More Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiiigaro

“Why I’m wearing this mesh vest, I have no clue, but I do know another adventure is upon us. Will I be a Scuba Diver? WWF Wrestler? Latex Salesman? It’s anyone’s guess, really.”

“What I do know is I need to prepare, so if you’ll please excuzzzzzzzzzzz…”

Get him a Mr. Pibb from the Piggly Wiggly to wake those curled trotters – stat, Claire C.



  1. Pretty Pink Piggie *plink*plink* {gone to dreamland}

  2. ZOMG tucked foot action *dies*

  3. I think I would like to have a little pink piggy in my house. I think the cats would love it!

  4. I thought this was a picture of Sir Francis Bacon, but it’s only a pigment of my imagination.

  5. awwwwww. How much do you want for him. He’s gone to sleepland (wink,wink)

  6. If anyone knows the back story on this, please share it–I’m dying of curiosity! Figaro rocks, and I must say that the blue of the vest looks extra nice against his pink fuzz.

  7. loooove the smiling sleeping face.

  8. awwwwwww how much do you want for him? I think he’s gone to sleepyland (wink,wink)

  9. d’awww, seepy pigaro

  10. OMG I love Figaro!

    260Oakley, youz on FIRE!

  11. Piggy McPiggerson is just the cutest thing ever! His peenk earses are exceptionally nommable and his ronkulous nosicle just begs to be nibbled. Off to dreamland, leetle tie tie boy.

  12. GingerBean says:

    If they stayed this pink and cute, I’d stop eating meat. I’d have to admit they were cleverly evolving so as to protect themselves from their main predator, us. Forget being able to run faster- evolve into something so darn cute no one could THINK of eating pork again.

    Soft pink fur? Are you KIDDING moi!?

  13. Figaro! Pigaro!

  14. MORE Figaro:

  15. I need this pig!

  16. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    I call blorp!

  17. Aaawww. I don’t care for adult pigs – smart though they may be, I’ve never really hit it off with one – but the babies really are freaking adorable.

  18. thedistractor says:

    @LovesDogs — your comment has an unfortunate implication in it. Dreamland is the name of the best BBQ ribs in Alabama. I really hope that Figero isn’t going to that Dreamland.

  19. Is that what they call a pig in a blanket? Oh no, it’s a pig in a jacket!

  20. Hover text “This rug smells sleepy” I like sleepy smells! Like sheets washed in yer favorite detergent can be a sleepy smell, or if your kitty is curled up on yer chest and you smell their noggin, that can be a sleepy smell too.

  21. Dear lord, pink eye capsules and curled hocks!!! *kerblam*

  22. What is that thing in the foreground? Looks like a poo-bullet.

  23. Methinks he has a Puppia vest (aka leash harness). My doggie has one. In purple.

  24. The vest is very nice thank you but I’m freezing my trotters off here. And would it kill you to have wall-to-wall carpet? And another thinzzzzzzzzzz.

  25. @thedistractor – don’t worry, the Dreamland he’s going to is also known as Groom Lake or Area 51. Must be involved in some black (or pink) projects.

  26. If there is a Figaro fan club, I’d like to join, please! This post plus the fantastic one from last week have made me as happy as a pig in ****…

    I love Figaro!!

  27. Andi from NC says:


    I would totally join a Figaro fan club!!!

  28. Love the little wiggly pink nose. I bet it’s wet like a doggy’s.

    Okay everyone, don’t look now, but according to hovertext, the “Pups” tag has 1337 topics right now. 1337.

  29. temperance says:

    i was just wondering…over the years i’ve read quite a few comments from people saying they just might have to become vegetarians because of a particular CO photo, and i’m kinda curious if anyone actually has gone through with it … i’ve certainly been inspired by this site to eventually, someday, adopt a hedgehog, an alpaca, and a rabbit. all animals i had never even considered having before.

  30. Anonymous Coward says:

    count me in as another one who wants to see more of Figaro!

    (i wonder what he’s going to wear next time…)


  31. OMG. The little pink wrinkly snout and the darling little eye capsules when he’s sleeeeeeping on the carpet absolutely brought tears to my eyes. Oh, if only they stayed this little!

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    So adorable! I’ve never petted a baby pig. (but that’s now on my to-do list). Are they as soft as they look?

  33. Daphne Moss says:

    I did become a vegetarian for that reason.
    Long before then, I knew I eventually would and sort of tapered off eating meat.
    I really don’t miss it at all. Lots of great substitutes out there now.
    Best thing? I lost a whole lot of weight without half trying; skin is nicer, I have no weird cravings. Lots more energy for work and play. 😉

  34. I was thinking more of Porky and Bess . . .

  35. oh, this makes me so happy to see this guy again and see convincing evidence that he is a pet and not destined for the supermarket…

    love piggies!

  36. backstory pleeeezeee??

  37. @Qo’D : Yes they are as soft as they look and the best part is their bellies (according to FFA kids at the fair) are a warm & toasty 104 degrees at all times. I never used a thermometer to check the temp. for myself but I can say they ARE warm !

  38. I have actually started cutting down on meat since I began visiting this site. The pictures of farm animals make me want to be gentler to them. And I’m finding a lot of good vegetarian stuff at supermarkets.


  40. oh lawd. PIGLETS. their cuteness defies all laws of nature. they make my insides turn to goo and my vocal chords explode. oh little piglet you do not know your power.

  41. I need to use “this [fill in the blank] smells sleepy” next time I’m dying for a nap. Love that line.

    He sure looks like he’s covered in baby-chick floof… I’ve never wanted to hug a pig before! I know pig hairs get bristlier the older they get, but I don’t know how this little guy’s fuzz actually would feel at his size. I’m going to guess about “Soft” on the toothbrush bristle scale.

  42. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a little kid, and I can’t imagine ever eating meat. It seems a little messed-up to me that some look at a picture of an animal and think it’s ‘too cute’ to eat, as if cuteness should somehow matter in that regard. Is someone ugly less worthy of being treated well and dying with dignity?

    Anyway, that wasn’t intended as a nuff or anything, just seems so weird to me – this picture, however, is awesomely cute. Very adorable. I want a pig of my own :> He looks very cuddly.

  43. WANT!!!!
    Cuteful pig!

  44. Back story? Figaro-based web page? Fan club? Facebook? Anything?

  45. Looks like he’s had a nice buttermilk bath to soften his tiny hairs.

  46. And YOU want to be MY Latex salesman?

  47. Its now wwe…But who cares the pig is sooooo cute

  48. i was already a vegetarian when I started coming to this site, but I can definitely say that I adopted my first guinea pigs (rescues) as a direct result of this site! 🙂

  49. Maybe Figaro’s vest indicates he’s a certified service pig for insomniacs. I know that cats are sleep carriers – why not pigs?

  50. And I love this adorable piggie and his NAME! Yea Figaro!

  51. What a darling little clean piggy!

  52. Aww – he’s going walkies! That’s a vest for a lead – my rabbit has one. Hers is red, to better contrast with her black/white coloring.

  53. Cute Overload, you have convinced me: pigs ARE adorable.

  54. I love you, Pigaro!

  55. Ahem. *dons Secret Redneck Geek hat* The WWF is now officially the World Wildlife Federation, and the World Wrestling Federation is now known as the World Wrestling Entertainment, AKA WWE. Although, a pig wrestling for the WWF may actually be more appropriate, now that I think about it. *doffs hat*

  56. I own two harnesses like yours, and I believe yours is on backwards. Very cute picture!
    Go veg! Go green!