I know you stopped listening a while ago [paw swipe]

But I have sooooooo much more to say! [tail twitch]

Ffffffttt Fffffttt:

The Cutest by GoldenEel.



  1. ooooohhhhhh….calico kitty!

    I’d listen to her go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on an on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on any day!

  2. Don’t worry, li’l guy! I’ll listen to whatever you have to say!

  3. When all the others stop listening, I’ll be here….listening.

  4. sorry, me again.

    OOOOHHHHH, pretty blue (unfocused) eyes, and toe beans that perfectly match the pink of her nose! I am in love, and still ready to listen to her go on and on and on and on…

  5. JohnnieCanuck says:

    This kitteh may already be responsible for the melting of several large glaciers around the world.
    FGW alert. Felinogenic Global Warming!

  6. oh!! *dead*

  7. Look away! Look Away! This Kitteh is enslaving humanity with those eyes. Run before it’s …yes master, I will rub the tummy more and listen to you until you fall asleep.

  8. Good lord, that’s a cute kitten!

  9. Oh great swami Overload please enlighten this worthless hairball……..
    Do kittens/cats “Baroo”?

  10. I’m drowning in those mesmerising blue eyes.

  11. I’m a pretty hardcore dog person, and even I’M overwhelmed by teh qte.


  12. She’s hypnotized me…

  13. jackie31337 says:

    That’s it, I need a kitten! But first I need a bigger apartment/house.

  14. harlemgrrl says:

    :: splode :: <-that would be my head from teh qte

  15. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMG, look at the teeny tiny tail tip! *implodes*

  16. So cute it’s painful!

  17. THIS is why I ended up with SEVEN CATS!
    How can Ione resist the QTE!
    Thank goodness it’s only a picture or I would now have EIGHT cats.

  18. fifthsonata says:

    I detect eye chubs!

  19. Pink nosicle matchingk pink toe beans leaves me weak in the knees. His/her coloring is exquisite. I think I’m in love. *thud*

  20. OMG TOE BEANS!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!!

  21. mervtheflamingo says:

    Too too cute!

  22. Oh, STINKIN’!!!! S T I N K I N’!!!!!!

  23. Don’t you just want to kiss that pink nose over and over again? *smooch-smooch-smooch-smooch*

  24. Why why why why why do they have to grow up???????

  25. I LOVE the slightly unfocused looking-off-into-middle-distance eyes, and this tiny morsel apparently has a grey side and an orange side!

  26. I know all kitten are cute, but that kitten is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  27. snorglepup says:

    With her axis of snorgle so clearly exposed, there’s only one thing to do…
    Nomnomnom…MMMm the smell of fresh calico in the morning!

  28. resriechan says:

    Lady Di eyes, in a tineeeeee kittaen….

    Request: If I’m ever on trial for my life, may I borrow this kitten as a defense
    argument in the courtroom???

  29. @Resrie, I can just see it: Instead of “Are these the legs of a murderer?” it would be “Is this the kitten of a murderer?” 😉

  30. Resrie, there’s not a jury in the world that would convict you of any crime.

  31. OMG, all of my dreams have come true – to have a photo on cuteoverload! My best friend and I hand-raised this kitten about 5 years ago. Here’s what our little Enid looks like now:

  32. Trabb's Boy says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! GoldenEel, the contrast between the picture above and the one you post in your comment is awesome! All that sweet, eager earnestness traded in for the “bite me” attitude of an adult cat. Love it, and love your Enid!

  33. @ GoldenEel I took a look at adult Enid, love the pose, very modest of her LOL!

  34. The Green Witch says:

    Awww what a sweet little face! *nom nom nom*

  35. I love Enid’s colouring – half tabby, half marmie, all cute!

  36. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Even growed up, she’s still kind of inside out and tangled up.

    And the toebeans remain UNDAUNTED!


  37. No Enid, I shall nom on your toebeans for you. There.

  38. Oh SQUEAL. SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL! And she is not even a BLACK kitten, and I am squealing all over the place!!!!!

  39. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa & Rachael,

    I’ll send you both an email when the Jury Selection process has begun!


  40. I love her all growed up too! Thanx for showing us the pic, goldeneel! I bet she has that typical calico personality… feisty!

  41. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS, attitudinous ENID!!!

  42. Okay – Please somebody call my boss and tell him I have to leave because I am DED from teh cute. I cannot even deal with the cuteness and am fainting as we speak…….. (aaaaaaand *faints*).

  43. OMG!
    I didnt know it was possible to OD on CUTE!

  44. …on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…
    @Kathy, you reminded me of my favorite Ogden Nash poem:
    “The trouble with a kitten is THAT
    someday it becomes a CAT”

    …and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on….

    It’s actually kind of hypnotic to type “and on” over and over again. I better stop now, or my comments might start being marked as spam…

  45. naturalady says:

    Wow, what a darling photo of a darling kitten. Tiny tail peeking. Too Cute. This is why I own NO cats. Gaia made all baby things so freakin cute that we lose our sanity to have, love and care for them. Then they grow up like beautiful Enid, leaving their smelly poop for us to clean up and they thank us by giving full frontal cello concerts for the enjoym…, I mean, embarrassment of our guests.

  46. Command me! I will do anything you say. *thud*

  47. Love, love, love this kitteh!!! I don’t care that I am horribly allergic to kitties- I would totally snuggle with this one even if it left me wheezing! Eeeeee!!

  48. Enid! Modesty paw please! I guess you lose some flexibility as you mature. He doesn’t seem quite as capable of lifting his back paws almost to his ears these days.

    Seriously, how did you not snorf this little thing up when he was a kitten?

  49. Having raised one kitten who’s got quite a bit of catitude, I’d say that this little girl is actually squirming and generally being uncooperative with being snorgled. She’s reached that “Aww MOM” phase. Hence the back foot trying to sneak in a rabbit kick. She’s still stinkin’ cute, though. No cure for that.

  50. This kitten is in the top 5 of cutest kittens EVER featured on this website! FOR SURE!

  51. Ah, the lovely calico. Skippy will always and forever be the best and most beautiful cat in the whole world. But I have to admit that since I got Chloe Zoe, I’ve fallen hard for the whole calico mystique. They are indeed special.

  52. PINK toe beans, tres elegant, matching nose PINK. “Tres adorable, non? Je suis not just qte, but chic!” [I have not the slightest idea whether this catlet knows le francais or not, but it just made sense at the time.] And Baroo, too yoo too! Meee-you!

  53. OMAHGAWWWW!!! She’s adorabulllll!!!

  54. Teeny Gozer says:

    Hey, don’t mess with that Calico… don’t you know that they are queens? That lil one is at least a princess.

    My queen Calico, Scully, does not approve of the way you are man-hand-handling that princess!

  55. Please tell me that with those eyes her name is Lady Gaga!

  56. I’m gonna take her little stripey arm and go om nom nom

    [Arm nom nope! 😛 – Ed.]

  57. Our family members were indentured servants of a Queen Calico for 14 years. Betsy deigned to accept adoration and affection from only 2 people-my daughter and my grandmother. Not to make everyone sad, but my daughter left for college, my grandmother passed away and Betsy simply curled up and went to sleep and never woke up about 3 weeks later. She was truly the grande dame and we miss her still.

    What an absolutely adorable kitten!

  58. I am hyp-qte-tized by the burnt-the-toast-on-one-side kit’ness.

  59. Oooooh those little pink feets and nose– she is just so sweet.

  60. Lovely kitteh in both sizes- love the ‘come hither’ in two differentl ife stages, a personality for sure!Best wishes GoldenEel.

  61. Adult Enid “Dainty she Ain’t” 😛

  62. She is still cute and getting cuter…:) The cutest most rotten calico ever “Meanid Mcgee”

  63. Annie II, your story broke my heart!

  64. “Isn’t that right?”

  65. resriechan says:

    May Betsy RIP, & may God bless you, Annie II

  66. @GoldenEel: May I humbly suggest that you submit this incredibly cute photo to the Humane Society’s Spay Day contest? I think Enid would get a lot of votes, which would translate into funding for spaying and neutering.

    More info is here:

    If you do submit this (or another) photo of Enid, please tell me here in the comments. You can count on me to vote for Enid!

  67. I want to kiss that nosey, the toe beans too! I think that nosey looks kissalicious. If it’s icy cold and wet makes the kissing of it even betters. Me wants u!

  68. I agree with all the talk about calicos being queens. My mother-in-law’s calico is very definite on her people: My MiL, me, and sometimes Grandma. She and the husband of her Person have a love/really-I-hate-you relationship. She’ll let anyone feed her tuna flakes, though. 😉
    Annie II, it’s always hard losing your diva.

  69. I’m not even a cat person, but that is one freakin’ cute kitty.

  70. Claudia C. says:

    Those eyes are too big for her head. Reminds me of those 60s paintings of huge-eyed children and pets. what a hypnotizing stare. So beautiful. I feel diiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy . . . (ded) thunk

    Where’s 5^^no8ing? Doesn’t she know people are dying here?

  71. kibblenibble says:

    Baby Enid = Adorabuhls

    Adult Enid= Awesome

    I laughed so hard when I clicked on the link and saw adult Enid with all her attitude.

  72. Mudbug @9

    I believe that would be called “maroo”. [Not to be confused with another cat with a similar sounding name, from whom we have not heard for quite a while. (hint, hint.) ]

  73. Oh my garsh! it is like a less diluted version of my Noodle!!

    Aaaand I have an almost identical picture of my fiance holding her just like that

    Cute! Excitement! Wee!

  74. Rainy Thunderstorm says:



  75. @ GoldenEel 😀 AWW 😀 Makes me want to cuddle Enid 😀 Where did you find dear sweet Enid? 😀 Where did you come up with the name “Enid”? 😀

  76. tinee torbee
    tinee torbee

  77. Calicae always have a lot of personality because they’re really two cats in one body.

  78. resriechan says:

    @ T.u.M:

    I was wonderin’, how you would cope, with this not-entirely-a-tabbeeeeeeeeeeee……

  79. So where does that leave torties? How many personalities packed into their lovely fur coats? 😀

    [Just the one: TORTITUDE. Mm-hmm. – Ed.]

  80. Fluidstatic says:

    Help meeee. I am making small high-pitched whimpering noises of qte-induced pain and I CANNOT STOP.

    So… very… cute…. *dead*

  81. resriechan says:

    @ Fluidstatic: Oh, dear. Here, lie down & let me tuck you in, until QoD arrives on the Wards for the Weekend Shift. Here is a pink mousie ballerina with a beaded tutu for you to hold. And right here, beside the bed; here’s an arrangement of tulips in bright primary colors.

    Breathe with me, dear: Inhale deeply (oxygen in); Exhale deeply (cO2 out)
    [I THINK that’s the formula….]. Breathe with me, fluid…

  82. Cute.

  83. CUTE!!!! 😀

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Well done! Nice breathing method and use of cute, stuffed mouse. Let’s add a cage containing an adorable, fluffy hamster running in a wheel on the bedside table for comic relief. (laughter is the best medicine) and puppies and kittens snuggling under the comforter with Fluidstatic for the purr and warmth/sweet puppy breath healing factor. That should do the trick.
    *squeak, squeak, squeak*

  85. OMG ITS SOOOOOO CUTE DONT WORRY ILL LISTEN TO WHAT U HAVE TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  86. Shane Walker says:

    Adorable kitten, and thanks great site you’ve got going here.

    – Shane Walker

  87. Oh, what a cute kitty. Once I received a kitten just like that one as a tip for cab fare! The woman was very happy to find a home for the cat, and I was very happy to bring a kitten home to the family. Nice memories.

  88. Too…..much…..cuteness…….

  89. TOE BEANS!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!1

  90. Fluidstatic says:

    @resriechan & @Queen of Dork: Good lord, this is just what I needed. You two are utter geniuses. *snuggles down with tutu mouse and kitties and puppies and watches the hamster go round in his wheel next to the shiny-happy tulips by the bed… happy sigh*

  91. resriechan says:

    (blushing & trying not to look smug)

    Thankye, verrmuch!!!! Glad we could be of service to ya!!!

    by the way, the mousie ballerina’s name is Epingle (French for “sewing pin”)!!!
    I’m not on close friendship w/ the others; if you wish to be introduced by name, you would have to locate QoD….????

    Thanks again!

  92. resriechan says:

    uh, HK?

    Just wonderin’ who placed you in the Judge & Jury Section?

    Editors? when I clicked on his link, something at my computer’s settings wasn’t too excited & didn’t go there….??

  93. Peanuts mama says:



  94. roobie doo says: