It’s like a fluffy little oracle

If, on some placid afternoon, you hear a faint mewing while cleaning the attic, or rummaging through old clothes, then go to it at once, dear reader, for you are fated to discover… The Mysterious Psychic Talking Kitten Head of the Himalayas!

According to legend, those whom the Kitten Head finds worthy are blessed with a random stream of sage wisdom and visions of the future…

Is there an “off” switch, Jenny M.?



  1. catloveschanel says:


  2. OMG it is like your own mystic ball only in white and with out the annoying having to shake it to get your answer.

  3. So real it almost shook me: “They’re plotting against you in Accounts Payable” {shudder}

  4. …and Leon is getting larrrrger! 😆

  5. The Mystic Floating Kitteh Hayd!!!!

  6. Must one travel to Catmandu to consult the oracle? Or can I catch him in the Catskills?

  7. Rene Descat: I plink, therefore I am.

  8. Your mewsletter oh great one, how much for a subscription?

  9. Do we have a new rule of cute here – if your nose is bigger than your eyes, it’s CUTE

  10. Teeth nubbins!

  11. @Theo, what do you make of this? 😆

  12. charliewabba says:

    Doubtless you will find him in North Carolina, at Kitty Hawk, Kitty Fork, Kitty Ridge, or Kitty Creek.

  13. charliewabba says:

    oooooh…I got it…
    He’s at Kittiwake Head in Alaska!

  14. Such a tiiiiiiiiiny leeeeeeeetle kitteh!

  15. @Theresa: This? Well, I could make a hat. Or a brooch. Or a pterodactyl….

  16. Theo, lol. My immediate thoughts went to turkish prisons and the red loading zone.

  17. Hey! That’s the thing that told me about the limited edition Coconut-flavored M&M’s, then vanished in a tiny, glittery, cookie-scented poof.
    I am grateful for my blessing. m =^,^= M

  18. Concentrate… concentrate… I’ve got to concentrate… concentrate… concentrate… Hello?… hello… hello… Echo… echo… echo… Now pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon… Manny Mota… Mota… Mota… !

  19. Even cuter than the psychic cats of Santa Monica!

  20. Yes, but does this kitty know Dionne Warwick?

  21. Maybe the psychic kitty head can tell us where more of those fabled coconut M&Ms might be found. .. .Never made it out to CA, or at least that I found.

    The Bodyless Cat has made an appearance a time or two at my house. One of my cats will sit in the chair opposite mine at the table, watching every forkful moving towards my mouth. She’ll eventually get tired, rest her head on the table and go to sleep that way. Funny stuff.. looks like just a cat head sitting there on the place mat. Ohhhhhmmmmm……

  22. I just don’t know how you can summon the wits to be so clever in the face of all this CUTE.

  23. [to telephone operator] All right, give me Ham on five; hold the Mayo.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    What a sweet babeh and the teeny tiny toofies are really too much!!!

  25. Pay no attention to what’s behind the curtain!

  26. OK, I’ll put him in the left, but now I need one for the other cup.

  27. Resriechan says:

    aaaaaand Victoreia is watching Airplane for the 75th time (AND WHO BLAMES HER? NOT ME IT’s SO FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN


    That having been said, y’all *MIGHT BE* missing the following:

    (please substitute the word”psycHIC” whenever you hear the word “psyCHO” and the word “kitten” whenever you hear the word “killer”. Thank you very much.)

  28. LOL At Resrie IF only the music industry would make all songs with these kind of changes.. The world would never be the same!

  29. Um, resrie? My viewing count for Airplane is probably into triple digits, at least…..

    (I can do that with Princess Bride, Blazing Saddles, and…..)

  30. Resriechan says:

    @ Victoreia: ye’re preachin’ to tha choir, ma’am !!!!
    (altho I cannot claim QUITE such high viewership yet…I had to DRAG my older brother to see Blazing Saddles in the theater for my first viewing & he’s such a reactionary hippie, he felt for many many years that the scene w/ horses farting around the campfire had corrupted his lily-white philosophically profound heart…he has of course, come to see my wisdom in the intervening yrs ie he can joke about that experience now…)

    @KA; I’m befuddled (nothing shocking, THERE!!)…changes? Music industry??

    Peace & psychic abilities to all who are not offended by the idea…
    Talking Heads Concerts to everyone else
    (except me Da’ who…wouldn’t’a known what the point was….sigh)

  31. @Resrie, “Reactionary hippie” = “Jumbo shrimp”?

