Tea, Earl Grey, cute

Hey, everybody, take a pekoe at this teacup pup. We haven’t seen a face this dar(jee)ling in, oo, long time.

We’re green with envy, Lori S.



  1. No honey please, this cup’s sweet enough!

  2. I scoop puppers, 100 scoops of adorabuhls. 😀

  3. not since the twister puppeh??

    [Not teh same, silleh – Ed.]

  4. Come ON…how tiny is this pup??? 0_O

    This is some Fairy Tale cuteness!!!!!!

  5. That is one tiiiiiiiiiny puppeh! But one Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig cute!

  6. I have that teapot in RED!!! Yay Sur La Table!

    The complementary teacup sized puppy wasn’t included…=(

  7. They said tea break….where are the biscuits? Poor pup. Stuck and can’t get out.

  8. The Tea Party movement has now officially gone to the dogs. Now, if it will just go walkies…

  9. wonder what his tea leaves will say about him?

  10. charliewabba says:

    awwww, puppy – come sit in my lap, I’ll sang you a so(ocho)ng.

  11. 260Oakley, i thought of poor you. nomtom stole all the best puns.

  12. ant man bee says:

    assam cute li’l pup ya got there, yesh sir…

  13. Seeing this poor, abused little puppy really tees me off. NOT. I just couldn’t resist that pun, either.

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  14. That’s some impressive pun density.

  15. Thank you, I’ll take my cuppa with two licks, no lemon please.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    Yes, 260Oakley, let’s see you beat this. Heh.

    There was no cute pup in my coffee cup this morning, either. 😦

  17. Forget the tea, I just wanna grab this pup and go back to bed! Cuuuuuuute! 🙂

  18. I’d leaf a comment, but I think I’m just going to bag it. It’s sleepytime, anyway.

  19. When I pekoet from my pun bunker here in the CatCave, I find my defense remains rooibost. This is such a relief, I find myself lapsang into souchong. Bring tea for the Tillerman, steak for the son, wine for the woman who made the rain come…

    (to be sung in a smoky contralto, naturally)

  20. The puns just don’t stop today. Rlly? Constant comments Mike?

  21. AuntieMame and Aquamarine:
    Yes, NTMTOM’s puns are beyond beleaf. I was going to try to outdo him, but my tea cell count is kind of low, so I decided to bag it.

  22. I was hoping someone would get around to rooibos.

    [Good stuff. 🙂 – Ed.]

  23. Muppy!

    [Relevant linkage added – Ed.]

  24. O. M. G. I just found out there is a thing called a puppy bowl that happens around the same time as the super bowl… O.o
    HOW could I have missed such a thing!?!

    [At a guess, because Super Bowl XLIV itself was on, at the same time – Ed.]

  25. Dude. Nomtom. Well played.

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Well, this thread is full of zingers. 😛

    [Ooof… that was a lemon – Ed.]

  27. Delishous puppeh!

  28. Rooibos? huh? Souchong? eh? (scratches haid) I don’t get you tea drinkers.

    [To be perfectly honest, I’m more of a coffee guy, but when in Rome… – Ed.]

  29. Pup’s ass am just the right size to fit in the cup.

  30. Way to cut through the crap, Skippymom. Dog Duff Tea! 😆

  31. what kind of puppy is that!!???

  32. Good for a hangover– just a little hair of the dog. 😛

  33. Awwwwww. *So* cute. Thanks for posting :o)

  34. Emmberrann says:

    You guys! It’s not enuff that the puplet is sooooo anerable, but I gotta deal with the puns, too! [*picks self up from floor after ROFL.* Thanks from the SnowBowl in central OH.]

  35. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hey that looks like my tea kettle (runs to kitchen)…no I still have an electric stove. Darn. (and not puppy in my cup, either).

  36. bosskitteh says:

    Somehow I doubt that Captain Jean-Luc Picard will be pleased picks up his Earl Grey from the food replicator. But then again…. he did ask for cute, not hot.

  37. Thank you, Theo. And I nominate “lapsing into souchong” for the win.

  38. Who needs biccys for tea when you can nom on that prosh paw?

  39. I’m kinda tea-ed off you guys took all my puns! “constant comment” is my fave (both as tea and pun).

  40. All the puns are tea-lightful, and that pup is prosh!

  41. You guys are so punny and pup is so teanie tiny!!

  42. The price of imported fluffy-puppy tea is just becoming too steep.

  43. er, lapsang

  44. Nomtom, you need to chai harder with your puns. X3;

  45. StormCat42 says:

    *Whilst all the others are comparing and swapping puns, StormCat grabs the little pup, stuffs him in her pocket and nonchalantly wanders out the door whistling a tune*

  46. The puns are off the charts today! 😆

  47. Oh…my…goodness. I want him!!!!

  48. All I have to say is uuggghhhh. But cute pup

  49. Those Enterprise replicators really are miracles of science.

    [You gotta speak really clearly, though, or you end up with three early greatcoats – Ed.]

  50. OMG Oakley, you still managed to brew up a few! that’s one tea-nsy puppy, but he’s just my cup of….oh, nevermind, that’s way too obv.

    *(skulks back to work)*

  51. Desdemona says:

    I agree with Kristabelle — the puns are off the charts. However, if I may say without brewing constant comments, I teatally agree with 260Oakley (comment #8).

  52. Is the doggie the dunkee?

  53. I would watch a puppy bowl over a super bowl any day!!

  54. Not a very big yorkie fan, but that is darling 😀

    [That’s OK, it’s not a very big Yorkie. – Ed.]

