“I’ll stop doing this when you stop calling my mom names. But let’s be honest, she is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, so it’s in your best interest to not insult us, you silly striped mule.”

Nahnny-nahnny-poo-poo, ThinkBrinke.



  1. Robert Pattinson? Ugh, let’s not go there.

    This little cute has it all over Pasty Guy!

  2. Oh, just far too cute 🙂

  3. Awww, you’re the gorilla my dreams!

  4. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Cool hair.

  5. 800 lb gorilla. *snerk*

  6. Love the ‘do. I must snorgle this little munchkin.

  7. Looks like monkey business to me!

  8. Pfft. Pattinson got the hair from Radcliffe.

  9. He looks like he just got a haircut.

  10. Which hair product gave him/her that lovely fuzzy sheen????

    (feeling puzzled about the reference, but already in multitasking overload, so too lazy to open up another internet screen to research it. I’m SO i’nerant–sigh.)

  11. (the Robert Pattinson reference.
    I’m tellin’ ya, I ain’t *no good, “nohow” on thisy’ere thing they cawl “multitasking” …..)

    (resigned sigh)

  12. resriechan – I hear ya, I get so tired of having to google all these cultural references. /sigh…/ (but just to help you out, Rob Pattinson is the vampire guy from the Twilight movies) 😉
    personally, I think this cute little fella has Don King hair. Does that make me sound old??

    [I think it’s the other way around: Don King has baby Silverback hair. 😉 – Ed.]

  13. I’d want to scoop that little one up and hug her, except that her mother would KEEEEEL me.

  14. ok — ceejoe — THANKS!!!

    vampire– got it!!
    …. and I am *vaguely* aware, that there was a *moderately popular*
    recent series of such filmzzz…. (I’m so NOT into the “coolness clique”…now,
    the HISTORY BEHIND the ORIGINAL vampire legends, & such: THAT gives me the groovies…)

    And in re. Don King (this will NOT make me popular but a gal’s gotta say what a gal’s gotta say (sometimes): THIS gorilla cub (or whatever the keerect term is for a bambino gorilla)……………………..has MUCHO BETTAIR hair than (ahem) Mr. King.

    While Mr. King is …(ahem) presumably is …. a fantastic guy …I think that even some of his best buddies might be willing to agree that having a “great hair” day….is not one of the attributes, for which he is renowned.

    (mind you, I’m ABSOLUTELY no competition for Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum in ANY manner whatsoever, myself, so I’m not claimin’ to have celebrity paparazzi crowding around me in hotel lobbies, or nothin’….)

  15. I think this hairdo is simply called a short Silverback and sides

  16. @Kristabelle : You hug the baby & I’ll hug the mommy then we can switch o.k.?
    Can you imagine how protected you would feel being hugged by that gentile giant?
    Hey , if they weren’t gentle NO babies would ever grow up !

  17. @ Editors: Yew all am so groovy-like; takin’ out mah extry doubleposted thinggie!!

    Thanks, ever so!!!!!


  18. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Mudbug-“Gentile Giant”, as opposed to “Jewish Giant”? (Am I gonna get in trouble for this post? Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  19. Ugh. Pattinson. The more I hear about that guy, the creepier he gets. (I do NOT read the articles. The headlines are more than enough.)

    As for little Don King Kong up there, I finally can use an Internet acronym I just learned what it meant this week:



  20. K, AuntieMame… *bites* What is STN?

  21. Please, this little guy is showing WAY too much emotion to be compared to Pattinson. 🙂

  22. I think he looks more like Almodovar. 😛

  23. StarTrek Next Generation?

    I want to ruff up his little mop head! I bet it’s soft.


  25. AuntieMame says:

    @marthava, it means “so there, nyeah!”

    A little juvenile, but hilarious.


  26. I love this image!

  27. resriechan says:

    BTW, was this little minkey (Inspecteur Clouseau reference) born, into some kinda brand-new, white Easter-basket, shredded tissue paper?
    Them’s some mighty clean & symmetrical strips o’ “straw’, there…..

    Wha’ gives?

  28. @Resrie, I think he was delivered in a basket by a large bird.

  29. I shall name him Kramer.

  30. This fur is wayyyyy too clean to be compared to Robert Pattinson’s hair. I think bargles nails it: totally Almodovar hair.

  31. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Clicking on the photo takes me somewhere strange. -3?
    I refrained from making the only comment there.

    You know, back when I used to do baby bathing, the kids’ hair would look kind of like that after the towelling, at least until their mom saw them.

    I was particularly proud of the fauxhawk effect I got by dunking them upside down in the tub to rinse out the shampoo. No, not past the eyebrows, nuffers. The idea was to keep the soap out of their eyes.

  32. I dont see too good, is that Robert Downey Jr in “Less than Zero”?

  33. resriechan says:

    Theresa: by a stork, specifically, do ya think?

  34. @ Dreamspinner : Sorry, don’t know what a Jewish Giant is but being Jewish I sure would like to ! All though my first instinct would be : to identify Jewish giant would have to be a male gorilla maybe ??? (hee hee hee)
    NOW let’s see who’s gonna get in trouble (snerk)

  35. I think he/she looks like Wanda Sykes.

  36. @Resrie: Check out this documentation!

  37. Of course, all the above is COMPLETELY TRUE!!!

  38. So freaking cute the expression says it all

  39. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    that’s why they call it DOCUMENTATION, instead of calling it a Fairy Tale, ya know?

    1936!! How do you FIND such gems??????
    You got (“how you say”) “Mad Skillllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”, ma’am!!!!

    (Is it considered ethnically inappropriate, to use the honorific “ma’am”, next to the phrase “Mad skillzz”? or will I be forcefully relocated to the Gulag Archipelago?)
    Or does that cause a disruptive Culture Clash?)

  40. Haha, awesome…

  41. @Resrie, I am big. I can take it. 😉

  42. Okay, that’s super cute, but this video of a chimp riding the subway is the cutest thing EVER, I swear. http://bit.ly/9A9XWi

  43. Nah. Gorilla is a) Cuter; and b) Not sparkling and angsty. 😀

  44. I had that same haircut a while ago.

  45. looks like a kaffir to me.

  46. hahaha he is sooo cute!!! i want a monkey!! heheee