Caturday Knead-a-thon!

The kitten that started it all, the kitten “Biscuit Girl” Daphne:

Then there is ‘Baby Kitten Kneading to fabulous classical guitar sounds’

Followed by: I’ll Help You (with those) Thanksgiving Stomach Pains

And don’t forget: Ah Gots the Biscuit-Makin’ BLUES!

Don’t forget this crowd favorite: “Making Biscuits?!”

You seem… how you say? Tense to dee toche
Bunnehs getting into the act-shons:


Shi-cat-su Spa
[All four kitteh paws kneading puppeh furs] Yes Sir, I think we have some bone-scented massaging oil for you. I shall work it in.


The More You Know: Why Kittehs Knead

The_more_you_know2Q: Why do kittehs knead?

A: That loud purring followed by the sharpening of claws on some soft spot is called “milk-treading.” A nursing kitten instinctively uses his paws to draw out milk, gently pushing on his mother’s stomach to increase the milk flow. When older cats behave this way, it’s a good sign that they’re happy, content, and probably recalling their kittenhood.

Sender-Inner credits: Catharoo, the original kitten-kneading-cinematographer, Classical guitar/baby kitten knead by Adam T., Thanksgiving barf-a-thon by H.L., Biscuit-making Blues Sandra C., Bunnies kneading by Jill P. Shi-cat-su from Stacy G.

Be sure to post YOUR favorite kneading movies in the commmments! [head tilt]



  1. Lol…. I am pretty sure these are certified massage therapists

  2. Wake up, Joe

  3. Awww…cute little kitties! To cute!!!

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Awwww! I’ve got no video to contribute, just a memory. My long-ago kitty, Tiger, used to make biscuits on me every night to sooth herself to sleep. I HAD to wear my chenille bathrobe at this time, because she would get a bit of it in her mouth to “nurse” on, with the LOUDEST sucking noises.

  5. My Ezri has to nurse on my earlobe and knead my head as part of our bed-time ritual… other time or spot; just when it’s my bed-time.

    Her brother, Kyuri, on the other hand, will start any time, anywhere…..

  6. Carnivorous M. says:

    I love how the gray kitteh in Vid #5 is just so patient with the baby marmie. (Or is he enjoying it?)

  7. I keep meaning to bring this up: I got the urge to embed thoroughly washed out of my hair ages ago, on a comments forum where the rule was strictly “link, don’t embed, plzkthx”. I don’t even remember why that rule existed, anymore, but this’s why when people say “post [thing]” I read it as “link [thing]”. So what is the official CO embed-ment position? ‘Cause you know what they say about assumptions, and all.

    Meanwhile: I’m partial to this one, because it is such an un-knead-inspiring setting. Forget guessing the temperature by listening to the rate of cricket chirps – just watch the knead-speed of your cat. I can’t tell whether he’s looking for the thermostat setting under the dog’s fur, or if he’s trying to dry his paws off. Or to get the dog to relax and lie down so he has a dry place to stand. That could be it!

  8. Well, that answers that, I guess. 😀

  9. You cat always get what you want
    But if you try sometime
    You just might find
    You get what you knead

    brought to you by the Beasts of Purrden

    [I think this has earned a YAY!!! – Ed.]

  10. Carnivorous M. says:

    @260Oakley: -groans- Here’s your own personal biscuit-machine, for that perilous poem of puns. 😀

  11. Teeny Gozer says:

    Some great cartoon kneading going on here:

    Simon: the single most put-upon cat owner since John Arbuckle.

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Meg is trying to keel me ded!

  13. i had a cat that made biscuits while sucking on a single carpet yarn – like the kitty in the 2nd vid. It was real funny ’cause she’d leave one yarn sticking straight up on my bath mat, and the other yarns around it were all pushed down in a sunburst pattern around it.

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Teeny: I adore Simon’s Cat. That’s SO how it goes here at my house.

  15. My goodness! Biscuit-makin’-overload.

  16. These are two of our shelter cats. Rebecca is massaging Liberty, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  17. Don’t forget:


    …oh dear ;-P

  18. Sorry, here’ s the video!


  20. Massage bunnies… and “Biscuit Girl”… putting me to… sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    I wish I had videos of some of my cats-of-days-past. Two of them would knead and suck on their own tongues until they drooled. Copiously. All over me. We’re talking puddles, folks. But I seldom had the heart to move them, so I’d tuck a napkin under kitty chins as a drool-catcher, and wait it out. One afternoon, all I could reach without, oh horrors, WAKING THE KITTY *points at the Simon’s Cat vid Teeny Gozer posted!* was a highly absorbent feminine protection product in my mom’s spare purse.

    I’m lucky the “intarweb” hadn’t found our house yet, or that picture would probably still be around. 😯

  21. 260Oakley – You rock.


  22. *blinkblink* Heeey… Where’d the rest of the bunny caption go? Is it hidink? *peers searchingly*

  23. it’s all fun and games till someone try ‘makin biscuits’ of my face. while i’m sleeping.

    [Yeah, that ain’t good. Cats… 😛 – Ed.]

  24. It’s a good thing I’m home alone right now, because if my husband were here he’d be so alarmed by the noises I’m making he’d probably call 911. . .

  25. dr. berthaservant says:

    Thanks Meg (and everyone else who shared). I kneaded this!

  26. OMG! I came to the comments to post a video of my cat Digit kneading…and it was already here! He’s second in the compilay-shons Meg posted. That’s so cool that someone used my Digit in that video.

  27. puddlepeppers says:

    To “Domino,” who faithfully made biscuits when I was under the
    “bumpy chenille” bedspread–I’ll always remember you.

  28. earlybird1 says:

    EEEEEE! I love how the second kitteh has his/her face smooshed into the carpet the whole time. And how the fourth cat (Siamese) keeps nomming his blankie. PROSHNESS!

  29. I love the biscuit-making compendium! One of our tabby cats is in love with her soft, fuzzy bed — she likes to not only knead on it but nurse on it. When she’s happy or wants attention, she hops into the bed, starts kneading and nursing on her favorite part of the fuzz, and purrs at full volume. All while looking sidelong at you as if to say, “You;re going to pet me now, right? RIGHT?”

    (Sorry, this uploaded much darker than the original):

  30. OK, I am a failure at embedding.

  31. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh this is going to be great! All these cute kneading videos, I can watch a few at a time …. should get me through this evening quite nicely!

  32. I was found by a starved and terrified bedraggled kitten in a park, who had me at ‘Mew’. Once I washed, combed and cut the mats and burrs out of her fur, she was a Maine Coon cat. She never once complained, just kneaded and purred.

    From then on when I got the curry-comb out, she would lie on my stomach, purr, knead and suck my shirt so much it would look as if I spilt a drink on myself, with her plume of a tail making undulating question marks right under my nose as she blissed out.
    Just turn Stubs the Siamese mix 90′ and add twelve pounds of fur beyond the collar, and voila! Sheena, Queen of the Jungle!

  33. Random addendum: the CO “the more you know” logo… Pricelessly giggleworthy.

  34. Fluidstatic says:

    “Biscuit girl” ….ahn. *headtilt* so…sleepy.

  35. @Purrl99:
    I love your organization! Stop on by their site folks:

  36. kittensnotkids says:

    i love all the kneaders, but I also feel sad seeing some of them (especially baby kneader #2, doing the carpet faceplant) – that little baby is so obviously trying to nurse on the carpet. if she at least had a little blankie or a stuffed animal to suck on, i don’t think it would seem so pitiful to me. the kitten (Digit?) in the compilation video has a blankie, and THAT totally rules.

    love all the little kneadful things!

  37. kibblenibble says:

    The kitty with the sock in his/her mouth in the compilation video made me lol. I’m feeling a bit left out, because both of my kitties are only minimal kneaders. But these videos and pictures can supplement that void for me. 😦

  38. 😆 Those kitty kneaders are all SO CUTE 😆

  39. kokobutterbuns says:

    My 17 year old kitty has been a chronic kneader from the get-go & and even though her claws can sometimes be a bit too sharp, I need her as much as she kneads me.

  40. catloveschanel says:

    kitteh Olympics. Can you knead like me?
    Almost as cute as Apollo Ono. I think I love him.

  41. Too MOISHE!!!

  42. Ugh. Over the past week I’ve developed some really painful back problems. Can I have a massage bunny or two? I promise I’ll pay ’em overtime!

  43. You shouldn’t knead your biscuits much; it makes them tough… and you will “knead” to start again.


  44. As long as he/she kneads me
    I know where I must be
    I’ll cling on steadfasly
    As long as she kneads me

    As long as life is long
    I’ll love him, right or wrong
    and some how I’ll be strong
    as long as he kneads me.

    with apologies to Lionel Bart

  45. oh dear god, is this caturday ?

  46. Is this serendipity, I adapt a song from Oliver and the next post is from Olivier {{{Spooky}}}

  47. It would be really spooky if was really from, you know, Olivier. Cry God for Harry, England and St. GEEEEEEOOOOOOOOORGE!!!

  48. I just died. And here´s my girl Ruby, making loads of biscuits.

  49. Oh, and my Janelle (who now lives with my friend Anneke because she didn´t get on with my boy Lugosi) is in that Ultra Kawaii video! At 0:50! Cool stuff 🙂

  50. @pebbe: I love that one. 🙂

  51. Dogs do it too!

  52. Oh these videos are waaay too proshe! 😀 😀

    My orange tabbeh only kneads on fleece. If I wear a fleece robe he will knead away, otherwise, I am not kneaded.
    One of my sister’s cats kneads and drools.

  53. My cat buries his head in my hair while kneading, and he drools a lot, too! If I pick him up he immediately goes to his ‘spot’ in my hair and goes to town. I really don’t mind some drooled on locks because he seems so happy.

