Now for Some Advice from Dr. Corgi Know-It-All

I’m no botanist, but I’m thinking – you know – water may help the situation out here.

Dr. Corgi may be onto something here, Tim S.



  1. Even though my lawn is covered with several feet of snow 😦 , doggeh botanist is welcome to come over and check out my yard anytime.

  2. Expressive brow ackshun!

  3. Dr. Corgi looks terribly disappointed with this lawn’s upkeep.

    Adorable!! I want!

  4. eyebrow dots! is there a rule for that?

  5. I second the motion for an eyebrow dots rule!!! WANT!

  6. You say “Know-it-All” like there’s something wrong with it. 😛

  7. Hmm, you don’t suppose the grass is brown because it’s been pee-nalized one too many times by this tough referee?

  8. Hmm, brown grass = disapproving corgi face, with a possible rating of 2 on the rabbit scale?

  9. I’ve got ‘tude and I’m gonna use it

  10. hiya

    awee how cute crogi puppy. My aunt had corigs in the past, very smart and adorable googies.


  11. Oh my god — he’s without a doubt the cutest corgi ever! I never saw colors like that. And those ears!!!!

  12. This is killingk! It’s like a corgi with a splash of doberman. I didn’t know corgis came with facial markings like that.

  13. How dare anyone disappoint Dr. Corgi-know-it-all? I’ll shall send a pack of wild wildebeests after you for that.

  14. I third the motion for eyebrow dots. I am under continual observation from Sid the cat with catitude. I had just finished sanding down a repair to a patch of plaster in the hall wall, when he came up to inspect it and I got that “well I wouldn’t have done it that way” look.

  15. I think he looks apprehensive. Look at how his ears are folded back and down like he just got yelled at for playing his Wiggles dvd too loud. I volunteer to pick him up and cuddle him if it would help.

  16. Fourth – eyebrow dots. Rottweiller pups representin’!

  17. @Hon Glad, how does Sid feel about workmen in his house? Stinky loved all company, but Dante shuns it. Stinky would follow electricians and plumbers around and supervise them. Once, an electrician, hunched over an outlet, was exposing some skin in the backal area, as workmen are wont to do. Stinky marched right up to him and applied his cold nose to the exposed area. Hilarity ensued.

  18. PS Mr KnowItAll:

  19. I loooove corgis so much! love those ears.

  20. I have a corgi and we registered his name with the AKC as “Doctor Deacon MD.” …My boyfriend and I watch a lot of House.

  21. @ Theresa Snicker Snicker LOL you Made my Day! Can just about see the Guy Jump.

  22. @Theresa, Both Sid and his brother Stan, like to give workmen the benifit of their encyclopaedic knowledge of everything. A previous cat ‘Flo’ (Florence) sat staring up as I was lopping some hefty branches off of a Eucalyptus tree, how I didn’t brain her I don’t know. No sense of fear at all.

  23. Are you trying to kill me?

  24. I’m not sure how many “seconds” we’re at, so I’m just going to say I infinitieth the motion for an eyebrow dots rule.

  25. By the way, did anyone else see the Puppy Bowl VI last Sunday? I love this corgi mix. He’s got the coat of a tiger.

  26. Awww. Just awww.

  27. ADDDORABLE!!!!!

  28. Jenn in IL says:

    I 5ht (or is it 6th?) the motion for eyebrow dot rule! Poor Corgi looks so upset by this grass fail…

  29. KIller’s backyard is about to become a giant pain in the Cogula butt. Corgi’s are big backyard know-it-alls. Killer patrols her backyard’s entire perimeter every day. Now, as many people are getting snow, please observe the unit of snow we call “A Corgi of Snow”: It is just enough for the Corgi in your life to make a line down the middle of her pawprints with her/his thorax. (for us, about 3-1/2 inches.) A second Corgi of Snow is double the amount and really turns into a pest for these little boodles. A third Corgi of Snow will deter most Corgulas from venturing out, making it absolutley necessary for a patch to be cleared for the purposes of Corgi hygiene.This little one pictured has no clue about that yet. One funny thing does happen every once-in-awhile-Abbey will attempt, (with and epic fail), to jump over the snow in front of her and land, thorax first, in three-Corgi-deep snow. I go get her. You Greyhounds and Salukis and Great Danes-you have no idea! I love my boodle.

  30. lol @ Katrina – I think I shoveled at least 2 Corgi’s of snow this morning…

  31. I can’t believe I missed the puppy bowl this year. That is an adorable starting lineup. I guess that’s what happens when you break tradition and go to someone else’s house for the Super Bowl, someone who cares about football more than puppies. Harrumph.
    On another note, I agree with a rule about eyebrow dots. What could be cuter?

  32. Also, do dogs have “thoraxes”? I kind of thought that was an insect thing. But maybe I’m not entirely with it, because I had to read Katrina’s message 3 times to understand the dimensions of a Corgi of snow.

  33. So adorable and huggable looking!!!

  34. @ wuizidi: thanks for providing the link. I knew about the Puppy Bowl & enjoyed the Disapproving Rabbit Cheerleaders (is that an onomatpeia-sp???) ….but I never would have imagined that a webpage existed, with “Starting lineup” photos
    like that. Nice!!

    Also @ Ed’s: can we possibly get a “Disapproval” Tag here?

    [Hmm, not with that puppyface, I don’t think so. Look at it. LOOOK AT EEET – Ed.]

  35. OH, Natalie, I’m sorry if wasn’t clear. A COS is about 3-1/2 inches of snow, two Corgies of Snow is about 7 inches and three Corgies of Snow, well, “Abandon Hope all Ye Corgulas” is about 11 inches and just unworkable when you horizon is nine inches of the ground.

    And, ceejoe, I bet you did, man this is a nasty one! Lift with your thighs, not your back! Please be careful everyone!

  36. OOPs, yes, Abbey-dog has a thorax (not a Lorax, that is something completely different). The Corgi ribcage is very deep, so they can get big breathes to run after the herd of “perfectly normal beasts” that they are herding, sheep, cattle, four year olds… Corgies often sleep on their backs, because it feels better! We got Abbeykins a big, papa-san pillow for her bed, (It is almost too deep for her to step into at 4″), so if she wants to sleep on her tummy, she can. She still sleeps upside down,it is SOOOOOO cute! Thanks for asking! Corgies are big dogs, like German Shepherds, with short, fat, very useful leggies. If you hear a Corgi bark but can’t see it, you would think of a G.S or other large dog. They are Very territorial!

  37. It’s like a white out outside! The weeend!

    Lookit his chubby little squooshable front legs-es! The forehead made for kees-es!

    Waht n’adorable smoochiepoo!

  38. PS thanks for the Bullwinkle clip!! I forgot about Mr. Knowitall.

  39. @Hon Glad, you have eucalyptus trees in London?

  40. @ Katrina – In our house, we measure snow in units of dachshunds. Half a weiner of snow requires a trench to be dug around the backyard for “walkies” and related purposes. Same idea as a corgi of snow though! I laughed out loud at your post.

  41. Squealing with delight at the Corgi love!

  42. We were supposed to have several Corgis of snow by now, but so far the Big Scary Storm is a big fat fail. And I told the kitties this morning that I would probably be home early for some extra snorgling. Blah.

  43. SQUEEE!!!!!! This little guy is a perfect hybrid of two family members: Frodo (rescue munchkin cat) and Rufus (brand new rescue Shepherd/Border collie mix.) Unfortunately, they abhor one another. Maybe Dr. Corgi could swing by my place and help them work through their issues.

  44. @ Ed: Yes, you’re quite right on that.
    My Tag assignment/ request was, indeed, “inkeerectly chersen”.
    I OFISHE withdraw this request & humbly grovel for forgiveness. Mea culpa.

    And Stuff.

  45. You mean he’s a therapist, not a botanist? Then maybe he was the Dr. for that poor poor pug puppy with malaise! Er, or was it ennui?

  46. summerfuzzehpants says:

    gaaaaasp… CORGI!

  47. DaytimeDeb says:

    My grass is nice and green here in Northern California. You are welcome to come hang out on my lawn (and couch, and lap, and life) any time you want!

  48. Deb, is your invitation directed to the pup, or to US? I’m just thinking your lap could get mighty crowded if we all show up.

  49. Lawn care…. ur doin it wrong.

  50. I believe there is something very wrong with Dr. Corgi’s ears; they are NOT NEARLY uproarious enough.

    Perhaps he needs to consult a medical colleague about this situation…

  51. The Corgi in the picture is a concerned puppehleh. S/he is sitting on some prickly stuff, not the most comfortable situation.

    We have extremely heavy snow- you too?

  52. resriechan says:

    @ Katrina: I just came out of one of the other posts (not certain which one; but one of the most recently posted 4….) just commented about their snow bein’ heavy..

    The Snow’s not heavy; it’s my brother.

  53. Daphne Moss says:

    Bestest thing about the Puppy Bowl…they show it again and again and again on Super Bowl Sunday and then a few times after…and the kitteh halftime show, too.
    I want the job of the guy who is the ref. Even doing the vacuuming *It was the Bissel Puppy Bowl, so they had to make a big deal of vacuuming the “turf” before halftime) was fun when it’s for pups.

    The kitties just kind of tolerated it, but there were disapproving bunny cheerleaders (who did nothing) and some hamsters in a blimp. It was without a doubt the best Puppy Bowl ever (almost as good as the “pick 6” that locked up the Saints’ win … hehe)

  54. AHH! -head explodes-

  55. he looks constantly surprised. like botox. 🙂 but in a cute way.

  56. resriechan says:

    –WAIT just a cotton-pickin’ minnit, here — KITTEH halftime show????

    EVerybody was yammering on & on about the Puppy Bowl but Ah nevah heered NObuddy mention no dang kitteh halftime show — why, I oughta…….How, the —-

    (etc. etc & so forth in self-righteously indignant tones…..)

  57. DaytimeDeb says:

    Skippymom….LOL!!! I meant the pup (I love love love Corgis), but I see now how that invitation must have sounded.

    Actually, my lap *is* available, after the baby goes to bed, and after the kitties have had their mommy & me time (they expect me to sit down and give them some 1:1 time once the ‘interloper’ is in bed), and after I have done the dishes, put in a load of laundry, and perhaps checked my email. So I guess that means my lap is available from 12:45 – 1:00am. My very tired lap. If that sounds tempting, you’re still welcome!

  58. resriechan says:

    @ D (squared):

    I, for one, feel your exhaustion & dedication to othairs!!!
    The Universe thanks you, in advance!

  59. Loves me some Corgis.

  60. oh man, full throttle puppy dog eyes. this little one is adorable 🙂

  61. hmmmm…I might just have to measure snow by the shih tzu–for dogs that were developed in Tibet, my Max and Lulu sure don’t like the snow, even if they have the furry snowshoe paw thing going on. It’s a good thing my HOA does a good job of keeping the sidewalks cleared. I wonder who I need to talk to about shoveling one of the patches of grass so the dogs have a place to potty?

    My sister’s dog is a corgi mix, and she LOVES the snow–and is smart enough to go barreling through while it’s still falling to make sure she has a path to the potty spots of the yard. After she’s done herding snowflakes, of course.

    Corgi’s are the cutest pups. They make pretty cute grown-up dogs, too. Every time I’m at my sister’s house, I’m tempted to steal Polly and bring her to live with me, but my house is barely big enough for two shih tzus.

    Although, if I had a corgi to help me herd them…

  62. Skippymom – I planted the Eucalyptus myself, it started as an innocent little bush and ended up higher than the house. I had it cut down eventually, as all attempts at cutting it back resulted in even more growth and it was shading my neighbours gardens.

  63. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Corgi pups are so fraking adorable! Those EARS! ! ! ! !

  64. Eyebrow dots SO need to be a Rule.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury: as well as Exhibit Aww above, let me present for your consideration Exhibit Brow, Exhibit Cute, and Exhibit Dog.

    I rest my case.

  65. PRONGS!!!!!!!!! please please please send more pics of this exquisite corgi puppy!!!!!!

  66. re: eyebrow dots! i have a black and white english setter named bentley (aka bentler, beenie, beener, neener, bentleyno, united colors of bentleyton, friend, kind dog, lickie… he has tons of variations of his name, and he answers to all of them!) with perfectly placed brown eyebrow dots, (when his eyes are closed he looks like he has another pair of eyes!) And he has one brown splotch in the exact same spot on each black cheek. tooo cute! i will try to send pikkies!

  67. Cutest Corgi puppeh EVAR!! I’m helpless before him.

  68. OMG! So sweet! Those puppy eyes and soft puppy fur. I not only love puppies, I love Corgis! =o)

  69. CUTE!!! Corgis are so darn cute!

  70. Corgis are so foxy. I love that big dog in a little dog attitude.