Shh, Dad’s still sleeping off Mardi Gras

Yep, he stumbled home yesterday, and just passed out. Keeps mumbling about someone named “Fifi LaRue”—we assume that’s who gave him the feather boa.

Says Elisabeth K.: ” Humphrey is too big for his basket so he often stretches out in the most ridiculous poses, but the feather boa really adds a je ne sais quoi, non? And Minnie follows him everywhere like an adoring little sister.”



  1. He looks SOOO comfterbuls!

  2. Aww such cuties! My cats would love that boa.. there would be blue feathers EVERYWHERE! O.o

  3. Minnie back there looks like she’s giggling, ‘tee hee hee’!

  4. Oh, I LOFF them!!! (snorgles fuzzy Humphrey Belleh)

  5. Or sucking her thumb.

  6. Belleh belleh belleh!

  7. Oooh! Humphrey is a doppleganger for my Monty, who also sleeps in similar ridiculous poses. Yay for big black and white boys!

  8. I love that one black dot on that cat’s belly. I want to poke it!

  9. Must …poke…belly spot!

  10. Snickering.. definitely snickering going on in the background!

  11. skritchy-scratchy on the kitty-belly!

  12. I think snorgling a kitteh belleh it what I need today.

  13. Oh blimey, “Fifi La Rue” she’s notorious . I wonder what club she’ working in now?
    I saw her at “Sweaty Betty’s” (not it’s real name) but you get the picture. That was.. ooh about… 20 years ago? even then, she said she was only 21….21!… more like 40 and that was in full stage make up from at least 3 yards.

  14. kitteh belleh!!

  15. I love when my Nikki does this. Of course he is 12 lbs at his lightest (Maine Coon) so it’s more like sprawling than stretching!

    As an aside, I wanted to thank everyone who posts here for the uplifting and (almost) always positive and happy comments. Too often I see comment sections (especially on news items) degrade quickly into name calling and nastiness. I like coming here for the snorgles and the squees! 🙂

  16. Ah, this brings back many fond Mardi Gras memories.

    Kitty must have a monster hangover! Mardi Gras ended Tuesday at midnight!

  17. I love Humphrey is rockin’ a soul patch on his chin. Such a hipster kitty!

  18. beautiful kittehs! Humphrey obviously feels very safe and secure (they only expose their tummies if they feel safe, since it is their most vulnerable spot), so Elisabeth K. must give him a very love-filled home!

  19. Minnie is definitely stiffling a snicker. Humphrey’s belleh spot is just begging for a full face plant.

  20. OMG, I have an extra long purple boa that a friend made for me… (Before the comments start, it was for a costume party I was going to… Not one of “those” parties…) 🙂

    Anyway, I thought I had put it away, until I found it being dragged through the house by my meowcow Sophie! It’s 8 feet long, and there she was, with the end of it in her mouth, dragging it all over the house… Looked like a purple snake going around the corner!! I couldn’t catch her ’cause I was laughing too hard!

    These two are anerable!!!

  21. When I was a lass in Louisiana, college classes were often canceled on Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Neither the students nor the professors were in any shape for academics on those two days…

  22. perfect picture.

  23. I don’t know if Humphrey HAS a hangover but he sure DOES hangover !

  24. OH NOOOOES TOOO CUTE! I wanna pet Minne and tell her what a cutie she is, then cop a feel (or several) on Humphrey’s belly (and grab his bunny feet if he’ll let me)!!

  25. I believe the correct name of the celebration is Mardi Chat, or Cat Tuesday, when frisky felines wantonly expose their soft undercarriages in exchange for beads (or boas, in this case).

  26. In response to the correction of the day by Oakley, I am now supplied with a multitude of beads AND boas… Sooooo bring on the bellehs!!!

  27. Little basket kitty is SO CUTE!

  28. Now THAT’S a hangover! Hang all over the place!

  29. A white cat with black beans?!? I’m in LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

  30. Aw, the little one looks just like mine when he was a babe. Use to have bed just like that. Does look like hes sucking his thumb. Maybe thats what happens when you have one to many catnips!

  31. I think the little one socked the big one thats were he landed when he would get off!

    Now he winks with an I told ya to move. LOL Looks too innocent.

  32. ok, I’ll bite (metaphorically speaking, that is!):

    Did Millie follow the Humpty-Hump
    (are you spinnin’ any discs today, Theo?) to Mardi Gras?

  33. Well, my heavens! His head’s gonna be hurtin’!
    *averts eyes

  34. Gives new meaning to the phrase…Look what the cat dragged in…Humphrey had a great fall.

  35. Nobody remembers how they got home.

  36. It must be something in the coloring because my big black ‘n white cow-colored kitty, Tucker, sprawls / lazes / sleeps like this too. It is a sight to behold!

  37. We had a giant black and white Tom that showed up at our house one day when I was young. That bad boy got my kitty Mittens preggers and started a whole huge dynasty of kitties ~ every year there’d be new ones in the hay loft and my sister and I tamed em down. That was hella fun for two young girls. But got expensive for my parents I suppose with the food and vet bills, gettin em neutered before they made even MORE kitties! Not that they complained. Mittens got re-named Mama. She was a small medium haired tuxie (with mittens), she kind of was a cranky cat. Funny. Cats with their personalities. Sorry, this pic just got me rememberin’.

  38. @Paunchie-

    My kitty is the last of the harem I once had. LOL

  39. Oh yeah, now I remember we named the Tom “Pussyfoot”. For him being a sneaky lothario. heh heh.

  40. I want to stuff my face right in the belly spot.

  41. I love that spot on the belly. Gives you a target for snorgling.

  42. I love how Minnie-kitty really looks like she’s stiffling a giggle with her paw! “Humphrey’s passed out — again!” :-p

  43. That boa wouldn’t last five minutes in my house… would get eaten!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe Fifi LaRue should get together with this Marty Graw person I keep hearing about. Then she wouldn’t keep getting poor little innocents like Humphrey here into trouble.

    (Not my original joke…alas. 😦 )

  45. DaytimeDeb says:

    Humphry awakes, after sleeping it off all day: “Duuude, what is all this talk about a belly spot, soul patch and black toe beans? I am a solid white kitty.” Looks in mirror. “OMG, who used the magic marker on me while I was sleeping?!?!?! They’re gonna git it as soon as I can run without throwing up a hairball!”

  46. I must snuggle that belly spot!!!!!

  47. I detect sounds of stifling laughter in the back as well.

  48. kibblenibble says:

    These kitties, and this picture, are ADORABUHLS!!! Humphrey and Minnie are fabulous cat monikers, don’t ya think? 🙂 And I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to snorgle/huff that belly. That’s what I come here for; to be in the company of like-minded folks. 🙂

  49. Feline addiction is a serious issue, and I can’t believe you are being so insensitive as to make light of this tragedy! Nuff! Nuff! 😛

  50. MommaMackie says:

    Humphrey is a Magnificat and Minnie seems a delicate Victorian little angel (though I’m sure we all know better!) demurely hiding behind a modest fan, yet revealing the truth with a wink! I’d love nothing better than a lap full of Humphrey to hug and snuggle, with Minnie on my shoulder, sharing nose kisses like I used to do with my long departed, still deeply mourned for, Bill the Cat. (Yes, he was named after THAT Bill the Cat, but never lived up to his namesake, thank God!) I miss having a cat or two to make life brighter…….

  51. Daphne Moss says:

    Ooh, I love Minnie! She looks just like one of my past kittehs …

  52. 😆 Humphrey lays like any bombed out of their mind kitty 😆 Minnie looks like she is laughing at him 😆

  53. Adorabuhls!

  54. *sigh* This picture makes me miss my sweet Cloudy (he passed in December ’09). He used to sleep just like that. Almost makes me consider getting a third cat. (I said ALMOST.)

    [The more you have, the more likely you are to get a pair that snuggles 😉 – Ed.]

  55. Methinks the precious Minnie might be making biscuits back there, too. Tooooo cute!

  56. I am very surprised at all this talk of Humphrey being large, I have a Tux Tom Stanley who, although I have had him and his brother Sydney for about 3 years I have never weighed Stan. So this week I took him with me onto the scales and he weighed a stone, which doesn’t strike me as heavy for a big boned bundle of love

  57. Um, Hon Glad – for those of us accross the pond – how much is a stone? In pounds, that is? Guess I could google it….

    Minnie looks like she is winking at us, and that black spot on Humphry’s chin looks like stubble & he needs shave! LOVE everything about this – photos, commentary, and so forth.

  58. He weighed a stone? How much do stones weigh? Why were you weighing stones hon glad?? 😛

  59. What Ed. said is true. I have a pair of brothers, Niko and Oscar, who will be ten years old next month. Their “little” brother Murphy will be nine next month. They ignored him for a few weeks when he first came into the household as a resQte kitten, until they figured out he was fun to play with. Now not only do the brothers snuggle, they include Murphy into their snugglepile.

    I believe a stone is what we would call twenty pounds. 🙂

  60. Sorry folks, using a Stone was what I guess is meant by a curved ball. I know America uses lbs as a weight of a person, “and here he is weighing in at *** lbs. so I thought, if they use pounds then they should use the imperial system, which I was taught at school; 16oz = 1lb 14lbs= 1 stone and 20 stones= 1cwt . cwt = a hundered weight

  61. resriechan says:

    @ RJ @ #54: Your Cloudy is just waitin’ for ya/ Rainbow Bridge & all that!!
    RIP, Cloudy.

    We care @ CO!!!

  62. Sometimes a warm stone-weight cat feels really good when they lay on ya, especesh when you have an upset tum. It’s like a hot water bottle!

  63. Paunchie – Agreed, When I get into bed of a cold winters night, one of my boys,(if he deigns to move) has usually left a nice warm spot just where I put my feet. 🙂

  64. I love that little beard of his 🙂

  65. 😆 I want to add that Humphery looks like he had a little TOO much CATNIP 😆

  66. Whatever happens at Mardi Gras stays at Mardi Gras!

    Aw hes all tuckered out…its a hard job being a party animal.