Why Wait for Valentine’s Day?

Please, please, please don’t think less of me for singing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” in my head…

Love is in the air (as is dander), Jessica D. via How Animals Kiss



  1. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Are these the Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam I’ve been hearing about for so long?

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww ❤

  3. aw how precious!

  4. Mary (the first) says:


  5. Mary (the first) says:

    well dang, I commented without reading and see that Ariel beat me to the punch! So instead I will say something I’ve never said before (that I recall) which is: SQUEEEEEEEEEE

  6. @Argyle Donkeypants, oh no you di-int! Don’t go there! Talk to the hand!

  7. Muskrat love..

  8. Love the smooches tag.

  9. I believe this is a photo from Ground Snogsday.

  10. thechemistryisdead says:


  11. OMG, they’re even holding hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SMoooooooooch!

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    The hand holding with the eyes closed…how romantic.
    Gigi: I think I had a 45 of that song with “Love Will Keep Us Together” on the flip side. Remember those weird little plastic round things we had to put in the middle of 45 records so we could play them on the record player? ahhhhhhhhh. nostalgia.

  14. Oh get a room!

  15. kibblenibble says:

    ♥ Sweet! ♥

    Happy ♥ Day, peeps!

  16. That’s so cute!!!

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

  18. @Gigi — Tennille has some seriously scary cyborg teeth. Brr.

  19. This picture will be in my girlfriend’s e-mail Inbox tomorrow.

  20. I keep thinking instead: “And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii weeelll always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”

  21. Q of D you wouldn’t by any chance be a child of the 60’s now would you?

  22. So adorable… and quite possible could turn violent!

  23. Okay I am hearing Love Boat music!

  24. “Wove… twue wove…”

  25. Lovely photograph, contre jour is the fancy word for it but back lit is the same difference.
    However please, please, please, Not Celine Dion with that can-beltto voice and gahstly song. I’d rather have teeth pulled.

  26. Hon Glad, I’m sure Ms. Dion means well, but could we have some Tchaikovsky instead? Much more romantic to my ears.

  27. Yup, it’s official. Even prairie dogs are getting more romance than me *sigh*

  28. Andi from NC says:

    @J. Bo – excellent!!!

    Love the “closed eyes” action!

  29. @Katrina, I’m thinking something more like “La ci darem la mano.” 😉

  30. This is absolutely the sweetest photo I’ve ever seen. Love it! 🙂

  31. @ Queen of Dork Yes I remember those and the portable record player, we used to call those pickups. They could play LP’s, 45’s AND 78’s. Then we got modern and got and 8 track player! Remember those?

  32. Even the prairie dogs (??) are getting more action than me.

    But I loooooove the gentle hand holding and the closed eyes. Those two really know how to kiss! ❤

  33. I have never been able to comprehend how two adult people could get up and sing Muskrat Love in public? Weren’t they just mortified?

    [You don’t remember the ’70s, then? How I do envy you. – Ed.]

  34. how schweet : )

  35. And for those of you with a more rough-and-tumble adorable-ness.

    [Awwwww, they’re so… scaley! :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  36. @ Hila – I hear that. Way to make me feel even *more* dejected, CO. Thanks. No, really. THANKS. Can’t believe I’m jealous of flippin’ loved up rodents.

    And @ Gigi – as I have to keep my PC on mute in the office so can’t hear it for myself – did Captain and Tennille *really* do a song called Muskrat Love? WT f’ing F?!?

  37. It’s ’cause I do remember the 70s that I’ve wondered how they could sing that stupid song with the muskrat sounds at the end. What were they thinking? And that stupid “captain’s” hat that he wore. And what’s even worse is that he is/was the son of a world-famous (orchestra) conductor. He shoulda known better.

    flashbacks……flashbacks…..where are my meds?

    [No argument from my direction. But in the 70s, through my childish eyes, it was like folks were expected to behave that way. Cap’n and Tennille were utterly tame, compared to Elton John, P-Funk, Village People, KISS… Sha Na Na… hell, even Donnie and Marie 🙄 – Ed.]

