Follow up! Kitten! is! NAMED!

We have it on very good authoritay that this kitten has BEEN NAMED!

Congratulations to original owner Dave who (had already ahem) named the kitteh…


See many many maneh more pics of WIN over at Dave’s Flickrrr




  2. er..hallelujah?

  3. Resriechan says:


    I hereby reassign my membership to this kitten’s Universe.
    Where do I turn in my application?

  4. kibblenibble says:

    The softness! The wee muzzles tinged with peenkness and adorned with teeny toofs! The mid-leap photo with gently rounded belleh and pointy tail! The wispy wheeskers! The delicate triangle earses! The scawy battle with tailios curled gracefully in opposite directions! They are exquisite. I am done for. Nothin’ cuter than fuzzy babies.

  5. Chasingthedog says:

    AWWW My kitteh’s name is Lera!

  6. I want one….

  7. The “Squeezeme McStuffersonsOut” one {himz wit dah big eyeses} seems to have a muzzlepowsche-startup-button. Beep it, and he begins mewing and taking teeny tiny pawsteps. Beep it again for “tie-tie” setting. Beep and hold (be gentle!) to put in full honk-shu mode.

  8. Resriechan says:

    @ kibblenibble…speaking as not only MLS and BA of French…but also as having proofread LOTS & LOTS of documents in my Redwood Forest Years…

    YOU could be an Entire Thesaurus of adjectives & adverbs, all by yer dang self.
    Now, you probably make your computer’s Spellcheck Function have its own little heart attacks, but otherwise……………

  9. Brittany F says:

    CURSES, Tim the Enchanter would have been a good one.
    Is his brother named Pantalaimon?

  10. I’m going to keep insisting her name is “Googly Blue”….. c’mon! Look at those googly, blue eyes!

  11. DellbertnDen says:


    I think my heart just explode from all of this cuteness!! I JUST WANNA SCREAM!!!! :D)

  12. The third pic… SQUEE!!!!

  13. Fluidstatic says:

    The first pic made me go D’AWWWWWW. and the leaping? fuhgeddaboudit. *ded*

  14. omg, there’s TWO of them! Double the orange and white fluffitude!

  15. Actually, if you go to the Flickr page, they appear to be multiplying in a couple of pics (‘though I suspect it may have been a camera trick). And Lyra has grown up to be quite a beautiful girl….

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    I curtsey *curtsies* to the cuteness that is Lyra.

  17. needapuppy says:

    The last picture reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes.

  18. Wait there’s 2 of them? That just isn’t fair, it is too much cute to handle. And leaping kitteh, and wrestling kittehs were just much too cute it should be illegal.

  19. So much cuuuute… the leapitating one is my favorite, but I have to point out the elbow-propped “Carlos! Jeffrey!” one too. I’m sure it’s sleepiness, but it looks like kitty’s practicing the “Meh. You have no food, why would I come when you call?” expression.

  20. Brittany F: Hoping for Iorek myself, heh.

    Good name!

  21. My heart just skipped a beat! I am in LOVE with these two!

  22. What the hell was the point in having us suggesting names when they already had a name? Ridiculous.

    [Aww, did ums have a widdew tantwum? There there. – Ed.]

  23. Love bugs!!

  24. I just saw a Cats’n’Racks.

  25. I can’t believe that Squeezeme didn’t win. I’m calling the kitteh Squeezeme.

  26. nice curtsey, QoD

    and Surly, you are “surely” surly. Truth in advertising.

  27. LYRA – Word to the wise, If Dave says Mrs Coulter is coming to visit…Hide!… don’t ask why, just hide, if she call’s you don’t come out. She’s evil personified.
    Aint that right peeps?

  28. AWW 😀 Lyra is a nice name for the kitty 😈 which is followed by Spoiled Rotten, right? 😈 Are not all our kitties known by that name? 😀

  29. Awww! Is that a crocheted mousie I see in one of the pics? I want the pattern!

  30. don’t like cats much, but these kitties r beautiful. and lyra is a great name

  31. Tidums. Should have been Tidums.

  32. shoulda been named Yummy. as in ‘youresoyummyiwannaloveyouandkissyouandEATYOUUP!!

  33. I have a cat,Cleo,who looks very similar to Lyra,and she is the most cuddly,lovable cat ever.Hope Lyra is the same!

  34. love the vampire kitty at the end. LOL

  35. hihi cats’n’racks!

  36. sabrina rose says:

    Beautiful photography! Exquisite kittens!! Loving, caring people who thought of perfect names!!!

  37. That sixth pic is something fierce…she’ll mew at you and gum you to death.

  38. I have given an artists impression of what Lyra is actually thinking!

  39. OMG! the cuteness caught me off-guard today, I simply wasn’t prepared for such massive levels of ah-dor-ruh-bles! Can’t…move…Stunned….by….cuteness….

  40. @Surly. For a bit of fun??

  41. I will be in the snickerdoodle lounge recovering… Margarita in had, and kitten in pocket. See you there!

  42. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    “Leapitating”?? If this one isn’t yet in the CO glossary, it should be. Brilliant!

  43. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Hooray for Snewfy!!! 😀

  44. This is no way to jump start our lagging economy. How productive do you expect me to be today???

  45. @Fafi for the Win!

    Exactly what I was thinking, but I can’t do brilliant stuff like that.

  46. @Nolegy, I know! And the pattern for the sweater in the 2nd picture. Want! That family sure can knit!

