So where do you put the batteries?

There ought to be a little door on the bottom here where they go in… Or do you wind it up? ‘Cause if you wind it up, I don’t see the little slot for the key…

Wait, this is a real bunny?! Oh, get out!

Says Katie L.: “I met these little bun buns on July 4th in St. Louis when I was visiting. The upside down blonde bunny put me in a CUTE COMA and I hope it does the same for you.”

[See also: July 9th, 2009 – Ed.]



  1. uuuhhhhhhmg * A *

  2. * A * the cute… wow.

  3. Must. Snorgle. Now!!!!

    Maybe if I huff a kitteh belly, that will in some way meet a small portion of this craving. *grabs cat who does not appreciate being manhandled and breathes deeply*

    Damn! Didn’t work!

  4. He’s soo cute, he’s knocked himself out.

  5. that is so cute i am actually feeling sick to my stomach.

  6. What kinna bunneh is this??? ahhhhhh too CUTE!!!

  7. The closed eye capsules!! Teh feetz! Teh soft furzes!!!

    Ouch! *rubs nose* Trying to snorgle bunneh via iMac screen is not recommended, folks.

    Wonder what lil’ bun is dreaming… or if he knows he’s being teeeeckled.

  8. I wish they make feel-o-vision….I just wanna nuzzle my nose into his fluffy belly =)

  9. Soooooo….Were these at the toy fair? And where can I get one of these anerable little things? ^_^

  10. OH.MAH.GAHD.

    Katie, girl, I am so beyond a cute coma — I am totally ded, ded I tell you


  11. It must be siad because really it must TOE BEANS!!!!1111!!11

  12. MIKE — don’t leave all of us having a heart attack across the nation? Do you wanna cause ER OVERLOAD nationally?



    HELP!! DID Katie L OR was the place in St Louis able to locate & place the little morsel in some SUPERIOR BABEH BUNNEH residence ? Did KATIE L. adopt the little morsel? WHUT THE )(*&^*&%^$%^$ HAPPENED AFTER JULY 4th???

    Aren’t there several locations which use the phrase St Louis (MO & ???)????

  13. Somebody is trying to get sleepy bunny to do the “surprised kitty” video imitation. (but it’s not working)

  14. Breathe, Res. 😛

    This bunny found in MY city?? How come *I* never find super anerable bunnehs when I’m out and about???

    Cute coma indeed…EHN!

  15. I know I’ve seen this before somewhere. Is it a repeat? (Or maybe I know the person who sent it in.) At any rate, I might as well die now, because I’m not going to see anything more adorable than this. The color, the baby chub, the tiny paws, the sleepiness… forget about it.

  16. The baby bun business has gone belly up, but industry leaders are hoping for a rapid turnover.

  17. I need one to carry in my pocket everywhere I go.

  18. So cute, I love bunnies, the smaller the better!!!

  19. Ah yes, it first appeared here last August. Yes, I did go back and check all the Bunnies posts. I never forget a bun.

  20. catloveschanel says:

    it’s a cinn-o-bun. I’ll go off my diet for that.

  21. People, let’s hear it for the chubby little armsies! perfect for nibbling.

  22. OMG! it’s Beatrix Potter’s little rabbit come to life!

  23. Comatose state commencing. Life support needed, STAT!

  24. This is a repeat from July. Meg put it up the last time. Doesn’t matter though. Perfect picture to put anyone in a cute coma. And now I really want a bunny.

  25. Wha– who– wha– wha– whuh– huh?

  26. OMG BUNNEH TOE BEANS!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!

  27. OHMYGOD, NOOOO!!!!!!

    -explodes into a rainbow-

  28. Ded.

  29. When I read “Where do you put the batteries” I was reminded of Rule 37 of the internet, where I saw a certain duracell bunny with a battery… somewhere. 😛

  30. The cutest thing I´ve ever seen! So lovely!

  31. jenniflower74 says:

    Oh my garsh. Look at those widdle splayed bunny toesies. Must have paw-hance!

