My money’s on the one at the bottom

The results of your tests are back, Mrs. Penny, and I’m afraid those two growths are actually …  extra heads. There’s no medically sane reason why this should be happening, but unless we operate now, one of them could take over within weeks.

Antonieta è una madre meravigliosa, Jorge E.



  1. Resriechan says:

    aaaaaaand Hovertext FTW!!!!!

  2. The hovertext is WIN…

  3. NTMTOM is ITALIAN!!!!

    [Siamo tutti italiani qui. Inoltre, siamo insani. – Ed.]

  4. Fat momma..LOL..

    This is what happens when you live too close to a nuclear plant. Grow spores.

  5. hens totally crack me up! so cute.

  6. This post, hovertext and all, is making me giggle uncontrollably, thanks to NTMTOM again…

  7. kinda like weres waldo…wonder how many more are hiding.

  8. Oh, eggsellent! There’s a double-header on tonight.

  9. Not to worry, Mrs. Penny, no surgery will be necessary. We can just pullet off you.

  10. @260Oakley, BANG! BOOM!

    @Teo e Michele, lascate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate!

  11. Mmmm, chicken. She has large breasts.

  12. Mrs. Penny, ha ha!

  13. 260Oakley FTW!

    In the movie version the two extra heads are played by Ray Milland and Rosey Grier.

  14. Bok,cheep cheep.

  15. For those who are wondering Mrs Henny Penny is a Rhode island Red Hen… The Best Chickens ever, in my opinion second best are Buff orphingtons.

    They are smart (Okay as smart as a chicken can be) inquisative, friendly and they lay lots of eggs and they make excellent Mamas

    also there are probably 3 or 4 more chicks under that there Mama hen.

  16. *groan* Only Mike would do a hovertext like that….

    which is why the girlies squeal when they see his name under a post.

  17. I totally do not understand the joke behind the hovertext, but I love this picture. Everyone’s looking so surprised.

  18. Hellooooooooo !!

  19. Bok?

  20. Chickens are awesome. I entertained thoughts about raising a few, but chickens in MN are a lot work (you don’t want any chicken parts freezing in the winter) and I’m just too lazy.

  21. Ohh, I miss chickens! I especially miss their self-inflating-ness and their built-in expressions of shock and/or mild offense. Nothing glares quite like a bantam hen when you’re collecting the tiny little eggs. “Dagnabbit Doc, your hands are COLD!”

    And chicks? Peepy little foofball chicks?? I was “are you my mama?” to so many, I’m highly susceptible to pointy little yellow heads (or brown or black or spotty or…) that wilt when you stroke them. So of course I love this pic to death. 🙂

  22. Methinks that’s a little foot at the bottom right! What an adorable family picture!

  23. Teeny Gozer says:

    The Three French Hens were Italian?

  24. D’oh, first bunions, now extra heads.

  25. the hovertext is so simple yet so hilarious

  26. “which is why the girlies squeal when they see his name under a post.”
    well, if the boyzoes don’t squeal, then they are missing something and

    “I’m highly susceptible to pointy little yellow heads (or brown or black or spotty or…) that wilt when you stroke them.”
    Lovely verbiage today, Peeps, just lovely…

  27. ….and why is NOTOTOMO Italian- 0 no, that is imprecise of me, “on whose authority or what basis have you come to the conclusion that NOMOTOMO is of Italian heritage? What did I miss?

  28. @ Katrina: didja already see the caption underneath the pic itself?

    Ceci n’est pas en Anglais….

    (pardon please if I’m being socially inept & pointing out something that you DID already factor..)

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Regarding the Italian: I think the submitter is Italian, so I had Google translate “Antonieta is a wonderful mother” into Italian (Antonieta is the hen’s name).

  30. amg! there should be a chick-hance on the leettle toe on the bottom right hand side of momma hen. One more is hidinks!

  31. Those of you have or have had chickens–do chickens and cats get along? I’m genuinely curious and have no idea whether this is a dumb question.

  32. I miss the Easter Eggers we had as a kid. They were good layers, good mothers and tasty eggs of several different colors including blue!

    Mom is cute here but is looking a bit like her privacy has been invaded…by her own kids! Like kids getting into bed with you because of a thunderstorm! Scaredy cats~

  33. catloveschanel says:

    Q: Why did the Roman chicken cross the road?
    A: She was afraid someone would caesar!

  34. Mama has a beard! LOL

  35. oh why can’t this website have a build in rim shot? The hovertext demands one! LOL
    Wonder if she saw that coming????

  36. @ skippys mom yes they get along.. usually it involves kitties and Chickens either ignoring or chasing each other.. When we used to have Darin (a White Kitty) he appointed himself guardian of the baby chicks and would hang out in the barn following them around and watching over them. He was also my kitty cat lost soul finder. He felt it was his mission in life to bring stray kitties home to our house. I suspect it is because he adopted us himself.

    As to the hens that lay blue and green eggs

    Those are Aracanas or sometimes called Americanas.. They are also excellent hens.

  37. Thanks, kittyadventures. I would love to have a couple of chickens someday. Not likely any time soon, as my brother who is part owner of my house would no doubt have me committed if I suggested I wanted to get livestock. He already thinks I’m off my rocker for having four cats.
    (and as for my question, it was just curiosity as my cats don’t go out anyway)

  38. P.S. That’s very interesting that your cat didn’t see the baby chicks as prey.

  39. skippymom – i have dreams of having all sorts of other animals some day too… i am especially fascinated by boids. but for now it remains kittehs and guinea pigs. and just for the record, my family thinks i’m off my rocker too. :o)

    also, i love my new book – Great Big Guniea Pigs!

  40. ceejoe, I’m so glad you got, and like, Great Big Guinea Pigs! I took home The Daily Coyote but haven’t read it so far. One of the hazards (?) of working in a library is that one comes across and brings home so much great stuff that there ends up being not enough time to get to it all before it has to be returned.

  41. skippymom – if I didn’t have an aptitude for working with numbers, i think my dream job would be working in a library!
    and you can always renew, eh?

  42. Kitty Adventures:
    Easter Eggers are a hybrid of Aracunas. They have some Aracuna in them, but are much more common. The Americaunas that you are referring to are also hybrid Aracunas and more common than Aracunas. Most people (meaning Americans) don’t have Aracunas – they have Easter Eggers.
    To get real, purebred Aracunas a trip to South America is probably in order. Most people refer to their Easter Eggers as Aracunas or the South American Rumpless. Probably more info than you needed, but I did love my chickens!!
    Some of the hens acted much like small dogs.

  43. Private eyes are watching you!

  44. Heehee – thanks!

    Skippymom, when I was a kid, we had cats, dogs, and chickens all get along fine, but mileage varies depending on the individual critters involved and how much time and effort can be put into making it work. We taught our cats and dogs from kittenhood to coexist indoors with our hand-raised chicks; our chickens helped with the outdoor part. They were tiny but fierce, and even the roosters would assault any pet who came near a batch of chicks. A firm “NO!” followed by either a spritz of cold water, or a faceful of two-inch rooster spurs or a hen’s a “Feathers of Fury” routine, were pretty effective deterrents.

    Pets who weren’t raised around [insert other pet type here] can be a much bigger challenge and take more patience and supervision if they don’t take to it right away. Sometimes you do get a combination that just doesn’t work – like our cat who thought of snakes, all snakes, as cat treats on the hoof. She broke two tanks and learned how to jimmy door handles in order to get at them and gobble them up. We went snakeless after that.

  45. Thanks for the info, Heather. It’s taken me years to sort this out. What I used to call Aracunas were actually the hybrids, sometimes called Easter Eggers. They lay lovely blue, pink, green or olive eggs. Actually I think the moma hen in this picture looks like one, because of the puffy cheek feathers and lighter coloring than a Rhode Island Red.

  46. SQUEEEEL!!!! (I saw NOMTOM’s name under the header) 🙂

  47. resriechan says:

    special note to ceejoe:

    Special bureaucratic clause #12B:

    “You can …renew…” UNLESS your library card has been “defuncted” due to…
    destruction of library materials, massively fraudulent levels of “overdue fines” for books and other materials which never were returned (I’ve worked in libraries where “not fine folks” would call in & ask to renew materials, who had over $300 worth of ruined/ lost library items from past interactions……Strange But True Story…)

    A Library Advocate & Geek, MLS, 1985

  48. Oh no! Antonieta ha tre capi! Che apporta lei tre volte la madre?

    (No, I’m not Italian either.)

    And the answer is… Yes, that makes Antonieta three times the mother.

    p.s. Jorge Ciao!

  49. Do the little chickies go “peep” while they peek? ^_^.

  50. lol, omg, that is so gross!

  51. @Skippymom, a cyber-friend with cats and chickens described the (non-predatory) curiosity with which her kitty Francis followed her new hens around. When one of them laid an egg, she said, the look of astonishment on Francis was priceless, and he followed her around even more fervently, hoping it would happen again. 😉

  52. “Medically sane” is my new favorite phrase.

  53. We had kittehs and a hen when I was a kid. Mrs. Chikkin was the undisputed ruler of the roost, and made sure Tabby and Whiskers knew it.

  54. @catloveschanel: *groan* 😆

  55. Nice article on chickens and philolophy, sociology, management etc. Don’t miss the comments at the end of it.

  56. GIGGLE 😈 That look on mommy hen says “Touch my chicks and you will get the smack down of your life!” 😈 I grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada, so I know that look 😀

  57. mama knows, chile….