  55. Really guys, what the heck does this post have to do with the price of tea in China? heh

  56. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Lisa L — That’s just as well, since there are few very big Yorkies to be a fan of.

  57. Katy Ward says:

    Bosskitteh! Thank you for getting the reference on top. My faith in humanity has been restored. 🙂

    Maybe Picard should be photoshopped into the background… he’s easy on the eyes.

  58. OMG I WANT HIM!!! that is the perfect dog ❤

  59. But…but…I thought the Tribbles were in the classic “Star Trek” series! 😀

  60. temperance says:

    oh, my dar(jee)lings, i simply must chai-d you for making me endure all this extreme pun-ishment… mea cuppa if this hurts anyone’s feelings.

  61. Orange pekoe you glad I didn’t say English Breakfast?

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Ooog. All these puns are making me mal à la Tetleys.

  63. I tried to refrain from joining oolong in the fun, but sencha mentioned how steeped in puns this post was, I couldn’t resist. I mint to only look at the photos today, but I couldn’t just Ceylon by without whiting about how peachy this little teacup puppy is! Verbena puppy forced to sit in pottery, he sure is calm!

  64. skippymom says:

    I came a mile to look at this picture.

  65. holligans says:

    Woo hoo! This one brought out charliewabba, argyle donkeypants, AND noelegy! Horrific puns, all around. I had a coughing fit.

  66. skippymom says:

    He is the eggman, kukicha koo.

  67. Well there’s already a caturday on this site and haiku on Friday so I guess today is Punday!

  68. Gigi, no, today is Chai-ku. 😛

    [But… but it’s Tuesday… – Ed.]

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    All of your puns are cracking me up! What a fun site!


  71. victoreia says:

    Very punny, people! I just can’t be-leaf the jokes steeping in here!

    (“Hey! This replicator’s broken! I didn’t get a puppeh in my cup!”)

  72. Someone needs to photoshop a Red Rose in the puppy’s mouth. For valentine’s day!

  73. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the calendar says today is Teasday.

    [ *headsmack* Of course!! I feel so duhhh now… 😕 – Ed.]

  74. BouvieGal says:

    OMG. I had my tea, read the post, choked, and had to run to pee. NTMTOM apparently has the ability to expedite Earl Grey through a girl’s system. This girl’s, anyway 🙂

  75. Tea or me?

    [Yes!! – Ed.]

  76. “Waiter, there are multiple hairs in my tea!”

  77. I just took a Peek-oe at the little dar-jee-ling and I beleaf he will be snorgled before oolong.

  78. So cute I have to go au lait down. Swoon.

  79. Starlinguk says:

    I don’t know about Teasday, I bet puppy’d prefer Chewsday.

    (Tea, Tetley’s, Tepid)

    [Hahahaha 😆 3xT! …or T for 3? – Ed.]

  80. The best part of waking up is puppies in your cup!

  81. *cracks up* 😆
    You people are brilliant! 😆

  82. The pup doesn’t do that much for me, but the Picard quote…? *swoon*

  83. PS: Mega-BEEP!!!

    PPS The cute cocker spaniel across the street took a walk in the blizzard this AM– he went completely bonkers. Cute, cute, STINKIN’ cute!

  84. that’s no puppy, that’s a TEAnager.

  85. Picard + Pup-in-a-cup = perfect way to start the day. Thank you, Cute Overload. 🙂

  86. Did he gets snow matted in his feathers and ear furs? OH, stinking, reeking, odoriferous cute! Yes, odoriferous cute! Cocker Spaniels babies are just delectable.

    Aquamarine, I admire you, I may have a girl crush on you, actually. Niiiiiiiiice. I think you are a girl(?) Anyway, nice job.

  87. Do you take your tea with one pup or two?

  88. Reed, Reed, Reed, Reed, Reed,… Reed, Reed, niiice.

    [You forgot to use spaces. I remembered them for you. – Ed.]

  89. “snoverkill”…. y’all should’a seen the little Scottie with the sweateuw talkin his hoomas for a walk the other day, right aftah the big storm. It had teddy beaws on it! D’aorabulls.

  90. Rooibos out my nose!

    LOL NTMTOM, 260Oakley, et al.

    [I do hope that was properly strained, first 😦 – Ed.]

  91. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Ed: We coulda jinxed each other @ #54, #56.

  92. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! Rae was 13oz when that picture was taken. Now she is around 2lbs and has become a fixture on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. She also has a youtube page! http://www.youtube.com/user/lorisadel

  93. hi that is the cutest dog I have ever seen would love a dog like that.

  94. I really like this little dog I do not hav e dog but if I got one it would be like this..sooooooocute.

  95. Oooohhhh, so cute!! Is he teatotal? Adorable beyond beleaf! And yes, I’m really milking these tea puns. I’ve assambled as many as I can. I guess I’ll run out of them before t(oolong). You shouldn’t have (teas)ed us with a pup in a cup! That
    p(earl grey) kitchen worktop, that perfect blue cup, the gorgeous little brown doggy so full of flavour…(sigh)

    OK, I’ll stop now. Ceylon(g), folks!

  96. That is PRECIOUS!!!!! ❤

  97. : 0

  98. I wanted to join in this punversation, but ima-genmaicha-grin when I realized I’d showed up late, and all the best ones were taken…


  99. Thanks, Theo, you are an editor and a gentleman!