Just Be Thankful They Didn’t Get Their Paws on a Glue Gun

It may not look like it, but they were just trying to decorate the living room with some homemade streamers and cut-out hearts for Valentine’s Day.

We suspect that if they had the use of thumbs, this debacle would’ve turned out better.

As it is…notsomuch, Austen W.



  1. It does kind of look like the kitty has a thumb, no?

  2. temperance says:

    *gasp!* it’s funny how only one critter seems at all concerned about the mayhem. you KNOW it was the other two doing all the naughtiness!

  3. Peg of Tilling says:

    Cat: J’accuse!

    Dog: Wha’?

  4. OMG. Been there done that….but not to that extent! Looks like fun!

  5. TrixandSam says:

    I’d like to know just what the toilet paper did to dog #1 to deserve that.

  6. Ah, I see a grocery bag off to the left in the first picture. Who knew that toilet paper would set them off when it wasn’t even on the dispenser!

    This reminds me of the time our cat Gus got hold of the huge loaf of cheap white bread our housemate bought, and bunny-kicked it into an unusable mass. Our housemate was kind of mad at first, but then we all laughed. (One time, Gus came trotting past my husband in the living room, carrying a table knife in his mouth – by the handle – but still! My husband said “I didn’t know the revolution had started.” He was a strange animal. 🙂

  7. It’s so cute how the cat and the tan, smaller dog look like they’re saying, “YOU did it!” “No, YOU did it!!!”

  8. fifthsonata says:

    I love the leggings on the cat!

  9. @Peg of Tilling

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

  10. The bigger dog is the only one with enough integrity to look ashamed. 😀

  11. The cat looks like (s)he is saying, “The toilet paper started fighting again.”

    @kzgz-AHAHAH! Gus sounds awesome.

  12. Too bad this wasn’t caught on video. My Boston, Cooper, has done this with a four pack.

  13. Finally a pic up that reminds me why i don’t have pets. As I scroll down to the next pic I’ll reconsider and start feeding a stray.

  14. Cat: Doggie, you did not fold in the corners of the slipcover exactly the way Martha Stewart says!!! Look at these creases!!

  15. must have been 30 roll pack from Costco…

  16. HAHAHA in the second picture the cat is blaming the dog… and the dog doesn’t like that too much XD

  17. I LOVE photos like this!!! >^.^<

    Austen, you've got quite a nice place there(outside included)!

  18. FanTAStic!!!! What a hilarious family. Presumably that globe is for plotting out world domination (or at least TP-ing) 😉

  19. It looks like in the 1st photo the CAT walks in on the situation “HOLY CRAP”. Notice the lighted eyes of the demon dog. LOL
    2nd photo he is demanding they clean up and restoring order. 7 toed kitty makes for a good boxing glove…whap,whap!

  20. See, it happened like this. Some neighborhood toughs jimmied the lock on the patio door, came in, and started having a, ummm, party. Yeah, that’s it. A hugh hullabaloo. We tried to stop ’em but when you you don’t got thumbs, well, there is only so much a loyal, quiet-loving, pet can do.

  21. Reminds me of those Sylvia cartoons.

    For the record: It is ALWAYS the dog’s fault. 🙂

  22. Cat: “I said ‘Let’s build a teepee’, but of course Sir Droolsalot got it wrong, as usual.”

  23. Love this!! These must be one of the days when you will be Sooo Mad at them but “What to do?” cos they are so cute.

  24. Puppy has the innocent look down pat.

    Love black and white kitties with attitude!

  25. Looks like it might be the norm to let them play like this in pic…alot of rolls around. Unlimited supply.

  26. Colonel Jenna says:

    I can’t write a coherent comment. I can only stare in complete AWE at the devestation.

  27. Oh dear…you cannot possibly be upset when coming home to a scene like this because you know they just had so much fun!

  28. Whoa!!!!! I can tell the greyhound had nothing to do with this…..right?

    I have had this experience with my dogs before, except not nice clean TP, but yucky trash from the garbage can.

