Hi there, my name is Dug. My master made me this collar so I may speak in 140 characters or les — SQUIRREL!

You always knew your pup was a bit of a bird-brain; now he can actually tweet. At this year’s New York Toy Fair, Mattel announced Puppy Tweets, a collar tag with sensors linked to your home computer via Wi-Fi. The tag sends a tweet to your dog’s Twitter account whenever the animal moves, barks, or naps.

And here’s the… uh… extreme… erm.

Puppy Tweets collar pendant

Twitter!  It’s Tweets for Twits, and now your Spitz.



  1. every single time??? oh my

  2. Queen of Dork says:

    CO is scaring me tonight. There was momentarily this other weird post by Meg with a strange name I can’t even repeat. I clicked on it and there was nothing there. It kind of popped up right in the midst of the Caturday kneading post. Did anybody else see that? And now, this facelss stuffed dog by NTMTOM. (brrrrrrr) (shiver) I’m going to hide under my bed now.

  3. I don’t know if I think this is cute. I kinda think it’s just stupid. 😛 Why oh why would I care that so-and-so’s dog just barked?

  4. Greet. Ings. I. Am. Dog. Woof. Please. Feed. Me. Some. How.

  5. Huh. Am I the only one wondering what the Twitter account would look like if someone used this as a tracking collar for their teenager?

    Creepy Faceless Mannequin Dog is creepy, but it is a DOG collar after all. Only for a cat’s version could they have hoped to find a model (I want to say ‘booth babe’ for some reason) who’d zonk out and hold still long enough to serve the purr-pose.

  6. Fluidstatic says:

    Creepy. I predict that because of these things, twitter bandwidth will be cursed with such tweets as “Fido is walking into the kitchen” about 70 times/minute. Bleh.

  7. It’s gonna sell like crazy

  8. This is going to be the next big thing I predict. People are obsessed with their pets and everyone wonders what their pet does while they’re at work.

    And I know that some time next spring a robbery attempt will be foiled by some dog’s twitter account being non-stop barking for an hour and the owner’s wondering what is going on and calling the next door neighbors to check in, only to find the robbers in thick of things!

    I’m not saying this is a good thing – my dog’s twitter account would be the most boring thing ever, he sleeps more than a cat – but you can’t deny that people will want these.

  9. What a waste of plastic. What a silly ego trip. There are far more useful things to develop than an internet gadget for your pet.

    sorry /endrant it’s um pink and cutesy …

    [ 😆 You’re commenting on a Cute Overload post, complaining of silliness and frivolity… yes? I do have that right? – Ed.]

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahahahaha! Theo, that’s not really helping! 🙂
    [Affirmative! – K9]

    Peeps! I just got back from the store where I helped serendipity happen for a stranger. How cool. What a nice feeling. Like jumping into a nice cool swimming pool in July. It’s a blessing and nice to do something for somebody else. *sigh*

  11. Let’s try that again:

    Hi there, my name is Dug. My master made me this collar so I may speak in 140 characters or few — SQUIRREL!

    That’s better.

  12. Give him some slack, Peter. He’s a dog. A faceless dog.

  13. How the hell does this even work?

    [Probably has a microphone in it, and an accelerometer. You know, like in a Wii controller, or iPhone – Ed.]

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    If we close our eyes and our mouths, we can All be faceless like this dog. I’ll do it now. See? Oh yeah, you can’t see me with your eyes closed. Oh. And we’re on the internet so we can’t see each other anyway. he-he. 🙂

  15. I think this is something that has me saying “why?” It might make a dog owner at work feel a little better about their pet.

    What might be interesting is to include a camera. Based on certain things (timer, accelerometer, light sensor (if the camera is behind something), etc.), a picture is taken, uploaded to a service, and a tweet is made with a link to it. No faux narration–just a picture.

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. Technology that I don’t know about. What is an accelerometer and what does it do? I know what an altimeter does but I don’t have one as I don’t summit mountains…

  17. Ah, how ironic that I came here out of curiosity for the five new CO tweets that lead to nonexistant pages, only to see a post about a twitter gadget.

    I think it’s silly, but I’m not gonna lie–some part of me is intrigued. I think I need to step away from the twitter.

  18. POINT!

  19. @charles – A camera? Why? So I can watch my dog licking himself all day?

  20. @yaya – Well, it still seems better than the faux narration.

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, goodness. The Green Mile came on TV and I’m watching that. The little mouse in that movie is so cute and adorable. Mice in photos and on TV or movies seem so cute but if one were to run through my living room, I would probably freak. Why? What the heck is up with that? There’s no logic to that. Cute in the fake world, scary for real? Huh? Why?

  22. Great. First PBS reruns Daleks In Manhattan and now this.

  23. …..[speechless]…..

    Um, that’s right up there with the “Back-scratcher t-shirt” as a useless invention. (Shown in this month’s Reader’s Digest.

  24. Well, if I owned a poor malformed dog like this, I think it would be necessary,it could harm itself while I was at work….What’s that, oh it’s just a model, to display the collar on. Well in that case, what a heap of odure.
    On a serious note, I would like a camera attached to my two cats,for just a couple of days. I know it would mostly consist of close-ups of the couch my duvet cover and other places where they sleep, but it’s what happens when they go on a wonder round, beyond their territory. I am sure there are some cat dramas, “I had a run in with that stinky ginger tom, saw a foxy chic, shame I’ve had my nuts cut off”

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: My cat’s collar-cam would show lots of footage of him laying around. Laying on my bed. Sleeping on my daughter’s bed. Sprawled out on the living room carpet. Chilling in the grass in the back yard. Oh, and lots of close ups of his food and water bowls as he dines. That would be about it.

  26. fifthsonata says:

    If you click the product link and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a link for a twittering cat. I don’t think weird collar technology is involved, but….I haven’t decided if I find this funny or not.


  27. Cool invention, but COMPLETELY ridiculous.

    [No arguments here. Yes and yes. Of course! – Ed.]

  28. I’d buy one if it only told me when the dog sleeps / barks. Would be so easy to make sure that he’s quiet when I’m not home, and that nothing disturbs his day. But to see when he MOVES? Egad.

  29. I’d only buy it if it would tweet me right before my dog barfed or had an accident in the house. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  30. Snorglepup says:

    Does this mean the days of falsely blaming the cat are over?

  31. Nope. Kitty tweets is next.
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure my dog would chew this thing up and then gack on the carpet.

  32. or should I say: if left to his own “devices,” I’m pretty sure my dog would chew this thing up etc.

  33. Um, why?

    @Patito…Gah! Daleks in Manhattan is my least favorite Tennant ep. Go watch Blink to cleanse your mental palate.

    [Agreed. The 2-part “Silence in the Library” is by the same writer, too. – Ed.]

  34. Am I the only one who wants to buy one for barks only and put it on my neighbor’s annoying barker so he can know just how often his bratty dog disturbs the area?

  35. For those of you who would want a camera for your kitty’s collar, you can buy them. There is a guy in Europe that made one for his cat and then started selling them once he got some interest. Personally, I think it would be a lot more interesting for a kitty that goes outside – mine would consist of sleeping, eating, and barfing as well.


  36. Well, that’s…interesting…


    (Also, I love the “UP” reference here! :D)

  37. lexipuppymommy says:

    My dogs’ tweets will be VERY boring. “We’re sleeping” “We’re jumping all over the furniture” “We’re barking” “And barking” “And barking”

  38. I have to admit I probably would buy this… only I have cats… and one is half Siamese… Her day is anything but boring I don’t think she comes with an off switch!

    I can just hear her tweets Hi ho I am off to the loo Scritch scratch

    Ohh look a bird at the window Sound of galumping Leap to window then incessant cat chatter for 5 or 10 miinutes untl bird flys away.

    Oh Look Little One is up… Romp roomp wrestle wrestle MErow merow pffffft Pffffft

    Merow i found a hair band must cary it to the office door.

    Wow here is a button Play play carry to office door to add to growing pile.

    See… wouldn’t you love to read those tweets…

    Better than I saw a babe she was fine… John and I just left the bar john barfed.

  39. Um, because it looks too much like a plastic dog toy. If I put this on my dog and left him alone I would be more concerned that he was chewing and ingesting it then whether he was barking or napping or watching lame t.v.

  40. What do cats do all day?
    Kitty cam has the answers.
    Obvy these were indoor only cats:
    break down 22% of day looking out the window
    12% interacting with other family pets
    8% climbing on stuff
    6% sleeping (ONLY 6%!)
    5% playing with toys
    4% eating or looking at food
    …and there are considerations of using movie cameras next.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    KittyAdventures: That was awesome! Hahahaha! I wonder why do cats do that chattering noise when they’re at the window looking at birds? It’s so funny. The cat that I grew up with (Fat Albert) one time really scared me and a friend who was spending the night. He was sitting in the window when he suddenly for no reason (that we could see) screamed. And I mean screamed, high pitched like a human. My friend and I never found out what he saw that made him do that but we ran the hell out of that room.

  42. Noooooooooooooooo. Just no.

  43. But cutesy and frivolous is so much better when it’s a real live naturally formed being … which may or may not be provided with accessories. 🙂

    (I will confess to wanting to set up a plot of growing, fresh catnip with a live webcam … )

  44. “what a pile of ordure” LOLOL!!

    Yeah, a dog would totally eat that, it looks like a toy. Then you’d get tweets about how his digestion is progressing… oops! out to the yard to take a poo!

    And cat twitters, you guys are hilarious. They’d be mostly updates about napping. And eating. And more napping.

