—Watch this—

I can rock MYSELF to sleep. [Plack Plack Plack]

His legs will grow someday, Tairi P.



  1. Awww I remember when my little guy was this tiny. 🙂

  2. pretty pretty turtle very little one… come out of your shell (only when you feel like it; no pressure)

  3. “See.. I am a transformer. I transformed into a hocky puck!!”

  4. *Ehn!* *Ehn!* Must…touch…GROUND!

  5. the little turtle green color I like. he is shy when it comes to pictures 😀

  6. oh, wow….I can totally understand the Seinfeld reference “like a frightened turtle” now…(sorry about that visual for those of you who haven’t had your coffee yet)

  7. Fluidstatic says:

    There’s a stripe running through his little eyeball… I find that strangely hypnotic and prosh all at the same time.

  8. Awww I remember when my 2 turtles were this tiny! This little guy *might* be the size of a quarter, or slightly larger. Absolutely adorable! I’m glad this was posted; I’ve been waiting for a turtle pic for a while!!

  9. Wow, so beautiful. Like a piece of malachite. I could set him in silver and wear him around my neck.

  10. A question for turtle owners: do turtles like having their shell scratched? Seriously, is there a way to “pet” a turtle? Honestly, I don’t know…

  11. i iz grouned fling saucr – an duz nawt wanneh fly !

    if the gren aleen iza-rockn don’ com-a knok’n

    […LOLturtle? Really? 😕 – Ed.]

  12. “Plack” is the perfect onomatopoeia for a rocking turtle.

  13. @Fluidstatic…thanks for pointing that out! It is indeed hypnotizing……………

  14. Hooray for turtle posts! What a great way to start the work day. 🙂

  15. Mnaah, tiny!! My 2 turtles were just as small (and now 18 years later, X-tremely HUGE 🙂 )

  16. Andi from NC says:

    Love the coloring! I see a fair amount of disapproval on his face (nothing akin to bunny disapproval, but disapproval nonetheless)…

  17. @Missy P. . . I was going to say the same thing. CO is so good at describing sounds.

    [We are card-carrying onomatopoets. 😉 – Ed.]

  18. LOL!
    I read the Ed. comment on the previous post (17) as onomatopets and instantly had a picture of the little turtle with a wind-up key on top of his shell.

    [No no, you’re thinking of Automatopets. 😆 – Ed.]

  19. I love Meg’s minimalist posts and her ninja like skills with onomatopoeia!

  20. LUV turtles of all stripes…

  21. Aww, I had one of these little green buttons once too. After two years of steady growth it’s been replaced by a hulking great monster of 10″, and still expanding. 🙂

  22. “Onomatopoets”! Love it!

    Turtle-o (similar to tailio) is askeered! Maybe placking himself to sleep will make him feel all betters…

  23. @Hila – My turtle Howard liked having his shell scratched. He also liked it when I carefully petted his smooth little head.

  24. …plack plack.
    Wait. Is this haiku?

  25. Yea for Stripey Baby Turtles!

  26. Just another one of Mother Nature’s great creatures! Keep em coming!

  27. @Leilani – thanks! It’s nice to know they appreciate the petting, even if they don’t wag their tail or purr 🙂

  28. *sings* I AM A ROCK! I am an EYYYEEEE-land

  29. Fluidstatic – The yellow stripe, was what stood out for me. It starts as the top yellow strata on his retracted legs, passes through the eye, as a black stripe and emerges across his nose and continues across the far leg. Aint nature wonderful.
    When I was a nipper, we had a tortoise, from my cousins on the farm. It’s shell was piercedabove the bottom flange/edge of the shell. I don’t remember if we did attach a wire through the hole, but I do remember hearing, that this hole shouldn’t be made, as it hurt/damaged the torty-ous.

  30. I always wanted a turtle when I was little. A little pocket sized turtle; very cute.

  31. LOL @Snoochies! Good earworm for the morning.

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    He/she is gorgeous. I wish there were some way to tell how big he/she is though.. some reference on size. I know nothing about turtles. How big is this likely to be? a few inches? feet?

  33. 1) @ Editors: (please read this item in an annoying, whiney, bratty voice, to get the full effect..perhaps the Blueberry Brat from Charlie/ Chocolate Factory???)

    I wanna SEEEEEEEEE the cards you carreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!

    2) Cute TOI-tle.

    3) For those of our CO village who are already familiar w/ NPR and, more specifically, Tom & Ray of Car Talk — and ALSO for those of you who AREN’T already familiar either w/ NPR OR T./R. — here is a link to the section of the webpage about their radio program….which is CALLED
    “Hey Guys, WATCH THIS” (similar in danger to the tall thin guy on MAD TV whose name escapes me just this second– it will come back in my mind, the SECOND when I hit the SUBMIT button for the CO comment)
    who says “look what I can do” & then proceeds to destroy something precious to somebody ……………………………

    I think anything from this link is LIKELY to be SFW….as well
    as intermittently HI-larious!!!

    ENJOY, folks!!!

    Peace out.


  34. Slurpy noms all over the leetle shell and on that redonkulously cute turtle-necked head.

  35. I have two 2-year-old red-eared sliders. I remember when they were that tiny. It scares me how much they’ve grown, and it scares me even more to know how much bigger they’re going to get.

  36. plack plack plack

    I bet that feels nice. I think I want a hammock.

  37. Teeny tiny turtle!! I never saw my red ear this small, she was already half the size of my hand when I got her. So cute! I love kissing them on the very top of their head, behind the eyes 🙂

  38. @Resriechan – Stewart. You’re thinking of Stewart. LOOKWHATICANDO! *flail*

  39. Resriechan says:

    @ Lizzy: yup, shur, yewbetcha!!!!!

