Snow Kidding

From Tiffany L.: “We’ve have quite the blast of snow on the East Coast.  This is my little Yorkie Chibi trying to comprehend the white stuff around her.  Enjoy!”

Activate the Magnetomic Snow-Hance-A-Tron!



  1. Pvt. Yorkie knew he had to go over the top. If he stayed where he was, his buddies could easily see he’d turned yellow.

  2. There’s at least 4 …. maybe 5 yorkies of snow there. I hear Vancouver could use a few yorkies of snow for the Olympics. Happy Olympic Eve, everyone! We canucks look forward to welcoming the world to our winter playground!

  3. iluvpopsicls says:

    I just have to note that my cat is also named Chibi. This Yorkie is now officially the best Yorkie ever.

  4. I think he’s thinking, “erm, where’d my potty go?!”


  5. AuntieMame says:

    The fuzzeh muppet legs! Bwah!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    That adorable enormous (compared to body) head! Sweeeeeeet!!

  7. I know so many friends who were out in the midst of the blizzards (we got two in a row) shoveling pee paths for their pets. Oh, the power of the qte to make us do their bidding!

  8. Tenzing Yorkay contemplates the North Face.
    (Peeps, I have been staring at the snow for too long and I’m starting to flake out.)

  9. Cheeserbob says:

    my dog (Coal – Chiwawa (?) Pomeranian) does that, same size, “What is going on!?” and one time i dropped him into a snowbank just to see if it went over his head. i know! it was mean, but hey, i’m curious 😀

  10. “uhhhh…why is the world all white and cold? Where exactly am I supposed to pee?”

  11. I now have “snow fencing”, which means I can send my Jack Russell outside without having to worry that she will make a run for it. I love it. I think I could dig a maze around my back yard and send her into it, just to make going potty more interesting.

  12. Hi love Chibi’s name…and his cute little furry Yorkie bum!!! Yorkie bum! Yorkie bum!!

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    I love her coloring! The light fur over the dark looks really neat! Be careful, little girl!

  14. I would’ve loved snow days if not for our dog. Every time we had a blizzard we’d spent two hours shoveling to the nearest tree, let him out, then wrap him up to dethaw him in front of the heater and when he was all dry, take him out again!

  15. Makes me miss my mom’s Yorkie. Do NOT envy all the snow, however.

  16. Cute photo–great fluffy ears! Little Chibi has been thwarted by the mass of white stuff in front of her.

    Be careful out there, all you East coasters! We just have rain, rain, rain here in the Pacific Northwest. The rain is not fun when your car leaks–I make almost daily trips to the car wash place to use their vacuum. = oh well =

  17. @Cheeserbob: Last year I dropped my lil Jack Russell Cinnamon into a snowbank and she didn’t know what to do! So cute!

    Love the ears on this pup!

  18. AuntieMame says:

    When we were kids, we had a mutt with stubby little legs, and if the snow was deeper than, say, a foot, all you’d see when he was out running around in it was the tip of his little tail. We’d stamp out his preferred trail around the perimeter of the yard, then watch his little tippy-tail skittering around just above the level of the snow. 😀

  19. the bug man says:

    A couple of weeks ago, when we got three feet of snow, I was worried that my pup might be able to walk right over the top of the fence.

  20. How do you expect this little guy to go into all that snow without snowshoes!

  21. Oooh, I remember when my darling Elmo (Dalmatian/Black Lab mix) was a puppy and we got a blizzard here in Chicago, he ran a trail around the yard so much, he packed up all the snow against the gate, which he then hopped to play with the next door neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier (Mickey, RIP). I saw him hop and was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do for a lil’ bit!

    I dun think Yorkie Chibi’s gonna have this problem, tho.

  22. i can hear the “baroo?” right now 🙂

  23. kibblenibble says:

    Truly a sweet picture! I’m sending warm thoughts to those surrounded by all that snow.

  24. Dreaming of all the yellow snow he can make.

  25. Psilopathic says:

    CHIBI!!! My cat is named Chibi, too, iluvpopsicls! Technically, she’s Chibi-Maru-chan, but people start to look at me like I’m crazy if I go any farther than just “Chibi” I venture to say that Chibi the Yorkie has a ‘tocks worthy of such a presh name as well.

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    260Oakley: “Tenzing Yorkay” (snort)! 🙂 The Hillary Step never saw a cuter climber. You can do eeet, puppers! *turns up Chibi’s oxygen flow*

  27. I think that is the cutest little yorkie I have ever seen . Chibi is looking if to say where is my pee spot where did it go . I had a yorkie once named Margox she passed away and did the same thing looked over the snow when she couldn’t find her spot . I love it and hope it wins

  28. First time Ive seen a dog small enough to get lost in a Pavlova!

  29. For the linguistically curious amongst us…

  30. Do what I did Chibi, dig yourself a tunnel! You just have to becareful of the placement of the #2 potty place.

  31. The Shazinator says:

    Chibi, do you think you can send some of your snow over to Cypress Mountain? We’re quite snow challenged here in the Vancouver area (which is normal, but there’s usually plenty of snow on the mountain)!

    What a cute little thing!!

