“It’s now time to play…Naaaame! This! Kitten!

Thanks, Don Pardo! Now, before we begin today’s game, let’s note that No-Name’s eyes seem to reflect a certain, uh, JEAN pool! HA! But now to get down to business: It seems that No-Name’s owners are still up in the air about a name for this ball-of-static-electricity with eyes. So what say you? Can you name this kitten?*

*Exclusions apply, as in it’s *possible* this kitten has already been named.

But maybe you should keep an open mind, because our readers are very creative, Dave M.



  1. Boggle!

  2. is it a boy or girl kitteh?

  3. I vote for Prosh! As in, lemme snorgle that Prosh!

  4. I’d name it Fry if it’s a guy. Hey that ryhms

  5. BeckyMonster says:

    Call him Killer, cause his/her eyes just MURDERED ME!!!

  6. Googly Blue?

  7. Since he loves the denim, name him Levi!

  8. There’s an angelic quality to this little sweetie.
    Angel is the only name appropriate.

  9. Marty

  10. Oshii. Japanese for delicious.

  11. I like human names for pets, like Carlos and Jeffery and Cornelius.


  13. if he’s full of static electricity, you should call him Tesla!

  14. Puddin head

  15. like after the inventor of the Tesla machine. You know, the one that makes static electricity?

  16. Oh Jillian, I like Creamsicle!! If not that name, how about Princess? Hopefully it’s a girl if they choose that name! haha

  17. Carl.

  18. How ’bout LittleTinyBallOfFluffitudeThatMakesMyHeartHurt.

  19. Versace – as in Blue Jeans Perfume/cologne!!!

  20. If it is a boy they should name him Sinatra (Ol’ Blue Eyes)

  21. Herbert Menninger.

  22. Bunnyfluffs says:


  23. Tesla coil…

  24. bella jean or bella blue

  25. Alfred, or Freida, depending on gender.


  26. jinxedfairy says:


  27. My kitten was a ball of static too. That’s why she got named Static. It suits her!

  28. Snorgle Puffinpants

  29. temperance says:

    jones/jonesie. after the marmie in the movie Alien.

  30. “Ornj.”

  31. Mr. Cutie Pants McGee!

  32. Name it Blueberry, it’s eyes are like blueberries! It’s nickname could be Blueberry Pie 🙂

  33. Devil with the Blue Eyes!

    Actually looks like my Mom’s “Butterscotch The Ice Cream Kitty”. (actual full name) He mostly goes by “Butter” or “CAT!” now LOL.

  34. My mind was jostled when this picture came up, and I think I now have brain trauma.

  35. Pounce!

  36. Squeeze-me McStuffersonsout

  37. Mine.

  38. Cinamon McSweetie

  39. Pie as in sweety pie cause that’s what he/she is!

  40. DewiCasgwent says:

    I’m with Kar

    Mine mine and all mine

  41. butterscotch! how come no one said butterscotch! or peanutbutter!

  42. I vote Sir Elliot Wifflebottem III. Or, if it happens to be a female kitteh: Kali, Destroyer of Worlds.

  43. Betty.

  44. We had a foster kitten who looked exactly like this! His name was Francois.

  45. Whoops, misspelled Wifflebottom.

  46. Hairy Pawter

  47. how ’bout “Mr. Met” cause he’s orange and blue?

  48. In honor of the hovertext, how about Bowie?
    ..who is the composer of the song “Chubby Little Fat Man”.

    Or you can name him Splort ’cause that is what I just did!

  49. Optimus Prime.

  50. Someone suggested Sinatra, after ol’ blue eyes, but I like Frank or Frankie for that inspiration.

    As for other names, I’m stumped. I’d have to play with this little bundle of static to figure it out.

    Although, Nikola, as in Nikola Tesla is a good name, as other have suggested…

  51. StormCat42 says:

    Klem Kadiddlehopper… (Yea, I’m aging myself here…)




  52. Sweet SugarLump of Love and Cuteness

  53. Its name should be something along the lines of “Squee!!!” or “OMGSOFUZZY” because, personally, that’s probably all I’d be able to say in front of that kitteh! :DDDD

  54. ohmigosh I want him. Name him Zap 🙂

  55. craftydabbler says:

    I would name that kitty Fula if it is a girl. If it is a boy, hmm, I have no idea.

  56. Yoshi

    Just looks like a Yoshi to me.

  57. Or Denim. IF the eyes stay blue.

  58. Levi
    Gloria / Amanda [Vanderbilt]
    Liz [Claiborne]


    After jeans

    Or Jean
    Genevieve (jeans)

  59. how about sushi?
    or periwinkle?
    or harriet?
    or ‘cat’ after holly golightly’s pet?
    or lucille?