    (winky winky)

  40. I second the “pretty as jewelry” observation. Especially the eye, such a pretty eye, green and black with that thin ring of gold. Someday, I vow, I shall be in a position to print that out and decorate my bathroom to match. 🙂

    Onomatopoetry follows, a little early for Friday. But since I’ll be away most of Friday and Meg’s plack-age inspired me:

    Turtle goes plack-plack
    rocking himself off to sleep
    and dreams of fishes.

  41. i have two red eared sliders which are nearly 3 years old. both are a lot bigger than before. regarding the question about petting turtles, i don’t know about other types of turtles but red eared sliders like getting their necks stroked and the top of their head petted. but not for very long because then they may get restless and take off from the plank into the water. i find that if one of my turtles has its mouth open (displaying its unhappy mood) then a few strokes to their head or neck calms it down and it’ll stop hissing. also their shells are extremely sensitive as they can feel pain through it, so i always try to handle their shells carefully. i hope i explained it well. 🙂 i learned a lot about my turtles from redearslider.com

  42. CololessGreenIdeas says:

    This is so my desktop background. Thanks for the ginormous photo after the jump!

  43. @molls: I agree.. Meg doesn’t need to be long-winded in her posts. Plack plack is perfect.

  44. Ehmm. Some onomatopoetry, what I writ. By Gladys the Honourable-Anstruther

    Tiny Turtle totters tentatively
    Tries to tap-dance tidily
    Triumphs tiny tenuously
    Takes to tideways……. Bollocks, I can’t think of another T-word.

    [That’s not bad, my man, but it’s alliteration, not onomatopoeia. 😛 – Ed.]

  45. Oh wow, it got posted!!!!
    Thanks for thinking he’s (she’s??) as cute as I think he/she is!!!!

    And yes, about time for a turtle post- cute isn’t limited to fur and soft noses

  46. Oh and it was teeny tiny in this picture, about the size of a quarter

  47. @ Hon Glad:

    –How about…..”Tiddlywinks”???????? …altho’ it might throw de riddim off…..

  48. Congradulations!

  49. LOL over Plack Plack Plack sound FX.

  50. Umm, I don’t think anything or anyone can get any cuter than this guy! Jeeze I’m melting! It reminds me of when my sisters and I were younger. My step-dad used to find turtles and bring them home to us in a buckets. (This happened often). It was as close as we got to actually owning a pet. Alas, our mother would demand we brought it to the shelter the very next day. So we’d stay up all night, taunting the poor thing with chop-sticks to see if it would actually snap–it did.

    I love turtles!

  51. I want to set him on a lab coat. Maybe he’ll go “Planck Planck Planck”.


  52. Theo – Der soree Boss, I wazant finking proper,cani ave annuder go.
    Our multi-talented multi-faceted modest modish moderator, nods absent mindedly whilst
    precising the complete works of Shakespeare down to a single word, disproving Thermats theorem, manipulating DNA and scratching his arse.
    Hon Glad shuffles up to the -puter and begins.

    Turtle whizzes whack he cries
    pick on woo woo’s more your size
    Wee and wonder what’s the prize
    Thud ticktock tinkle zap zing zip zoom

    [*snork* 😆 – Ed.]

  53. Oh be still my fluttering heart – I got a snork from Theodora {{{Swoon}}}

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  54. @ honGlad… ♥♥♥♥ Nicely done LOL

  55. Resriechan says:

    oh, Ed., come on — Ya know ya love a good SWOON!!! AdMIT it!!!
    (It’ll just be btw you & a few good friends; we won’t tell the boys in the locker room — PROMISE!! — winky winky; nudge, nudge; knowwhutAhmeanVern????)


  56. My little torty Hank DOES rock herself (not a typo).

  57. @ Hon Glad – zap zing zip zoom! It’s not only poetry, it’s a tongue twister! I like.

    @ Theo & Hon Glad both – …That anything like the Pythagtortean Theorem? You know, the one which states that on any right turtle, the area of the shell whose side is the hindpotenuse (the end opposite the tail) is equal to the sum of the sides of the shell where you’d find two legs (or one leg and a plastic scuffguard apiece, in the case of turtles who’ve lost a leg or two).

    Wrong turtles are on their own on this one.

    (Thanks to Wikipedia and CO’s weirdness-inspirers in approximately equal amounts. Whatever’s left over is my fault.)

  58. Felicityanne says:

    @Hila: my childhood tortoise Ptolemy used to love having his throat stroked, and would streeeetch his neck out as far as possible to get more… I still remember the SOFTNESS of the little gulpy bit under his chin, like a baby’s foot!

  59. Resriechan says:


    (I couldn’t restrain myself from shouting; really. Ptolemy: a brilliant ancient greek philosopher/ teacher, etc….Alliteration of (P)- silent….Tolemy the Tortoise)

    JUST inSANELY profound.

    I remain, ma’am, literally,
    Your Humble Servant

    (or at the very least, the H.S. of the family member who came up w/ that name,
    FOR A TORTOISE which is even better than for a furry 4-legged companion)

  60. “the little gulpy bit”

    Poetry. *nod*

  61. Felicityanne says:

    @Resriechan/BStrange: Thank you kindly both! It was my own idea; sadly he was named after the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt because he looked so ancient and wrinkled and mummy-like…but I WAS only 8 at the time!

  62. *presses down on one side of shell and lets go*
    *plack plack plack plack….*

    I’m pretty sure there was a character named Ptolemy Tortoise in a Beatrix Potter story.