THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bellage

Sender-Inner Mary F. just sent in the most redonk submishe. Upon further inspecshe, her submishe led us to the R.P.B. (Redonk Piglet Belleh) below. Now I see why they are called Pot Belleh Peegs. I SEE IT!

Love the look on his face, Mary F.



  1. Hi snout is all; ‘SNORRRRF’ [not even aware of belleh action]

  2. Aww. Such cuteness in the belleh! I love the daintiness of the front hoof too!

  3. Whooooa belly! He looks totally spent. Post-feast?

  4. how wrong is it that I want to blow raspberries on that belleh?

    Nomming the ears is a close second…

  5. HE is all tuckered out from prancing around … Silly piggeh!

  6. this little piggeh is definitely asking for a snorgle. look at that belleh, that pose, that face. what a presh lil piggeh. mwah!

  7. I think he’s placed himself under the heater in this pic? Smart peeg.

  8. Happy piggy!

  9. Aww, he looks like he’s glued to the floor!

  10. Mmmmm, bacon! Git in mah belleh, cute peeg belleh!!

  11. Research!

    It’s the perfect opportunity to establish a baseline for the usefulness of “teats on a hog”!

    [Enough! I have HAD it with these monkey-fighting TEATS on this Monday-Friday HOG! – SLJ]

  12. Um…isn’t she a girl?

  13. oh–never mind.

  14. catloveschanel says:

    That’s ME! After all the cake I ate this week. . . I’m little but I have a belly! And I’m not gonna wear those princess tops anymore! Thanks, CO, for giving me the courage to be me . . .

  15. catloveschanel says:

    (Cat’s misheard lyrics in her own head)
    I got me 10 fine toes to oink to eat the band.
    Lots of idle friends have I
    You tell the whole darn world if you don’t happen to like me
    if you don’t happen to like me pass me by

  16. Why are you bastardizing English Cuteoverload? It is ridiculous and not even mildly entertaining, despite the photos being very cute!


  17. Ha!! What a cute piggie! Her belly looks my cat’s after she’s shaved (and no, I’m not feeding my cat to death, she was born with a thyroid problem and other than being a little rotund, is healthy and happy). I luvs me a chubby porcine!

    and sorry bloomgirl, but there’s a TON of Overloaders who would beg to differ….

  18. bookmonstercats says:

    Now, now, bloomgirl…. *wags finger*. It’s very entertaining, that’s why I keep coming back.

  19. I have a severe LOLchat allergy, but I more’r’less talked like an Overloader to begin with (yes – run in fear! – ALOUD), so I like Qtespeak just fine. 😉

    I like his faded racing stripe on front and hind legs. “I used to be the fastest peeg around! Then I found this warm spot and retirezzzzzzzzzzzzzz….”

  20. Oh, my goodness. I just want to cup my hand around that piggy’s belly. So round, pink, and plump.

  21. Thud

  22. Ooo I want to kissy kiss that belly boo! smoochie schmoo!!!

  23. Oh. My. God. What superb belleh plumpage! He looks quite pleased with his little fat self. ❤

  24. And with dots, people, dots!

  25. I want to go cootchi cootchi coo on that belly!

  26. Basterdizing? Is that what people say about us behind our backs? Hey, say it to the beautiful, round, redonculus proshe belly! You come up with more descriptive words!

    BTW- It looks as if Killer’s Bigger Bigger brother may get a Giant Flemish Bunny for his 21st birthday. How cool is that? Should it happen pictures will ensue! I hope to go see the 250 giant buyahs this weekend. ACK! The earsies! 9 inch ears! I just wanted to share a mental image with you, to get you through your day, Peeps.

    I really don’t think we are basterdizing anything, we are creating…ouch, can’t help but be hurt by that, though. Ow. Neologisms, ya know? Living language?

  27. thats not cute. thats gross. why is this on cuteoverload?

    [“Why? Because we like you!” – M.O.U.S.E.]

  28. Heeeeeeeeeere peegy peegy peegy!!

    …um… peegy? Whaddya mean you can’t get up, peegy? Oh, I see. It’s that gigagianormousness of a belleh you have. Let me snorgle that for you then.

  29. I think it is spelled bahstahdizing…at least we New Englanders do (and every bad actor on Murder She Wrote :D)

    So now I feel guilty I made a delish pork loin last night to nom on. 😦 😦
    Peeg is sooooo adorable!!

    Interlude: I feel sad today…last night found ded mouse by front porch of house. Poor little creature. Weather here is horrible and it must have killed him. My action items were: go “EEK, a mouse!”, and then feel sad. Said extra prayers for poor mouse.

    OK, back now.
    Peeg has prosh footses!!!

