An Actual Wart Hog

“Look, I’m not going to call her a parasite, but need I remind anyone that I’m man’s best friend?

Let me guess, Duchess the Pit Bull knows that Polly the Pig has the intellectual edge, Jeremy O.



  1. So glad to see a pit bull represented in a positive light!

  2. babeeee peeeg!!11!

  3. peegie moist nosicle!!

  4. The elusive, fearsome Pigbull!

    (mmm, back bacon)

    [ 😆 Ya hoser! Take off, eh? – Ed.]

  5. Oh no! (SPLODE!!!!!!!!)

  6. @brittany, I’m with you. As I was leaving campus today I met a sweet bully outside the building. Most I’ve known are sweeties and I hate that they get a bad rap.

    As for the picture above, it looks like someone might have been chewing on that chair in the background! Nonetheless, keeses all around.

  7. PIBBLE!!!!

  8. Oh yes I too am pleased to see a Pibble here on C.O. They really are such sweetie-pies. ❤ ❤

  9. Dogs are so good at doing the “long-suffering” face!

  10. Duchess – whose ears look impossibly soft and nummy – seems resigned to her fate, as a pig conveyor.

  11. Who made Duchess her cry? Her eyes are all red!
    I bet it’s that Polly, she’s always so piggish with her…

  12. Cute little peggy!!!! Is there anything cuter sounding then a piggy squeal? I think not!

  13. I WANT the bully, I NEED the bully, I LOVE BULLIES!!!! I’ll take the piggie too.

  14. Beautiful pitbull. Lovely peeg!

  15. No one looks worried as professionally as a pit bull.

  16. When Polly the Pig asked to have her own dog bed to sleep on, well, looks like her request was taken literally…

  17. PS: “How long have you had that?”
    “It started out as a little bump on my butt.” 😉

  18. “Snout Massage” tag FTW!
    (not even blowing my own horn, either)

  19. Yay!! a pitbull, and a beautiful one. This is pretty much what they do best… lay around while others take advantage of them. At least my pitties do. 🙂

  20. @Theo
    Who ya’ calling a hoser, eh? I’ve picked up some of that Canadian slang stuff from watching the Jeux olympiques d’hiver sur la TV. Though come to think of it, I can’t remember any actual references to breakfast meats during the ice dancing coverage…

    [‘cos they know the poutine is king – Ed.]

  21. Barnacle peeg, Barnacle peeg,
    Doin’ the things a barnacle can,
    What’s he like?
    It’s not important,
    Barnacle peeg.

    Is he a dot?
    Or is he porcine?
    When he’s under water does he get wet?
    Or does the water get him instead?
    Nobody knows,
    Barnacle peeg.

  22. back bacon. *snerk*

  23. *groan* @ Saffron and Oakley…! 😆

  24. I’d like to jump in the “hog pile” with them and snorgle them both!

  25. Oh oh … BOB AND DOUG are in my brain …

    “On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … four pounds of back bacon, three french toast, two turtlenecks and a BEER in a tree …. “

  26. Fluidstatic says:

    Duchess is such a pretty Pibble. Her “what can you do?” face made me snicker.

    Oh, and Saffron, I am going to have that song stuck in my head FOREVER now. Thanks, geez. XD

  27. Doggy: “Excuse me, but I am a PIT BULL. I have a SPIKED COLLAR. I am, as everyone knows, composed entirely of teeth, muscles, and MEAN. Now, how is anyone supposed to take me seriously with a piggy sleeping on my back? I swear, I get no respect . . .”

    Piggy: “Oh, hush. I need mah beauty sleep.” *snores*

  28. More classically expressive eyebrows, too.
    (I need a wiggly-eyebrow smiley, dang it)

  29. Someone’s riding piggyback.

    [Yes indeed. – Ed.]

  30. @ Theo- here in Montreal one can get poutine topped with smoked meat. (I think the o equivalent outside of Quebec is brisket). Not a breakfast meat per say, but I guess could qualify as if consuming said meaty poutine as a hangover cure.

    [As in, if you can stomach this for breakfast, hangovers just shrug and give up. – Ed.]

  31. duchess is a wonderful name for a female pit bull. 🙂 i shall remember it if and when i get a female dog in the future.

  32. Oh, MAN, you guys, I hadn’t thought about the McKenzie brothers for, oh, say, twenty years or so. Then the other day, for no apparent reason, they came to mind–and now here they are. I love it when this stuff happens. I had one of their records that I listened to over and over–a friend from Montreal introduced me to them. My parakeet Jim, who used to say “pining for the fjords”, was also trained to say “Take off, eh!” It was very funny when he would fly up to someone, land on their shoulder, and yell that into their ear.

  33. Common dogs have warts. Duchesses have beauty marks. Get it right! *admonishing finger-wag* Also, I can’t believe this comment thread is this long without at least one Harry Potter fan calling “hog warts” on this pic… Probably not up and about again after Saffron and 260Oakley slew ’em.

    Anyway. I have met both very good (perfect angels) and very bad (all-forms-of-life-must-die) pit bulls. I love the sweet ones, so YAY Duchess! Small auxiliary yay for Polly, who is not big enough yet for the full-size version. (I hope she doesn’t try that when she’s grown, some potbellied peegs get pretty porky as they age.)

  34. This is gross, but I will confess that my actual first reaction to this was that it reminded me of a picture I was looking at in a book earlier today. The picture was of anglerfish, and it showed how the much smaller male burrows into the female’s body and becomes part of her and she swims around with half of him sticking out until he, er, expires.
    Feel free to delete if too creepy.

  35. @Skippymom – ROFL at your parakeet saying “Pining for the fjords!” Did you also teach him to say “I’m not quite dead yet!” like the guy from Holy Grail?


    This pit is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love blue dogs. And that peeg! Way too cute. X3;

  37. Anonymous Coward says:


    don’t even invoke this abomination that is poutine!
    that was supposed to be just a side-dish concocted by some local greasy-spoon, confined to a minor small town (or village?) and should have faded away as people realized that it was awful.

    poutine is chips suffering from a bad cold. or the flu.

    dear ${deity}, i still have to apologise to the family in europe for this abomination.

    …oh, and proper “smoked meat” is not brisket. there is a world of difference.

    ditto for real montreal bagels and those horrible industrial doughnut-shaped half-baked breads that are being peddled as “bagels”. they are not the same. just slapping a name on something does not make it “the real thing”.


    …wew. sorry for the rant. i guess i had a bad day at the office and needed to vent.

    nice pig, eh. (no, really)


    [I didn’t really want a poutine before; I was just snerking around. But now I think maybe I do want one. Battered and deep-fried. With mayo. And sprinkles. 😈 – Ed.]

  38. Jim the parakeet said “Pining for the fjords”, “Take off, eh?” and “Hurry up please, it’s time” from The Waste Land. I swear he would sometimes also actually speak to us, as compared to just repeating phrases he’d learned. I once overheard him having a conversation with my father, asking my father what he was doing and why.

  39. Skippymom, if I get a boid, I’ll teach him to say “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” 😛

  40. When I was a lad of some seventeen summers I road a big old mare Called ‘Duchess’. I rode her cos she was safe and stately. Any way I once had a jumping lesson riding on Duchess, I couldnt beleive the transformation, Cclonk, Cclonk,snort snort ,leap, land, Cclonk Cclonk, snort, snort. As far as I can remember, I only fell off once. As this was at a stables and I had to pay, no more lessons but happy memories.

  41. Great point Mal at #15 “No one looks worried as professionally as a pit bull.” – funny and true. Such a beautiful pup.

  42. Schweinhund!

  43. Duchess brought it home and was gonna have a pork dinner, but… aw geez… it’s too cute.

  44. Mean, rotten pitbulls! Shoulda had the little piggy morsel for a snack by now, no?

    Just kiddin.’ Loves me some pitties!

  45. Is this a ham-n-dog club samich??

  46. Pitbull walk’s into a veterinarian’s office with a pig stuck to his back, the vet says, “How did this happen?” the pig says “It started with a bump on my ass.”

  47. Great Pic Michelle if only people relized how natural this is for your animals!!
    LOVE IT!
    The Duck