  45. hmmmm…my dogs tweets would probably be something like:
    sleeping in the sunshine.
    Ooops, here’s a cloud, I’m moving to the bed.
    Sleeping on the couch.
    Seeing if there is anything more interesting the dry kibble in my bowl (theres not)
    Looking out the window
    Sleeping on the couch
    tearing around the house chasing each other
    sleeping on the bed.
    Cori’s home!

  46. @Trin…cool inky!
    Although I have been home all day and my cats have slept more like 76% of the day.

    Huh, I wonder what my cats would tweet…or should it be ‘meow’?
    Day-z: Hey peeps. 8 a dustball from floor. Ha.
    MC Saff: I c u. Getting ready to stare at wall.
    Day-z: Bloated from dustball consumption. Will not fly Southwest today. LMFuzzy AO
    Mc Saff: zzzzzz
    Day-z: zzzz
    Mc Saff: zzzzz WHAT WAS THAT NOISE! zzzz
    Day-z: zzzzzz
    Mc Saff: zzzzzzz
    Day-z: zzzzzzz

  47. QoD – I like to think cats see things we can’t see and science couldn’t prove or disprove. Maybe it’s a Pharoah or high preist who used to scritch them under the chin and stored up problems for us by worshipping them……..the look….”No I am not getting down on the floor to fish under the dresser for your toy”……..the look……”Oh all right then.”

  48. One Christmas time, me and hubs were visiting my sister who at the time had three cats. All of us saw the three of ’em sitting on the stairs staring at something on the wall. And they had synchronized head movements following whatever it was! Nothing there visible to any of us hoomans. Weird. I said maybe they see a vortex into another world!

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad and Paunchie: I think they do see into another dimension. Or in the case of SamKitty, maybe he’s smoking weed or crack or both behind my back.

  50. That’s it, must’ve been some trippy weed they were on.

  51. Oh I am thinking definately another deminsion… of course it could just be a fly on the wall… or spider too tiny for us to see… of course there is that terrifying scream story… then there is Lilac she is certain there is something living under/behind the day bed in my office.. mind you it is one of those big wood ones where you have to pull the drawer out to see what is under/behind it and space is limited it involves moving things to pull it out.. so guess how many times I have pulled it out because she has told me there is deffinately a mouse or something living under/behind there.

    I fall for it almost every time.. because I live kind of in the country and mice in the house are not completely unheard of. we usually get one or two a year under the fridge… except not so far this year… obviously the cats are doing a good job 🙂

  52. @QoD: “Cute in the fake world, scary for real?” – Makes sense to me! I’m the same way. Love tame rats and mice, rats and mice on CO or nature shows or being cutesy in movies are adorable, rats and mice in my house NO NO NO NO NO.

    I think it’s because the ones on TV and so forth won’t be destroying my stuff, spreading disease, parasites, or excrement-where-they-darn-well-please, creating foul odors, or having noisy squeaky mouse sex in the ceiling above my bed at 3 AM. Most of that may well be plugged into an instinctive aversion similar to the way many people react to seeing an unexpected snake by their foot, I dunno.

  53. Ever get a dead mouse in the wall? Oh my. The smell! Awful.

    There was one in middle school I remember. Died behind the radiator. Oh Gawd, I can still remember that smell. (barf) Must’ve been a rat cos it stank!

  54. “noisy squeaky mouse sex in the ceiling above my bed at 3 AM. ”


  55. Queen of Dork says:

    BStrange: “noisy squeaky mouse sex.” I just guffawed out loud when I read that! My sick mind added this boww-chicckka-bow-bow porno movie music and I was picturing little mousie red light districts in the rafters.

  56. And one girl mousie yellin’ at another girl mousie ~ get offa mah block beyotch!

    lol red light districts

  57. A mouse cat house? Now that’s just wrong… Glad I could amuse. 😀

    So they have dog twitter collars, cats seem on the horizon.. Can birds who can tweet be far behind?

  58. Wha??? “Your dog’s Twitter account”…. huh? Just can’t wrap my poor old brain around this one.

  59. Couldn’t be any less pointless, then the other twitters out there.

  60. I would be interested to see the insanity it would bring if I put it on my neighbor’s basset puppy…but there’s no way that dinky little piece of plastic could withstand all that drool.

    [Wait…… basset puppy?? PUPPY? BASSET??? You can’t just SAY that and not post PHOTOS! 😯 – Ed.]

  61. @ Teho Yes Dimension. I saw it after I posted but no way to fix it.

    Hmmm that is one of those weird looking words that look wrong even when you spell it correctly isn’t it.

  62. @KittyAdventures – It is. I’m actually kind of glad you typoed “dimension”, and opened a portal into whatever dimension Teho’s “not a link, link” moment spawned from, it gave me an amusing WTF moment. So, thanks. D

  63. @ BStrange Teho is very very good at that.. and bending my brain in new directions sometimes. As do many of the peeps on here. IT is my favorite play ground online!

  64. bookwyrm27 says:

    Actually, ‘Dug’ is spelled ‘Doug.’

    [Noe! Yor kiding mi! – Ud.]