The Impossibirds

Ladies and gentlemen, this just might be the cutest darn thing on the entire Intertubes: Four impossibly cute, perfectly perched, flying floofballs!

No! Not the close-up! Not the close-up!

We surrender, T L!



  1. these are not real…

  2. Of come on, this isn’t real. It’s some Japanese uber-cute toy, right?


  3. Cutest birds ever?

    Btw, what the heck are they and can I get some to decorate my Christmas tree next season?

  4. Pat Trenner says:

    Obviously of the class “StayPuftidus Marshmellis”

  5. oh………god….
    these are not real. they cant be. ok who photoshopped this?

    [Depends upon which higher power you believe in. – Ed.]

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh! The close up is toooooo cuuuuuute! *splort* 😀

  7. Oh gawd, isn’t that sweet! And a very pretty picture indeed!

  8. I just barfed a rainbow

  9. They like snowballs with some black markings on them.

  10. OMG. They know they are cute. We are so doomed.

    Where can I get one?

  11. kookienoonie says:

    Nobody is that cute. NOBODY. Fake pic.

  12. Crazy cute! These MUST be Japanese birds…

  13. Christmas card photo!

  14. Stop it! That’s gotta be fake!

  15. Not real. Too cute!

    I’m sure there is some mathematical algorithm that can prove these guys can’t be real. Any math major cuteologists out there?

  16. LOL @ Alice!
    I want to gobble them up!

  17. It’s my screensaver now. I love how the first and last birds are looking at the camera.

  18. STINKIN’ cute!

  19. PS What ARE those boids? I’m pretty good at spotting them, but I don’r recognize these.

  20. OHHH!!! Nature at it’s Best!!!!!! I Love it!

  21. Oh my goodness! I have died and gone to some kind of heaven for boid lovers.

  22. shish-ke-bird

  23. omg! Cotton balls with beaks!!! The berries are a great contrast, too. Soooo cute!

  24. Those things are almost as cute as those Honduran white bats/floofballs you guys had on here last year!

    I want to snorf them. Snorf them all.

  25. OH.EM.GEE. You have got to be kidding ME! You mean the actually found a way to make cottonballs FLY?!

  26. gah! halp me! ded from qte!

  27. these are photoshopped, right????
    They are of course – CUTEOMATIC!
    TELL! TELL!!

    [If by “photoshopped” you mean “fake”, then the answer is No… – Ed.]

  28. So round

  29. Cheep thrills. Coming soon to a branch near you.

  30. I think it might be the synchronized Flying Floofballs team, ready to begin their routine.

  31. If there were a larger version of this picture, I would set it as my desktop wallpaper forever.

  32. If indeed these birdies do exist then I must squeeze them forthwith! Squeeeeeeeze!

  33. One Eyed Daruma says:

    What’s boid-speek for “baroo?”

  34. Arrrrgh! Too cute! My eyes are watering!

  35. NOMTOM – give us some backstory… pleeeeezzzz??? what ees eet?

  36. They could be snow buntings? Maybe?
    Insanely cute!

  37. This looks shopped to me. ;p
    I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. XD
    Just like Santa, the Economy, and snow in CA. Yup. ‘Shopped.
    In fact*, went hiking for V-day and saw a couple of shopped hawks. I tell ya… Nature’s just getting lazy now. ^_~

    *(By ‘Fact’, I quite obviously mean when I was high on paint fumes, lead paint chips and cookie batter.)

  38. Teresa, I wonder if they are Japanese boids?

    Birdspeak for barroo? How about *bink* ?

  39. These are really Peeps, right?

  40. McKay’s Bunting?

  41. This is total Christmas card, over-the-tope, gotta be fake because it’s too frackin cute-CUTE!

    Total boid-kebab action.

  42. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ceejoe: We have no information from the submitter, so we’re in the dark as to what these things are. Besides cute, that is.

  43. I think they are some Bunting or other. The closest things we get around here are dark-eyed juncos (nice name, eh?)

  44. NOOOO!!! Make it stop!!!

  45. Alephra,
    there is snow in CA.

  46. I bet if we asked BirdChick (you know, Sharon from Disapproving Rabbits, Cinnamon’s ma) she could probably tell us.

  47. McKay’s bunting! I think Ceejoe nailed it! And where do they live?


  49. Teresa, better than dark eyed junkies!

    [That anything like “Black-Eyed Man” by the Cowboy Junkies? – Ed.]