  60. Otis.

  61. Name the kitteh “Awwwww.” It will probably think that’s it’s name after a while anyway.

  62. I had a baby that looked just like this. I named him “Cinnamon Man”. He lived 15 years.

  63. Aurora (because she’s so pretty!)

  64. She looks just like my Grandma so ELSIE

  65. Marmalade Muffin

  66. Muffin. Trouble. Munchkin. Emma. Dave.

  67. He looks a little Igor-ish to me.

  68. Fuzzy Naval………….

  69. How about Electra?

  70. Clementine!

  71. Caramel!

  72. After Laura – what about “Grandma”?

  73. Today is Don Pardo’s birthday. Name him Don Pardo! Happy Birthday, Mr. Pardo!

  74. Praline

  75. Let the kitty hear differant words espically ones with (s) and (p) and the try the vowels sounds a,e,i o u . I have found that kittehs and puppies like certain sounds and will respond better to a sound they like. My cats like s sounds thats why one is named samuel. The other I picked for him though cause he had been returned to human sociaty cause he was the runt of the litter and was not playfull enough for the family that took him. He is named Wallie, and he loves it but he also like o sounding names olie . go figure. Cutie pie thats what that kitty is.

  76. Osiris! You could call him Ozzie for short.

  77. Puddin’ Pop!

  78. Figaro!

  79. There’s only one name that comes to mind after looking into those sweet innocent eyes …….
    ( drum roll please)

  80. Chaos.

  81. Mr. Awesome is a good name for a cat.

  82. i would simply call heem [or her]…. “FLOOF”

  83. Tesla would be pretty awesome. Or:


    (I want to eat you-themed)
    (Butter) Pecan
    Bailey (a la Irish Cream)

  84. Noodle's Mama says:


  85. Beanie

  86. someone said zap, i think that’s perfect! it would even work if it’s a girl kitty.

  87. the bug man says:

    “Snorgles”. Or “Darth Snorgles.”

    [oh DEFINITELY the latter 😈 – Ed.]

  88. Ms. (or Mr.) Kitty Fantastico is the obvious choice here.

  89. PUFFY!

  90. GingerSnap!

  91. @Kiragirl, that’s way too sad a name.

  92. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Punkin Head. PUNKIN HEAD!!!

  93. How about “Meg”?

    He/she could then be the official CO mascot of your house!

  94. Djinn!

  95. Whisper

  96. Carmen

  97. Squee!
    Name him Squee, because that’s what people will do when they see him!

  98. Barring “Meg” I think you should go with something like “ohmygodi’mgoingtoeatyouinonetinylittlebite”… either that or Tim the Enchanter

  99. Shampoo

  100. peachy



  101. Baby Indigo.

  102. I’m getting an uncontrollable urge to knit the Blue Jean Shawl … can’t imagine why that is!

  103. Maybe Orion for a boy (which I think most orange cats are?) or Abby for a girl.. I know they’re not cutesy but I like normal-ish names.. Plus he’ll be a beautiful full-grown cat all too soon, so the qte-overkill doesn’t last forever.

  104. Fuzzybutt





  105. How about Gator — for his/her orange and blue colors, which are also the University of Florida colors?! (Tesla also is the coolest name!)

  106. Nomwich McLuncherson

  107. WonderBabe.


  108. Twinkie!

  109. Orange Sherbet!!

  110. I’m with the Sinatra theme…call him/her Blue Eyes and just Blue for short

    But I also like Fuzzy McSnuffersons!!

  111. Those eyes are pointing outwards just a smidge, so how about Marty? As in Feldman, better known as Igor from Young Frankenstein. (picture)

  112. Binx or Milo

  113. following sarabeegee – Twinkie is perfect and unisex!
    That’s it. If not Elsie or Grandma it must be TWINKIE!!

  114. Cute Ip.
    (say aloud)

  115. I second the vote for Fuzzy Naval; didja know, it’s based on Peach flavor aka lil’ puurson’s couleur??

    But since I don’t drink the alkyhol, the second part refers to me Da’s branch of the ‘Mericun military forces …………..

    Still brings kyoooooooooooot to mind.

    And no explanashun needed for the Fuzzy part (unless some day you need to shave his/ her entire body for a medical treatment) ….

    Browsed too fast to write down the commenter’s # but it was up around # 50-60 or so………..All props to that purrson, not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  116. I second the vote for Mr. Met. Or call him Lenny or Darryl or Mike or Keith…or Mookie!

  117. tabbioca puddin kat.

    [“Tabbioca” is inspired – Ed.]