  32. All these Pee and Poo references, I thought scatology was a British obsession.
    I find the picture quite poignant, Yorkie poised in wonderment , but as the peeps and dog owners have said, more likely wondering where his pee spot has gone.
    As I have cats and most of my neighbors gardens are not cared for, they have the biggest dirt tray in the world and luckily work on the principle that you don’t crap in your own back yard.

  33. Magnetomic Snow-Hance-A-Tron! Thanks, NOMTOM. Funny, we never hear from the owners of really tall dogs, the Irish and Russian Wolfhounds, the Great Danes, the Pretty-Good Danes, or anybody else tall! With Corgis, ours anyway, it would be very difficult for a Corgi to step on top of any snow- to paraphrase; “they don’t so much as sink, the plummet” to the ground below, they are little snow compactors, quite the chunky beasties. Killer will roll in snow once in a while- now THAT is a funny sight!

  34. Katrina, as a former tall dog owner (German shepherd), its the same schtick. she’ll just stand on the porch and whine at you if you don’t shovel her a path for snow up to higher than her knees. and us, being softies, never waited to see what would happen if we didn’t shovel that path. though she waltz right over the fence when the snow had a sufficient crust on it, into the pool area, which for reasons unknown was her favorite part of the yard. fortunately, with that much snow, the pool area really isn’t so dangerous for dogs.

  35. Yorkie is adorahbuls!

    Nuffing the snow though since I will be staring at several feet of it on my lawn for quite a while 😛 🙂

    [Youuuuuuuu fluffnuffer. 😉 – Ed.]

  36. This is exactly how my 3-1/2 mo. puppy Bear looks when he’s in his snow fort. After we snowblow the driveway, we dig him a place for his potty spot. He has been climbing up and playing king of the hill. This little Yorkie fluffball probably wants to peepee quick as a winkie tink and get back to her warm hearth. No harsh undercoat, you know. Bear would play outside for hours if I’d let him. Dang dogs and snow make for cute pictures.

  37. @260Oakley: You mean Sergeant Yorkie!

  38. @ Saffron: sweetie, would my hair-dryer help a’tall???

    I feel yer pain.

  39. Ehn! This little pup looks like the one that lives next to me! Adorable picture,exactly how our little Yorkie looks when she goes outside.

  40. Kari the Norwegian elkhound (unfortunately now deceased) never saw a Northeastern blizzard that she didn’t love. Her approach – stick her nose into a drift and make like a bulldozer. Oh, and it was impossible to get her wet, with her waterproof double coat. Could have snowed all year, as far as she was concerned.

    Cute Yorkie, but kind of short. MickeyC, thanks for the Wikipedia link. Of course my grandkids wouldn’t have needed the translation.

  41. Colonel Jenna says:

    During these repeated snows in Kansas City I have been repeatedly shoveling the ramp from the deck to the grass and making paths for Princess Cricket the long-haired dachshund. She is too old and arthritic to bulldoze her way through snow the way she used to, but when she can find a place she can reach the top of fresh snow she will plop and SQUIRM! like she’s found a nice dead fish. When the snow is too high for that she’ll stick her nose in snowbanks.

    When the snow was dry and powdery it was no big deal and we’d brush her off but the damper snow we’ve had of late sticks to her fluffy coat like chewing gum. She’ll sit on Mom’s bed to thaw (soaking the bed in the process) and within a half hour insist on being carried outside again.

  42. This is what my Yorkie(Zeus) does in the snow, living in Pennsylvania we got hit a lot, sometimes when i go to take him out, he will look outside and just turn around like “Mom its to bad I can wait” I feel so bad but there is just so much snow plus when it gets windy out it makes it hard for even me to get out.

  43. Abby Follant says:

    I think this picture is adorable.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    I know that many of you are having very much winter weather which is very cold and wintry. Here in the Southwest (Vegas) the weather is gorgeous, blue skies, not a cloud, probably about upper 60s to 70 degrees. No wind. Lovely, balmyness. And I say that to say this: Hang in there, peeps. Your winter weather will be over soon. And then we here in the Southwest will be faced with…TEMPERATURES IN THE 174 AND A HALF RANGE! BUGS! BIG SCARY ONES! BLACK WIDOWS! KILLER BEES! VINAGAROONS! HUGE ROACHES! TARANTULAS! SCORPIONS! ALL JUST MONTHS AWAY! So enjoy the cold weather and the snow. You are blessed (in my opinion) to have it.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Ummmm. have no idea why that Bob video posted or even how. I meant to post this:

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! I give up.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m so embarrassed. I will hide under my bed now.

    [You know, the captions are maybe a bit over-literal, but that’s probably the only Bob Marley tune I’ll still listen to, after that one roommate I had in college & his extremely limited musical collection… – Ed.]

  48. resriechan says:

    While Q is hiding under her bed, I have been assigned to mention the following:

    Ed’s, if you care to remove the B. Marley vid (I don’t know if she wants to keep her own words without the pics)…..’cuz she was trying to post a pic of wonderful flowers but some thing bad in the Computer Universe is evidently substituting the B. Marley instead of the floral vid……????

    I think.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Res: Yes! You got it! That’s exactly what happened! However, I have moved on to the next crisis (as usual) and I have a party to attend.

  50. Very cute! That is until there is no place for the yellow snow to go!