Dogs and Cats, Living Together [Bill Murray voice]

Tiny Pup Penny and and Big Moe Kitteh win this week’s Interspecies Snorgling Award:

Sender-Inner Carolyn O. says her son has used the video at Show and Tell to combat stereotypes. Nicely done.



  1. That is one tolerant kitty.

  2. Gorgeous markings on that cat!

  3. Mass hysteria! (hah, hah! I love that line!)

  4. Mass hiss-terrier?

  5. Love how they play hide n’seek together. Too cute.
    Great song by the way – who is the artist?

  6. loff the “ehn” action at 2:00 😀

  7. kibblenibble says:

    What is it about curtains and critters? My two kitties deliberately get on either side of the curtains, just so they can poke their paws out and bat at each other while hiding. The bond these two share is a joy to watch. ☺

  8. i can’t watch this, the music is too much.

  9. Pay no attention to the cat behind the curtain…

  10. Please tell me that Penny is a puppy, because if she’s full grown I might die. I’m already having trouble breathing.

  11. Dewd, I just read on IMDB that there is a tentative Ghostbusters III planned. Dogs and Cats living together, INDEED!

  12. Song is by Bruce Springsteen – Let’s Be Friends (Skin to Skin)

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s so cool to see them getting along so well. I wish humans could do that. I like the part where they’re playing in the yard. It’s like a variation of kids playing cops and robbers. Moe is all, “okay. I’ll be the cheetah and you be the zebra! Okay? Ready? Go!”

  14. resriechan says:

    (waving both hands to and fro to start The Wave)

    “THE MEG IS in tha HOUSE!!!” “Whoo-hoo!!!” “Par-teeeeeeeeeeeeee”

    PS: In the face markings, this cat much resembles my (IMHO)
    Dear Departed Salinger. Body/ build? Not so much. But DEFINITELY
    in the facial appearance. He nevair played with any pup, in any way,
    in my presence (generally an indoors cat. In pretty, cool weather, I
    might let him wander outdoors nearby for a couple of hours; he would
    stay near my door …..mostly)

    RIP Salinger

    Cute pup, too!

  15. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Precious puppy-what breed is that? And wonderfully tolerant, playful cat, but I swear, he was clearly channeling his inner tiger while pursuing the pup. The graceful but deadly chase-wow! Worth of the savannah, indeed!

  16. Before starting the video I thought the kitty was a rhesus monkey. Weird! Chihuahua are so simultaneously ridiculous and adorable….I love kitty’s pissed off tail-twitching!

  17. Ghostbusters reference FTW!

  18. Joyce Bridges says:

    Puppy’s cute, cat is gorgeous.

  19. AWW 😆 It is so funny to watch a cat playing with a little dog 😆

  20. the Kitty has awesome whiskers

  21. Love kitty’s velvety paws– a true tabby!

  22. The artist is da Boss — Bruce!!!!! Springsteen, of course, Excellent soundtrack for that video. I smiled all the way through. That is either a BIG kitty, or a teeeny doggie, or both.

  23. nads- I saw a monkey at first, too. I figured it was just due to being tired.

    What a great video. I love seeing animals get along so well. It’s something our species often is incapable of.

  24. The whole video had me in stitches but the open laundry basket action was just too too funny!

  25. I want a dog to be friends with my cat 😦

  26. LoL, The Pyramis Hotel..Ghostbusters 2 rules.

  27. “The Video contains music from Sony and is no longer available in your country”…

  28. MiniMoppel says:

    @me (26):
    Me, too.
    Sony Music just s***s.

  29. That´s beautiful. 🙂

  30. Awww! I hope her son got an A+ for that show and tell!! 🙂

  31. Aww! What cuties! *heart melts*

  32. love the song. 🙂 it goes perfect with the video.

  33. Great vid. The cat looks like a tiger out in the yard when compared with the cute little pup. Super cute.

  34. I loves me a big giant tab-boy.

  35. OK, that’s one dog who thinks she’s a cat. 😆

  36. @Dreamspinner Cheryl – Chase-wow…is that like a ShamWow? 🙂

  37. CO needs to put a NSFWHWE tag on vids like this (not safe for work, head will explode).
    My brain just went SPLORT cause this is sooooooo adorable!

  38. I think it’s clear who has the upper paw.

  39. BeckyMonster says:

    Does that cat’s markings have a specific name? Moe looks just like my Mookie, black and silver swirly tabby…

  40. What kind of dog is this?

    [Cat! – Ed.]

  41. Julie in Seattle says:

    I think it’s a longhaired teacup chihuahua. Does anyone know if that’s what they call a “mackerel” tabby?
    My Mom’s mini dachshund Sassy and tabby cat Poppy play like this. The cat waits around the corner to SURPRISE the dog when she comes into a room – gotta get a pic of that one of these days! total jazz hands!

  42. awwww, BFF!

  43. Tigger the long-furred cat was an incurable dog chaser, up to and including German Shepherds. When people walked small dogs past my house I had to bring her inside.

  44. “Mackerel tabby”= parallel stripes. Moe’s whirly-swirly business is actually whats called “classic tabby”. (Unless Wikipedia is pullink our legs!)

    Meanwhile, Penny’s ears are making me swoon. Could she be part Papillon?

  45. Cutest ever but……I am disturbed by the carpet/curtain combo. All those colors, those lines and patterns…….it’s just TOO MUCH for my eyes!

  46. I like Moe’s whirly-swirly business. Very pretty! And I can see that Moe is teaching Penny to pounce like a kitteh. Very feline, those moves.

  47. OMG…the butt wiggle at 2:00! *died of cuteoverload*

  48. “Marbled” is the term I grew up with for this tabby type. Wasn’t even aware “classic” meant the same thing until now. (“The More You Know”…) My favorite uncommon terms for marbled/classic, and mackerel tabbies are “Rorschach tabby” (inkblots!), and “airbrushed tabby” (because the lines are just TOO perfect).

  49. Oh, and tabbies who have most of their tabby markings on their extremities (“ticked” according to Wikipedia), are “ballpoint tabbies”. If you’re familiar with cheap ballpoint pens, you can see where that came from.

  50. I JUST LOVE THIS! LOVE interspecies playing and snorgling. (unfortunately, my cat seriously stressed-out my Chihuahua/terrier)

    Poe, I agree! The interior decor! Hope those two are color-blind enough!!

  51. what is this breed called?

  52. I love the fur/markings on the dog’s tail– reminds me of a lion. The cat in the videop is a classic silver tabby. I have a mackerel tabby– very straight instead of swirly.

  53. This so reminds me of our dog and cat when I was growing up Tomthe cat (he was a siamese the old style with the round head not the new style with the too long nose)

    And Jerry the dog( a toy fox teerrier)

    They loved to chase each other and first they would run past with the dog chasing the cat and then they would run past with the cat chasing the dog

    and Tom loved to hid up on the couch and wait for Jerry to walk by and then pounce on Jerry.. IT was the funniest thing ever to see.

  54. It might be just me but I kind of feel that Moe is seriously teed off with that cute but annoying puppy. I get the impression that he climbed into the laundry basket to get a bit of peace! He’s very tolerant and sweet though, obviously knowing that this is a young thing that needs to play. Cute.!

  55. Don’t know if we’re allowed to comment on our own videos, but I just wanted to say Moe initiates way more than 50% of the play with Penny. That one shot where his tail is flicking, Moe is actually worried about a new dog barking in the next yard and Penny, oblivious, is saying “Let’s play!”

    Penny gets shut in a bathroom at night (she’s only 8 months old) and Moe lays on the floor outside the room, sticking his paw under the door to play with her. Moe waits in the laundry basket, trying to get Penny’s attention. He had to “teach” Penny the curtain game, he would get her to chase him, duck behind the curtain and Penny would just go, “Oh! He disappeared again!” and happily walk off, leaving Moe waiting. Moe began leaving his tail out or one foot very obviously sticking out and finally she caught on.

    Moe is a four year old cat who thinks everything is a game. (i.e; “Attack The Shoelace As It’s Being Tied”, “Knock Anything ‘Roll-ie’ off the Counter”, “Yay, They’ve Got The Ladder Out!”) He will occasionally tell Penny, in no uncertain terms, “Not now!”. And since he’s way bigger, Penny always respects that. But more often than not, Moe is always up for “Penny-time”

  56. Looks like your pets really love each other. I’m not sure what my dog would think if we had a cat in the family.

  57. @Carolyn – all kind of awwwww-some, especially Moe teaching Penny the curtain game. I giggled so hard reading that!

  58. This is the exact situation at my house, i have a chihuahua and a gray tabby and they both do this exact same thing. I was in shock when I saw this, its adorable and sort of bizarre since its like watching our household on CuteOL.

    [Could be worse, eh? 😉 – Ed.]

  59. My heart just melts when I see a larger (or older) cat playing with a puppy or kitten. It always seems that the little one is being mentored in the art of playing nice.

  60. Boogie the Town INDEED! Carolyn, thank you so much for the background info. I love the fact that Moe *taught* Penny a game – that’s adorable AND clever. My parents currently have a kitten, Iris, and are waiting for her to grow big enough to keep a puppy in line before they get the beagle my father’s wanted for a few years. I hope Iris and Allan (the planned puppy’s planned name, although who knows if they’ll get a puppy that LOOKS like an Allan) will be just as friendly and happy together as Moe and Penny. You’re lucky to have such delightful pets!

  61. When big kitteh runs down little puppy outside, it looks like when a lion or tiger runs down its prey!

  62. a rainbow has officially been barfed.

  63. That little dog is most definitely a long haired chihuahua for anyone wondering. I have one myself and their fur changes dramatically from puppyhood to adulthood. They start with that “puppy fluff”, then it all falls out, and they end up with long silky hair. SO cute.

  64. Very cute! I loved it. 🙂

  65. Our cats and dogs love one another too. Our big dog he’s 80 lbs. is very protective of his cats.