  38. Theo – stop it! I’m not going to get any work done now, with the flashbacks crowding into my mind…

  39. John Denver… Liza Minnelli…

  40. Wild Cherry… (Play that funky music, white boy! Play that funky music riiiight!) 😛

  41. [sucking on a helium balloon]
    Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk…

  42. LOL… I still have that album! And the turn table to play it on!

  43. [coff coff coff] [ahem]
    ‘Cause if they catch you in the backseat try’n to pick her locks, they’re gonna send you home to mother in a cardboard box… 😈

  44. Tide is high, but I’m mooovin’ on
    I’m gonna be your nummmmber one

  45. Um.
    I may need some help. 😐

  46. Hey, the seventies were pretty awful, but not ALL bad!

  47. Too funny, Peeps, I can’t keep up.
    DOOOO carry on, though.

  48. [That… is so, so wrong… and severely munged… – Ed.]

  49. You make me we-eeee-ep and wanna die
    Just when you said we’d try
    Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ each other

  50. resriechan says:

    “aaahh — Freak out!
    Le Freak, C’est chic!
    “Freak out!
    Have you heard about the new dance craze?
    Listen to us, I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

    Big fun — to be had by everyone …”

    Those were the days, when song lyrics were deep, philosophical & meaningful, eh?


  51. resriechan says:

    Theresa: best vintage T/Heads performance clip, EVAIR!!! Cha- CHING!!!

    …..also, Theo…your marmie kittaen…seems to be feeling the effects of the nostalgia???…

    [No need! Mr. Bounce is still plenty kitteny enough. – Ed.]

  52. I rest my case. 😉

    [R.I.P. Joe 😦 – Ed.]

  53. iiiiiif you want my body, aaaaaand you think i’m sexy, come on baby let me know…

    ok, i’ll stop now 🙂

    [Um, that’s the ’80s you’re digging up. 😛 – Ed.]

  54. TrixandSam says:

    @ Theo: perhaps you missed this one?:

    I’m your boogie man I’m your boogie man
    Turn me on
    I’m your boogie man I’m your boogie man
    Do what you want
    I’m your boogie man I’m your boogie man
    Turn me on
    I’m your boogie man I’m your boogie man
    Do what you want

  55. When rats do that, it’s usually because they’re trying to steal food from each others mouths… Disguising evil as Qte 😉

  56. oh! oh! how about the pina colada song??? Rupert somebody…

    [Oogh. I wasn’t going to go there, honest. 😡 – Ed.]

  57. eastiegirl says:

    Awwwwwww! Love it!

  58. How about “your love is liftin me higher, than I’ve ever been lifted before…”

    ANYTHING to get Muskrat Love out of my head!!!! Seriously, these are what kind of romantical animul? Prarie dogs?

    And yeah, there was Springsteen, and Bob Seger, and don’t forget “Stairway to Heaven”. Some good stuff. Moody Blues – “Nights in White Satin”………..

    [Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send – Ed.]

  59. resriechan says:

    ceejoe: Rupert Holmes …but ya JUST BARELY got that one in,
    under the ’70s…1979… ; )

  60. thanks resriechan. yep, that’d be right… freshman year in college… ah, the memories…

  61. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Oh…my…GAW….. The one even has her EYES closed!!!

  62. Haha, super cute!

  63. ceejoe…will my head of grey show up on this page, if I tell you, that I was
    (ahem) not even CLOSE yet, to being in college, in 1979?????


    Ancient Redwood

    (at least, until those leaves, went grey on me….)


  64. What an adorable SQUEEEE! Love how close up it is; how sweet!

  65. In 79 I had been working for 4 years and had just moved in with my boyfriend to find out if we could get along 24/7.

  66. Theo – nuh uh! Do Ya Think I’m Sexy was 78. Again, my freshman year in college. I have vivid memories of singing that song in my dorm room… trust me… 😉

  67. kibblenibble says:

    I graduated high school in ’79. I wouldn’t trade being a teen in the 70’s for anything. Theresa: THANK YOU for all the great vids! 🙂

  68. So, Gigi– what was the verdict?

  69. @ ceejoe (#’s 54 & 67)/ Theo:

    (Alleged) Artist Song Album Title Year of Release
    Rod Stewart Do Ya think I’m (sigh) Blondes have more Fun 1978

    (per Allmusic.com webpage)
    […well huh. I definitely remember hearing that on the radio in the ’80s; maybe it was an “oldies” station? 😛 – Ed.]