  29. How can there be two Rachaels? #10 and 13 are not the same person. 😯

  30. Notice the party hat in the second pic.

  31. Kitteh says “Yeh Mom, I did the pretty bits, hope you like them.”

  32. @Kzgz, my Dante likes to transfer objects around the house, carry stuff around in his mouth, and bring me random things he finds around. One day, he picked up a business card from somewhere, brought it to me, and deposited it in my lap. “My card, Madame!” I almost wept laughing. 😆 Another time he brought me a five dollar bill! He’s a keeper. 😉

  33. nicefrenchgurl says:

    my cat did that once, the same day the dog had a sick stomach, i thought maybe he wanted to help?

    i laughed so hard the painters down the hall came to check on me lol

  34. Oh, that was so much fun while it lasted!

  35. These people are asking for it, anyway — I mean, white furniture? Frisky critturs? Come on!

  36. this is hilarious! and to think, they had the good humor to photograph it, rather than freaking out and getting angry.
    i just finished reading Marley & Me – they must have come home to *many* scenes like this!

  37. Looks like two crates are in their future. Holy Destruction, Batman!

    The greyhound or whippet? looks embarrassed for everyone.

  38. hahahaha. They are cute.댴

  39. That’s hilarious. My husband and I want to get a dog, guess we should really know what we’re getting into, huh? Thanks for posting 🙂

  40. Resriechan says:

    come on, Editors!!! Ya know we love youze guyz!

    but no Naughtiness Tag???????
    Wha’ gives???????

    Mischevious Lil’ Imp

  41. The greyhound knows an ounce of the IM SORRY look goes along way!

    And the kitty in the back is giving the dog a glass of SMACK!

  42. Aaaaaaand, that’s why we finally bought crates for our two pups. The devastation *and* the older one’s taste for our carpet fibers…

  43. I sense the influence of the cat here. Puppers would never create such havoc! BTW, lovely house!

  44. How fun! Love it!

  45. LOL!!! Love it!

  46. Okay, we all know plenty of cats sporting socks. But this one’s wearing leggings (and on one .. ur, forearm).

  47. I mean leg warmers.

    /not good with fashion terms.

  48. That whippet looks so ashamed. The cat of course, is manipulative and the other puppy is blissfully unaware that he’s playing into kitty’s paws.

  49. @Theresa – I love that your kitty delivers little tidbits that he’s found! And how funny that what attracts him are things like a business card and a $5 bill. My husband and housemate Rick used to try to get Gus to grab dollar bills and tissues. OH, I forgot! Gus used to like watches. He’d find them anywhere, carry them into the bathroom, then jump up and drop them into the sink (no water involved, thank goodness.)

    When I was growing up, we had a big lanky butterscotch tabby named Bounderby. He used to drag HUGE things around the house: a heavy wool blanket, a very long (10+ ft) piece of cotton fabric that my mother used to cover display cases at craft shows. You would find these things all wound around the legs of chairs but no cat in sight. Once we caught him in the act, and it was hilarious: this huge heavy blanket trailing between his legs – he had to walk kind of bow-legged to manage it. Of course, when he realized we were watching, he just dropped it and walked away as if nothing had happened.

    Once we went away for a few days, and I had left some freshly laundered underwear on this shelf thing he liked to lay on. When we returned, I found that he had (inexplicably) dragged them all down to our finished basement.

    @nicefrenchgurl and margie – I’m so glad you liked that Gus story. I have a lot of them. He was kind of – um – BITEY at times, kind of psycho, but certainly memorable. (he could be very sweet of course)

    Thanks for humoring my trip down memory lane. 🙂

  50. orangemocha says:

    I think the cat planted the dogie rope on the front pile to throw off suspicion.

  51. Thank goodness Mr. Whipple isn’t around to see this !

  52. Even if it is a “Charmin” picture.

  53. Greyhound feels so ashamed! The kitteh and the other goggie, not so much! They look like they had a LOT of fun though!

  54. I think dog #2 may well be a whippet… and if so, that guilty look might not be so underserved, I had a snippet who liked nothing better than tearing up a few toilet rolls! He also chewed up my Star Wars figures but I loved him just the same 🙂

  55. Someone really needs to tell those three it’s called toilet paper – not TOY-let paper!

    Oh man. *wipes eyes* I haven’t seen devastation like that since one of my childhood dogs got hold of an extra-long feather duster and had a plucking party. I’m guessing toilet paper has similarly detrimental effects on the insides of vacuum cleaners, but at least they got a great picture out of it!

  56. omg. I completely ignored the trashing the fur-angels did and totally fell in love with their backyard!!!!