  118. Creamsickle.

  119. I vote for Squee !!! Every time I look at her i go Squeeeeeeeeee !!!

  120. Warrior

  121. Mr. Fluffkins

  122. Hey Whiskers! FuzzyButt is what I call my babies!! Either that or Fuzzy Thighs… hee hee

  123. Dollop

  124. I am throwing in my vote for Zap. That one makes me smile for some reason.

    Zap the Kitty! 🙂

  125. Galore.

    [I can get behind this. 😆 – Ed.]

  126. MarmieLover says:

    Agent Orange

  127. @Vicki #42 – NICE Beatles reference! Just don’t splash the baby with ceremonial red paint!

  128. Button! well, because he/she’s as cute as a.. (yep, you guys chorus-ed in the last part.)

  129. Jolie

  130. Noodles

  131. duke/duchess Wigglesworth of hanover the III

  132. Penelope!

  133. Humptyback Fluffybuns.

    Poof Bunwalla.

    Lyle Lovemetender

    Ol’ Blue-Eyes McGee

    Dewdrop Dunderfluffernutter


  134. Seifer. Seifer Cat.

  135. GATOR!

  136. Pasickie

  137. mr. nibbles!

  138. You shall call him BLORP.

  139. Aurea – if it’s a girl.

  140. Widdle

  141. Popsicki

    Or as Jenerally said, “Oshii”- how presh would that be?!

  142. If you’re going with the blue theme…
    lapis lazuli or laz for short

  143. I can’t come up with a name, ‘cuz my brains melted from the qte!

  144. Sven, after Sven Kramer who was the first athlete from the Netherlands to win a gold medal in Vancouver.

    You know, cos he’s orange.

    And if it’s a girl kitty, Ireen.

    (I might have a touch of Olympic Fever just now.)

  145. Kenobi for a boy
    Padmé for a girl

  146. Tinkerbelle or just Tink.

  147. Excelsior

  148. or Spumonie

  149. Murphy … just because it’s a cool name. Or if you prefer… like Murphy’s Red 🙂

  150. Frankie Sinatra (aka Lil’ Blue Eyes)

  151. MissJanelle says:


  152. Peche, it means “peach”.

  153. Remember — this little one will grow up to be a dignified and aloof creature who rules from his cushion and may, if you are quick with the tuna, allow you to pet him or her. Therefore he/she will grow out of little cute names. We had a cat named Tigger (now departed–we miss him so!) named by the toddler-of-the-house. But as a grown up Maine Coon, he looked nothing at all like a Tigger and much more like the lord of the manor.

    Therefore, I suggest a name that can be shortened during cute-kittenhood, and made dignified later on. As in Whiffenpoofle. Right? 😉

  154. Larry or Moe or Curley and lets not forget Shemp

    We once named four of our chickens this… it was awesome!

  155. British names are always good for teh kittehs. How about Tim, or maybe Trevor?

  156. I figured someone else would suggest this first but apparently, I’m more original than I thought 😛

    This kitty should most definitely be called:

    Jean Gray


    [’cause when she grows up, she’ll be consumed by her unimaginable telekinetic powers, and become The Phoelix? 😕 – Ed.]

  157. BTW, the blue in his eyes will probably change as he grows up.

  158. Dwayne

  159. OH What about Merlin
    Because he magically stole my heart!

  160. Esperance!

  161. OR Lancelot!

  162. What about Hank

  163. Oishii is Japanese for delicious, you’re missing the first “i”.

    Anyways, I think the cat should be named Captain Fuzzy Bottom.

  164. Commodore Alexander Forever, Heir to the Phoenician Void, Eater of Comets.

  165. Fang. Or Snack, since this kitteh is so cute you want to eat him all up (metaphorically speaking)

    [Naturally. OM NOM NOM NOM – Ed.]

  166. I had a kitty this color a long time ago. His name was Horton.

  167. Penelope or Parker

  168. Someone suggested Sinatra after Ol’ Blue Eyes—How about Frankie

  169. Furby — for furry baby.

  170. Num-num

  171. Waffles!

  172. Blue Purrs (sounds like bloopers!!)

  173. Love the previous Frank Sinatra comment!

    But he looks like an Oliver to me (I think of the 80’s cartoon Oliver & Company)

  174. Mr. Larry Buttons.

  175. I vote for “Cliff.”

  176. BeckyMonster says:

    Tater Tot



  177. Daffodil.

  178. Merkin

    (because of location)

    [ 😆 SO WRONG 😆 – Ed.]

  179. Zelda!

    [It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this. – Ed.]

  180. i love Creamsickle like Jillian suggested. She/he prolly won’t have blue eyes once he gets big, unless I’m mistaken. My kittehs had blue eyes and grew out of them.

  181. Milo!!!! Like from Milo and Otis!! Pronounced ( My-lo )

  182. footnotegirl says:

    I think that they should name her Fluffernutter because she looks like sweet marshmallow and nommy peanut butter all mixed together.

  183. Walleye! 🙂

  184. Sorcha the cat says:

    Vandegraff, as in the static generator.

    [Too true! – Ed.]

  185. Tallahassee
    Galeta/ Galetina/o (Catalan for cookie, little cookie)
    Pishchanyy̆ (Ukrainian for sandy) – or just Pish
    Hansel or Gretel

  186. Wait no one said Squishy yet?

    We shall call him Squishy!

  187. Mushroom!

  188. Spoonplayer says:


  189. Name him Waldo!

  190. George. Just a-cause.

  191. (perhaps not too successful a knockoff of Burberry, but…)


  192. Shorty

  193. He’s got enough white fur, his eyes might actually stay blue. I wouldn’t count on it though.

  194. Sapphire Creamsicle

  195. OMGeddon?

    (As in OMG, this kitteh is so cute none will ever be cuter and the world must now end.)

  196. Ichi bon….its number one!

  197. Melba (as in Peach Melba!)

  198. butterscotch von puffybutt

  199. Professor Poopipants

  200. LoyLoy Gupta says:

    She’s beautiful. Her name should be Lana as in Lana Turner 🙂

  201. A friend of mine who was a frantic ball of boundless energy was nicknamed Sputnik!

  202. theodore roosevelt.

    [Ooh, something tells me you’re on the right track. 😉 – Ed.]

  203. I vote Pixel, to commemorate his online debut and instant success as a model!

    Or Cat-thulu, because he threatens to EAT MY SOUL.

  204. sdancer14: My brother once roommated with some hominid bipeds and a canine quadruped which was *ALSO* not only full of boundless energy, but it was a rather scatterbrained, illogical type of energy (unfortunately the bipeds were of the male collegiate variety who rather enjoyed mental experiments…) When the bipeds got the canine all riled up, they would gather two HUGE pinecones (not the average, handsize pine cone; these were six inches or so ea) and toss one to the east & one to the west….the canine in question, **who was ALSO named Sputnik** never knew in which direction to chase, first & got himself all tangled up & frantic & excited ….
    While this particular brother of mine, *DID* major in science, it unfortunately was *not* a degree in Brain Surgery ….

    He Ain’t Too Heavy (but) He’s My Brudder……….

  205. I was going to name my kitten Nezumi which is Japanese for rat because she skittered around the house so fast it reminded me of a rat. I think the name Nezumi is really cute even though it means rat

  206. Fondu!

  207. Conan!

  208. Peaches!

  209. Kevin

  210. Doesn’t matter what name you give a kitten.. Most of the time they must end up thinking that their name is either “Getdownfromthere”, or “Whatareyoudoing!?”

  211. OMG #207 you’re right!
    The rest of us slackers might have noticed the resemblance a few weeks ago.

  212. Gilford~

  213. Cutiepants Flufflebutt III. This is a capital name!!!!!!

  214. Merlin or Morgan le Fay

  215. Niblet

  216. Buttercup if its a girl and Rocket if its a boy.

  217. Mateo

  218. Or Matilda if it’s a girl


    I want munchkin!

  220. Ralph. Don’t know why, but the name just popped into my head as soon as I saw the little cutie.

  221. Chiquita or Jimmy

  222. Her (?) name should be “Magic”. So magical are her blue eyes!

  223. I shall name you Grandpa!

    Don’t forget to feed Grandpa before we go to bed, otherwise he’ll wake us up at 6 am!

    Oh no, Grandpa peed on the rug!

    Wanna snuggle, Grandpa?

  224. Blossom, because she is such a little dearie.

  225. I think I need personal experience with this kitten before I can consider a name. Please to deliver him/her to my house immediately for snorgling.

  226. Nemo! It means “no name” in Latin.

  227. Marmaduke..after the comic strip…struck me as a big name for a tiny cat. 😀

    Or Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes

  228. I will cuddle him till u figure out a name.

  229. @Theresa, so true, sorry, hehe.

    ok, (I like above re: to Peaches), but let’s just keep it simple:


  230. ShelleyTambo says:

    Emperor Charles V. Mephistopheles, aka Chip

  231. I would call her Catlin.

  232. Thompson.

  233. I agree with Peaches if a girl and suggest Percy if a boy. Our marmalade cat is Percy and it fit him well as kitten and aloof cat.

  234. ShelleyTambo says:

    @Kathy, We had a marmie foster kitten named Percy after the cat from Sinfest. It fit him well.