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Christ, Alison…you should’ve warned us aboot the Red Rocket (or the attempt thereof)! XD!!!

    BTW, has anybody every had a clawed kitteh make biscuits on your scalp? It’s HEAVEN!!! Although it hurts like HELL at first, LOL!!

    And mah fuzzy buddy Nermal likes to wedge himself in between my head and pillow, and although he’s declawed, he likes to hold hands with me. Whenever he starts to make biscuits, I alternate by squeezing his paw just a little bit. He loves it!

  55. There’s a funny voice-over version of the video that Alison embedded (#17) by that guy who is so good at putting words in cats’ mouths. But I’m not talented enough to find or embed it. Somebody?

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Man, my cat is a piece of work. I was in the kitchen preparing some chicken that I’m roasting for later. SamKitty began yelling at me to give him some. Well, I know that he’s pretty spoiled and used to getting his way all the time but I had to put my foot down and tell him, “There is NO way I’m feeding you this raw chicken!” He got all mad. Just before he slammed out his cat door I heard him mumbling under his breath something about, “Wait until you go to sleep tonight, lady.” Sheeesh.

  57. Critterluvvr says:

    all cute. But the baby on the carpet needs mama to pick her up! I wanted to cry. Hold that muffin and let her suck on your shoulder or something!

  58. Samkitty, you don’t want to get salmonella!!

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Thanks. I tried to tell him that but he still got all mad and stomped off in a huff. He’s come back inside from the back yard now and he’s asleep on my daughter’s bed. But before he took his nap, he made this huge production where he pretended to be fainting from starvation. Drama. sigh.

  60. @Juniper, the late beloved Stinky LOVED paw massages. I miss that cat!

  61. OMG! What a way to start my Sunday. These kitties are so obviously loved and love their guardians too! My boy Bumpy is a very “kneady” guy too. Sharp claws though, but I put up with it. Wish I had a video to contribute. 🙂

  62. Chris & Cricket says:

    Just after I finished watching all these Kneading vids, I look next to me & my kitty is doing the same thing!

  63. Ah this takes me back! My fat-cat is the reason I can’t own a cat to this day, she was the sweetest little kitten but turned into a MAJORLY furocious grown up kitty. Couldn’t even pet her. UNLESS she was makin biscuits on my blanket! Then I had a good 20 minute window in which I could cuddle, kiss, etc. And the Staffordshire terrier I had since he was a tiny puppy would do this also, on any blanket he could find. With a huge wad of blankie in his mouth, he’d suck and knead on it til he fell asleep. Gotta love these beasts of ours!

  64. For your consideration…this is my cat Broham doing what he normally does to my Fiance in the morning.

  65. @Jen, that is stinkin’ cute!

  66. Desdemona: This one, maybe? (Sounds more like a voiceover for the rabbit masseuse Meg posted.):

  67. @Theresa: He’s normally not this sweet. Imagine the looks you get when someone asks ‘What breed is he?’ and your response with a completely straight face is ‘Half Demon…?’

  68. You know, I just had a memory. Once we had (one of our many) this boy kitty that was gender-confused. He’d let the smaller kitties “nurse” at his tummy. They’d get little bits of his hair in their mouf and pretend nurse. He’d purr and purr. I suppose he enjoyed the tummy massage. Strange for an adult male cat though, no?

    Nursin’ yer doin it wrong.

    Cats are so weird.

  69. Paunchie: Kinda like this?

    That’s one of several I found, pretty aww-worthy… Reminds me of how our roosters would adopt batches of chicks if something happened to their mother. They’d scratch up food and call them to it (and punt chicks right and left – they never seemed to be able to fine-tune their scratching to go around the poofballs swarming their toes), and call them to the roost and perch just above them (but never “sit on them” the way hens do, they just looked confused at the little yellow fluffs trying to burrow into their feathers, and stood up taller).

    Our male cats never really seemed to catch the bug from our fowl like that one in the video, though… They looked upon kittens as a moderately amusing nuisance.

  70. Oh, and Paunchie, I envy you for getting to see that fur-sthand!

  71. Now I shall be obsessed with trying to capture my kitties kneading on video.


  73. Queen of Dork says:

    Aaawwwwwwww. That was cute, Meg!

  74. Bstrange, LOL and yes, exactly. I suppose it’s just kitty bonding!

    fur-stand (groan!)

  75. Oh and the bigger male kitty used to wash and lick the little ones, just like a mommy cat would!

  76. ShelleyTambo says:

    @Paunchie, It’s not unusual for male cats to take to kittens better than females do. Our male cat would always mother our foster kittens–to the best of his ability. We called him “Uncle Tip Toe.” The female cats, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them and made that very clear.

  77. That last picture with the cat on top of the golden retriever makes me think the cat is saying,

    “It’s not what you think.”

  78. The dog in the video that “pebbe” posted looks so much like our Whompa (Husky mix) that I did a double-take. I unfortunately don’t own a camcorder, or I would have plenty of kneading material around here, when Philo gets going on his blankie.