What is the Internet, again?

The Internet is not a big truck that you just dump something on! It’s a series of tubes! With ferrets in them! And these ferrets have beady eyes and beepable pink noses and they tell me what to do! And right now they tell me to show you…


Sender-inner Cat tells us that her ferret Plankton here outgrew the tubes.



  1. *beep*

  2. OH MY GAWD.

    Tiny pink nose owns me.

  3. StormCat42 says:

    I’ve tried… I really have… I walked away from the screen… Then came back… Then went away again…. For a loooong time… Then came back… I really really did try… But I can’t HELP IT!!!

    *beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeep*

  4. Nancy Bowers says:

    Gotta love this one! The nose shot is perfect you can count the whiskers!!!

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaa ! peenk nosicle keels me. Lookit the intricate pattern of, hum, sense-of-smell organs ???? on the peenk moist nosicle, aaaaaaaaaaaa, keeled, *thunk*

  6. oh, and wise beady eyes, tineh tight-lipped smilio, this ferret knows something and he’s not telling.
    NTMTOM, LOL capshon.

  7. resriechan says:

    NTM, we di’unt know that you knew how to pull in the non-ironic,
    “simple pleasures” audience so skillfully.

    OK, folks, for one possible Friday afternoon related song/oh, my bad, I meant to say Friday afternoon earworm (but not earworms for the ferret b/c that WOULD be, bad for him-is it a him or a her but– oh JEEZ things be complicated)

    lyric of introduction (and also Click/ Clack/ NPR has a radio show on Sat mornings; they have a website and the website HAS A WHOLE LIST OF CAR SONGS;if peeps are innerested, I’ll post that in a later comment)

    (Beatles, o’ course, you know that’s one of the lingos in which I’m franqua or whatever the other part of that phrase is)

    “Baby you can drive my car;
    Yes I”m gonna be a star;
    Baby you can drive my car — and MAYBE I’ll love you”

    (Ready, Kids????)

    Beep, beep;
    Beep, beep YEAH!!!

    (And then there’s the Roadrunner scenario and)

    (ok, I’m gonna go sit & be quiet & see what breeeeeeeeeelliant things others will post.. BB later)

    Peace out.

  8. Beep a leep beep beepa leep beep beep! The beeping made me think of those custom car horns. Awesome, but not quite as cute as this master of the BEF. Loves!

  9. what can i possibly say except “BEEEEEP”?!

  10. Ferret blows a mean tube-a solo.

  11. Plankton is the mostest awesomest name for a ferret ever.

    Oh, and…..

  12. “Beep beep! Who’s got the keys to my jeep?”

  13. Beep the ferret nose
    Because everybody knows
    ferret love is best

    Yeah…not a great haiku but I blame overload of cancer killing chemicals seeping into my brain

  14. NTMTOM – have you spoken to anyone professional about these tubes telling you to do things?

    beep, beep and beep beep, yah!

  15. Plankton is a wonderfully silly name for a ferret. Me gusta mucho.

  16. Omg…PLANKTON the ferret! I love it!!

  17. my french ferretgirl says hello to Plankton! SO CUTE!!

  18. Emmberrann says:

    PEEEEEEEEENK NOSICLE! That’s all I got.

  19. beep bomp beep beep BLOOP here he comes on the intertubez! i love ferrets! i had roommates who had an albino one, and I always thought it was awesome how they bend right in half (for easy pocket storage for your buddy when you are on-the-go) and amazed/exasperated at the amount variety of stuff he would steal for his under the bureau secret lair…all stacked *just* out of my reach. :oD

  20. That thar is the cleanest, pinkest, moistest nosesicle I’ve ever seen.

  21. I just cursor-beeped the little pink nose.

  22. @Suzanne – I know chemo sucks, hang in there. (My mother had several rounds of nasty chemo for breast cancer a few years back and I’m having a bad day as a related function of her illness…)

    But what a cutie! This made me smile for the first time all day! Makes my grey day a little better. Also reminds me of my Nala.

  23. Whoa !!! Totally tubular dude (said in my best ninja turtle voice)

  24. Your Intertubes is slow because its clogged with kneesocks with eyes.

  25. Sweet fuzzy face, and
    A master of larceny,
    Hey, where’re my car keys?

  26. Sending Hugs to Suzanne…

    and For the rest of you Peeps

    Road Runner the Coyotes after you
    Road runner if he catches you your lthrough

    beep beep

    or in this case meep meep

    They don’t get any better than this..

  27. Hmmm that didn’t work lEts go this route

  28. Plankton!!! Fantastic name, adorable ferret!

  29. (waving)

    Hi Leslie!! Do ya mind if I ask where ya live? If you don’t wanna say on the internet, that’s understandable…………..be aware that there are perhaps 3 Leslies (including me, believe it or not) who fairly often post comments on CO.

    Groovy Friday to ya

  30. you can also see the interweb’s concept of Store and Forward in the Habitrail system of tubes and sleepy places.

    (this was a network geek reference, brought to you by same.)

  31. Wow, that really cute ferret is already in a tube mailer. Just wrap it up and send it to me at…..

    >>>>>PA. Got that?!!!

  32. No, no, the INTERNET is a TUBE of FERRETS!!!

  33. I could riff on Ted Stevens again, y’know, because there are some wicked awful rhyme possibilities in there. You know how “tube” rhymes with “lube”? Never mind what “big truck” might rhyme with. I’m just saying there’s enormous amounts of material here. Enormous amounts of material.

  34. So this is what they mean by the Intertubes? Interwebs? Whatever. I am guessing they are filled with many other beepable species. I hope so, to keep ferret baby company. He looks a little sad.

    NTMTOM – talking to yourself? Welcome to my world!