  235. Fluffernutter–combination of peanut butter and marshmallows. Also, he/she is fluffy and probably a nut.

  236. Doppler

  237. Jean Langford says:

    Pearl. For such a gem of a kitty.

  238. AchtungPhoebe says:

    Goggle. ^_^

  239. Estlin! Way back at 9:18 this morning, you named it Marty. The second I looked at this little kitten face, I thought “Marty!” I say that two suggestions for the same obviously perfect name constitute a majority. Marty it is.

  240. Male: Olivier
    Female: Proshmina
    Either: Marshmallow

  241. Nicolletta says:

    Percival Barthalomew Codwolloper III

  242. Tangerine,
    living reflection from a dream!

    IDK, such a cute kitty, Tangerine would fit!

  243. Baby-faced Phinster

  244. Lol, footnotegirl & Marly, I thought of fluffernutters too. Also toasted marshmallows…yum…

  245. Boo Boo kitty, just like from Laverne and Shirley!

  246. I nominate Kawaii (qte in Japanese)!

  247. GeechFuffsNGoots says:


    or NOODLE!

  248. Princess McFuzzy Pants 😛

  249. BeckyMonster says:

    Tiddily Wink or “Twink” for short

    Yes, Twink is just perfect

  250. Button, as in cute as.

  251. Iggy Stardust!

  252. I like Butter!
    How about Smirnoff – like my gorgeous Maine Coon.

  253. Adorable kitten, totally ADORABLE. Name suggestions: FitzGin (short for FitzGinger, long for Fitz or Gin), or maybe even…Nom-nom. *choke* Or not. Or how about Pep? Creamsicle? Soooo cute!

  254. Princesa Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bobesca the Third?

    You could call her Dot.

  255. okay, i made it to #46 260Oakley’s Hairy Pawter….!! I’m voting for that!!!!

  256. Because of the orange: Cheeto

    Or how about Flake?

  257. BUGSY!!!!!

  258. I’ll go for “Galore” too. Niiiiiiice.

  259. Creamsicle! Or Waffles!

  260. 1.) Blueberry (b/c of the eyes)
    2.) Static (as in static electricity)
    3.) Werthers (the candy)
    4.) Dulce de leche

  261. Bitterblue. It’s such a cute name! Plus it works for a boy or a girl.

  262. bowser

  263. My orange boy is named Gizmo. It suits him well. I like Ralph and Chip from above, too.

  264. Lux (gender-neutral name meaning light), can be called Lucky too


    Henrietta Pussycat (after the character on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood)

  265. How about Marmalade?

  266. Creamsicle

  267. Fluidstatic says:

    If female, name her Iris. If male, Kyle. No, I don’t know why.

  268. “Creamsicle ” was the first name that popped in my head, even before I saw the other suggestions!

  269. Ms. Lady M'am says:

    Nougat the Cat

  270. Hugh if its a boy
    Emma if its a girl

  271. Mulberry Von Regalsworth

  272. Butterscotch! says:

    I like Butterscotch.

    BTW, all kittehs have blue eyes when they’re really little. This one’s will yellow up in no time.

  273. Mr or Miss Fluffernutter

  274. [still waiting for the Eddie Izzard riffs on “Englebert Humperdinck” to start showing up… must be the time zones – Ed.]

  275. iludkittehs says:


  276. Capuccino! If it’s a girl, then… Capuccina!

    [And if it’s a monkey… Capuchin! 😉 – Ed.]

  277. ChrisEstes says:

    Sag Banwallah, Theo.

    [Heh. Sometimes you just gotta help fate along. 😀 – Ed.]

  278. Sapphire!

  279. RumblenTieDyesMom says:

    Butterscotch (or Scotterbutch if you want to play), which can be shorted to Butter, Scotch or Scotchie. Werther (after the butterscotch candies), Carmel/Carmelina. But if we’re voting on what’s already been suggested, I like Zap if the kitten has lots of energy.

  280. I like the name Charlie – for a boy or a girl 🙂

    […or “Angel”, likewise – Ed.]

  281. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Edward ScissorPaws
    Princess Peach


  282. Levi for a boy- you did say “jeans”, and for a girl, Juicy.

  283. Buttons.

    Or Malevolence.

  284. Mary (the first) says:

    I once had a yellow/white cat, named him Marmaduke (for marmalade coloring) and called him “Duke” most of the time. This baby is more like a fluffy mcsweetums but will grow up into a more adult-like animule so that should be taken into consideration.

  285. “Precious”. Your Oscar is coming.