  32. A couple of days ago we had a program at the library with lots of baby bunnies (a bit bigger than this one) and kittens. The ladies who brought them would wrap them up in little baby blankets and hand them to children who were sitting on the floor. The animals were so relaxed, the kittens would just go to sleep in the kids’ laps. Speaking of kids, they also brought a baby goat who was wearing a diaper, a piglet, and two spaniel puppies. It was definitely an overload of cute for two hours. You all would have loved to be there.
    And yes, I wanted to slip a kitten into my pocket to take home, but, alas, they counted the animals before they left.

  33. tiny. . .
    budding. . .
    earssssssss. . . .. ahhh

  34. That can not be REAL! It is tooooooo cute!

  35. Andi from NC says:

    Room..spinning! Heart…palpitating!! Mind…blown!!! *thunk*

  36. Soooooooooo cute!
    I had a rabbit as a pet once, and I just loved the guy, but this one even beats the cuteness out of my lovely Pachá (miss him).

  37. 260Oakley of course wins the comments yet again… I do not know how you do it but we need to can it and send me some for my english class stat!

  38. He’s too wee even to disapprove! ❤

    Skippymom, if I'd been there with you I could've distracted the animal counters while you grabbed us a couple. Dang!

  39. skippymom PLEASE TELL ME (I know I”ve been shouting a lot today; I’ll try to change gears now) that somebunny (see what I did there? ;)) took pikchas and that you will own a HUGE STASH of those pikchas…..(of course if Meg et al posted them on CO, the Eds would be very busy, cutting out all the (GASP)

    (I said I’d TRY to change gears. Life’s a PROCESS, ya know?)

  40. I have to call off of work now..


    How will I explain this to my boss?!

  41. @skippymom, I second the request for pictures of baby things with baby things! Though I’m squeeing just thinking about it, so mebbe after working hours? Heh.

  42. With the title, I was hoping Cats-n-Racks was getting more bold. ]:)

    But the cute little bun-bun was totally worth the click!

  43. I just gasped out loud. AWWWGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!@!

  44. So…. fluffy… The fluff is controlled, subtle, if you will. Ahhhhh!

  45. The next time I have the baby animal program, I will let you all know in advance so you can attend. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they also brought two very fluffy chickens, a black one and a white one, who loved to be petted.
    The photographer from the local paper took a bunch of pictures for next week’s edition. Hmm, wonder whether I can persuade him to submit some to CO?

  46. That’s some MIGHTY fine paws-up action! SQUEE!

  47. This is the most cutest thing I ever did see… This is sooooo cute overload 😀 I can’t stop looking at this, I want one of those, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
    Toooooo cute – there should be a warning:
    😀 D 😀

  48. lexipuppymommy says:

    260Oakley – I read the comment board just to see yours! You have a gift.

    And speaking of gifts, I will now be accepting baby buns as bribes.

  49. This is it people! This is the epitome of cute! If cute was an olympic sport, this bun would win gold every time.

  50. AHHHHHHH *faint*

  51. @ skippymom I am so jealous there wasn’t anything like that at the library when I was a kid. Just books, no baby animals 😦
    Then again maybe it’s better that way because the library got me hooked on books and I became an addict!
    My collection numbers around 5000 books (no it’s not a typo) so if there had been baby animal and I got hooked can you imagine 🙂

  52. YES YOU CAN tickle mah tummeh!

  53. Want to tickle little belly, talking half-remembered science in baby-waby voice:

    “While you resemble a rodent or a cat, you’re actually more closely related to horses. Can you imagine that? You’re a cute little horse’s cousin! Cute widdle biddy horsey cousey! Yes, you ARE!”

  54. @ Gigi Maybe cat ladies are just mis-directed bibliophiles! 🙂

  55. This is like… the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….

  56. So… snorgly… Looks like he fell asleep in mid-nyerrhe.

    and 260Oakley – bah. bah! I say! How can you pun us when we’re down like that?? *slain* 😀

  57. love! so cute!

  58. kokobutterbuns says:

    so cute, i think i might just die

  59. resriechan says:

    skippymom: did your workplace already alert you to buying several extra copies of that day’s newspaper?

    Does your library system have its own website? If so, the pics of yer program would be phenomenally popular as outreach there.

    FWIW, when I was the children’s librarian at Ocala, Fla (1988ish), I contacted somebody via the Silver Springs tourist attraction. I would imagine that SS still has the animal sanctuary, as it did at that time; but it might have folded since the economy nationally has crunched so hard. Silver Springs struggles to have just the crumbs of tourism, from all the quantities of people who go to Disneyworld & Universal Studios.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, the point I’m trying to get to, is this:
    I had the reps from Silver Springs bring several critters in for a day at the library
    (NO ALLIGATORS/ CROCODILES, not even bebeh ones)….and in order to bring in the young fellows, the day even included some kinda long slithery snake thing (eek; don’t let him near ME) BUT ALSO A Falcon or Peregrine Hawk or something along those lines (prob. whichever type is native to Fla….)

    IT WAS A PHENOMENALLY popular day. Probably brought in people who had never yet wanted to go to the library
    (“eeeeeeeeeeeew; BOOKS? What are Books? Why should I learn to READ????”)

  60. Drat! Now I have to replace my keyboard! I just fried mine with too much drool…….and now I’m DED

  61. I have considered where to put the batteries and it is not pretty.

    This bunny shall remain batteryless.

  62. feetsies weetsies!! nom nom nom

  63. Skippymom, you had a piglet there, too? Ahhhh. I am overwhelmed with the cute imagininks of it all. You lucky bum!!!

  64. Just killed a whole room full of college students with this tinybunny. You are contributing to the decline of education, CO!

    …now I’m going away to die of cuteflail. *goes*

  65. Oh!!!!!!!! That’s the cutest thing I have seen in my life!!! 🙂

  66. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  68. puddlepeppers says:

    In the third grade play I sang “I’m the Cutest Little Bunny”…
    I’m giving up my title to the one who truly deserves it.

  69. My heart hurts just looking at this picture. But its a good kinda hurt.

    Encore pictures are totally fine when its of this calibre. Carry on.

  70. The WHISKERS! The WHISKERS, I tells ya! I need ten units of insulin just for the WHISKERS!

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Kootchie, kootchie, koo. Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie, koo. *kiss, kiss* Kooootchie, kootchie, koo. Kootchie, kootchie, koo. *tickle…beep* smooch. snorgle. *sigh*

  72. My Boston Terrier, Tess is a READing dog at the local library.
    Kids who hate books and reading pick up a book and read to her just so they can be with the dog!

  73. Daphne Moss says:

    Ehm….what about the update? What happened to this particular bun? Is he now a fat and happy grass-eating bunny someplace?

  74. Heather: Is your dawg a single bachelor? Would he consider marriage?

    I know how to make a killer Fettucine Alfredo and my favorite music is Billie Holiday……………………… I”ll buy my OWN engagement ring for him.

    (“What? why, what do you MEAN, am I aware of marriage laws?”)


  75. Lookit all dem lucky little tootsies!

  76. @ HEather what a great idea… Speaking as one who was slow to coming to the joy of reading.

    My Mother a confirmed bibliofanatic.. worked her magic when i got into the fifth grade and now I am a confirmed book lover but what better way to encourge them than to read to a dog who doesn’t care if you read too slow… and just loves that you are reading to him.

    Yay for the READing dog!!!

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    I agree with KittyAdventures. That is an absolutely FABULOUS idea to get kids to read!

  78. We have a golden retriever, Maddie, who comes here once a month to be read to. Coincidentally, she was here this morning and just left a few minutes ago! It’s really good for kids who maybe aren’t so confident in their reading, as Maddie just listens and enjoys it no matter how well they read. And yes, some kids come just to be with the dog.

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Little off the subject here: When my cat lies on his side with all of his limbs stretched out, (like he’s doing right now) his limbs look really, really loooooong and his paws for some reason look gigantic. It’s some sort of illusion he creates to mess with my mind. Sometimes, he gallops around the house like a pony yelling, “lookit me! I’m a pony! I’m a pony!!!”
    (I’m not on drugs, really. my cat is just weird).

  80. Peanuts mama says:


  81. Qof D are you sure it is the cat who is weird… Looks at Lilac shoving stuff off the dressers and watching it fall to the floor asking now how did that get down there…

    Never mind of course it is the cat that is weird.

  82. KittyAdventures, it is pretty funny how cats can know that you were right there and saw what they did, and still pretend they didn’t do it and know nothing about it.

  83. Fluidstatic says:

    *nugglenugglenugglenugglenugglekissysnorgle* …. *flopdead*

  84. skippymom I know it is funny actually when you put it that way HEheheheh!

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    KittyAdventures: I’m sure it’s the cat who is weird. Although I guess I’m also guilty as charged. 🙂
    (The cat and I make for fine housemates).

  86. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve come to enjoy the Saturday vibe when there’s no new post and we just carry on conversations on the old ones.

  87. Fluidstatic.. First off best screen name ever…. I am slow, I have read your screen name lots of times but just got it.

    second of all

    OMG a new word for when you snuggle a pet tummy Nuggle… i like it

    and Skippymom it is always nice to just converse.

  88. Tried to be calm, but those widdle widdle feet, and those itty bitty ears, awwwwww!

  89. Queen of Dork says:

    skippymom: Me too. Our silly, off post subject conversations are something I really enjoy and think is one of the special things about this site and the people who comment on it! I love the weekends when I’m not at work and can play on CO. I can’t do this at work. 😦

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    *looks around*
    Hey. Where’s Von Zeppelin been lately?
    *looks around some more*

  91. Fluidstatic says:

    @KittyAdventures: Thankye. I’m fond of my screenname, myself. Don’t worry, it takes most people a little while to catch my meaning. ^_~

    Also: I invented “nuggle” when my daughter was born; she is very snuggly and tends to bury her face in my neck and make little happy grunting noises. I was so qted out the first time she did this that I dropped the “s” from the word “snuggle” entirely by accident. “Oh! Beebee-nuggles!” …Naturally it stuck, hehe.

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    Fluidstatic: You’re right! I didn’t really get that name until KittyAdventures pointed it out. That IS cool. And I love “beebee-nuggles.” Fabulous invention. I love those happy grunting noises. I think I’ll go nuggle my cat and see if he’ll purr…(or if he’s not in the mood for it, he might put more clauses in my contract to feed him more) 🙂

  93. QofD, did you mean “more clawses”?

  94. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, yes. Correct there, skippymom!

  95. Queen of Dork says:

    Fluidstatic: Also: my daughter used to make those happy grunting noises against my neck but now she’s too old for that. Now she just asks me for money for clothes and make-up. *sigh* But she’s still sweeeeeet!

  96. fifthsonata says:

    Aw, he reminds me of the Littlest Pet Shop toys I used to have as a kid.

  97. “Yay for the READing dog!!!”

    I concur! I’m at least a third-generation bookworm myself, so anything that spreads bibliophilia is great in my (ahem) book. I saw a TV newsbit on these dogs some time ago, it seems like an excellent idea. The kids are encouraged to read without feeling self-conscious or pressured – which is especially important for kids with learning disabilities. A friend of mine grew up HATING TO READ(!!), with teachers (and parents, sadly) who had no patience with her aversion to reading or even were openly derisive about it. She found out at about age 20 that she had a form of dyslexia, and I remember her saying that the approach people took to teaching the ‘slow student’ probably did as much damage to the last decade and a half of her life as the dyslexia itself. Dogs are so much better…

    And hey, the dogs get attention. Lots of it. Which is also awesome. 🙂

  98. Daisy Mae, the blonde dog, and I had many a reading session- she really liked “Ferdinand the Bull” especially, as I recall. Then Willie-The-Cat would come over, sit next to me or on me and he would get some reading done, too. I hope I always remember that! I wish that experience for everyone, of all ages!

    Thread Jack- We’re having a workshop with violin, violas, cello and basses and harps! I named it “All Strings Considered” I just thought you should know.

    Giving back the Thread….3..2..1.

  99. AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the cutest thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!

  100. Queen of Dork says:

    I think it’s a baby asleep.



    hi ed

    hi rob

  102. resriechan:
    My Boston is a female –her name is Tess. I appreciate the admiration for her as a READing dog. I didn’t have her very long before it became clear to me that she would be an awesome therapy dog. So, therapy it is – in the library with kids who normally wouldn’t look at a book unless their lives were threatened – and even then, not so much.
    Tess’ rules:
    I keese you while you read, even when you stop because you do not know a word. I support you, I love you. I keese you when you pet me, and keese you on the hand as your turn pages. If you decide that reading on your belly on my reading blanket is a good idea, you will get keesed until you get up and leave. If you like keesing, I will keese your baby brother while he waits for you to finish reading Fancy Nancy and the Posh Pup I will stop keesing only if you tell me NO. Kids are my friends, well everybody is my friend so sometimes parents pick up a book and read to me because their kid is not reading age yet. I will still keese the kid. I listen to stories and keese kids. It’s my job.

  103. resriechan: Oh yeah, I forgot! She’ll take the Fettucine Alfredo and the Billie Holiday tunes. The librarians and the staff at the circulation desk want to take her home. I told them they’d have to kill me first. They just LOVE her.
    I’d post pictures of her at the library with kids, but can’t for legal reasons – some stuff about minors and internet blah blah…even if I got the parent’s permission!
    Anyhow, here’s Tess:

  104. Oops I’m not good at this.
    Maybe this will work.

  105. or this?

    [There you go. CO is a WordPress blog, not a phpBB forum. 😉 – Ed.]

  106. sniffle sniffle SO CUTE!!! :’)

  107. Good, cute doggeh!

    Man, dogs get the best jobs. *envious SIGH*

  108. *eye roll* Way to delete selected text, me. Anyway, the rest of that:

    I formerly had a job in which it was manifestly NOT my job to make the customers happy. In fact, in order to remain employed, I was stuck doing the reverse as often as not. As this runs counter to my nature, I did not remain employed long. Now, sitting around being read to by people who smile and cheer when they see me, I could totally do!

  109. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    OMG!!! Teh adorabuhlnezzz!!!! Teh tiny feetsiez!!! Teh wittlebittyitzywitzy earsies!!!!! *thumpded*

  110. *thud*

  111. Just about the cutest bunneh ever! Nom nom nom :>

  112. this is the cutest thing bunny i’ve ever seen!!! gosh!!! sooo adorable… I want one!

  113. the masked kitteh says:

    Do the bunnies stay that small? Cause that would mean MEGA CUTE OVERLOAD FOREVER! Sorry! I’ve always wanted a bunny. And a cute bird. But my mom has cats and dogs and she really doesn’t liike birds. And I’m afraid the other animals would hurt them. Someday though, I’m definately getting a bird!

  114. This is the cutest animal EVER, in the WORLD. Your work here is done, CO. You can go home now.

  115. SO. CUTE.

  116. Toasted marshmallow. Tan and white, incredibly soft, very sweet, and so yummy.

  117. Omgg
    that is the cutest thang known to planet earf!!!!!!!! : ) ^_^

  118. Resriechan says:

    How come NOBODY has added this CLASSIQUE lil’ rejoinder/ response,
    to the question posed in the title of this pic/ post?????

    “Batteries !!!!???? WE don’ need no [paging Theresa, here] STANKIN’ batteries….”

  119. OMG so cuuuuuuuuute!!! That bunny is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The House Rabbit Society

    Keep rockin’ on, no matter what anyone else tells you.

  120. Cynthia Weber says:

    That bunny may be the most precious thing I have yet to see!
    So do you think that it would get along with my cats? Probably now.
    Too bad. I would take that thing and love it so much! Adorable.

  121. Inquisi-bunny says:

    what breed of bunneh is this?

  122. Aw how precious!

  123. What the stinkin’ world? its so cute!

  124. Aw, the bunny is so cute. I wish i had one.

  125. sharon wendt says:

    cute :o)

  126. lslapiko says:


  127. I think I need about a zillion of these babies. How can you not love this little bunny?

  128. Arrrrgh!!!! Nosebleed! Too much cuteness.

  129. hello bunny rabbit

  130. Ainslie says:

    oh how CUTE!!