  35. People people people!
    *ehn!* shoves beep comments outta da way
    …..still shoving…..*eeeeehhn*

    I wanna know why the (his? hers?) name is PLANKTON!!!????


  36. Does Plankton have a brother named Algernon whose nickname is Algae?

  37. HE soo looks like he is tucked in and waiting for a bed time story!

    So tell me again daddy!

  38. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Everyone, I know you all mean well and you’re just here for “teh qte,” as it were, but what we have here isn’t just a mustelid playing in a wrapping paper tube. It’s actually a ferret bong — and it is insidious. Today the kids are huffing ferrets. Tomorrow, they’ll be smoking stoats. Then what? Squirrels? Badgers? Entire aardvarks? Ferrets: the gateway mammal.

  39. Plankton? Like the SpongeBob SquarePants villain?? Delightful!

  40. AD, you are quite right to bring attention to this issue.
    (runs to the Snickering Lounge to smoke a stoat)

    [That wouldn’t be a slippery slope stoat smoke, would it? – Ed.]

  41. Yyyyyup. This pic, for the win.

  42. This is my all time fav COXC! What a sweet little face!

  43. Plankton! I love that anipals have individual noseprints…the better to identify their presence at crime scenes.

  44. Espilonarge says:


    Tubula-Weasel is Tubula. n.n

  45. Plankton? Named for the little tube-shaped Spongebob villain? That is SO a ferret name. *beep!*

    McAfee news flash!
    Virus protection breakthrough:
    Ferrets in the ‘tubes.

  46. Weaselly horse-dovers! 😛

  47. resriechan says:

    Nice Franglais there (sorta kinda), Theresa!!!!

  48. resriechan says:

    And now, for the proverbial Tag Request (c’mon Theo; you KNOW you would miss it, if I didn’t do this!! (or not; but I do appreciate, that you haven’t sent Guido out tah get me, …………………….yet???!!!!)


    “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude” Tag

    [I don’t think you quite grasp the essence of Duuuude. 😐 – Ed.]

  49. BEST DAILY SHOW SKIT EVER. that coupled with the ferret of cuteness = best. friday. post. EVER.

    thanks for making a crappy day much much better!

  50. kibblenibble says:

    Do ferrets ever let you snuggle them, or are they too busy stealing car keys and cell phones for that? I want to snuggle heem/her just for a beet, and gently kees the bridge of the nosie. *mwah*

  51. So pretty
    the other day when i was returning from my vacations 3 ferrets crossed the road so freaking quickly that my mom tough they were mouses lol and i was like mom they are too long to be mouses or rats lol saddly we couldnt see from where they escaped cause obviously they werent wild animals lol

  52. yes you can get quick snuggles if you hang on tight. in fact, my ollie’s tail is 5 kisses long. nose, kiss and a half.

  53. @ Ed’s: okay, I can accept that determination. My thought process went:
    “Totally tubular, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude”.

    Tubes = toilet paper rolls??

    Tubes/ interweb/ internet

    (I’m such a non-cyber, retro hippie type!! But my intentions are all in fun…. capice? Nothing unpleasant intended, ya know?)

    Thanks for responding, either way.

  54. Oooh, s/he reminds me of my beloved Chouji! I rescued him when he was over a year and FINALLY taught him how to eat grown-up kibble instead of baby mush — but he lost his canines to decay from the sludge his original owners let him gobble all day. He was HUGE (which is one reason he was named after the chubby ninja whose super-ability is to turn into a giant ball and roll over enemies). My Chouji would barrel across the yard like a tank and stick his perfectly pink nose in my face for kisses and adoration and then lay in my arms for hours, grooming me. My other three — not a cuddle to be had until they were passed out after a bath lol. I miss them so much, couldn’t bring them with me to Japan. But a friend took them (not my Chouji, he passed away) and she loves them to pieces.

    Thanks for this picture! So many warm fuzzies and happy memories. But, please, remind people this isn’t the pet for everyone. Lots of people mistreat them because all they see is cute and they don’t do the research about their mischievousness, high energy, the stink factor (doesn’t bother me, other people hate it), and the many genetic diseases they can suffer from.

  55. resriechan says:

    wait you said Japan — where in Japan? Our whole family lived there 2 different times, for about 4 years, each time…many many moons ago, back when (does anybody remember this) “Made in Japan” meant cheap cr** knockoff copy; before Toyota Corolla had even been INVENTED

    (sigh. yeah. I know. The Pleistocene, yet again.)

  56. Hi resriechan,

    I’m currently in Shikoku, teaching English at 5 schools. I love it, but being a South Texan, I’m FREEZING!! lol This is my second time here. I’ll be living here for 2 years total, then joining my husband in South Korea for a year. Last time, I lived in Kyoto for a year (landed 9/11/01 — that was fun . . . ) My parents were stationed in Okinawa for four years, right up til the month before I was born (docs said I wouldn’t be born). I still have to get down there. Where did you live?

    I remember when Made In Japan meant “traitor to American manufacturing” and there was violence against Asians or against Asian-made vehicles. (I also fondly remember Apple II’s, Commodore 64’s, Beta players, and the original Game Boy lol).

  57. what number do i need to call for him to fix my computer?

  58. All of the animals are adorable but if i were to choose i would pick “im going to eat you AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  59. THE INTERNET YOU MAKE ME CRY TEARS OF CUTIE JOY i love you, ferrett of eternal internets! Beep!

  60. I don’t usually click on the kittehs. And while rodents are amusing, most are not that easy to warm up to. But Plankton has won me over. And… “Ferrets: the gateway mammal”? Reason to read through 60+ comments, right there, if ever there was one. Thanks for the smiles and laughter. I can now begin my day.

  61. Cute, he he.