Call it a hunch, Elizabeth B., but I think Mollie would like that pupcake.



  1. Nice to see a puppy finally ripping into a cupcake! (Poor Stains must be jealous.)

  2. OMG…Ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!er, um…CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WANT!!!!

  4. resriechan says:

    “Them there eyes….”

  5. Great googly moogly! Pupster, put your eyes back in their sockets!

  6. What is it with dogs and cupcakes??!?!?

  7. cellarmouse says:

    @ Berg …Well,yes! And did you notice one’s blue?

  8. Doesnt everybody look like that when you see a cupcake? LOL

  9. Doggie Wilhelm.

  10. Looks like he should cut back on sugar!

  11. Her right pupil is rather…large.

  12. AuntieMame says:


  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Oops, I see the headline is causing some text overlap from the “Recent Comments” column. Sorry about that, folks; it’s fixed now.

  14. lol. good one.

  15. NTMTOM: obviusly your posts are just too much for the site to handle.

  16. yawningrabbit says:

    Cupcake Cupcake .. Cupcake… CUPCAKE… CUPCAKE!!!!!!


  18. ZOMGCUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1
    And the eyes! One blue and one brown? Awesome.

  19. My thoughts exactly Mollie!

  20. Padfoot_Lives says:

    Hey, that’s kinda how I look when I see a delicious cupcake!

  21. I vote for an “ehn” tag. That pup is DEFINITELY eeeeeeeeeehning.


  23. All the AAAAAAA overlap looks… EXCITING!!!! Or is it excite-ehn. Ehn!

  24. I have that same reaction when someone brings me dark chocolate.

  25. Or a margarita for that matter…

  26. @reed – yeah i thought of stains when i saw this too!

    @cellarmouse – omg i can’t believe i didn’t figure that out. i thought this pup had some serious anisocoria (uneven pupils) …poor pup wanted the cupcake so bad, he had a brain aneurysm 😮

  27. beardediris says:

    Cupcake looks yummy! I don’t have the ingredients for cupcakes, but I do have the ingredients for white chocolate macadamia nut brownies, and since my class was canceled tonight due to the insane amount of snow, I will make them. Mollie must’ve been a good doggie. She got sprinkles!

  28. @cellarmouse: I did notice the eyes, and they only add to the extreme cuteness of the puppeh face.

    Enjoy your pupcake, Mollie!

  29. Oh please tell me that adorable pup got the yummy cupcake with sprinkles in the end….

  30. Did he get frosting on his nose? Sugar spazzze


  31. Last night I got Outsourced!

  32. I hope she got the cupcake, as long as it isn’t chocky, I would have given it to her-at least a few bites! I’d share!

  33. Baaahahaha!!! Those awesome, crazy eyes just MAKE this photo. Best ever.

  34. My Tuesday haiku effort:

    Exopthalmic pup
    Wishing hard for the cupcake
    YUM in 3 … 2 … 1

  35. Was Mollie’s dad by any chance Marty Feldman? Such a funny picture… 🙂

  36. Doggie eye capsules!!!11!!!!!!1!

  37. Best. Photo. EVER!

  38. omg – the Eyeballs!!!!!

  39. lexipuppymommy says:

    OMG Molly looks like my rat terrier Lexi! In fact, Lexi makes the same face when I give her cheese! Sorry for all the exclamation points; Molly’s enthusiasm rubbed off.

  40. This makes me think of my mom’s dog Pickle. He’s a tan and white terrier mix with REALLY odd eyes. One is brown, the other is 1/2 brown, 1/2 blue. Decidedly odd effect.

  41. OMG hurry up and snarf it down before someone takes it away!!!!

  42. I notice there are no fingers holding that cupcake in front of goggie.
    Smart one, you are.

  43. Val, “Doesnt everybody look like that when you see a cupcake?”

    Yes. So after posting a cupcake in the same photo as a cute excited eehn-ing puppy with crazyeyes, I’m lucky my eyes are still in their sockets.

    *looks again… spoing, spoing*


  44. earlybird1 says:

    Oh, NTMTOM, your captions and hovertexts just ROCK MY WORLD. This applies to the previous post as well! You. Are. Awesome.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! I think it would be so cool if I went to a restaurant and could make my eyes bug out like this when my food was placed in front of me. Especially if it was some sort of business lunch or something for work. (he-he).

  46. muttluver says:

    Looks like me when I see yummy food. Especially since I’m on a diet. I’m with puppeh. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… [Assume a lot more “aaa” here – Ed.] …aaaant.

  47. muttluver says:

    Wow. I had no idea my previous comment would do that.

  48. I love little animals with David Bowie eyes.
    That is all.

  49. Von Zeppelin says:

    Sprinkles, frosting, all that sugar? Is that good for dogs? I’ll ask this dog. . .


    Well, OK, since you ask so nicely. . .

  50. SUGAR!!! I WANT SUGAR!!!! GIMME SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  51. earlybird1 says:

    muttluver, way to think outside the box. heh heh…

  52. thats the face my boxer puts when she hears candy opening lol
    so freaking cute

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    My first thought was, “Why is she crying? I’m sure her people gave the the cupcake!” until other comments reminded me that it might not be good for her to be given the cupcake. I do hope her people gave her something though! A big snorgle for her restraint in holding back while they snapped the photo, at least!

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    (By which I mean, “gave HER the cupcake”, of course)

  55. My cat, Melvin, looks like that when he hears us walk in with McDonald’s bags. He knows what time it is every time he hears the ice jingle and the bag rustle. LOL.

    Such a cute puppy!

  56. Looks like Mollie has already had a few–is that last of a baker’s dozen?

  57. kibblenibble says:

    Beeeeeep! I love this pupper! 🙂

  58. @KatieDid, the first thing I thought of was, “Oh my Stains has Crazy-Eyes Competish!”

    @QoD, like this lady?

  59. elizabeth says:

    haha this was actually a doggie treat cupcake so she got to eat it in the end, and it wasnt bad for her either!! it took her a long time to get it all devoured and had sprinkles everywhere!

  60. Warning, warning — sugar high already at max! Explosion imminent.

  61. @ Theresa: LOL! That vid’s disgusting! I lof eet!

  62. One of my favorite posts ever. Captions and all.

  63. Yeah, you’d be cross-eyed too if you were trying to count that many sprinkles!

  64. Oh boysaboysaboy it’s all for meeeeee

  65. Cupcakes will do that to you, especially ones with sprinkles. I’ve never looked in a mirror when I’ve spotted an errant cupcake but I bet I look a lot like this guy. Not nearly as cute, mind you, but with the big googly eyes.

    I love his little shoulder. I have a thing for doggy shoulders.

  66. That reminds me of my dog when he sees food that’s about to be eaten.

  67. @Theresa:

    Watching that made my eyes ache! And now I need that phone-stored for easy playback. “HOW much did you say? *click.. holds up phone-screen to clerk*”

  68. hilarious caption and hover text….too cute!

  69. Serious case of “crazy eyes”. Dated a girl like that once. Woke up in the middle of the night by her talking to the knives in the kitchen…

  70. Looks like me whenever I see a picture of Gackt or Daniel Craig.

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: YES! Like That!

  72. TwilightGuru says:

    Im speechless!

  73. OH MY GOD SPRINKLES! Hurry up and sing happy birfday! I will guard the cupcake.

    sniff sniff and vanilla frowostin…yum

  74. I can’t get over this picture. I’ve made it my desktop background. The best part is I can see him being held back by his leg!

  75. good lord, that’s adorable!

  76. very funny… i like it 🙂

  77. oh to be so happy! that pup is gonna burst with joy when it
    sinks into that cupcakey! This was the BEST
    having a rough day and this made me smile!
    ty pup!
    my doggie dances for banana or na-na, na-nas!

  78. My son gets the same look when he sees frosting!

  79. Does he work for the police…better to taste to be safe. (With such a reaction) Is it his birfday?

  80. Look at his eyes! So determined!!

    Make sure tto look at the baby otters!!
    GO OTTERS!(:

  81. UUUuuuuwwaaaaaaaaaa Ah-dorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  82. *________________*

    Owwwwwnnn, I’m in love! (Sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian)

  83. Don’t blame him one bit. Boy, does that take me back…

  84. i love ed the puppy video its funny

  85. lol looks like teh puppeh’s about to inhale teh pupcake!
    oh hai d00dz. n00b 2 ur site here. u get me thru those bad work days (right now that’s all of ’em). my team lolz at ur pics.
    @ vg – the frosting’s the best bit! i get that look too, i’m sure!
    is it strange for a kitteh to eatz a cupcake? my Mogwai begged when i was eatin one, i gave him some, he ated it & begged for more. couldn’t believe it. he’s never normally interested in human foodz. i didn’t give him much, i wuz hungry 2! he ate it so fast no time 2 get camera. i know, i know, pics or it didn’t happen. will see what i can do about a repeat performance…when i eventually get away from work…sob!

  86. Abby Follant says:

    We think this photo is so cute and funny love it .

  87. Abby Follant says:

    I think this photo is cute and funny and it made my dad laugh.

  88. mark twain says:

    I cannot stop it. I have to look at this pic every day since it was posted 😀 😀

  89. that’s some sugar rush!

  90. I wannnnnnnttttt too. LoL

  91. heterochromia! xD

  92. It’s the picture of my messenger XD