  30. Oh man, I totally want to give this piggy a zerbert!

  31. babeeee pigeeeee!
    didn’t I just say that a couple days ago?
    anyone else notice the blue eyes?

    as far as bastardizing the language… I was at my brother & sister-in-law’s house a few weeks ago – a house filled w 5 human kids, a dog, a cat, a new red-eared slider turtle, and (I think) they still have gerbils… anyway, I digress. I noticed the doggeh looking at the younger two kids quizzically, with a head tilt, and I almost said, “Look, Ozzi’es going Baroo?!” But then I realized that they wouldn’t know what the heck I was talking about. So I refrained. But I have my Cute peeps here that understand…

  32. We need a six piece bikini STAT!!!!

  33. You know, this time, I don’t get the hovertext at all. 😕

  34. @ Theo – I thought it was just another cultural reference that I didn’t get. 😉

    [Well if it is, you & I can stand here and go “Buhh?” together. It’ll be fun. – Ed.]

  35. You’ve gotta have a heart of stone not to think this piggy is cute! Make sure you check out the other pics on the girl’s blog…. I really am cuteoverloaded…having a hard time concentrating….loosing consciousness….*thwap* (headdesk)

  36. Also, must add: If you haven’t clicked on the link to more pics… DO SO NOW. That shnozzle…. *ded* That is all.

  37. Tiny hoofage.

  38. Hovertext R. P. B. = Resting Pork Belly?

  39. Ooohhh belly-tuft-age. How I love you. And wee li’l feetseys. And dotty snozzle.

    On the language rant: ‘bastardizing’ assumes that there’s a form of ‘pure’ English that is degraded by any kind of transformation. If that language ever existed, it went out the window with the Norman conquest in 1066 when Old French got squished in with Latin and Anglo-Saxon and a glorious mess (Modern English) eventually emerged. Since then English has been a beautiful, sloppy, sprawling conglomerate of whatever gets tacked on. So why not play with it?

  40. Hovertext refers to the “R.P.B. (Redonk Piglet Belleh)” in the above sentence. RPB = unnecessary acronym.
    I ❤ Meg

    [a-HA! 🙂 OK, it was the “unness” which was confuzzling me. Thanks! – Ed.]

  41. thank you, Natalie! It was the “unness” part I didn’t get. 🙂

  42. bloomgirl, the English language has changed (been “bastardized”) throughout it’s history for a variety of reasons, continues to do so, and will, no doubt, well into the future. Look at the language as spoken/written in bygone eras, and you’ll find much of it difficult, of not impossible, to understand. I suspect the grammar/language police of those days would be appalled at our current use of “proper” English. Words evolve – spelling and usage change, many words stop being used, new words are developed, grammar rules change. Standardized spelling was developed less than 200 years ago. The English language isn’t static, which makes it so rich and interesting!

    (*steps down from her History-of-the-English-Language-major soapbox*)

  43. Ah good Yay NAtalie I was just going to post the same.

    and in other news…. OMG Peeeeg Belly!

  44. I’m worried. Are his legs long enough for the size of that belleh? I mean he’s in perfect snorgle posish as he is, but how will he get to his next meal to maintain said belleh?

  45. Slap that belleh!

  46. redonkulous, redorkulous, reporkulous!

  47. General Approval says:

    Well now well now, and I do approve of this piglet you can be sure of that.

    I have one question for the troops however, I wonder how it came to be that the piglets nipples are all in a straight line, whereas the belleh is curved in an awesome mound? Its a perplexing sight to be sure..

  48. General Approval says:



    thanks for your time..

    [Sorry, this pic is already at maximum resolution. 😦 – Ed.]

  49. General Approval says:



  50. Claw-hance! Claw-hance!

    Meantime slurpy noms on that rubber belleh.

  51. Yes, we must have TROTHANCE!!!

    [Is that anything like a betrothal? – Ed.]

  52. Saffron: I hear you. I have a pork loin in my freezer that I need to cook, but every time I think about cooking it, a cute pig picture shows up on CO. My vegetarian sister finds this problem very amusing.

  53. Beth (in NC) says:

    It is soup-er weird that there are nuffers on this post!

    EEts a Peeeeeeg BELLEH!!!!!!!!!!! Just enjoy it!!!

  54. @Katrina “ACK! The earsies! 9 inch ears!”
    ….”9 Inch Ears”… I am now picturing “Nine Inch Nails” as rabbits. Maybe they could tour with “Squirrelly Buttfluff”?

  55. Pigeeeeeeeeeee cuteness! I vote for even more pigeees on Cute Overload. Who’s with me?

  56. “Trotter” always reminds me of “getting a case of the trots”



    [I’m hot to trot & I just can’t stop – Ed.]

  57. It’s Harry Pot Belly (see the lightning scar across is bulbousness?)

  58. Biscuit Tin says:

    Many more cute pics if you click the link in the intro. (You’ll see that “Miss Piggy” is a girl, BTW.) Also, I find Meg’s bastardizingnks fascinating!