAY for bogus fishing tales!!!!

  38. Neopatra says:


  39. (:SkunksRCute:) says:

    It looks like when my sister and I fight 😛


  40. :)kitten:) says:

    The tention builds.