  47. Andi from NC says:

    Oh good heavens!! I clicked the link and not only do they have kittens but a baby primate as well, complete with chubbed out hands and cheekies AND fuzzy hair AND he’s playing with the kitties

    room spinning….vision weakening……..*thunk*

  48. WHY? WHY? WHY must I be allergic to kitties???? [sob]

  49. The last picture is my favorite. “I’m a MONSTER.” “No I AM.”

  50. Check this one out from Dave’s Flickr stream — He has built an eleborate cat climber toy, but they are still using the couch as their climbing toy of choice — another commentary on what cats do, naturally!


  51. Oh. Em. Gee. There’s ANOTHER one???? (dies)

  52. @Desdemona…awesome link! The two kittehs playing on the couch are soooo adorabuhls. And yep we could have told Dave that the cats would play elsewhere. 😀 😀 There is an actual mathematical proof that proves, numerically, the probability of a cat playign with something is inverse to both cast and the amount of time you spend making it or setting it up.

  53. First picture of wee kitty swaddled and surrounded by black velvety material is heart-stealing. Little Lyra, be happy.

  54. MarmieLover says:

    Gasp… wheeze…. multiple mindblowing marmitude. And LYRA? ooooh… Lyra Bristletongue, perhaps?

  55. I actually wanted to name it Don Pardo. You know, like Don Quixote.

  56. Lyra what a perfect name.

    Thought I would add a link to the definition for any one interested… It is a constellation

    Perfect name for one out of this world kitten!

  57. You do think she is all sweet till # 6 shows not afraid to scrap.

    #3–She can fly !?!

  58. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Two of them! And little teefs! Gah, we’re done for.

  59. The Fourth picture is so sweet

    I want one!!

    Beautiful Photography!

  60. What? No Middle name?

  61. Lyra? Belacqua? As in the Golden compass? Any Pantalaimon or Will in the picture?

  62. Sweet! I have a cattie named Lyra and she’s the best!

  63. Mmm, looks like an Edwin to me, even if a girl. But I’m partial to the name Edwin, so most cute things look like Edwins to me.

  64. @Aoife, I agree. Edwin is a great name that fits this kitteh – at least in some of the pix. How does one even pronounce Lyra? Well, give me 24 more hours to be bitter, then I”ll embrace the name. I’d sure like to embrace the kitteh immediately.

  65. LYRA! PERFECT!!!! Lyra Belacqua ❤ ❤ ❤

  66. Okay. But we’re naming the next one Darth Vader, little girl kitten or not.

  67. Awww…Too bad they didn’t use one of my name otions, but its still cute 🙂 ykwim

  68. HOORAY!

    Little British Lyra….. what a doll. Welcome to the world, toots. 🙂

  69. I have a habit of mangling words for humorous purposes anyway, but I still blame CO’s Aura of Qtespeak for “leapitating”. It’s… in… my… BRAIN!! And it’s so much more pleasant an infection than LOLspeak, which makes my brain dissolve.

    And not in the good way like the RARR-I-chomp-you pic above. There’s glitter and bunnies with this kind.

    Oh and Kristabelle – my thoughts exactly. Allergies stink. I want cats this cute wrapped around my calves every time I try to walk, drat it all!

  70. Oh! And Lorel J, here’s the pronunciation if it helps you embrace faster. 😉

  71. Erin Eloise says:

    Now she needs a big brother named Iorek. A samoyed maybe?! PERFECT!!!!

  72. What?!!!

    Clearly this kitteh was meant to be named BEKINS.

    Don’t ask how I know, but you know I’m accurate.

    [Isn’t that a moving company? – Ed.]

  73. We had a little black-and-white kitty named Lyra when I was in high school – my brother found her in a tool shed all by her lonesome! She sure lived up to her name though: sassy and spirited! And liked sticking both paws in her water bowl…? Looks like these two might give you a run for your money as well. Sweeeet!!

  74. Too precious! Each picture is cuter than the last!

  75. My baby’s name is Lyra too. Here she is..

    She was named after the constellation, Lyra.

    [Gorgeous! I like the “HEADREST IS MY FRIEND” shot especially – Ed.]

  76. I call my girl “leera” (or like Italian money, Lira) rather than Lye-ra.

  77. Paunchie says:

    Lyra the constellation was part of a Jeopardy answer yesterday.

    I want to rack those kitties! But not while she’s all RAAWR I chomp you!

  78. The cuties are too cute….. Reminded me of my cute little cats … I miss them a lot…….thanks and Do take care of them more than U..:)

  79. must snorgle it’s sooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  80. OMIGOSH that cat is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
    i luv the name, LYRA it’s the same name of the girl in the movie “The Golden Compass” ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  81. BStrange says:

    @Auriga –

    Top right pic: Those are some of the tiger-est tabby stripes I have ever seen on a cat, including the ones specifically bred for a resemblance. Gorgeous!

  82. Megan C. says:

    Haha, my kitty is a year and a half old, and I named her Lyra. So I did it first. 😉

  83. BStrange – Lyra and I thank you.. she’s the love of my life. She was in the first Cute Overload calendar too, although under a pile of her brothers and sisters. She’s on Jan 24th 2009 🙂

  84. Megan C – Mine is almost 3 years old. 😉

  85. Bstrange.. How about these stripes?? She’s mocking her brother.

  86. call the cat Dinero

  87. Bryanna says: