Grand Theft Hamsterball

(Oh boy, I’m almost to the end of the game! All I have to do is run over these drug-dealing cats, steal the Uzi power-up, and I can take on the Big Wheel himself!)

Says Wendy L.: “This is Shirley, a hamster up for adoption at Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge, LA. She came from the pound along with another hammie, and both are so sweet and cute!”



  1. I just love hammies.What a cute little face. If I lived near LA, Shirley and buddy would come home with me.

  2. Miniscule nose beep!

  3. OMGoodness…..thought these little guys/gals were characters in the games, not players….How sweet!!

  4. I can see they play a lot of shooters. I hate when my right trigger gets that finger gunk in it!

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    So intense on the game. I hope he/she wins!
    Also: Beepity-boop!

  6. Oh, little prosh hammie! I’m not as much of a hammie fan as most (they’re just so small), but this pic is great! I hope they find a home! Shirley! Great hammie name!

  7. OMG….so cute!! I totally think he can win that game!

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Somehow I never thought of hamsters being in the pound. Glad Shirley has a new home and a place to play XBox.

  9. hehehe…. drug dealing cats

  10. I can’t believe that a hamster can wind up at a shelter! What a cutie!

  11. Aww, she looks like my dearly departed Mr Peanut. Hammies rock!

  12. I love how he looks so totally into it 😀 You go, girl!

  13. Sorry, how *she* looks… Oops.

  14. I don’t think she would be approved as an adoptive prospect for Shirley, but my cat Mia jumped in front of the monitor and keep pawing her picture and licking her lips…

  15. kibblenibble says:

    Shirley looks so focused! Go, Shirley, go! I’m noticing her earses are a bit tattered. She’s had some tough times. Somebody in the Baton Rouge area please take this sweetie home!

  16. Colonel Jenna says:


  17. Is Shirley’s companion named Laverne? That would be appropriate.

    If I lived near Baton Rouge, I’d take both these little beady eyed cuties, but alas, I am way across the country from there. I hope they find happy homes or ideally one happy home together!

  18. Jenna: why must you resist that desire?

    Are you not independently wealthy, like most of us other ‘mericuns?


    (JK, of course)

  19. Yep, her hammie friend’s name is indeed Laverne! Wendy rocks! Lil Mister, the “Groucho Marx/John Lennon/Einstein”-looking bunny on this site a few months ago is also from Magic Happens Rescue.

  20. Next I want to see a monkey playing “Super Monkey Ball.”

  21. Hes got his game face on. BEEP

  22. Oh my…I wish I lived there so I could have her, Those ears are just so adorable in a “I’ve been through roughhh times, mmkays?” kind of way.

  23. 133t h4m5t3r h3r3 t0 pwn t3h n00b5

  24. bip! (short beep)

    why is a hammie in a shelter? Oh no!

  25. Look on her face is so authentic, that I could swear she’s playing and is almost at the end of the game.

  26. Who knew that beady little eyes could be so cute?!

  27. Is this just a trend for the day or a new rule taking shape?

    Paws On People Stuff?

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’ve never had a hamster as a pet, but after spending some time on CO, I’ve come to really like their “Huh?! Yes?! What?!” facial expression.

  29. Aww, poor little raggedy-eared ham!!! I expect that my husband would kill me if I hopped in the car right now and drove due South to Baton Rouge to adopt the little cuties (we already have 3 hams)…I hope someone can give them a loving forever home.

  30. Points awarded for reference to The Producers.

  31. “The big cheese!?”

  32. If I thought my cat wouldn’t try to eat a hammie I’d get one. I had several when I was little one was quite the escape artist and liked to bed down in my moms shoes. No matter what we did he would find a way out of his cage!

  33. *waits for owner to get a Wii*

  34. wow, a cute, sweet hammie that also loves to play the xbox. I think I’m in love…

  35. OMG!!!! Hamsters never fail to be absolutely adorable!!

    I miss my Pickle….

  36. resriechan says:

    @ chanpon:

    I thought that *ONLY* juvenile delinquent adolescent humanoids were whiney about using media that aren’t highest-priced, newest models available???
    I wasn’t aware, that hammies share that character attribute?

  37. Love the face! Pretty l’il hamham. Laverne and Shirley…proshest names evar for two hams.

  38. Shirley it’s not Shirley? Turn kick ,turn kick, again, turn kick, turn kick, again and walk walk walk. I really need ,this job, dear God I need this job, I’ve got to, have this

  39. resriechan says:

    Paging QoD!!! you NEED to see/ read/ sing Hon Glad’s above note

    (CLEAR THE DECKS, everybuddy, QoD is about to break out into a Broadway tune & she’ll probably hire a crew of guys in tuxes to do kicks, behind her, onstage…..
    Fireworks, revolving stage, you get the idea…..”

  40. resriechan – I can just picture it……..
    At Quantum High Hospital.
    QoD removes blue, sparkly, bats wing specs, shakes down her hair,
    Doctor Dishy “But nurse Dork, you’re beautiful”
    QoD “You aint seen nothing yet”
    Whips off sensible, starchy white uniform to reveal Rhinestone Basque ang legs that go up to her armpits,
    kicks off white flatties, and steps into gold, six inch high stilletoes.
    and breaks into :-

    Things are grand, things are great
    Gonna have the whole world on a plate
    Starting here, starting now
    Yes ev’ry things coming up roses

  41. Snorglepup says:

    *wild applause!*

  42. I love these big production numbers we throw once in a while- Busby Berkly choreography and photography from above-

    “You’ll be Swwww-ell, You’ll be great, you can have the whole world on a plate!!!” I believe is the lyric, but I like yours too, Hon Glad. I just adore your imagination. Ethel Merman.

    We had another Corgi of snow this morning! Our intrepid snow dog ventured out into the uncharted territory up to the top pf her shoulders, to the places where she hasn’t yet recently pooed, and- yes, pooed! All is well, all is bright! We had to wipe her tummy off well, but she was wt, but unfazed.

  43. Katrina – Thanks for the correction, I did it from memory, but I do like to be accurate, infact if I am singing something (just to myself) and I don’t know a certain phrase, I will just la la it rather than make something up.
    By the way I do quite a good Ethel Merman, except not flat as she was.
    I do her part in “I hear music” but the other singer usually can’t finish there part without pissing themselves from my verbal onslaught.

  44. that hamster is adorable but is freaky how he stares at you

  45. Don’t worry. It’s a still, not video. 😉

  46. resriechan says:

    @ Hon Glad: NICE visualization, there!! Wasn’t her hair glossy????

  47. resriechan – Yeh, well we had to do some product placement. Harmony Helmet Hair. These musicals cost a mint to produce. What a trouper our QoD is, she had to stand in an industrial oven, for three hours, at medium heat, to bake that hair do on. But did she complain? No siree.

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Haha! And nooowwwww…
    *wearing sparkly, gold leotard, high heels, top hat and carrying a cane….
    “One! Singular sensation, every little breath she takes!
    One! Thrilling combination, eeeevvvvry move that she makes!
    One smile and suddenly nobody else. will. dooooooooo!
    You know you’ll never be lonely with yooouuuu knooowww whoooo…..”*

  49. Here is Shirley’s petfinder profile – She hasn’t had anybody ask about adopting her yet! Shirley and & buddy Laverne are both looking for homes.

  50. WENDY – Shirley not.

    QoD – Sorry about the Basque, I couldn’t remember ,what that bit of the costume I put you in was called. I beleive the Leotard got its name, from its original designer.
    Am I right you were a dancer? If so, is “A Chorus Line” close to the reality of what it takes to be a Dancer.



  51. Resriechan says:

    Hon Glad: as her wonderfulness is confined to Cubicle Land for a few hours, I will take liberties to answer one of your ?’s….

    *Yes (in re: “you were once” a dancer)

    Peace & tutus to all.

  52. that shelter also has two very cute baby boy rats.

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Yes, I danced ballet for many years a long, long time ago. A Chorus Line rather depicts the life as does The Turning Point and the original version of Fame. Dancing on stage was quite satisfying, exciting, joyful, fulfilling, fun and wonderful but also really, really PAINFUL! at times. In fact, even though I don’t dance ballet anymore, my body still hurts from it sometimes.

    S 🙂

  54. Yea! Female gamers rule!

  55. Just wanted to let everybody know that Shirley has a pending adoption for this weekend!! Thanks everyone for your good luck wishes for her and even the donation!

  56. Yay! Shirley was adopted today! Laverne was adopted last weekend. Now they are both very happy hammies. XD