  286. Molly

  287. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Creamsicle, Dreamsicle , Lollipop, Tigger, Tiger, Wolverine, Princess Peach, Static, Robin, Snorgle, Edward ScissorPaws, Buzz, Munchkin, Squee, Flashy, Matilda, Chipmunk, Foxy, Elmo, Cheetah, Marbles, Taji, Dreamer, Angel, Pristine, Love bug, Infatuation, Armani, Figi, Poppy, Muppet, Shasta, Gemstone, Sunset, Rusty, Bear, Freedom, Gatsby, Honey bee, Honey, Twinkie, Timon, Kisses, Maestro, Star, Pixie, Blossom.

    [Um… OK, that’s quite a lot, now – Ed.]

  288. I had to read 286 comments to make sure this one wasn’t taken.

    “”Peeve”, as in “That is my pet, Peeve.”

    (If my four cats didn’t come pre-named, I would have used this one myself)

    [Hmm, this one works for hamsters and dogs and garter snakes too – Ed.]

  289. Lunachique says:

    Gravy, Caramel, Mocha, Java, Latte, Macaroon, Nestle, Morsel, or Truffle.

  290. I would name him/her Sweetpea.

  291. Apathygrrl says:

    I’d have to nominate a name I heard on the Big Bang Theory:
    Sergeant Fuzzyboots

  292. China's Human says:

    OMG, such an adorable baby!!!!!!!!
    Reading these names has been so much fun! My cotribution would be as follows:
    assuming “it” is female: 1st suggestion would be Bette as in Bette Davis Eyes
    2nd suggestion would be Eartha Kitt-en

    [I like the second one. 🙂 – Ed.]

  293. well…Ms. Galore was played by Honor Blackman…so whether a girl or boy, she can be Honor or he can be Blackman….or just go with Galore.

  294. Resriechan says:


    Fanna Bobanna ……

    (I can’t remember the song’s formula ….I’m sure that some clevair CO’er knows my point of reference & can “take it, from here” …..???

  295. How about Electra if it a girl – after static electricity – plus her eyes are so sweet – their just shocking blue :o)

  296. hm. malevolence is kind of a cool name for a kitty.

  297. Bean.

    Or Harold.

  298. Duke, as in Marmie-duke

  299. Button.. or Sugar? If you’re going for cutesy… oorrr Sarah!!! (for a girl) and Moe for a boy? Or Dean… regular human names are cute too 🙂

  300. Puddin’ Pop

  301. Ooh, whoever said Butterscotch.. that’s a good one too.

    ps. I almost named my last hamster Sugar, and he’s a boy… my current hamster is named Sheldon (he’s a dwarf Russian hamster, and quite sweet – not like the girl at the petstore said, that they’re all mean). So anyway – Sheldon would be cute too.

  302. porgi!!

    [As long as there’s also a Bess. – Old Man River]

  303. Quigby

  304. Decathelon says:

    The Tingler

    [Uh hmmmmm… – Ed.]

  305. Whoah, hi everyone!

    I must have submitted this shot quite a while ago, and I’m afraid she HAS been named now, but these are just brilliant suggestions! I think we’ll definitely use one a week as pet names – should keep her going for a while!

    Anyway, we called her Lyra in the end, and her brother Milo. They’re just over a year old now, the colour of their eyes has changed, and they’re not quite as fuzzy, but still completely gorgeous! Y’all can see more of them here:


    And of course you’re right – she IS adorable 😉

    Stop by any time to see more shots of them, folks!

    [Oof. 😯 Total f****** WIN, people! (size L) – Ed.]

  306. Fleurdamour says:

    Teh Emperor of Cute. Or Snorgle.

  307. Robocop

  308. She looks like a Sandra to me.

  309. Umami – ’cause that kitty is SAVORY! *nomming on her(?) precious little nose*

  310. You named her after Lyra in The Golden Compass? (Was Pantalaimon too long? 😉 )

  311. Clooney (as in George)

  312. Velcro. (Half fuzzy and soft, half spiky little hooks that cling.)

    Julius (Orange Julius. Suits the color and the yumminess.)

    Koi (For the fish she rather resembles.)

    Or… The E-lint-minator (for the shed-able, spreadable, fluff of DOOOOOOM)

    “Zap” was already suggested, I like. If kitty is grabby-pawed, and since Cute Overload loves anteaters so, “Zot” also works! (No relation to the Queen of Wands comic kitten, she was a tortie. I’m referencin’ the anteater of “B.C.” comic fame, here.)

  313. I would call him/her C.P. Blue for Cutie Pie Blue.

  314. Ooh. “Lyra” is a lovely name. Nice to see the updated cuteness!

    & @ resriechan – (go)anna banna bo banna, banana fanna fo fanna, fee fi mo-anna, (go)anna!

