My Fuzzy Valentine

For some reason, she only took photos of me on one day out of the whole year…

Forwarded by Annette T-C., via Catster’s The Cat’s Meow Blog.



  1. It’s like the pup with the heart print on his side! I wonder if she has any markings on the other side of her…

  2. Awwww! so cute. Little pussy cat is saying I “heart” you.

  3. Queen of Dork says:


  4. Precious even without the heart. With the heart, deadly. We don’t stand a chance.

  5. HOw lovely! (;

    i also want a kitty.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Sweet comic Valentine
    You make me smile with my heart.
    Your looks are laughable,
    Yet you’re my favorite work of art.

  7. No esta possible???!!!!!

    I can haz kitty?????

  8. She has to be sitting just so for the ❤ to be visible, which makes it all the more elusive and adorable.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    What a beauty! HVD to all the CO peeps and “staff”. 🙂

  10. Didn’t understand what it meant until I scrolled down! Definitely put a smile on my face 🙂 ❤

  11. lawls to the title

  12. My two fuzzy Valentines have no heart markings, but they have my heart and my love always.

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Hon Glad: That’s so sweet. I feel the same about my two kitties. And, as a bonus, my George has a birthday today! He’s two! ♥

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: awwwwww. That’s so sweet!
    kibblenibble: Happy Birthday, George!!!!!!! *wearing pointy, under-the-chin-elastic-stretchy-string-hat. throwing glitter confetti in kibblenibbe and George’s favorite colors. baking birthday cake out of cat food for George*

  15. kibblenibble says:

    Q of D: *nom nom nom snarfle snarf nom*
    (George happily eating his freshly-baked kitty cake)

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    kibblenibble: YAY!

  17. “Aw-right, that’s just about enough of THAT!! Get those dang silly hats off yer heads!! Everybuddy line up against the wall!”

    “This is a Silly Raid. This behavior is MOST immature; not to mention, unnecessary!!!”


  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps: I just scooped my cat up off the floor and hugged him, and kissed him, and smelled him. He for some reason, smells so good. I wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day, but he didn’t really care about that. He just meowed and stuck his claws in my shoulder and demanded to be put back down. But I so love his furry self anyway! 🙂 He’s so cute and he makes me feel better when I’m down!

  19. What a heart throb! ♥

  20. The look on her face says something like, good lord human, why must you keep following me around with that camera? Take your shot already. Then fetch me some treats.

    KITTEH! Smoochie smooch smooch!

  21. Smoochy face. 😀

  22. Happy Birthday George!

    I gave my cats extra hugs and snorgles today. They were not impressed.
    Next year I will schedule oral surgery on Val Day, just like Liz Lemon.
    …and get another cat, male, just so I can name him “Astronaut Mike Dexter”

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron: Cool name! I think I’ll get another one and name him Sir Kitty Francis Toe Bean Fluffalot Whiskerson from the town of Hairballiousnous and Stuff and Things. (I think I’ll call him “Sir” for short) 🙂

  24. Since it’s a cat, when he gets up and his body stretches out the image probably changes to that of the finger.

  25. Queen of Dork – You’ll need to. 🙂

    I put an Edith Piaf CD on flicked through the track numbers and completely by chance hit play on “Hymn to Love” perhaps my arrow from Cupids bow, this Valentine’s Day?

  26. @chanpon Ha! You’ve got that right!!! One minute they act like they love us and the next, “What, you think I MEANT all that? Oh and by the way, I think my kitty box needs emptying.” Oh, but I’m a happy slave, I am! (Does, that make me dysfunctional?)

  27. I put Hymne a L’amour on the music CD I made for my wedding! I gotta play that for hubs when he returns. le sigh.

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: I (heart) you!

  29. ❤ @ QoD…it is from 30 Rock 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have to go give my cats nosicle BEEEEPs

  30. @ tuxedomom Anyone who has a cat has to be dysfunctional!
    Who else would put up with the hair all over your clothes and furniture, the using whatever they like as scratching post, the cleaning of hairballs of the floor and they don’t even come when we call unless they feel like it.
    And we wouldn’t give them up for all the tea in China.
    So yeah, happily dysfunctional X 7 !

  31. That is so cool! It is like the little chihuahua puppy from Japan with a heart on his side too!!!! And I think there was a cow with a heart shape born too last year in the states somewhere…..neato!

  32. AWW 😀 I would just LOVE to have that Valentine kitty 😀 The reason is that kitty looks like he/she wants pets and kisses 😀

  33. awwww..does the kitty even know she/he has a heart?

  34. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That cat’s name better be “Lovie”! 🙂

  35. Very cute, but if you look closer, the color of the heart and the color of here tail is different, which can only mean ONE thing…

  36. good point by poohbear. the heart is only visible when the kitty’s sitting like that. all the more reason it is special!