Another Snow Day Activity

Are you tired of the cold? Sick of the snow? Well here’s something that’s sure to lift you up: Hang some snow-ornaments on your favorite friend. He’ll love you for it, trust us!

Sleep with one eye open, Karen E. Photo by Bob.



  1. Wow.

  2. Grippin’ your pillow tight . . .

  3. Aw! I had a longer-haired indoor/outdoor cat who used to collect tummy snow.

  4. Clusterphobes, avert thy eyes!

  5. awww…poor doggy!!!!!!!!

  6. StormCat42 says:

    Leilani – Niiice Sandman reference!! Now I’ll have that song in my head the rest of the day… *bangs head to the unheard beat of a fabu song*

  7. I believe the correct nomenclature would be “snornaments.” Compare to the last 3 storms from which we’ve dug ourselves out over the last few months here in the DC metro area: Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, and, finally, Snoverit.

  8. what an adorable dog.


  10. Gah! Clusters! Ack ack.
    i will try to concentrate on the beep-able-ness of the nose instead.
    “Snormaments” – brilliant!

  11. Resriechan says:

    ?”Cute or sad”?

    (anybody? Ferris Bueller? anybody???)

  12. this is hilarious!

  13. I had to look up Jack Torrance on the interwebs but the reference is spot on! Be afraid, be very afraid. 🙂

  14. And Pupster is shown with an elder person which is a very,very good thing. That doesn’t happen enough, I think.

  15. awww….poor doggy, same thing happens to my dog when I bring her out in the snow too……and we wonder why they curl up into tight tiny little balls after a walk eh? COLD BELLY!!!!

  16. LOL ! Jack Torrance

  17. Lady Ga Ga of the dog world shows off her latest outfit.

  18. We have Wheatens and boy does the snow clump into snowballs. Poor pupper! Straight to the shower with you. A nice warm shower is the most effective and least time consuming way to melt all those snowballs!!

  19. @Kristabelle: glad to have this remedy. my pup gets these big time and they are A PAIN. although, i’m not sure which is a lower ring of hell for her, snornaments or a shower.

    shower definitely easier on ME, and it’s all about me, of course.

  20. We take the shower head and try to just focus on the undersides and legs, that way they’re not totally drenched. They don’t love it, but I think they like it better than the hanging snowballs – they pull their hair!

    Dang, I thought it was all about ME?!

  21. awwwwwhahahahaha! What an awesome expression!

    *keess keess*

    poor sweet baby. SO cute!

  22. @ kristabelle & aquamarine – wha?? I thought it was all about me?!?! That’s certainly what I tell the 11 kittehs and 2 piggehs that run my house…
    heh heh… I would bet that most of us here know all about how this works. 😉

  23. My two doglets won’t even permit me to THINK it’s all about me. They’re so strict with their rules!

  24. My poodles delight in collecting snow ornaments on their walks. No matter how much I try to keep them on plowed sidewalks, they insist on diving into the snowbanks and racing through snow piles like they were tiny plows. Of course, they then have the gall to give me the accusing look when the snow ornaments start to freeze into ice balls …

  25. oh, i’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s DEF all about me: me gets the doggie food ready, me floofs the pillow, me throws the bouncy thing, me is the accompaniment for walkies, me pays the heating bill…..

  26. scigirl: ice balls….tee hee hee O:-)

  27. that’s supposed to be the angelic smiley but my smiley skills are lame…

    [It’s not your fault; WordPress doesn’t actually have that smiley. – Ed.]

  28. Fluidstatic says:

    Cold tummy… poor little cutie.

  29. I’ve always wondered. What is the physics around how snornaments form? Always so perfectly round?

  30. Aw, was someone using him for snowball practice?

    So sweet!!

  31. Popessa Water and tension ….. or some other equally mysterious scientific property.

    Poodle popcorn!

  32. Definitely not a hot dog.

  33. AAWWwww. My friend’s dog LOVES the snow and collects snowballs all over her belly and inner legs. They make a rustling, clacking sound when she walks.

  34. (waving frantically)

    Good to (sorta kinda) see ya. Have ya been busier lately than previously?
    Been wonderin’, how ya were…


  35. And @ ceejoe re. the animals writing the Rulebook:

    You should see the legal document that SamKitty had made up for QoD.

    Quite the taskmaster, that SamKitty. QoD is currently appealing the case.

  36. (thank you, Ed’s!!! for the Tag!! MWAH!!)

    @Aquamarine : We are definitely thinking along the same warped lines !
    But since you said it first I’ll meet you in the snicker lounge & your first drink is on me !

  38. Snerk snerk SNERKLE!!!

  39. Oh snow . . . . .

  40. M. I wish I had read your warning before. Clusterphobia is so little known, this pictured killed me and I feel like popping the world, now! Very cute puppy, though.

  41. “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”

  42. I dunno… I think this is kinda weird. It looks like she has snow tumors or giant snow warts. 😛

  43. @mudbug: why thank you, i’ll have a gin and tonic with extra lime….and while we’re snickering, did you hear the one about tickle me elmo?

  44. @ resriechan:

    *blowing kisses back*

    naw, i’m just really poorer-than-your average correspondent, which takes all the fun out of corresponding, i know…..fifty lashes with a wet noodle for me!! i’ll respond otherplace with more….

  45. My golden retriever always gets bad snowballs on her belly too:

    She doesn’t seem too perturbed about them, though. What bothers me is when they melt all over the floor. Last time it happened, I put a towel down for her and she went right over and laid on it until all the snow melted. Yes, she is a very good dog. 🙂

  46. This is more sad than cute, but still cute.

  47. fifthsonata says:

    How does that happen?!

  48. AHH! The clusters, they burn!

    [Or, y’know, freeze – Ed.]

  49. Having owned a toy poodle in Canada, I can safely say, “Been there, done that.”

  50. Aw, poor little pup! 😦

  51. @Amy G it’s NOT a toomuh.

  52. @fifthsonata:

    it happens, when you have a dog with fur/hair of any length who decides to run around and snorffle in the snow for awhile, snow that’s at least belly deep, and then decide it’s time to come inside. and when s/he does….ya got snornaments (I CAN’T WAIT TO USE THIS NEW WORD IN PUBLIC!!).

    i join popessa in her question–i don’t know what makes ’em so perfectly rounded, but there ya are.

    Someone Who Thinks She Knows Snow…or at least Dog Bellies
    (with apologies to resriechan)

  53. I just learned about Clusterphobia today, but I know I’ve always had it. This picture just freaks me a out. Like, I can’t even look at it without feeling icky inside. X3;;

    Humans develop aversions to the weirdest things.

  54. I have the perfect solution to snornaments, if anyone is interested. Forget where I learned this, but as a walker of two long haired doxies, it was invaluable. Before going out in the funfunfun snow, rub your puppers down with some oil or hand lotion. Then the snow doesn’t stick! It’s like Pam for dogs!

    [For the record, though, WD-40 is not recommended. – Ed.]

  55. That’s not snow, that’s a fungal infection!

    [Um, noooo… – Ed.]

  56. This happens to my cocker all the time. We have to get a warm bath and put her in it so we can get the snow off her.

  57. Peanuts mama says:

    Im with you on that one Vicki. Remember the Gremlins movie, when Gizmo gets wet and the other gremlins start growing……ACK! I can’t even finish that sentence!! UGH UGH UGH

    I agree w MamaLana, definitely sad, not cute. POOR BABY!

  58. My shih tzu adores the snow but hates anything that has to do with water. She’ll come inside from the backyard covered in snornaments, give an almighty shake in order to fling them around the house, and then when you look out the back window to see what she was up to you’ll see evenly spaced holes in the snow because she’s been leaping into drifts like a bunny rabbit. It’s like “uh, you know that’s water, right?”

  59. EVERYBODY: Did ya see how Waffle spelled “Shih Tzu” right there? THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT. Don’t make the spam filter hate you. 😉

  60. @ Aquamarime :
    No! I haven’t heard that one but after a few in the lounge I have no doubt we’ll be more than willing to come up with a few new ones !

  61. Thanks for teaching me the name of my disorder!!! Now I’m going to stab my eyes out.

  62. It creeps me out , too. I thought sometype of explanation might help.

  63. omfg that’s ridiculous!

  64. That is the cutest thing! I know it all too well! As a pet sitter in NJ, I know that my boys and girls LOVE snow days and could spend hours in the snow, hopping, jumping, digging! Great shot!!!

  65. Bleah! Bleah bleah bleah… Ok, I didn’t know what “clusterphobia” was (or rather, had only heard the “definition” involving cluster… uh… “fluffs”? But when it comes to belly snowballs I am right with the clusterphobes, that makes me squeam.

    From the neck up, the pooch is adowible, though.

    @marthava: LAUGH CRAMPS!!,
    and @popessa, my best guess is that once the snow starts to clump, the hangy-downy-rolling-and-bumping-against-each-other action as the dog moves, molds them into balls, same as when you roll snow or clay around in your hands.

  66. Trypophobia, that’s the scientific name. mind you, DO NOT google it, you’ll see so many horrible pictures!

  67. TrixandSam says:

    @ Lesli3D – FTW! Your poor pup. I barely survived melting snornaments off my two (small) Bichons every winter. Snornaments on a large dog??? No… no… could not do it….

  68. @ mudbug: before tickle me elmo leaves the muppet factory, they always give him two test tickles.

  69. @ED: oh, dear, i hope that joke wasn’t too off color to get myself kicked.

    [I wasn’t going to say anything, actually – Ed.]

  70. Pam for dogs! Gotta luv it.

  71. Wow, site cramps or something. Welcome back to my screen, CO!

    xhodzic, thanks. And I will take your word for that. *does NOT Google it*

    My muttleys were kind enough to have legs longer than the snow was deep, or uncooperative enough belly-fur, or sufficient snow-loathing, never to be-snornament themselves this badly. They only got as far as the “bad spiked hairdo” stage. *looks at pic again… ick squeam* I’m SO glad.

    I did have one long-haired cat who picked up snow ticks (I know, lovely name – snornaments is SO much nicer). She’d avoid my removal attempts like the plague, and go curl up between the dogs until they melted off. Jeff Foxworthy’s “Cold-Butted Woman” comes to mind every time I think of it.

  72. I was going to mention a cocker spaniel’s tendency to pick those up, but Sam beat me to it. And no, puppehs do NOT like warm baths to melt them off, but it’s better than the Giver of Food stepping on one that dropped off sometime later that evening and waking up the husband with her swearing. 😛

  73. miss julie says:

    the same thing happens to my long-haired mini dachshund!! takes forEVER to remove them, in my lap with a towel & blowdryer. cute, but ugh!!

  74. This reminds me of my poodle growing up! She died ten years ago at age 18 and she luuuuurved the snow which was a very rare site in the desert where we lived. I still talk about the snow balls piling up on her fur! I love her and miss her horribly and this was a fabu reminder of how fun she was. This never happens with my dachshunds now. Thank you!!!!

  75. Living only in warm weather states so far, I had NO idea that this sort of thing happened to animals. I actually had to read the comments to see if this was some kind of joke (like a costume someone put on their dog). Here I was thinking I was taking a break looking at Cute Overload and now it’s dog gone taught me sumptin’! Hooked on Cute Overload worked for me! 😉

  76. curlylocks says:

    this wonderful pup make me happy all day! Thanks so much.