    *lizard-scuttles away*

  315. Bette Davis – as in “She has Bette Davis

  316. Dulce. Its Portuguese for “sweet” and works whether its a boy or a girl.

  317. Cornflake!

  318. @ Theo:

    Zingelbert Bembledack
    Yingybert Dambleback
    Zangelbert Bingledack
    Wengelbert Humptyback
    Slut Bunwallah
    Kringelbert Fishtybuns
    Steviebuns Buttritrundle

    How about just Gerry Dorsey ;3

    [You know, it’s an egregious in-joke, but I could quite happily name a cat Gerry Dorsey. Or maybe “Flag” – Ed.]

  319. Sorry – I read the other names after I posted – Bette Davis was old hat!

  320. Dunkin. Dunkin Doughnuts, in my opinion, has the best coffee and this cutie pie is the color of a perfect light and sweet small coffee that I get. Dunkin – sweet and de-lish!

  321. Something unique.
    I know that she was already named but this kitteh really looks like a Yiskah. c:

  322. derp

  323. Parsnip!

  324. Puff. But I kind of like Twinkie and Tesla, too.

  325. If you do decide to name that cutie after the Japanese word for ‘delicious’, make sure you call the kitty ‘Oishii’ and not ‘Oshii’ (as Oshii is most likely a typo?).

    I’m with Vicki though: Sir Elliot Wifflebottom III or Kali, Destroyer of Worlds are pretty awesome names.

    Or Ed. Ed is a good name for a cat. Even if that kitty is a girl.

    [OK but could Ed maybe be short for Editor? …the Cat? – Ed.]

  326. Vladimir Paw-tin if it’s a boy, Cat-erine the Great if it’s a girl.

  327. Kindle. Or Tesla, Tesla’s good, too. Or you could just name him (or her!) Omygoshsocute, because that’s what you’ll always be saying when you see him!!! =D

  328. Blueberry Muffin, Muff for short

  329. Bet nobody ever asks for help again… did anyone even notice post #305??
    Excellent list to have on hand for future naming needs.

  330. Lyra (good suggestion from above!)

    Moxie (because ‘Lyra’ made me think of the Golden Compass)

    Flan (from her coloration and deliciousness)

    Dulce (also from her coloration and sweetness and deliciousness)

  331. Pandoo

  332. Lyra and Milo are great names.

    I have a white and buff kitty (who will be 20 years old in just over two weeks, bless her fuzzy little heart) named Mungojerrie. Her poor dear sister, who passed away four years ago, was Rumpelteazer.

  333. Call the cat Spoony.

  334. Puppy

    [I did once name a cat “Fish”. Female marmalade kitty. – Ed.]

  335. carrot! because he’s orange 🙂

  336. Flooferbean. *nods*

  337. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:


  338. wait… which Bob, now? 😕

  339. Teeny Gozer says:

    Name him or her after a pop culture Science Fiction character! Just observe kitty’s behavior and pick a character he or she reminds you of….

    We named our most recent cat “Giaus” for Giaus Baltar on Battlestar Galactica, the cat before him is “Vala” for “Vala Mal Doran” on Stargate, the cat before her is “Zach” for Dr. Zachery Smith on Lost in Space, and the two cats before them are Scully and Mulder (Mulder has passed on, Scully’s still kickin’ butts and takin’ names.) Other cats we’ve had were Mad Max, Indy Jones, Newt (Aliens) and Gozer the Gozarian (Ghostbusters). All of them behaved like the characters they were named after!

  340. Zeekzee.

  341. Creme fraiche
    Tira (short for Tiramisu)

    [Dammit, now I want dessert. *DROOL* – Ed.]

  342. Sapphire if she’s female, Mocha if he’s male.

  343. Dancingqueen73 says:

    On the jean theme – wither Sergio Valenti (what cat does not nned a middle nmae) or Jordache.

  344. Congressman Squeezyfluffs

  345. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed’s: is this, the FASTEST 350 comments ever on one post??
    (like, it’s been, like, LESS THAN, like, 12 hours and there are almost 350 suggestions or at least comments posted already???)

    Names R Us aka CO commenters are cool

    [Hmm, I dunno, and I’m not sure how I could go back and measure. Our “EVERYBODY NAME THIS ______” posts do tend to be comment-fests, though. – Ed.]

  346. Farfale. : )

  347. casper or ……taffy

  348. Resriechan says:

    @ Cheryl # 3 hundred & something:

    While I cannot argue that *BOTH* le/ la kittain(e) and Geo. Clooney are adorable,


    (definitely worth a try; you could email Geo. Clooney’s webpage with your vote. Who knows; maybe he’s a kitten fanatic & it *just might* getcha a date!!!
    Stranger things have happened…)

  349. Resriechan says:

    @ Editors: the top comment and the most recent one do show time of post (at least as of what is it? West Coast time??)

