Meet My New Lady

“Oooh, well look at you! You’re fancier than an M&M!”

“My name’s Bud – will you be my best friend?”

“You’re the prettiest mole I’ve ever had, bestie.”

Mai P., this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Photo credit by



  1. Just because it’s a LADY-bug, doesn’t mean it’s not a guy. 😛 Lady bugs hate it when you make that assumption. 😛

  2. PS: BEEP!

  3. It could be a laddy-bug.

  4. umm…… yes please!

  5. What kind of dog is that? Whatever he is, he’s totally rocking the hairdo.

  6. Silky floofiness AND Polka Dots????

    Now THAT’s what I call, a Fashion Statemente, Supreme!!!!!

    (Hoping that EITHER the dog or the buggiepooh is actually female, here…)
    WORK it, gurrrl!!!!!!

  7. S’not worth the effort, pup. No matter how cute they are, soon or later they always get up your nose.

  8. Okay Now I have that Styxx song stuck in my head….

    you know the One

    Lady, when you’re with me I’m smiling
    Give me all your love
    Your hands build me up when I’m sinking
    Touch me and my troubles all fade.
    Lady from the moment I saw you
    Standing all alone
    You gave all the love that I needed
    So shy like a child who had grown

  9. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Looks like a Lhasa Apso pup to me, skippymom, but I’m open to being corrected!

    I adore picture 1. “You’re so teeny, I almost have to squish you to get my nose close enough to see you.”

  10. Ze floof! Uber floof!

  11. Instead of saying to my cats, “You’re so pretty! You’re so handsome!” or some such, I think from now on I will tell them, “You’re fancier than an M&M!”

  12. sorry pups, you and I both know that eventually your new friend will start to bug the crap out of you…

  13. Can we get lots more horse pics? They are the cutest I love them!

  14. @ Paunchie:

    “Uber Floof”!!! Very nice! Perhaps to be emailing Heidi Kloom (or however her name is splelt) as a Supermodel/ fashion…
    (in line with the hovertext referencing Cindy Crawford, etc. etc.)

  15. “spelt” NOT “splelt” !!!

    GAAAAAh. My Proofreading Function isn’t, what it once was…..

  16. two things:

    1. *squeeeeeeeeeee* i love everything about this series.
    2. i tried to click the link to the photo credit but it keeps giving me an error. WTH.

  17. “Klum” I think. Make a garment using der UBER FLOOF would be a good Project Runway assignment!

  18. @ Prong ref: this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

    Which one is Bogey?

  19. Gigi:

    Bug-ey and Bark-call, obviously. 🙂

  20. *Groan* @ danbenzvi !!! 🙂

  21. OH MY GOD, THESE PHOTOS ARE TOO. CUTE!!!! oh my god. i love the dog, i love the ladybug, i love them together!! can they be my best friends, too?

  22. catloveschanel says:

    Rule of Cuteness 999: Awake in a sunbeam on a balance beam with the Olympics coming watching a lady bug on your nose that is not an M&M while having a good hair day with no visible signs of product.

  23. @ danbenzvi Me, running away holding my nose and screaming.

    (Which is the right way to salute a very bad/good pun)


    The COMPLETE Simon’s Cat “Snow Business” is UP!!! And a good day for it, in a lot of places (we’ve got about a foot of snow, so far)

  25. HAW HAW HAW when he splats teh bird and then he’s pounding on the door to make him slide into his gaping mouf!!

  26. catloveschanel says:

    haha ha ha Then the tiny “mow” at the end. poifect

  27. fish eye no miko says:

    @danbenzvi: But he didn’t say that to Bacall, he said it to Claude Rains’ character.

  28. Reminds me, last I was on my laptop and out of the corner of my eye I see something move along the top of the screen. It was a laptop. Thought it was cute. Even cuter on this little guy.

    Aw love the 1st pic looking at it with one eye. Bed head works for him. What kind a dog? little mop i want one

  29. @Fish eye, Claude Rains ROCKS!!!

  30. I meant lady bug….

  31. Love the Your fancier than an M&M line. ok Im done.

  32. I loooove ladybugs (and laddybugs), but have you ever smelled the liquid they squirt when they feel threatened?? The vilest scent!! What an amazing defense system!

  33. I’m guessing that pup’s a Maltese, no?

  34. @ Wolfie They bite too!

  35. If it wouldn’t blind me with lightness I would make Pic #2 my new desktop wallpaper. Complete with captions. Love the floof, the 47mph ride, and it has a ladybug in it. eeeee….. Heck, keep the puppy, I’m absconding with the bug! *nab*

    @danbenzvi, add another to your pun-kill list, I’m slain.

    @Me, never had a ladybug do that, but I used to regularly wind up with jumping spiders hanging out on my speakers or along the edges of my screen, catching gnats and looking cute. BEF off the charts, but fuzzly.

  36. Sweet puppeleh! Equally sweet buggeleh!

  37. to Theresa, the Phantom Derailer: Expect a bill for my funeral expenses for posting that link, because I am now very, very, DED. Twice, even, I watched the fly one, too.

    Also, after due consideration: I would actually wear a press-on ladybug-mole. I’d feed it aphids every day! But as with the beauty products used by supermodels, I fear it would never give me the qteness-factor of yon poofledy pup. *sighhhhh!* Unfair.

  38. so cute I WANT TO VOMIT.

  39. @ kittyadventures: I know! Doesn’t happen as often as the stinky-pee, but I’ve had both happen. Not sure which I prefer… 😉

  40. catloveschanel says:

    Lady bug is in for one hairy adventure.
    They’re always like,
    “How did I get here?
    How do I work this?
    Same as it ever was”

  41. Oh so sweet.

  42. Ladybug and the Tramp.

  43. resriechan says:

    YAY, Nikki : A+ for alternative capshyuns!!!!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    That lady/laddy bug seems to be suspended, can she really be that far at the end of the floofyfurness??

  45. Just hope that floofy pup doesn’t eat that lady bug, because I know, from previous doggy experience, that bug, inside that dog…. not good. A vomitous event will ensue, guaranteed. Black labs especially like to snuffle those bugs up, and when a black lab vomits, it’s not fun. For anyone. Especially the one who has to clean it up. So while in theory they’re cute together, just say NO! to eating the bug, floofy pup. Just say NO! (singing: parents, don’t let your puppies grow up to eat ladybugs…)

  46. Why thank you Res! Just couldn’t help myself…

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, Theresa!
    CO once had a post which was so pretty and showed “lady bug ‘tocks” of a lady bug crawling on a white flower. It’s such a pretty picture. I have it as part of my screensaver pics!

  48. Lady bird Lady bird
    fly away home
    your house is on fire
    your children are all alone.

    A rather cruel poem, it was what we used to say when I was a nipper.

    Theresa – Thanks for the threadjack. Extended version even more hillarious, I love the helicopter sound fx when the Robin hauls up the giant snowball.

  49. OMG. The M&M comment slayed me! Too cute!

  50. I will name you ragdoll because I would carry you everywhere. 1st photo is a one eye pirate look.

  51. That is the Asian Multi-colored lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis. Certainly, one of the cutest of all invasive species!

  52. Anyone else picturing that ladybug speaking in Denis Leary’s voice? 🙂

  53. (Qui est Denis Leary???)

    Puzzled & naive…
    (and, at the moment, too lazy to pull up an 8th Internet window….)

  54. Yeah I think it’s a Lhasa Apso pup…the snout is too long to be a shihtzu or maltese. But I could be wrong, since my shihtzu has a longer than usual snout too! Adorable picture!

  55. Once when my garden was invested with aphids I ordered two big cartons of live Ladybugs to help control them. When they arrived I followed directions, dumped them out in a shady spot, and as soon as they recovered they took off into my neighbors’ yards and I never saw nary a one again! Aphids ruled.

    I’d rather have the flooffie pupper.

  56. She’s a Maltese/Shihtzu. Unfortunately they have parted ways since the lady bug only lived for a couple of days 😦

  57. Denis Leary is a Maltese/Shih tzu? Well, THAT explains a lot.

  58. you no when you do that your makein a foul of yourself like i have a pet turtle dose that mean i just put a lady bug on it noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 🙂 dont ever do that pepole and im onley 11

  60. im so spiceie for my looko love

  61. :):);0::::::::::::):):0;0:):):):):)