  57. My cat, Max, has the same NEED to shred for toilet paper or paper towels. I have to lock the cabinet doors in my bathroom or he will shred the TP. I have to put the TP I’m using on the towel rack where he can’t get to it (so far) and I have to keep my paper towels in the cabinet over the microwave. My other cat, Annie, says she doesn’t know why he has that weird compulsion…

  58. Colonel Jenna says:

    Jamie, thanks for the term ‘snippet’. I need to take that home to Daisy Rae, the Whippet of Mass Destruction.

  59. kzgz- well, it is comforting to know that you married a man who could think on his (um) feet.

    Colonel Jenna- dooooo tell us a Whippet of Mass Destruction story-{ Face on hands, elbows on desk, looking into monitor smiling biiig cheesy smile.}

    Sometimes the destruction is just to talented you have no recourse but to laugh and let it go….. I agree!

  60. Wow. Just wow. I would absolutely flip my lid if I ever came home to such a scene.

    On another note, Meg/Prongs/NTMTOM/Teho, is it possible to have a “reply to” type comment situation? I never pay attention to posters’ names but when someone says “@ poster x, that’s my thoughts exactly” I find I have to scroll back up to find the referenced post. Just a suggestion. Thank you for all you do!

    [This is not a bad idea, and we’ve studied that option. Still, we’ve settled on simple chronological comments, rather than nested/threaded comments. Those tend to get untidy to the point of chaos, slow down page-load times, and anyway we’re a quickie entertainment blog, not a discussion forum. – Ed.]

  61. Ah, reminds me of the day when my tortie cat TPed my entire house. Glad none of my current beasties has any interest in paper products … or plants … or climbing curtains.

  62. @ Editors:


    I SEE that tag…………………
    Don’t think I don’t!!!!!

    (“MO-O-O-M !!!!!! “)

  63. cuteness!!!!

  64. I have to agree with Natalie, there are other blogs/comments that allow you to comment against a comment, the comment becomes indented and collapsable (don’t think we need to get that fancy)

  65. This looks very much like the sitting room/patio/yard I visualize in the mystery novel I am reading right now. After being engrossed in the book late last night it was almost unnerving to come in this morning and think, “Wait, that’s that room?” (Although in the book there are no animals or shredded toilet paper.)

  66. At least it was the terlet paper and not the couch. LOL I can’t stop looking at this!

  67. catloveschanel says:

    I saw this on Trading Spaces once. Hilde would defend her right to glue feathers all over peep’s walls, after all; she didn’t live there. Ty Pennington is against the Pink Piping, but Hilde is for. Adamant.

  68. Maybe it wasnt them…a clue the back yard door is open. Maybe it was a racoon ya thats it.

    They look to cute to do such a thing!!

  69. Busted! The cat is saying “you said the humans wouldn’t be home for another hour!”

  70. The whippet seems to be saying, “Uh-oh! We are in for it now!”

  71. pets do make a mess,
    godly done!

  72. I thought rich people wiped with cash.

  73. @Peg of Tilling: Nothing more need be said.

  74. The cat did it.

  75. ooohhh so lovely!!

  76. I’m still finding bits of paper towel from the last time I left a roll on the floor. Anymore, I blame myself, since I KNOW the Mister Kitty likes shredding paper, but it’s hard to remember to put the paper towels somewhere the cat can’t get them when it’s 5 am and the dog has just woken you up by being sick. Coherent thought starts, at the earliest, around 9 am for me. 😛

  77. sigh, every time I see a whippet, I’m reminded of my childhood dream… to have one named Devo 😀

    alas, I have the greyhound and it’s just not the same (*headtilt/pout*)

  78. @ Colonel Jenna:

    I have a whippet named Daisy too. I think this dog may have been in on it. They can tear things to bits, and the way the dog is slinking around…looks a little guilty, if you ask me.

  79. reminds me of my cats. they get ahold of bread or toilet paper or anything else and zoom back and forth if i am not home. thank god for kennels. otherwise i would have to sit at home all day. gotta love em tho.

  80. thank-god-I-only-have-a-one-pound-tortoise-thank-god-I-only-have-a-one-pound-tortoise-thank-god-I-only-have-a-one-pound-tortoise.
    Would a vacuum work on a mess like that?

    [A shop vac, probably – Ed.]

  81. I’m just laughing and laughing and laughing. ;-D

  82. I fell out laughing when I saw this lol “We suspect that if they had the use of thumbs, this debacle would’ve turned out better”– Good post!