    [I mean systematically and statistically, given the massive library of posts we’ve accumulated over the years. No WAY am I going to go back and compare one-at-a-time. Yikes! – Ed.]

  350. I support “Tabbioca,” and then you must learn and sing constantly the “Tapioca” song from “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” And dance. With the kitty. Tab, Tab, Tabbioca, EVERYBODY …

  351. Darth Vader

  352. If a boy…Deacon Blue.
    What a cutie!

  353. southernskirts says:

    Mr. Pouncy. Or Fifty-fifty. Or Jenny. Or Kevin.

  354. MuppetKiss says:

    “Spencer” for a boy kitteh
    “Zuzu” for a girl kitteh

  355. Squiggie.

  356. Chaucer!

  357. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed” oh, no I had no intention to do a hard-core numbers-crunching study.

    Seemed to me, (at least since I’ve been watching CO, which is only a quark in the history of the Universe) that high comments seem to accrue over several days’ time.

    I just figured, maybe the top 3 of all time & the times. No worries; just a curiosity and NEVER intend any harm to anyone’s calculator or appreciation of spam filtering & such fun times that I’m sure are part of yer duteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    No body means nuttin’ demandin’, like….K?

    Thanks for indulging my idle curiosity.


    [FYI, at the time of this update, CO has 5,399 published posts total. – Ed.]

    […and 407,283 comments. – Ed.]

  358. cat enthusiast says:

    it’s name is zeus.

  359. His name is Puff. He is the destroyer of worlds.

  360. twinkletoes

  361. peanut

  362. If it’s a girl: Patty
    If it’s a boy: Weldon

    That’s what I’m getting from the photo.

  363. poky paws!

  364. o0pandora0o says:

    Timothy. Or Grizelda.

  365. Squiggle woggle von fuzzy boms!

  366. Romulus Thundergoat

  367. Parcel!

  368. @ person from #364 (I ain’t even gonna BOTHER tryin’ ta get all those 000’s, ooo’s, and OOO’s organized):

    were you aware, that the Monkees released (on an album) a *VERY SILLY* song called “Auntie Grizelda”??? In a silly, Monty Pythonish way, it was kinda fun.


    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooold person of 45ish actual years

  369. Olympia if kitty is a girl or Orion if kitty is a boy 😀 followed by Spoiled Rotten 😈 which follows the names of ALL of our kitties 😈

  370. Resriechan says:

    @ 359:

    But I thought that Puff was the Magic Dragon.

    Please see: Peter Paul (& Mary RIP 2009) for supporting data.

    Thank you.

  371. Snorglepup says:

    Snorglepie McFluffypants

  372. My son has a cat named Truck. He likes it. So how about something like Diesel?

    I have a Miss Honey and Miss Baby, but no males. If I did, he would be Misogynist (Mister or Oj, for short.)

  373. bookwyrm27 says:

    OH…SO….CUTE!!! here’s my name for him:


    vote for me! I think Waldo would be SO cute and So perfect!!!

  374. Persephone says:

    @Theo – that’s where I was coming from with my first two suggestions… maybe got a little too lost in translation? (see #133)

  375. Kajakitten says:

    Hm…Katze? ((Cat in german))

  376. I would name this kittie “Precious” or “Precious” the flying fluff ball and for a nickname “Mazik”

  377. I think Francis would have been perfect, but Lyra’s nice too.

  378. My cat is actually called No-Name. But damn that little thing is cute

  379. How about Toffee?

  380. Tearis for female, or Bilqi for male

  381. Percibal!

  382. i would so name it either Grace or sky if it is a girl. if it is a boy, i don’t no what i would name that pretty little kitten!

  383. I think u should name it depending on what it is! If it’s a boy then name it Lightning
    or Zeus! If it’s a girl then name it Athena or maybe lily (as in water lily!) I think those names r soooo cute!!!! =)

  384. well maybe not athena that would b kinda wierd!

  385. pandawaltz says:


  386. Er I know I posted too many names xD I was sittin there thinking. Sorry ^^; ykwim

  387. Norma R says:

    Pickles or Gumby because we love those names!

  388. B00GRRR its a french word that means something that is stuck in your nose !

  389. you should name it hippo.

  390. Queen of Dork says:

    I has a question. Prolly all you computer savvy folks out there will think is dumb. Which it might be. But, how do you make money off of a free Blog? Is the income from the advertisements? Just curious.

  391. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap! Loretta’s back. I have some pettin’ to do. Bye!

  392. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh no. Now she seems to understand that she owns me. I’m screwed.

  393. Queen of Dork says:

    *hopelessly petting stupid cat* *drowning* (help me)