    PS: Allmusic cited the spelling “Blondes”. Perhaps the album mfg co didn’t have anyone proofreading who had realized that the album title was supposed to reference Mr. Stewart. But then, it *does* appear to me, that Mr. Stewart is not, by BIRTH, a “Blond”….but then….


  70. (ps I attempted to set that up in table/ columns spacing, but no such luck.
    Sorry guyzzzzz. & galzzzzz…)

  71. I like Celine Dion. Overexposure and all.

    (I also liked C&T. And Elton John. And Chic. And the Village People. And Cheap Trick. And Sister Sledge. And Boston. And Earth, Wind & Fire. And the Bee Gees. And Supertramp. And the Spinners. And Elvin Bishop. And Foreigner. And…)

    (The 70s ruled, man!)

  72. Abba anyone?
    Has anyone mentioned Barry Manilow?
    Yes, I have rather eclectic tastes in music…
    Harry Chapin is another favorite…

  73. ceejoe: I was fortunate to attend a H. Chapin concert, not too long before he died. Earnest & quite well-produced concert.

    Most if not all the T-shirt sales proceeds were pegged to some quite profound charity, long before megastars/ megaconcerts/ Bono charity events became
    relatively predictable — if admirable– events…

  74. resrichan – yes, Harry Chapin was a great guy. I went to either 2 or 3 of his concerts. He worked against hunger in Africa, like you said, before it was the cool thing to do. I remember where I was when I heard that he had died, that’s how much it impacted me. I have a cd of one of his live concerts, one of my favorite cd’s…

    [The guy even name-dropped my home town in one of his songs. “Mr. Martin Tanner, baritone, of Dayton, Ohio…” – Ed.]

  75. Colonel Jenna says:

    Spring brings rodents closer
    closer closer kissy lips
    Love is in the air

  76. @ SoCalSis — Oh we got along great but just to make sure we lived together for 30 years before getting married. No need to rush into anything 🙂

  77. Oh My – I think I have finally died from teh QTE.

    [And yet you can still type. Such talent in this CO crowd! 😉 – Ed.]

  78. What is with the earworms lately? Are we all just feeling musical? I generally am, but that’s just because I can’t get the music in my brain to shut up.
    And I am a child of the 80’s, but my mom wouldn’t listen to anything written in the 90’s during the 90’s (either to annoy my sister or because she didn’t like grunge, I don’t know which), so I am indoctrinated in 70’s rock. Then, possibly to get revenge, my sister started listening to classic punk. 😛

    [I think the bigger reason is The Friday Punchies, a rama lama ding dong. – Ed.]

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Ah, I missed out on all the singing fun. Love your new avatar there, Theo! How about REO Speedwagon?
    “I heard it from a friend whoooo,
    Heard it from a frieeeeennnd whooooo
    Heard if from another you were messing around.”

    [My first exposure to REO was their über-sappy “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” 😛 so I’m probably not the best person to ask… – Ed.]

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! And I have one more but I don’t remember who sang it but I’ve always loved it as it brings back the best memories of my best summer vacation EVER when I was 12. Remember Afternoon Delight?

    “Sky rockets in flight,
    Afternoon delight!
    Aaaaafternooon delight!”

    [Oooh, that earworm had a cameo appearance in Good Will Hunting. – Ed.]

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    And anything by… (The MIGHTY) LED ZEPPELIN!