  83. @HanksMom – “thank-god-I-only-have-a-one-pound-tortoise-thank-god-I-only-have-a-one-pound-tortoise” – that cracked me up almost as hard as the picture. Thanks. 😀

  84. Waw.. very nice pictures 🙂

  85. Hi all, thanks for the comments! The ‘innocent’ looking dog, Sophie, is in fact a VERY guilty Italian Greyhound, although the puppy Sadie probably did most of the dirty-work. And yup, the kitten Lola is 7-toed and uses it to her advantage. Often. Good thing the other 4 cats weren’t involved …

  86. Yes, this is what happens when you bring toilet paper home from Costco and then go out again without first putting it away. I thought it was pretty funny but that maybe the path of least resistance would be to take a couple of quick pictures and then duck out to the grocery store, hoping that, in the meantime, my husband would come home and clean it up. I ran into him hiding out in the grocery store, too.

  87. 약 2년전 문화방송 MBC가 방송한 PD수첩이 라는 제목으로 방영한 내용을 보면 [예수교 신천지 증거장막성전(신천지)]이 마치 ,가정파탄의주역, 청소년 가출및 비행조장, 공금횡령,감금,폭행을 자행하는 비사회적, 광신적 종교집단 으로 매도한 방송을 한적이 있었다.

  88. Yeeeeesssssss.

  89. Da Goggies did it.
    Just sayin.

  90. “Jamie, thanks for the term ’snippet’. I need to take that home to Daisy Rae, the Whippet of Mass Destruction.”
    No problem, give Daisy Rae an ear-tickle from me! 🙂

  91. Next time, someone needs to show them how things should really be done! If it had been my dogs that mess would not have been contained to one room! HAHA. I guess the toilet paper goes up one shelf higher!

  92. That is HILARIOUS! One reason why I always keep my TP put away…I used to have a cat who would get into it, but not this bad…this looked like it was a group effort! The one larager dog looks like a Whippet, the smaller one looks like one I’ve been eying on Save A Dog, on Facebook, and the cat looks like a Pterodactoly cat….that’s considered a deformity (although it’s really cute, I’ve had cats with it) which makes them have extra toes, it almost looks as if they have thumbs, when they have this condition.

  93. I once sat and watched my dear departed Pepper kick and bite a brand-new roll of paper towels down to the roll, and then shred the roll.

  94. All i noes is that i want that house, or an approximation there of.

  95. @ Caroline W:

    Awww, she’s an Iggie – Love them too! That picture is classic. I wish I’d taken pics of Daisy ‘rearranging’ the artificial flowers when she was a pup.

  96. (1) My worst nightmare – I have an uncrate trained beagle who does not like to be left alone for very long. My place is dog proofed to the extreme, as a result, but I know one day I’ll leave some paper towel in his reach and it will all go crazy!
    (2) Even so, it made me laugh really hard and Ioved all the animals looking at each other like: “You did it!”, “NO, YOU did it!” When really they decided mom and dad were out for the night and they had all their neigbhourhood friends over for a wild party.

  97. Origamigryphon says:

    The number one reason my husband’s dog is crate trained. She’s a chewing machine.

  98. The italian greyhound (that’s what it is, actually) did it. For sure. I have two. Don’t believe their sad repentant-looking eyes. They make the worst of messes in the least amount of time. 🙂

  99. Ah, just read up on CarolineW’s post. Yep. Baaad Sophers! Those IG’s are so naughty! I love em!

  100. @Theresa 😆 I would keep a pet like Dante 😆 Especially when they bring money to you 😆

  101. Ah, yes…..the vile TP has been annihilated just in time! (You just know it was planning to take over the world…..)

  102. hahaha for some reason i missed the hovertext on the second pic until now 😀

  103. Wow haha i wouldn’t want that to happen to my house!

  104. Haha, that’s great. The cat is definitely calling out her brother on this one in the 2nd pic, too funny.

  105. I would of been taking them 2 the pound asap. After that mess. 😦

  106. Why am I surprised to see the I.G. looking so innocent????? The culprit slithers away….

  107. awww…. extra kitty toes 🙂

  108. POLYDACTYLY cat (extra toes)! Sorry, I typed “Pterodactoly” in my previous post *smacks self in forehead*. D’oh! All those extra toes are so cute. I’ve had two cats with the condition.

  109. Pawwwwty!

  110. My puppy did the same thing…with hamster bedding. alllll over the front room.