Rule #5: A case study

Longtime Cuteologists know that a fisheye lens + baby animal is cute, but now a pair of before-and-after photos allow us to examine the phenomenon up close.



Thanks to field researcher Fred of One Bark at a Time.



  1. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Good start to my day! *stirs pup into coffee*

  2. Love it when gravity smooshes a muzzlepouche onto the floor…

  3. Snorglepup says:

    Science has proven, the closer the observer to a wet nose, the cuter they are.
    Where’s my grant money. I must research further.

  4. My observation is obvious, but I love the schnozzzz. Jimmy Durante would be proud.

  5. Who knew science could be so cute!

  6. Hes thinkin…dont study me just luv me.

  7. He needs someone to play with! Ok I will.

  8. Snorky nose!!!!!

  9. As soon as I am finished being DED, I am going to write up a proposal to study this phenomena. It will be “A Proposal to Establish the Relationship Between Fish Eye Lenses, Fish Eyes, Puppy Eyes and Eye Think Eye Love That Puppeh”.
    Budget = 2,892 nosicles
    TImeframe: As long as I can stay sentient between periods of being DED
    Primary Study Objective: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
    Sub-objective 1: To wook at da widdle puppeh!
    Sub-objective 2: Measure causal link between qte and happiness
    Sub-objective 3: To validate primary objective; BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
    Required Resources: Camera, kitten or puppy or any other qte critter
    Staffing Requirements: One primary investigator, two research assistants, Mr. Jon Hamm, a statistician to statistically do the stats…stat, Betty White to supply awesomeness, the guy who dinged my car in the parking lot last week (to show the effects of qte deprivation, and NERTZ to you, mister!!), three hammies, and a person to run to the store to resupply us with potato chips.

  10. @Saffron

    Can I be one of your research assistants?

  11. I respect Saffron’s scientific approach to what might otherwise be considered frivolous research. Can I be the potato chip resupply person?

  12. Warning: objects in the mirror may be cuter than they appear.

  13. @ Saffron You need me as a research assistant, I can provide another vector for your research.
    Does the cuteness of English puppy translante to other languages; Étude sur l’effet d’un mignon petit chien anglais sur la population de langue française.

  14. I volunteer to be Betty White’s PA because she’ll need one for this research and that Saturday Night Live hosting gig everyone wants her to have.

    Oh and BEEEP!!!

  15. StormCat42 says:

    Well it looks like Saffron has the folks that he needs… Um…How about I beat up the person who dinged your car last week? I would do it with qteness on my mind though… Does that count? *smiles with hopeful look*

    Oh, and I agree… BEEEEEEPPPP

    (And some nomming on the ears in the first photo)

  16. Gigi brings up an important point that this must be an international study. All staff from all countries are welcome to this global initiative. All applications have been accepted! Please be sure to bring your pets to work. 🙂

    I do however, reserve Mr Jon Hamm as my personal assistant.

    @Lilith, I signed the petition to get Betty on SNL, but she is too good for that show. 🙂
    @Stormcat, when you are not busy nomming (our research lab has special nomming lounges) please bring heavy weaponry to defend my poor car. The work day, per union regs, has breaks for nomming and snorgling.
    @ Linda Accepted! Please bring extra muzzlepowches to the lab. And a lab to the lab. 😀
    @Rachael, they must be Cape Cod ‘reduced fat’ (heh, like non-reduced-fat ever stopped me..) cheeps. …in vast quantities.

  17. @Saffron, I’ve worked as a research assistant AND a project manager, think you can find use for me? I think I could examine nosicles before they are accepted as research subjects. You know, performing snorgle tests and such. Deal?

  18. StormCat42 says:

    *looking official* Ahem, I am not only former Military, but I also used to drive 18-wheelers… So I can build a tractor-trailer that’s tough like a tank and use it to threaten anyone coming near your vehicle… Heck, in no time at all, there won’t be anyone within a 10 mile radius who’ll come near your veeeehikle!!

    Must be time for a break… *heads off for the nomming lounge*

    [Is the “nomming lounge” like a cafeteria? – Ed.]

  19. Andi from NC says:

    Even though the close up is truly cute, I’m still partial to the full portrait…

  20. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    The evidence supports the working hypothesis. Further research could apply ecological validity to the findings by interviewing genuine fish as to their subjective experience of Teh Qte through fish eyes.

    ….naaah. SNORGLEPILE!

  21. I actually can’t decide which is cuter. The up on front paws, prepare for action posture and expression (I call it the “what’s that!?” position) slays me every time with any creature, be it pup, kitty, turtle, or other. Hard to overcome that with a fisheye lens.

    It’s most surprising on a turtle.

  22. Who can resist a kiss?

  23. All I know is I neeeed to give this puppeh a SMOOOOCHIE!

  24. Von Zeppelin says:

    Saffron, this advanced research has obvious implications for national security. (Don’t ask me what they are–they’re obvious, see?) I suggest you apply to the Defense Advanced Research Agency for several hundred million dollars in funding.

    We CANNOT allow America’s enemies to have this technology before we have perfected it.

  25. saffron, may i supply another spinoff to your research? how ’bout the feetses size as a direct corollary to qteness? the infamous feetses–noseys–qte ratio? i suspect this nommable subject to be a textbook case.

    please, please, please? and i will bring Kettle Salt and Pepper Extra Thick and Crunch Potato Chips.

  26. oh my heavens… go look at the rest of the puppy pictures on the link…
    you will be SO ded…

  27. So many awse suggestions from the Co study team! snorgle tests and feet-nose-qte ratios will all be included in the study protocol.
    Results will be published in the JAMA – Journal of the Always Moische Association

    having a poop-filled day today…thankis to CO’ers for cheering me up ❤ ❤ ❤ 3

  28. oooh, ceejoe is right..I clicked on the linky and now am extremely ded

  29. I keep trying to grab his nose thru my monitor. It’s not working.


  30. must…kiss..nose….SMOOCH!

  31. and de best part is, all deh puppehs got adopted. YaY!!1!

  32. Saffron – Can I just sit there and look nice? Do I look nice? well my Mum thought so.

  33. I must respectfully disagree. That is pretty much the exact opposite of “close enough for science”. For a truly objective study of PQTF vis a vis fisheye, et non; it is required to be using TEH SAME PUPPEH!!!

    Oh, and Beep.

  34. Centuries ago, under the Daimyo dynasty, the great Japanese one-track-minded philosopher Yoneo Morita had already established THAT rule of cuteness, precisely. Here’s PROOF.

    [Tightened up that epic URL for ya. – Ed.]

  35. wisk. hairs.


    How come that first pic, doggeh looks so boyish? I mean, it could be a girl, but she’d definitely be a tomboy.

  36. Smooch!

  37. Aweeee I don’t know… the regular one might be even cuter because you get to see how adorable his proud little frame is.

    Could this be the cuteoverload equivalent of the photoshop fashion mag controversy??? My vote is for real pups, not society’s distorted obsession with big noses! Be proud of your perfectly proportioned adorable little frame, pup!

  38. My Rocky boy (Great Pyrenees/blue heeler/130 lbs.) likes to lie on the floor of my study and make sad little neglected puppy sounds when I surf CO. Currently moping with head on crossed paws. He claims there’s NO puppy on CO that can hold a candle to a real puppy (okay, dog) (okay, HUGE dog) in real life. What am I to do? Luckily, he’s within easy reach.

  39. Fisheye lens + baby animal in “I am one with the floor” pose = Help, I need CPR! (Cute Puppy, Right here)

  40. i think that is the most adorable dog in the world think you can put a price on it

  41. resriechan says:

    Saffron: howzabout a telephone operator?

    Do I need to list the songs about telephones & operators, to be considered for that posishe? Or would you rather I take a photo of myself looking at the camera with a “flirty receptionist” expreshe on me mug?

    **I was raised as one of five children of a Catholic Navy Captain, so I know A LOT about following rules & regs & policies & suchlike…….

  42. resriechan says:

    Also @ NTM; Is there a technical, scientifically-based difference btw something “ultracute” and something “uber-cute”????

    [Sure: “sooooooo” cute. Italics optional. – Ed.]

  43. AWWW!!! so cute!!

  44. @puppette – ROFL! I agree! None of this “photo-gimmicked qte” for me either! 😉

  45. Proof, right there.

  46. AAAAHHHHHHH oh my goodnes!! ded. ded from teh qte. came home, checked cute overload, and died. ded.


  48. @ Saffron: Me too! Me too! I can be the chai guy. Mint chai, lemon chai, you name it, sweetened with sugar gliders. Pwease?

  49. Awww…soooooooo cute! ^_^

  50. Seriously is there a magnet underneath me? Did I ingest a huge amount of iron?

  51. Wondering why “fish eye no miko” hasn’t weighed in on this particular thread! 😀

    (“Sweetened with sugar gliders?” Are you STHERIOUSTH??)

  52. Point made…