  50. fifthsonata says:

    they look like feathered ping-pong balls!

  51. OMG — I saw it was a NTM item & set my irony settings to the ready & thought to myself: “come ON, NTM, you expect ME (us) to accept that there is something CUTER than WINSTON OR MARU??? Why, I oughta…………”

    and then I scrolled down & everything in me jist eVAPorated.
    I am now OFISHE an ex-human; deceased; bereft of life, no longer
    among the living, a hominid corpse, (etc.),………………………………………………….

    (M. Python/ Norwegian Blue fans, unite!
    (Unless YOU’RE ALL ded, as well)

  52. whoever photographed these birds deserves some massive kudos.

  53. I love how the 1st and 4th bird are looking at the camera with the same head tilt… I swear those birds are smiling!!

    Oh, and Oakley, I missed you and your puns!!!

  54. Andi from NC says:

    sing along now…

    The look on close up pic seems to say “so? yeah, I’m real and I’m cute – whatsittoya??”

  55. (“not quite ded yet”, after all……)

    @ Noelegy: I actually DO HAVE a winter holidays card, in my stash of
    “oh, look how sweet these cards are” cards….it has the branch w/ red berries, the
    white snow, the bluer than blue (earworm, ennyone? 🙂 sky in the background………………………………….and NO WHITE BIRDIE FLUFFBALLS.

    (*pouting* then *ded* again.)

  56. Wiki sez they’re from Alaska and the population is estimated at less than 6,000 individuals! Unfortunately they are preyed upon by weasels and rats and such. Go make babies you guys!!

  57. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Bunting is just the perfect name for them -“Little baby bunting” I don’t remember what that’s from, though.

  58. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Bye, baby bunting
    Daddy’s gone a hunting
    To get a little rabbit skin
    To wrap his baby bunting in

    Bye, baby bunting
    Daddy’s gone a hunting
    To get a little lambie skin
    To wrap his baby bunting in

    Bye, baby bunting
    Daddy’s gone a hunting
    A rosy wisp of cloud to win
    To wrap his baby bunting in

    [A lot of old nursery rhymes are actually kind of grim, aren’t they? – Ed.]

  59. Impossibirds!!!

  60. Once A Fish says:

    You cannot tell me I am the only one who thought of this:

  61. Floofballs with eyes.

  62. Just Born releasing their new Winter line for 2010….

  63. Marshmallow peeps come to life!

    They are so cute!

  64. Oh. My. Sweet. Lord. These are the cutest birds I’ve ever seen!

  65. kokobutterbuns says:

    These floofy balls of cuteness are killing me…..KILLING ME!!!!!

  66. Anyone else now hungry for these:
    I’m just saying.

    Oh, BTW I am now ded from the qte.

  67. I think these are Stay Puft Buntings.

  68. Go ahead, try and kill me during tax season…my boss is gonna be pretty mad at you if he has to hire someone else during tax season…..but I am strong! Thud….

  69. Oops, somebody else kinda sorta already said something like that, and did it better. (#4)

  70. Can we get this as wallpaper, please?

    BEST WALLPAPER EVER! Way better than the fennec fox I use now.

  71. I am now opening a bunting sanctuary. In my apartment. I wonder if these little guys ever migrate in my direction.

  72. @Once in a Fish:

    No, you’re not alone.

  73. I would not want to get into a snowball fight with those things! They are just snowballs with wings!!!!

  74. Once A Fish- I love it! My favorite part is when they are chanting, “Peep, peep, peep” and realize what is about to happen when the big bird lets go!

  75. Lessee -I THINK I can fit all four boidies in my mouf… One, Tmwhooph, Ffffff, Puffughuffmmmrrr…

  76. I’ll bet it’s impossible to weigh these guys because they don’t register on any scale.

  77. Once in a Fish: Thank you! I love the “Take Five music!” Most excellent.
    Dose boids up top are just tooo, tooo… my, my, my….

  78. omg they are soooooo cute! I agree that they have to be Mckay’s buntings. I want one!!!! Maybe I should move to Alaska???

  79. @Once a Fish – Priceless. lololol

  80. And in this McKay’s bunting illustration, the bird even has the same head tilt!

  81. I don’t think these are buntings, they have way too small beaks, I call rather Long-tailed Tits, just with their tails hidden:

    /end of birder-nerdiness

    Who’s a cute little cotton ball?? Yes, you’re a cute little cotton ball!!

  82. okay i am thinking yes McKays Bunting..

  83. AuntieMame says:

    Ordinarily I get a little sniffy when people start calling “fake” on photos, but this one, my first reaction was “no freakin way is anything real that cute”!

  84. resriechan says:

    excellent reminder
    of one o’ my alltime (and very FEW) favorite commercials of all time!!!

    Ready, CO kids??

    “How many licks does it take, to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
    Let’s see. ”
    “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take, to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”

    LICK “One”.
    LICK “Two-hoooooo”


    Thankye; thanyeverrmuch.

    [I think you’ll find it was one, two-hoo, thrrrree – Ed.]

  85. Yes! @mie – that’s it! A long-tailed tit!!! (see #81)
    Where do they live? I must go there!

  86. @ceejoe: Yeah, and the white-headed ones are a specialty of Northern Europe. I have seen these live once, and they are the sweetest thing!
    Some more pics, including cute babies perching and begging for food (around the middle of the page, pics around number 330) PLUS an added bonus of a sound clip of their song looping in the background:

  87. Really cute! So cute they don´t even look real!

  88. @Once A Fish…THANKIES for posting the Pixar short! It was hilarious. Just the thing to pick me up after another slog through the work day!

  89. How adorable!!!

  90. Blobular analysis in progress… blobular analysis result concurs with mie, long tail tits with tails hidden. Thank you for using blobular analysis.

  91. Paunchie–*bink* is perfecto!

  92. What in freak – what are those things?? Unreal!

  93. Oh for the luv of foof!

  94. This guy specializes in these insanely cute lovelies:

  95. resriechan says:

    @ Johanna: NICE!! VERY nice!!!

  96. Donsie_Lass says:

    Deffo long-tailed tits without the typical black stripes over the eyes. The Scandinavian form have pure white heads like in the photo. I love these and feel so lucky that I get to see them in my garden!

  97. Did one of these birds star in the latest “Simon’s Cat” video??

    [Scroll down to #112 and check it out… – Ed.]

  98. earlybird1 says:

    Tiniest… beaks… ever!

  99. how??? i…..what…..what are….. can’t form….english….broken…..i…i….

    *falls to knees and bows to new god of cute*

    I am not worthy to be in your ultimate cute presence!!!!!

  100. Flickr has great shots of these guys….search under “long-tailed tit”:

    One good example here.


  102. Marshmallows on legs, cotton balls with wings, snowballs with beaks, fake, real–––

    Who cares in the end? They’re qte, dedly, and I want one to add to my collection of “Things that Are So Disgustingly Cute You’ll Swallow Your Head.” Right next to the Pikachu-dudes from the Mt. Fuji Laboratory of Japanese Cuteness.

  103. Long tailed WHAT??

  104. PS I can’t actually SEE any tails!

  105. @Donsie_Lass: Thanks for that link! I love how they are very sociable, and so tame the person writing about her pic of one said she has been able to touch one! Also enjoy the nick “Flying Snowball.” SO ***CUTE***!!!! omgosh…. *fades off to speechlessness*

  106. I want to pop ’em in my mouf. OM NOM NOM.

  107. Unbelievable. Just unbefreakinlievable. And actually, I do have two little round white “birds” that go on my Christmas tree each year . . . and they look remarkable like these critters. Did you notice the photos of them next to pussywillow catkins? THEY’RE NOT MUCH BIGGER THAN THE PUSSYWILLOW CATKINS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. That is cute perfection right there.

  109. We need this picture in wallpaper format. This picture would be awesome!

  110. Their tails are right behind them, but you can’t see them because it’s a full frontal shot.

    Here’s a a Flickr example of an acrobatic one grabbing snow

  111. Holy crap, Kermit, it IS the bird in the Simon’s Cat cartoon. Snowball and everything!

  112. Anony"mouse" says:

    o….m…..g (squeals)
    sorry, girlish moment
    (cough cough)
    (walks away like it never happened)

  113. I can’t believe nobody’s talking about that bokeh.

    [It, uh, looks like… fog? – Ed.]

  114. resriechan says:

    Hey there, anony “mouse”: ya forgot to whistle the Official “Innocence Song”.

    (everybody knows the tune)

  115. We have bushtits here in Oregon that are a soft gray color with no strong markings. They are officially long tailed bushtits but I never noticed the tails being very long. They come in flocks of 30 or 40 and only weigh about 5 grams ( by comparison, our little parakeet weighs 29 grams). I read the gray ones are the only ones in North America, the white ones are on another continent. They are smaller than the nuthatches and chickadees and are really cute little balls of fluff. They LOVE suet! But I guess the gray color doesn’t stand out as much as the white.

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    little….bloops…of…birdular…blorpiness. The flooftitude. *gulp*

  117. I’m thinking the Faroe Island snow bunting Plectrophenax nivalis insulae.
    Plectro from the Gr ‘to smite’, and ‘phenax’ meaning ‘to cheat’! So we’re not REALLY struck dead from the cute, we’re just pertending.
    Nivalis is ‘snow’. Insulae is isolated/an island.
    And ‘bunting’ means ‘short and plump’ in Gaelic, i.e., floofy.

    So, deep breath: We’re ded of the Qte of the floofy snowy islander.
    And when will these CO Christmas cards be ready for purchase? A dozen boxes, pls!

  118. resriechan says:

    Also, @ Ed: re me, T.U.M., an owl, and the Tootsie Roll Center of the Tootsie Pop.

    YUP ya got me. My brain farted (sorry folks if that’s too risque) when the owl said “Too-hoo” and I didn’t remember the “thrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee”. But with your expert presentation, it *does indeed* return to the hazy edges of my (alleged) mind.

    “Thanye. Thankyeverrmuch.”

    (Elvis was never — I don’t THINK– in this particular building)
    (But I still like the “Thanye. Thankyeverrmuch” bit so I use it anyhow)

  119. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Check out this long-tailed tit with a feather!

  120. Looks like fog! But secretly, tree!
    Is magic of bokeh!

  121. so adorable! >.<

    here's another good picture of a long-tailed tit:

  122. Queen of Dork says:

    They kind of look like something one might see singing outside of Mary Poppins’ window or something. In perfect harmony with Mary Poppins singing herself.

  123. resriechan says:

    That’s rather enjoyable, Ms.(Qo) D!!!

    Tweet tweet, to you-hoo!!!

  124. precious.

    & thanks for all those wonderful comments
    on my photo…didn’t expect my ‘fake’ (error) boobs
    ‘man hands’ (ha), and chipped/tacky nail polish to be such a hit.

  125. @ Qo’D I can’t yell “JINX” but we’re on the same wave length. I was thinking Cinderella !

  126. maybe i could use one of those birds to thoroughly remove my nail polish.

    nice skills

  127. Queen of Dork says:

    Mud Bug: Yeah! Cinderella, too! She and Mary Poppins are skipping through the lovely, soft moss carpeted forest singing beautiful songs and these floofball birds are perched in the branches watching them quizzically and singing along. All is well under the golden, sun-lit dappled canopy and everything smells like something some laundry detergent company would KILL to replicate in a bottle! 🙂 Yeah, like that!

  128. resriechan says:

    Allrighty then.

    okay, Q, now YOU KNOW I love ya……… but….maybe try the decaff, now?
    TRULY; you’ll never tell the difference in the flavor.

    That’s it, dear.
    (patting you gently, on top of your hands)

  129. A cute bird? Who’d a thunk it! But tis true!

  130. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: But I don’t want a pat on the hands…I want to frolick in the forest with everybody. And I want to pet the cotton ball birds.

  131. blorparific winter chublets

  132. [sound of my head exploding]

  133. poooofffph!

  134. Floof blobs!

  135. @ Qo’D They work for Snow White & Bambi too !

  136. Queen of Dork says:

    Mud Bug: I thought so! I’ll bet they have picnics with Bambi and Thumper and sing at them.

  137. resriechan says:

    @ QoD:

    (loving,indulgent sigh)

    “I know, dear. I know. It will all be just fine, really. TRUST me!!!!
    After all, I didn’t get to be a used-car saleswoman just by lookin’ cute!!!”

    (I’m not sure how that’s supposed to convince you, but it sounded soothing enough to distract you, I was hoping…………)

    (“The poor, sweet little darling. She’s been working TOO hard.
    That SamKitty is gonna cause her to have a nervous breakdown.
    Did you hear the interview, he did with Entertainment Tonight?
    He said, he asks her about the BREAKFAST MENU, at 11 pm, the night BEFORE!!! Jeez.”)

