Hoverhog flies over this great land, searching for toilet paper tubes WITH HIS BEADY EYES OMG

Mr T’s hedgehog by phrenophile.



  1. Little peenk dangle-paws!

  2. Ouch, on both fronts!

  3. PS choppa-choppa-choppa (helicopter noise)

  4. Jus’ look at te’ wheeeeeskers!!!

    I got a landing pad right here on my desk! *waits expectantly*

  5. Thank goodness for Hoverhog Airlines. I’m tired of flying on those no-quills carriers.

  6. @ 260akley:

    (sigh) I can’t even SAY “oh, no, you DI-unt” to you!!!!

    (resigned sigh of bitter appreciation)

    (And, of COURSE, I mean that, “in the best possible way” !!!)

  7. Feetsies!!

  8. Mr(s). Hog’s right forepaw is thumbing for a lift! Eee! Things that have no thumbs but look like they have thumbs… are cute!

  9. A stewardess did that to me once when I tried to stand up before the fasten seatbelt sign was off. It’s very pinchy and hurty. Little hedge doesn’t seem to mind, though.

  10. Andi from NC says:

    I think he needs a wee cape – “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Wonder Hedgie!”

  11. Is there a more comical-looking mammal than the hedgehog? I think not.

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I think that hedgie is getting a wedgie.

  13. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s HOVERHOG!! :-)) :-)) :-))

    Noddy 🙂

  14. DewiCasgwent says:

  16. Head on over to Austen’s place, little HoverHog…lots of toilet paper tubes over there!

  17. Well that is a very slim hedgie because as anyone can see;
    You can’t pinch an inch on him.

  18. resriechan says:

    —Where’s Benson, P.I. Hedgehog?

  19. Where’s the Prickly Kid?

  20. Bring back the Prickly Kid! Perhaps Nomtom’s finest piece of work! “Hewwow.”

  21. Thinking all the way back to the Prickly Kid, which I believe was relatively early in Mike’s career here:
    Some day scholars will have lively discussions about Early NTMTOM, Late Middle NTOTOM, NTMTOM’s Blue Period….

    (I hope it’s OK to make this comment on a Meg post? We love you, Meg!)

  22. Technically I believe that is a Hover-Hedge….*snorf*

  23. Oh, good grief. Someone found a way to make hedgehog faces even pointier.

    dangle dangle dangle… *snickergiggles*

  24. TrixandSam says:

    I swear his/her whiskers look like propellers.
    Think s/he excels at pinpoint landings?

  25. @smiley – LOL

  26. Spiderhog, Spiderhog, does whatever Spiderhog does! Can he swing from a web? No he can’t coz he’s a hog!

  27. Haha thank goodness for all that loose skin of theirs! Some hedgie owners have to do this for the nail clippage!! Thumbs up to helicopter sounds. I also make boat noises when mine is in the bath……or sing the theme to Love Boat…you know, whatevs!!!

  28. Oh. My. Goodness. A brilliant hedgie post with an amazing hedgie video!!! Pennybeans looks a lot like my Yona Pog, except Yona doesn’t care for toilet roll tubes. And Yona squiggles a lot more when I’m trying to clip her claws!!

  29. Yona Pog!!! I’ve found with TP tubes, they go through phases where they like it. Mine didn’t shove another tube on her head for months, til we had a late-night-play date!

    Clipping is always a battle!

  30. Pennybeans is a delight! Thanks so much melissadesa!

  31. These cheap SFX, you can see the hand holding him up. 🙂

  32. Jenn in IL says:

    Man, my boyfriend’s hedgie would KILL me if I tried to do that to him.

  33. my hedgie loves taking a bath and getting his nails clipped and t.p tubes

  34. Hoverhog – Hoverhog
    Does whatever a Hoverhog does

  35. there’s no need to fear, hoverhog is here!

  36. Bahaha hoverhog. I love it.

  37. I wanna see one with REAL WORKING ROTORS.
    Next, I want my damn flying car.

  38. Oh my goodness, look how relaxed that hedgie is!! That’s adorable. And melissadesa’s video is just… too… much. SO painfully cute!! I love it!

  39. resriechan says:

    @ Melissadessa: NEVAIR in all my borned-ed days, did I think I would watch a video of a HEDGEHOG taking a bath & playin’ wit’ TP tubes & 50s music…

    and feel like whining, ‘cuz I can’t reproduce or join in on that Saturday Night PARTY!!!

    wow. REALLY fun. REALLY REALLY fun.

    (did I say, that it was fun, yet????)

  40. Hahaha, enjoy guys, I even have an Eye Of The Tiger vid of Pennybeans too. I’m really THAT bored!!

    I’m obsessed with editing these days….

    You might like this

    I seem to be all about the 60’s music it would seem.

    [Hedgie seems to spaz with the smooches. EWWW GIRL COOTIES 😆 – Ed.]

  41. @Theo: I’m still waiting for mine…….Hell, I’ll take a speeder bike!

  42. Apparently it’s rare for a hedgie to let you touch their face. They’re super guarded, but after lots of love and sleepovers in my bed, she let me pet her face. Now, she asks for it in her own huffy way.

  43. To cute! my puppeh was like that when he first saw snow 🙂