Bunday Disapproval

This—what do you call it?—meelk?—is TÉRRIBLÉ!

Mary C., from Animal Advocates, sent this lil’ wild bun in.



  1. the tiniest of raspberries~!

  2. Aw, no teefs!

  3. pbpbbpbpbpttttttthhhhhhhh!

  4. The new face of lactose intolerance.

  5. pbbpbpbbbbthhhh!

  6. “blech” says bun

  7. resriechan says:

    Ca, s’appelle “le lait”.

    (and getcher minds out o’ the gutter. Not THAT kind of lay.)

    le lait – = milk en francais


    Mlle. Resriechan
    (I was born in the Japanese area of France)

    (or was it the French area of Japan??? hmmmmmmmmmmm)

  8. resriechan says:

    260oakley: i use THREE languages, and you STILL WIN!!!!


    (*pouting like a three-year old*)

  9. Queen of Dork says:


  10. kibblenibble says:

    I’m always surprised by bunneh tongue. I just don’t expect them to stick out their tongue, I s’pose. This is a very pretty disapproving bunster. Love the multi-colored fur.

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  12. omg, LOL!!!!

  13. BunBun’s reaction to NBC’s Olympic coverage, as usual.

  14. Where is it’s nose????

  15. Fluidstatic says:

    Adorable multicolored bunny disapproves entirely. Totally a reflection of my mood today.

  16. I didn’t think it possible for a bunny to be such a sourpuss. 🙂

  17. The accents in “terrible” are a nice touch.

  18. @260Oakley: As one so afflicted, I am proud to be represented by the super-adorable rabb’s-berry above. Assuming I survive your puns, that is. *twitch*

  19. Mais NON! Zees es not zee disapprovals, eet is the sweetch for zee Bunneh Beamz!

  20. I almost choked on my iced-tea.

    I’m in 100% agreement with 260Oakley. That little “nyeh” changes everything.

  21. Please make a raspberry bunny pop-up book.
    Thank you.

  22. shnoopydoopydoo says:

    JEEEEBUS!!! That is the cutest lil peenk tounge EVAH!!! EVAH EVAH EVAH!
    Wait…. wut?…..

  23. AWE!!!!

  24. shnoopydoopydoo says:

    Le enfant terrible!

  25. I had no idea bun tongues were so so soft and pink. Ya just never see them!

  26. earlybird1 says:

    awwwww… why can’t there be more bunneh tongues? So pink! So round! *thud*

  27. baby bun likes a touch of alfalfa in her milk – a la mommy.

  28. resriechan says:

    Also in re. les accents in the word terrible….while les accents vraiment existent dans le francais, il n’y a aucun accent pour le mot terrible.

    Je me souviens, mais, c’est vrai.

    (This is cool. I can nuff en francais & the nuffer catcher, can’t catch me!!!!

    (no real worries, guys/ galz; I’m only doing un peu avec la grammaire; pas nuffing au sujet.)

    Paix a tous les gens, “man”……………

  29. resriechan says:

    OMG IT DID moderation on moi, after all. I stand corrected (sitting actually)

    Gee, wonder, if it might have been, the fact
    that the letters “NUFF” were in the text.

    Ya suppose?

  30. fifthsonata says:

    OMG where is his tiniest of noses?!?!

    I feel this sudden urge to cram this bun in my shirt and walk away….

  31. It’s “l’enfant terrible,” shnoopydoopydoo. 😀

    Also…this is like baby bunny disapproval. Baby bunny disapproval is like “Pbbbtthhhh, I don’t like you!” *sticks out tongue* while older bunny disapproval is like “you derned kids! Get off my lawn!”

  32. SquirrelyWhirley says:

    I used to have a bun named Johnington when I was younger. Everytime my dad would sit in his recliner and eat a fudgecicle Johnington would come running from out of nowhere, jump into my dads chest and eat the popsicle from the bottom while my dad ate from the top. Then afterwards he’d sit on the arm of the chair cleaning his face and his tounge would be flicking all over the place. I miss him so very much 😦

  33. Oh, that’s just bloody charming!

  34. That’s the same face I make regarding coconut…..but I’m nowhere near as cute!

  35. @ Squirrelywhirryly (sp?)

    RIP Johnington & we here @ CO are pretty good at warm fuzzies for our ex-warm fuzzy friends.

    Keep communicating here, cuz there are some awesome & sweet peeps here
    (live peeps; not the sugar Easter candies,,,,, although you might see a PICTURE of the sugar Peeps, before the summer)..

  36. and @ victoreia:

    I’m the same way I HATE the flavor coconut.

    AND I LIVE IN FLA. DO YOU KNOW how hard it is to go to a beach around humans with sungoop on and to AVOID the (ugh) fake coconut aroma????

    (Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. and gaaaaaaaaaaah also.)

  37. @Resriechan, so parasail above the beach. 😉

  38. This is a wild bunny which a woman found in California. She brought it to us so we could rehabilitate it so it could be released back to the wild. The baby is eating flowers, grass, hay, cilantro and parsley already. Thanks!

  39. More bunny tongue
    Baby bunny tongue
    and more baby wildlife pics

    Baby Fox tree squirrel, Mary Cummins
  40. @Mary C – as is usually the case where raising baby critters is concerned, not all the stories have happy endings. But I found myself hoping there was one for this little guy(?). That “Baby’s First Nyerrhe!” look in the photo brings back memories of trying, at 2 AM with one eye open, to convince some small squirmy beastie or other to please eat so I could go back to sleep!:

    California Ground squirrel baby says "no" to formula, by Mary Cummins

  41. I want that bunny right now~ I want him to kiss me with that precious (and soft, yep they are soft) tongue~ One of my bunnies has been giving me “good morning” kisses~

  42. nwcunningham says:

    Extreme close up? Pretty please? It would so make my Monday morning.

  43. graceofbass says:

    @ Mary C, does this bunny have a nose?

  44. Anyone else thinking of the famous Einstein tongue photo?

  45. Editr bunneh haz red yor submishin.

    [Moderator dude suspects you think you’re at a different blog. – Ed.]

  46. Bunny has a teensy nose. Here it is. http://www.flickr.com/photos/marycummins/4372747337
    and Bunny has teeny tiny bunneh earz
    Baby bunny, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
    here I am holding the bunny
    Baby bunny, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
    wild bunnies are tough to raise. They’re so sensitive. This one is eating on his/her own (haven’t checked yet) so it will survive.

  47. Sigh! I think we need a new website – Disapproving baby buns!

  48. Whooooooohooooo!!!! My foster bunneh iz fay-mouse!!!!!

  49. What – no close up????

  50. In the “bunneh earz” picture, I could swear that bun-ling is smiling. I am now ded. Again.

  51. To Mary C… You are awesome Thanks for all your Wild animal rehab wrok.

  52. Yesss, ware iz dee noze? Deed it slurp back into dee face? And why am I typing in a bad French accent?

  53. daisyclover says:


  54. Omigod the other pictures! I just died.