  138. Somewhat larger pic (1282 x 856 px) here

    or here

    Found via

  139. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Mother Nature goes and drops a branch load of long-tailed tits on us! These are easily the most adorable birds I have ever seen. They just look so happy and friendly. I wish they lived here in Virginia…

  140. sorry about the lack of info but I didn’t really have any. I do believe they are long-tailed tits… and I almost sent it in with a different title 😉

  141. catloveschanel says:

    oh TL, just when I was going to leave a wholesome comment.

    oh, i’ll do it anyway
    There was once a song everyone publicly hated, but secretly hummed.
    It was Debby Boone, You light up my life. I think these birds are that song..

  142. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I see ded people, /me included *thud*… Ded by the qteness of Tits (pffftttthahaha…)

  143. I gotta confess, my first reaction was also “PHOTOSHOP! No WAY anything that cute can be real!” They’re straight out of a Disney fairytale!

    But hey, we don’t have those boids in my part of the world, so pfffbbbt.

    PLEASE, for the love of Dog, make this a wallpaper.


  144. Long tailed tits? Bushtits???!!!

    Who names these birds!!!!!

    Yes, brain in the gutter. Sent there by the cute.

  145. Fluidstatic says:

    *squeak*… OMIGOD…. floofycutes with beaks… eye capsules

  146. Yeah. That attempt at html FAILED.

  147. Can’t believe I spent 24 years in Finland, and never saw these cute buggers! Desktop wallpaper. Thanks!

  148. I believe if you touch them genty with a mallet, a musical note comes out. 😉

  149. This is what I imagine the snitch looked like back when the wizarding world still used a bird 🙂

  150. comprehensive … language … gone … *dies*

  151. Too.

  152. resriechan says:

    (“Can’t Touch THIS”

    Or, alternatively:
    “They’re too sexy for tha branch; too sexy for tha snow, too sexy for…”)


  154. Does anyone know where a bigger res pic of this is?

  155. bookmonstercats says:

    Eeek *thud*
    Squeak *thud*
    Whimper *thud*
    Squeee *thud*

    Carries on indefinitely in same vein.

    PS Theo, who is the pretty lady in your avatar photo? Do we know? Last time I looked properly(which was a while ago, admittedly, I’ve been very busy of late, it’s that time of year in work) you had one of your ginger cat.

    [That’d be Tennille, and her days as profile pic are numbered – Ed.]

  156. Now all I can think of is the Poppler ad from Futurama:

    “Pop a Poppler in your mouth
    When you come to Fishy Joe’s!
    What they’re made of is a mystery;
    Where they come from no-one knows.
    You can pick ’em, you can lick ’em
    You can chew ’em, you can stick ’em;
    If you promise not to sue us,
    You can shove one up your nose.”

  157. my money is on McKay’s Bunting

  158. Everytime I look at this picture I could just swear I walked into a disney movie.!

    ypu know I hear cinderella and or snow white music.

  159. KittyAdventures,

    I agree.

    Actually, I think I’m “twitterpainted” with these boidies.

    And they can call me “Flower”…. if they want to.


  160. That is the cutest dryer lint I’ve ever seen!

  161. Ok, those adorable birds cannot be real! If so, what are they so I can steal some!

  162. If these feathered marshmallows don’t stop existing at once, I shall have to feed
    them to my cat in order to stop obsessing about their ineffable cuteness.

  163. PS: How can I make that close-up my avatar?

  164. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    *happy sigh* Excellent way to start out a Thursday… floofy boidies. Coffee is next.

  165. Tears are rolling down my cheeks from the cute and beautiful birds…thank you!

  166. Dragonflye says:

    So, has it been decided that it’s three long-tailed tits on a tree?

  167. Dragonflye says:

    Oh wait… four long-tailed tits on a tree. That’s two pairs.

  168. hey site administrators, put us out of our misery and tell us what type of birds these are!!

  169. This is now by wallpaper.

  170. catloveschanel says:

    not to improve on greatness, but shouldn’t that be “cheep trills”?

  171. I fully expect that somewhere, somehow someone’s gonna make this bird (see the close-up) into the darlingest merch/swag evah.

    Or either ModCloth or Squishable already has taken up the challenge.

  172. I did find some stuff on ModCloth. But also found this darling necklace after googling “cute bird charm”: Amy Bengston’s Nest Necklace.

    And here’s one by Lisa Leonard: sweet and simple birdie.

  173. So these are from what Pixar animation?

  174. C armour I believe we acertained that they are long tailed tits with their lovely winter garb. versus their summer garb.

    they could also be the McKay buntings but After much lookiing at many birdy pictures I am re choosing the tits.

    (Opens door to snickering lounge for those peeps so afflicted.)

  175. nice choice of words LOL

  176. I’m still voting for McKay’s bunting. Those pics y’all posted of long tailed tits, I mean they have a lot of rusty/ ruddy color on the breast, belly and wing. And just a dab of yellow above the eye. These guys don’t.

  177. And everybody knows, Dragonflye, that you won’t find tits in groups of three. 🙂

  178. Officially my new desktop picture! It goes very well with my maps that are white marbles 😛 Check it!

  179. right here! (sorry 😉 )

  180. oh my god I CANNOT HANDLE THE PUFFBALLS!!!!

    [Few can, Gwenz. Few can. – Ed.]

  181. THESE.

    And those damn white fuzzy bats in a leaf! Together they will rule the world.

  182. Dragonflye says:

    It just goes to show you that someday tits will rule the world.

  183. Okay, posted the pic on a Livejournal community, and someone recognized them as Long Tailed Tits, joining a picture of a bird from a website on birds in Korea… *huhhhhhhh*

    They are indeed different to the ones in European countries (like Belgium).

  184. Help … *gasp* … too cute…. can’t stand… *pass out*

  185. AuntieMame says:


    And everybody knows, Dragonflye, that you won’t find tits in groups of three.

    Tell that to Eccentrica Gallumbits. 😛 😀

  186. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    My husband & I have decided that we are going to do like people did a long time ago with English Starlings…bring them over to America, breed them & then let them go, Cutest evar invasive species?

  187. WendyPinNJ says:



  188. I agree, *bink!* works as a birdie “Baroo?”

    And I would hug those little birds if it wouldn’t mash them into feathered pancakes.

    At the Ed.’s discretion, I couldn’t resist adding a haiku of my own:

    Four small tits perch here.
    It’s quite cold, and they’re pointy.
    “*bink!* What’s so funny?”

    [Must be Friday somewhere. 😉 – Ed.]

  189. Oh, also: Itty black beaksies, poofliness, and BEF!! *too ded to hug*

  190. AWW 😀 Those little birds look are the cutest looking fluffballs 😀

  191. Because I needed more reasons to visit Scandinavia. *is sighing while being ded of teh qte*
    BStrange, your haiku is…well, it’s awesome, but I’m gonna need a drink in the Snickering Lounge now. I am offering to take AuntieMame and her Douglas Adams references with me. 😀

  192. After the comments on the name, it sorta wrote itself. 😀 Head to the lounge, thebothofya, the snickers and snickerdoodles are on me. (Well, what else would they serve there?) Whipped-cream-birdies as topping, optional but highly recommended. I swear these birds accumulate cuteness interest, they seem cuter every time I look…

  193. bookmonstercats says:

    Theo (response at #157), I love Tenille (Toni of that ilk). I know her duet with The Captain (who he?) is the cheeeeessssiest ever, but it turns me to marshmallow (possibly too much info there, sorry). Great jazz voice on her. I thought I’d caught a whiff of the 80s about the photo.

    [Actually yeah, she kind of does have some vocal chops, true. But this pic from a ’70s performance of Muskrat Love is just SCARY SCARY TEETHS 😯 – Ed.]

  194. Bonsai Birds!!!

  195. lexipuppymommy says:

    I could stare at the cute hance all day.

  196. After much Googling – Long Tailed Tits! (you have no idea what I had to preview!). Aegithalos Caudatus – head on shots. From Europe and Asia.
    And………………… looks like someone figured it out before. Kudos. 🙂
    I still want one!

  197. Michelle, I think maybe we do have some idea about what you had to preview.

  198. they can’t be real.
    but they’re really cute.

  199. Theo – a lot of BIRDS!!! lol

  200. That’s just lovely – it really is.

  201. Queen of Dork says:

    Simon’s cat might sing a song kind of like this:

    Just a spoonful of floofbirds,
    Help the kibble snacks go down…
    The kibble snacks go dooowwwwnn,
    The kibble snacks go down….

  202. hey, QoD!! I just emailed you elsewhere & I’m about to go “down for the count” (read: lie down & go to bed) unless you happen to answer me there within 10 minutes or so?
    Did peeps at your occupation treat you well (or at least decently) today?

    Salute to SamKitty
    Smooches to you

  203. *thud*

  204. Queen of Dork: Your mutant-Mary Poppins earworm has been with me since you posted that. Help? 😀

  205. Queen of Dork says:

    BStrange: he-he. Ooops! 🙂

  206. Put these together with those tiiiny white q-tip bats in the rain forest leaf and we’ll rule the world….bwahhahahah!

  207. definitely a mckay’s bunting, soooooo cutecutecute<3

  208. resriechan says:

    BStrange: how do you feel, about the theme song for Gilligan’s Island?

    Chitty-chitty Bang bang???

  209. TwilightGuru says:


  210. I think they has tiipinness hedronesii. So defeatingly cute.

  211. @resriechan: “A tale of a fateful tit”? “Cheepy cheepy bird bird”? Oh, he’p me… *thud*

  212. They are like some adorable Disney cartoon bird – like on Cinderella or Snow White.

  213. Probably the four birds are the same.
    anyway…. omg cute…

  214. OMG Theas birds are way to cute to bee real !!!!!!!!

    I thingk I’m guna criy.
    I wish I knew wut birds thes are.

  215. May be McKay’s Bunting – Plectrophenax hyperboreus

  216. I love these little guys!
    In answer to those asking if these are Japanese: they probably are, or East Asian at least. The very white appearance seen from head-on, without much in the way of pink or dark markings, suggests Hokkaido race ( to me.
    There’s a lot of regional variation with these guys; Western European ones, and British in particular, have a lot more pink. Also more pronounced eyebrows.
    Of course, they’re all adorafuzzy : )

  217. Okay, you want to see these things looking cute?

    Try and resist THIS

    Lookit that cheeky little face! He’s all like “what?”

  218. JoAnne Bouchor says:

    There are amazing cute, beautiful, wonderful things abounding on our home, earth and we all should appreciate this. The Pixar utube Short film for the Birds made me almost die laughing.!!!!!!

  219. <3! So round and cute!

  220. I canNOT get over these little boids. Jeepers! Now I see them every time I turn on my computer! And the branch with the berries, the perfectly placed boids, they all facing us and two of them going *bink*!

  221. aww they look so cute and round

  222. Why does everybody think these are fake? True, the cuteness level does defy all known laws of cute physics, but they look like real birds to me. 😀

    /The bar has been raised, LOLcats!

    [Most folks aren’t seriously saying they’re fake, y’know – Ed.]

  223. Yes, peoples – we are that cute!

  224. Absolutely adorable! Does anyone know where I could find this picture at a higher resolution? Thanks 🙂

  225. I must be heaven,lol ,they are damn cute and even my broon (my sugar glider) is kinda is envious of them.
    thnx a lot

  226. OMG, it’s like the warm fuzzies from the 1-800-Flowers ads are real!

  227. Most popular post of the week, and it’s not about a kitteh or a puppeh! Go birds! These cuties have been gracing my desktop ever since I laid eyes on them the day they were posted. “Bird baroo” rules!

  228. *Sobs* NOW I MISS MY BIRDIES! Curse you, CuteOverlords, and your ability to remind me of how freaking ADORABLE little feathery floofballs can be!!!

  229. I’m very good at telling fake tits from real tits.

    To quote Teri Hatcher on Seinfeld:

    “They’rer real, and they’re spectacular!

  230. @Paunchie — great idea. This is now my screensaver, except these stupid icons keep blocking the birdees!!!

  231. @Auntie Mame — the triple breasted whore of Babylon 5??? Now I’m gonna need a pangalactric gargle blaster!

    [You’re crossing your canons, Ms. J 😐 – Ed.]

  232. @Auntie Mame — Oops. I meant the triple breasted (word omitted for reasons of decency) of Eroticon 9. Now I really need a pangalactic gargle blaster.

    [Six! Eroticon Six! Honestly, have you never BEEN there?!! – Ed.]

  233. Jerilyn- You are one froody dude. Seriously. You always know where your towel is.

    [Frood! HOOPY FROOD! Oh, I despair of the lot of you… 😛 – Ed.]

  234. I believe I lost my towel in a tragic bulldozer accident. Or Marvin the paranoid android took it. Now where is that pangalactic gargle blaster? I needs to have my brain exploded… with a twist of lemon!

    [Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they want me to evaluate Douglas Adams quotes… 😉 – Ed.]