    Okay. I’m done. 🙂

  82. resriechan says:

    “Sweetie, baby, cookie, honey” aka QoD;
    in re REO S: the song is “Take it on the run…” was (unfortunately for the 70’s “theme”….just slightly later in the Universe, album (Hi Infidelity)
    was released December 1980.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the ) Starland Vocal Band did the eternally glittering “Afternoon Delight” ; the single was released, appropriately, in the summertime of the Bicentennial: 1976…

    special note pour vous et pour moi!!

    The band members of SVB, are from the DC area (during the years my family were there). And, unbelievable as it might seem, my research source (a pretty-thoroughly decently researched site) ALSO says that, before 1976, the band members had written a song, titled ” I Guess I’d Rather be in Colorado”(!!!)…..
    which evidently was recorded (DRUMROLL, pweeeeeeze??)

    by none other than John the Denver & Mary the Travers (of PP&M)!!!!!

    The Research Kid

  83. Oh my, why hasn’t Cute Overload come across the idea of posting adorable furry animals making out before? In my humble opinion, there may be nothing cuter. Is this a CO rule yet? Animals locking lips?

  84. resriechan says:

    (oops — Proofreading Fail — sorry pholks — song title
    was “I Guess HE’d rather be….etc)


  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie (aka the Research Kid): I TOTALLY knew Afternoon Delight came out in 1976 because that was the year I was 12 and my mom, dad, sister, cousin and I spent two weeks in a cabin by a lake in the woods of Canada near Perry Sound, Ontario I think is the state? province? Don’t know what that’s called in Canada. Such a gorgeous place it was and I know it was ’76 because the Olympics were on that year and we watched them on a little, battery powered TV as the cabin had no electricity. Also, we pumped water from the lake from this hand pump thing. (The water at the time in the lake was clean enough to drink). There was even a tree swing that sailed us out over the lake. There were chipmunks that ate out of our hands. And another hit song I remember from that heaven vacation was “Someone’s Knocking At The Door” by Wings I believe. Best summer EVER. Lots of swimming, paddling around the lake in the canoe and just great fun! If one gets to choose their heaven after death, that will be mine.

  86. resriechan says:

    wow. Cosmic, man, cosmic, indeed!!

    Evening, July 4, 1976: Nearly the entire Thomas famille joined the crowds on the DC beltway into DC…but we didn’t go sit out on the Mall grounds with the other
    89 quatrillion (or whatever the crowd totals were)…instead, Dad brought us all up into his ?th floor office in the Pentagon, plate glass floor/ceiling wall….& we had a relatively uncomplicated stage from which to watch the Bicentennial Fireworks display/ Nation’s Capitol. No drunks bumping into you or jumping up without knowing they’ve blocked your vision, etc.

    DEF. my most squee-producing experience in DC. There were others which were more elegant or more educational….but in terms of “wow” factor?
    This was IT!!!

  87. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! Here it is! I got the title wrong. It was called, “Let ’em in”

  88. Flashback Friday? Cool!

    (And I love Celine Dion, too, AuntieMame!)

  89. Hey I sent this in!
    I feel so special ^_^

    I agree with the above! need more animals kissing!
    Love the song suggestions.
    You people are weird. But I loff you… even though you are all yukky humans.

    [On the day that you were born, the angels got together, and decided they would make a dream come truuuuuue… – Ed.]

  90. Awhhhhhh….

  91. A “kissing animals” category may be in order?? I used this as background wallpaper on my computer so my husband would see it when he fired it up….after I resurrected of course 🙂

  92. Omg!!! they are so cute! i just want to pick them up!

  93. Queen of Dork says:

    Has anyone else noticed how gorgeous and beautiful Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven sounds unplugged? Or is that just me? Soooo pretty!

  94. Queen of Dork says:

    Can’t help it. This is one of my all time favorite bands ever in the world. Ever.

  95. Queen of Dork says:

    Holy Crap. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Eagles.

  96. Queen of Dork says:

    Aaaaaand…probably one of my most special and favoritist songs ever in life in the whole wide world. (Sing it, Bob)

  97. this is no ordinary love. no ordinary love…

  98. My fiance and I used an earlier picture like this for our save-the-dates! Thanks, CO, for sharing the love.

  99. looks like theive got there own valentine