Step 1: Cut a hole in a box

Or should I title this post: “Damn That Idiotic Groundhog – Part Deux”?

Orige Sender-Inner Peter G. just saw his squirrelio pics on C.O. and had to send in an encore. ENJOY!



  1. Floating captions are the best here! Loved that SNL skit, and so pleased that it lives on in CO references.

  2. Deja vu, man…..

  3. (that was meant to sound ironic, not to sound bored; perhaps I need to more-carefully construct my clevair comeback phrases??)

  4. She put the squirrel in the treehouse, she squee’d all about
    She put the squirrel in the treehouse, she squee’d all about
    She put the squirrel in the treehouse, she squee’d all about
    She put the squirrel in the treehouse, she called Dr Meg, woke her up,
    And said, ‘Doctor, ain’t there nothing I can take,
    She said, Doctor, to relieve this squee ache?
    She said, Doctor, doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take,
    She said, Doctor, dooooctor, to relieve this squee ache?’

    with abject apologies to Harry Nilsson

  5. Fluidstatic says:

    @resriechan I thought immediately of the Bill Murray movie, so I doubt your irony button is broken, dear.

  6. Ha Ha, Love the SNL tribute

  7. Put your skwerl in the box? That does sound RUDE!!

  8. Do you think this gift would be appropriate for all holidays?

  9. Tonight! Cute Overload teams up with Dateline for a special report.

    When a young squirrel puts all her trust in a weather-forecasting groundhog, only to have that trust broken, her world is shattered.

    (cut to squirrel)
    “I trusted him, ya’know? He promised me spring. And now, I can’t even make myself leave the house.”

    Tonight, in a special investigation, we will expose the Groundhog and his lies, and confront him, hopefully, restoring peace to the young squirrels life.

    (cut to squirrel)
    “All I wanted was to know the best place to store my nuts.”

    Ahem. Sorry about that. The squirrel in profile just made me think of those cheesy investigation “news” shows.

  10. *in Patrick Swayze voice* Nobody puts skwerlio in a box…
    whisks skwerl into a dance

  11. I love squirrels. There are about 6 in my backyard this winter. Watching them play is so cute.
    This photo set is very cute, but I want to know how come the squirrel is in the exact same pose in every picture but the pictures are at all different angles? I’m curious as to how the photographer managed to get that.

  12. Clearly, Rinny, Peter the sender-inner (I think) can stop time.
    Not so hard to figure that out. 🙂

  13. Fluidstatic ; Ahhhhhhh; oh good. Thanks!!

    @ corianne: I was immediately riveted by your Dateline presentation….until the phrase “stores his nuts”. Unless this is the 1 am *ADULTS ONLY*
    edition of Dateline, you might (or might *NOT* want to consider rephrasing “that bit”??????

    Just a thought.
    An optional thought; but a thought nonetheless.

  14. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Rinny, you don’t suppose it is a Norwegian Blue sqwerl, do you?

  15. hah! Nice dick in a box reference. This made my day.

  16. Oh please, don’t tell me the only reason that skwerlio has been sitting in this box so still is that it had been nailed there!

    I prefer to think he/she is waiting patiently for the cable guy…

  17. Profiles In Squirrelitude, Dude.

  18. Uh, all I could think of is the line from Bring It On about “scamming on all your squirrel.” How could such a cute little creature could mean something so dirty!

  19. “Do you think this gift would be appropriate for all holidays?”

    Christmas … sqwirl in a box!
    Hanukkah … sqwirl in a box!
    Kwanzaa … sqwirl in a box!
    Every single holiday, a sqwirl in a box!

  20. awww, I love the velociraptor claws in the second picture!

  21. StormCat42 says:


    I’m done…

  22. gooeyctr-I know that every holiday I can think of REQUIRES a sqwirl in a box, maybe it is a Jewish thing….sqwirls in little hats, sqwirls in little prayer shawls, sqwirls in little appliance stores, sqwirls in little country clubs, sqwirls in little medical schools….the possibilities are endless. *snerk* How about your Baptists?

  23. Can I have one of these “gifts” for mothers day, and my birthday? BEEP his nose

  24. *sigh* ….I love you guys….


  26. charliewabba says:

    @ Katrina – skwirls eating matzah? Skwirls begging for some tzimmes already?
    and, just because I can’t help it,

  27. LOL Ffleur!

    The skwerls are gettin’ it on in the next few weeks, and before you know it the bebehs will be poking their lil heads out of the box and trees and nests. PLEASE feed the skwerls this Feb. and March! Late winter is a tough time for wild animals, and the mamas need all the food they can get. I’ve been putting out corn cobs for the skwerlios in my yard.

  28. Oh I want to smooooootch his wittle nosecicle!

  29. Too cute! I love his little nose 🙂

  30. I’ve got a lovely recipe for Squirrel Casserole. Oh, oops this is not the Cordon Bleu cookery site, is it? Erm so sorry. I didn’t upset anyone did I?
    Now what site is this? Scrolls down, um, oh dear, oh deary deary me. Sidles out desperately looking for exit, as horde of peeps carrying baseball bats, planks of wood with a nail in it and massed volley of white hedgie lobers, hove into view.

  31. Hey the fine art of skinning a skwerl is illustrated in the Joy of Cooking.

    Anybody notice his little nails poking out on the edge there?

    One: Cut a hole in a box
    Two: Put your skwerl in that box!
    Three: Let her open that box […and that’s the way we do it! – Ed.]
    It’s my skwerl in a box! A skwerl in a box.

  32. Is that a leetle orange toof sticking out in the top pic??

  33. Katrina, unfortunately us Baptists don’t have fancy prayer shawls or little hats. Some still wear choir robes, tho. Does a sqwirl in a choir robe count?

  34. Hon Glad, you’re from Kentucky??!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Theresa – What with this accent? Surely you jest. Whale ifen I kin git the fixins,ale rustle yew erp, serm grits.

  36. resriechan says:

    @ HonGlad (via Theresa, by proxy)

    “Don’t call me Shirley!!!”

  37. 1. @Hon Glad: Yeeeeehawwww!!!
    2. Katrina, we have a special breakaway group of Traditionalist Roman Catholic Skwerls up here, who sing the Latin Mass in high, squeaky voices.


  39. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa: are the TRCS’s officially on record, as opposing all Vatican II policy decisions??

    (True Fact: me Da’ actually considered leaving the Catholic faith, he was literally emotionally scarred, by the decision that Mass would be allowed to be celebrated in languages other than Latin …………)

  40. Chinchillazilla says:

    A girl in one of my classes the other day said that guinea pigs are adorable but squirrels are gross. And I was all like, Um, have you ever SEEN a squirrel?

  41. When I scrolled down and saw that headline, I nearly choked on my lunch. Bwahahahahaha