  235. Yum yum, they look delicious.

  236. Oh my dear sainted…Ed., you are cracking me up AND beating me to the corrections. Also re: pan-galactic gargle blaster: Like having your brain smashed in with a lemon wrapped around a gold brick. 😀

  237. I’ll look for you Friday night, Tindi. 😉

  238. OHMAGAWD….i just sploded. i wanna rub them on my face 😛 the one on the end is just too cute!!

  239. These are now my favorite birds!!!!!

  240. THey are still Disney birds to me and my new work computer desk top every time I look at them I smile..

  241. Thanks CE (post 140) for those larger images. One of them made the perfect desktop for me. These birds are beyond cute.

    When I was a kid and we went to Disneyland, there were these finches there that are without a doubt the fattest finches on the planet. We would help with their weight problem by feeding them french fries. My dad called them “puffy birds”. These remind me of them.

    I still see them when I go to Downtown Disney when I crave beignets. And yes, I feed them beignet bits.

  242. ahhh! flooftastic! i wants one! must….reach….tree branch! need…to….CUDDLE! *eehhnnn!*

  243. Fuzzalina – that makes me so sad. poor birdies probably so unhealthy. 😦

  244. Redheadedelfie says:

    Mercy Maud on me… I have been overcuted… these poofy babies are cute on steroids!!! I saw pics of them years ago in a National Geographic, but this pic is cute to the nth degree. There is a God and He was smiling when He made these cute babies!!

  245. Picture was only touched up with photoshop or another app…the picture itself is real….I want a foof bird!

  246. this is incredibly cute! i must have one.

  247. tell me that I’m you’re own my baby….
    Ooooo hello my baby,
    hello my honey,
    hello my ragtime [summertime] gal
    Send me a kiss by [byyyyyyyyyyy] by wire
    baby my hearts on fire, on fire.

  248. can u buy these? i do not care if you hav to buy eet online. i will order 20 billion. or just give me onnnneeee pleeeezzz!!!! B:)

  249. I made a painting of the little birdies!!! Thanks for the inspiration cute overload!

    [So you did. Very nice! – Ed.]

  250. Fuzzalina says:

    Seriously? It makes you sad that the Happiest Finches on Earth are a little chunky? Wow. Yours is a world I don’t want to live in.

  251. Fuzzalina says:

    @Jimena Saravia: That’s lovely!!

  252. Kathy Keefe says:

    I would buy this and hang it in my house – besides being fabulously cute, it’s very scenic. Does anyone know if I could make that happen somehow?

  253. Paunchie says:

    Well, you could down-load it, and save it to your hard drive. Then you’d need a good printer that can print photo-quality prints.

    Listen Meg, et. al, you guys are missing out on making extra moolah. You should open up a little store and offer prints, T-shirts, mugs and stuff with selected fabulous pictures from here. And I want Christmas cards!

    Donate the money to the ASPCA if you like.

  254. Paunchie says:

    For my own needs, I’m gonna try my hand at drawering it. 🙂

  255. @Jimena Saravia: Flooftastic!

  256. Thanks for all the hard work, bird experts! The long tailed tit is now my new fave birdeh!

  257. @Kathy Keefe

    Hi Kathy, I’ve gotten so many wonderful revies from this painting that I made in an afternoon I am going to print greeting cards and doing some gliclee reproductions. Please send me your e-mail and I will let you know once they are complete. energylifedesign [at] yahoo [dot] com

  258. @Paunchie

    Yo dude my art is copyrighted. LOL

  259. Paunchie says:

    Yo dude, good for you! See? The entrepreneurial spirit at work.

  260. Jimena,
    How about the photographer’s copyright?
    You should think twice before you start selling

  261. how can I find out who took this picture?



    [Good grief 😯 if anybody needs me, I’ll be under the laundry heap – Ed.]

  263. who done it?

  264. Natalie says:

    these are the cutest little puff puffys in the universe i really wish i could have one but i bet they are japenes OMg they are adorable!

  265. In luff. They just make my day.

  266. Yah I love birds although afraid from them !

  267. Elizabeth says:

    These look like McKay’s Buntings. Beautiful!!!

  268. Jimena Sravia : How about a desktop image of your painting? Please? Pleez? Pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzz????????? Pretty pretty pleez with itty bitty beaky beaks and bitty birdy bird feets?

  269. Yall are my people.
    Some things are perfectly heart sized, and beg you to ADORE the world. o buntings, be pettable.

  270. Bryanna says: