This will not end well

“(Oh boy! Look at this big stick that I am carrying all by myself like a good puppy! I cannot wait to burst through my dog door and proudly display it to the food lady!)”

One of the kute kanines under the konsiderate kare of Kaitlyn K.



  1. madness in his eyes!!!


  2. Oh my lord. I love. I must have eet.

  3. eastiegirl says:

    So cute! I love it when animals carry something longer/bigger than what they are! He is so proud!

  4. I hope the food lady’s door is wide enough to accommodate his treasure. He looks so pleased with himself! ❤

  5. Oh that is so totally my dog! We cut down a tree, and she as carrying around an entire tree branch three times her size trying to get it in the dog door!

  6. “proudly display it to the food lady” just killed me! LOVE EET

  7. Maybe if he aims at the mail slot rather than the dog door…

  8. Puppy:
    Look what I killed all by myself ma !!! I’m a BIG dog !

  9. He’s no stick-in-the-mud, he’s branching out.

  10. UP!!!!! hahaha. it’s a little Doug in training

  11. As one of your President said: Bark softly and carry a big stick.

  12. Awwwwwwww…

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    @eastiegirl: Yeah, it is pretty cute when they do that In fact, could it be a new rule? “Any animal carrying something bigger than themselves is cute”?

  14. Stick’s longer than he is! Adorable puppy!

  15. that stick has got to be worth a snasuage, or some beggin’ strips or SOMETHING. As a food lady for two spoiled dogs, I’d trade that stick for a treat–the throw it, so the pup would bring it back and get another treat…

  16. p.s. NTM, there’s a cellphone commercial where a kid says to a girl on the phone “Hi, it’s Mike” … “no, the other Mike”

    and it made me go check cute overload. y’all have TAKEN OVER the world.

  17. Walk softly and….

  18. Ehn!

    I want to nom on those ears.

  19. So happy! So excited! Oh yes, yes he is!!!

  20. OMG, what a prosh little Wawa. This pup has caught himself a big snake. He is proud, he is wild. Such a good little fella.

  21. I like his crazy eyes. Either he’s evilly contemplating the horrors he will commit with his new stick while gazing upon it with his crazy eyes, or his big eyebulbs just cannot handle looking at something so close to his face without appearing crazy/evil. Nevertheless, and probably to my detriment, I find it cute. He will kill me now with his stick.

  22. better get both your eyes on the same prize … seeing ”twice as much” is not always helpful

  23. KittehMamax3 says:

    My new chihuahua pup Harley has to do the same thing. The stick must be bigger than she is and then she goes crazy wagging it around and having to stop to pick it back up because it snags on her leash and she drops it. If you try to trade her out for a smaller one, she will have no part of it… However, she HAS to carry something on our walks, regardless of what it is or how big it is…..Too cute….

  24. His head reminds me of the aliens from “Mars Attacks!”
    NAK NAK!!

  25. It’s a little like Fred Flinstone with that giant rack of ribs on his car in the opener to the cartoon.

  26. I love that pointed taile. Too cute.

  27. his crazy eyes! his wee little muzzle!

  28. For me, there is nothing cuter than a dog exercising ownership over an item – whether it’s a stick, bone, ball or beloved toy. The local dogs in my neighbourhood coming home from the park with a big stick crossways in their mouths always make me smile.

  29. Auntie Meme says:

    He looks like the Pokey Little Puppy from the storybook.

  30. “Look at me and mah stick! Check me out!!!”

  31. Those eyes omg the eyes

  32. Oh geez. It’s those crazy chihuahua eyes. They never grow out of it either. My Dink still looks like a great white it the eyes when he’s playing. X3;

    [Let me just take a portion of that statement out of context, shall I? “My Dink still looks like a great white” 😯 – Ed.]

  33. Eeh! I didn’t know doggies could do wackadoodle eyes too!

  34. This is what the food lady will hear from the other side of the dog door:
    *slightly longer pause*
    *whine . . . arf! arf!”

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Although, Gigi, it’s hard to bark and carry a big stick. You kinda have to choose one or the other. Or take them in turns. 🙂

  36. LOL at dash I was just going to write about the sounds of walking and the Thonk as the puppy tried to go through the door.

  37. “the food lady”. LOL.

  38. You can’t bark through your nose, AuntieM?

  39. @Auntie Meme – He DOES! Aww… We have a sequel: The Sticky Little Puppy. (Wait, that might be the king charles pup from the previous post.)

    I love the post title, too, and Dash has kil’t me. And I must second, third, or wherever we are, “Any animal carrying something bigger than themselves is cute” as a cuteness rule, even if it means the next post is of an ant…

  40. I can just imagine….cute litle puppy running to the dog door, slamming into dog door, looking confused. to cute!!!!!

  41. Queen Victorias King Charles Spaniel, was called Dash.

  42. Hon Glad, sounds like I’m in good company!

  43. Andi from NC says:

    Is “Carrying something bigger than I am” a rule of cuteness? If not, I would like to nominate it!

    [Omnomnominate away! – Ed.]

  44. rubber duck says:

    “Is ‘Carrying something bigger than I am’ a rule of cuteness? If not, I would like to nominate it!”

    Except that that would include ants…and the size of the things _they_ manage to carry is nothing but scary.

    Funny cute little dog though! 🙂

  45. that is so cute

  46. Sooo cute, I wanna kiss that puppy XXX

  47. I can see this ending very bad as he quickly approaches the bite size chihuahua doggy door.

  48. wow – it went right over my head that I basically read what I just wrote in the photo caption. need sleep.