  32. @ Resie you changed the bad words of Psycho Killer to Psychic Kitty

    Just think how different the world would be if you changed all the icky song words..
    just imagine the rap world!!!!!


  33. Awww the baby looks so fragile and so adorable.

  34. I know we just posted this one, but surely this kitteh grew up to be klaatu42’s “very bad mystic”

  35. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, good, I’m not the only one who started thinking of Airplane! when they read about the sale at Penny’s. ^_^
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop huffing kittehs…

    [There is NEVER a “right week” for that! 😯 – Ed.]

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    Where is da mummy cat?

  37. Resriechan says:

    @ 31: Theresa: I KID YOU NOT. Anybody here for CO cute animals, this is unrelated and I apologize for the lengthy interruption on the comment stream.

    My brother Steve TRULY WAS remarkably indignant over “having to” take his little sister (ewwww) to watch Blazing Saddles & to see something so ridiculous as horses farting. Not classy enough or advocate for the disadvantaged,
    for the purist intelligencia in his gut.
    (I still love the campfire scene altho’ the little Catholic schoolgirl, inside me, cringes ‘cuz ’tisn’t proper & all that …)

    Exhibits 1-10:
    Steve is the eldest among my siblings. He was firstborn son of a lifelong Navy Officer (Dad’s career was something btw 25-30 yrs; 10 or so active duty flying jets, then managing the squadrons, on the fronts on Cuba, Korea and Vietnam)

    Steve excelled with the Academic/ Success program all through high school; while our mom had 4 more kids. He got straight A grades, entirely establishment .& ultraresponsible & performed exceptionally without even having to hardly study at all, up to the 12 th grade in HS. He was Valedictorian of his HS class
    ( his graduated in Japan; he & 2 other siblings climbed Mt. Fuji, before we returned to the States)
    He received an invitation to one of the military academies (which doesn’t happen just from turning in an application)…chose to turn that down (which was as close as any of us came, in the 70s, to a military career; poor Dad on that score)

    Steve enrolled at University of Texas….dropped out of that, AFTER ONLY ONE semester. Never set foot in any classroom at all again.

    He had an child with one woman (as they used to say) “without benefit of wedlock” (had we all been informed of this at the time, she would have been the official first-born grandchild for mom & dad); several years later he married another woman, with whom he had two other kids; and for the next 15 years the ONLY communication we had FROM him was ONE postcard per 6 months to Mom, telling all about how he was working/ travelling (and probably advocating) for the migrant farm workers anywhere in the southwest for months and months at the time. Most frequently heard phrase: “picking persimmons”. He probably came to spend a week with us maybe 3 times at the holiday season, in VA.

    Some Native Amer. individuals/ group gave him the name Cheyenne, by which he goes, with everyone except the Thomases from Fatio Lane.

    Now he’s divorced from the woman he married out on the farmland . They’re both vegan, not just vegetarian …and in recent years (since Dad passed) he has been more often making sure to gather funds to come here to N. Florida to visit Mom & the grandkids…than he used to do.

    Mom for many many years was VERY bitter over only hearing one postcard ev. 6 months, when Steve had been the highest-intelligence, highest academic achieving of any of us, up to his senior year in HS.
    Now 3 of us younger siblings have completed either Bachelor’s and/ or Master’s degrees…

    He and Mom have again resumed “playing nice” w/ each other. She just turned 80 and is HEALTHY AS AN OX (except alcohol & cigs which she will NOT admit to — as addictions — nor give either one up). Her mother, whom we called Nana, didn’t die until she was 97 years old & Nana was not particularly frail or ill, at THAT time!!!!

    Sorry to be so lengthy…anyway thanks Theresa for the listen!!!

    Peace and puppies to all from L.

  38. LOL! I was using stumbleupon, and it brought me here! Even though I already go here every frickin’ day. Awesome!

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Psychic Kitty,
    Kiss the cat.
    And a, feed kitty…all of the fat..
    Aye yi, yi, yi…yeaaahhhhhhhhh!

    Okay. That wasn’t very good.

  40. If I stumbled upon this kitty head I wouldn’t be able to hear its predictions, only chirping cartoon birds and sparkly noises as I died of cute.

  41. gatita bonita says:

    OMG! NTMTOM! You crack me up! Where did you come up with such a fun sense of humor?

  42. gatita bonita says:

    Kitteh head says, “Beware of the Ides of March”

  43. I once heard frantic soft mewing comming from the attic of my garage……it was a mystic kitten though… was a very cold kitten whos mommy had abandoned him. He lived with my best friend now and his name is Gascan……because he was hiding behind a gas can when I found him 😀

  44. Holly, a good friend of mine shared her life for many years with a cat named “Differ,” after “differential,” because he was found in a car’s engine. 🙂

  45. kibblenibble says:

    Such a wee one! Ears still at 9 and 3. Eyes still closed. So much peenkness. (You might have noticed my weakness for peenkness.) I love this baby. ♥

  46. AWW 😀 If I found a baby kitty like that, I would IMMEDIATELY call a vet to check out the little sweetie and find a mommy cat to feed the tiny baby 😀 I would even adopt mommy cat and her babies along with that tiny baby 😀 Mommy cat and babies would get fixed once all the kittens are weaned 😀

  47. Tiiiiiiny babe!

  48. @Holly – I like the name “Gascan” for a cat. I just hope he lived up to it by being a high-octane energykitty, and not a “windy” one!

  49. @Theo, @Teresa — Thank you SO much for the “AIRPLANE!” references. They made my day, especially the “I’ve got to concentrate…concentrate…concetrate” bit. I heard it clearly in my head in “Ted’s” voice.

    [Lemme just splash an OJ & vodka on my face… – Ed.]

  50. I guess I picked the wrong thread to stop reading CO….

    [*snort* – Ed.]

  51. Psychic kitten, qu’est-ce que c’est? Fa fa far fa fa far far better, run run run run run run run run awayyyyyy!

    I like!

  52. Floating kitteh head in second pic is saying “And don’t call me Shirley”

  53. temperance says:

    i dunno, i hear him barking; ‘WHAT is your favorite color?!’

  54. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Resrie, thank you for the peek into your family life.

  55. I got an [Ed.] *snort*! I got an [Ed.] *snort*! I got an [Ed.] *snort*!
    Ha. Ha, ha, I got an [Ed.] *snort*! Thank you!

    No word yet on the big bunny, I am on pins and needles over here!

    I bought some new chewies for the Killer Corgula. I just gave Killer a Purina Rollhide and she is going all over the house whining, because it is too good to eat, she wants to bury it for later–does anyone else have parents who, when given a present of a shirt or something won’t wear it because ‘it is to good to wear” and it sits in the drawer forever? This is what Killer reminds me of..too good to eat! Meanwhile she consumed the Dentastix I gave her in five minutes, tail wagging all the time. Go figure.

    [Uhhmmmm… you’re welcome? – Ed.]

  56. Squeeeeeeeeed out loud at this one! Hate it when that happens at work. Can you even imagine how soft the top of his or head feels?????????

  57. @ Le Ann (I literally stayed off CO all night, worried the crazy length of my soliloquy I probably alienated 45,000 people???) so thanks for letting me know that maybe Guido’s not coming immediately, ???

  58. I get it. Like Orpheus. He was ripped to pieces but his head continued on as an oracle.

    [The original Big Giant Head. 😉 – Ed.]

  59. Actually, the funniest thing about the Blazing Saddles “cowboys farting around the campfire” scene was watching my 8-year-old younger brother as *he* watched the campfire scene. (Eight-year-old boys and fart jokes go together like peanut butter and jelly, y’know?)

  60. Thank you N. Fritz, I also thought immediately of the Very Bad Mystic Kitteh.
    Please also see The Mighty Favog from SNL/The Muppets.
    My ears will be perked up for future faint mews!
    Also kudos to the Psychic Kittehs references, I saw Talking Heads live in ’78, changed my life.

  61. (Second photo:) “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!”

  62. @temperance — What is the speed velocity of a sparrow carrying a coconut?

  63. @ Jerilyn:

    (may I?)

    “An African [swallow], or a European [swallow]?????”


  64. @Resriechan – I thought your story about your brother was very interesting. “Over achiever first child of military family turns hippie”. Awesome. And for some reason reminded me of “the Eden Express” by Mark Vonnegut (yes, the son of Kurt). It’s fascinating. I guess it was the extreme hippie stuff…… but anyway this has nothing to do with psychic kitteh heads either!

  65. Sara Sunshine says: