Meow Culpa

I’m … I’m really sorry about what happened to your curtains. And the Bentley. And your credit rating. This has never happened to me before — since the last time.



  1. mervtheflamingo says:

    With eyes like that, who could stay mad?

  2. I see ghosts.

  3. Food Lady says:

    Not That Mike, when are you going to run away with me? Because I love you. And your writing.

  4. squeeeee! marmie kitteh… with beeeg eyes… and peeenk nose!!!1

  5. resriechan says:

    1) The Japanese have AGAIN handed us our heinies on a silver platter (note the textural content on the newspaper).

    2) Meg, is it acceptable to you if I am opinionated ’nuff to claim that this *MIGHT* be the abso *BEST* captioning to a photo, evair on CO?? (grovelling)

    3) Requesting one of the “scary” Tags….”Impending Doom”, perhaps?
    “Disa-POINT-ed”? Sump’in????


    (except, perhaps, for peeps who wish to feel indignant over a photo of a human infant…)

  6. Hidingks!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Kitteh has no future in journalism because his stuff keeps getting scooped by someone else.

    [I know EXACTLY the sort of journalism you mean, too 😛 – Ed.]

  8. StormCat42 says:

    Did you folks notice that the reason this little guy is so cute is because he’s from the Orient?? Helllloooo? The land of the Qteness???

  9. That’s the famous, “You don’t see me. Repeat: You DO NOT see me.” look. Our cats also like to pull that look on us when they’ve been naughty.

    Gorgeous kitty! I beep your little pink nose.

  10. Hmm, maybe I’m being oversensitive, but does Mike have another hidden meaning in the hovertext? =p

    Anyway, Kitty looks like he has seen something he shouldn’t have…

  11. i noticed, stormcat. i literally said, out loud, “of course! he’s japanese!” lawl.

  12. Cats. Whaddyagunnado.

  13. NTMTOM is my hero and so is this cat.

  14. It’s…It’s the voices that tell me to do it, that and the fact I enjoy it.

  15. love the kitty’s Invisibility Shield.
    Probably works just like my cat’s shield, covers all but the tip of kitty’s tail.

  16. Something tells me that kitty should also apologize for the state of the bedroom. “I thought I’d have enough time to go furniture shopping for a replacement.”

  17. OOOh, he’s in trouble now!

    Peeps, I just entered the Pepsi Refresh campaign now for my orchestra. Please vote for your favorite youth orchestra in central Connecticut when I find out that we are in the running? OK? Only vote for your favorite central Connecticut civic youth orchestra-no pressure. I’ll tell you when. No more adverts, Theo, just the one, ok?
    Back on message, thank you.

    [Whistling tunelessly, gaze wondering aimlessly, affecting nonchalance falsely – Ed.]

  18. I don’t know if we are allowed to say this on cuteoverload, but this kitty is cute as f%$k.

  19. Aww! I forgive you little puddin’ pop!

  20. baileysgrandmom says:

    Why do I now have Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry” tripping through the few brain cells that still line the inside of my skull?
    (Sumbuddy techno-qualified out there find us a YouTube link, OK?)

  21. love the WACKADOODLE eyes. I call pre-sproing posishe!

  22. @ Katrina OF course we will vote for our favorite conneticut youth orchestra. 😀

    as if you ever had any doubts

  23. Does he remind anyone else of dramatic chipmunk?

  24. LOL@ credit rating… actually guffawed there. Beauty kitten, love the big eyes.

  25. @Katrina, I hope the prize doesn’t comprise VAST QUANTITIES OF SUGARY BEVERAGES. 😛

  26. MEOW CULPA. that is the best. heh heh.

  27. Awww, this kitty needs a kiss! I volunteer! *smooches on head* 😉

  28. Emmberrann says:

    Reminds of the late and famous Cool Paw Luke, who used to sit under the turned pages of my Sunday NYTimes, purring away mightily, and making them vibrate. [This was many years ago, before my migration to Ohio.]

  29. Wait… TO Ohio? 😕

  30. Looking guilty, you’re doing it awesomely right.

  31. Heather in WV says:

    @Theo LOL!!!!!!!
    Cute kittie!

  32. Oh the pink nose agh agh agh. *Smooch*

  33. resriechan says:

    @ Ed:

    Your subtlety above (comment #17) is….so discreet!!! So well-concealed!!!

    The Peanut Gallery

  34. i dont see um

    love the eyes

  35. Baby face…my kitty can do that makes me do what he says!

  36. My kitty always reads the paper that way.

  37. Thanks, Theo.

  38. The title is making me think of the villain’s song in Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Now I’m picturing Judge Frollo dancing around singing “Meow maxima culpa.” (Actually, that was the weird robed figures in his imagination playing his Greek chorus, but I’m going with what I’ve got.)

    P.S. Holy huge amber eyes! You’re forgiven, sweet kitteh.

  39. c’mon out, neko, all is forgiven!

  40. RoseyPosey says:

    My cats all gave me the same look when I came home from work today. I was three hours early since we closed early due to bad weather. They are still looking at me askance, trying to figure out why I’m home before dark. 🙂

  41. Starey eyes. Mashed-down ear. Pink nose. Gotta love it.

    Also, for baileysgrandmom, one earworm-assist comin’ up. I’ve been so YouTubey lately, I might as well make myself useful!:

  42., rather. This one doesn’t have the skippy bit near the end where I’m guessing they stretched it out to last as long as the tribute vid. (And is the one I intended to paste’n’post the first time. Yay for forgetting to click Copy after I select URL text.)

    …Every time I look at Meow Culpa up there, I want to wiggle my fingers in front of those berserky-eyes and see if I get grabbed…

  43. AWW 😀 Kitty needs to be CUDDLED 😀

  44. Emmberrann says:

    @Teho: Whaddya mean, “TO Ohio”? Yeah, TO Ohio – at the time there was no job in Massachusetts, so I went TO Ohio! So here it is almost 20 yrs later, and there is no job in Ohio. Ya think mebbe I should go back to Massachusetts?

    [Lemme put it this way: In my ever-so-humble opinion, one Bahhstin (even if you don’t count Cambridge) is worth Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati combined, easy. Never mind Dayton, which is where I’m from. 🙄 – Ed.]

  45. Felicityanne says:

    This isn’t guilt, it’s MADNESS…just before the irrational POUNCE!

  46. I first saw this kitteh at It was one of the first “cats with captions” that ever made me lol. I’m in your coupons, stealing your deals. Now it’s an everyday thing.

  47. He forgot to apologize for the economy.

    [Nah, even he knows he’s blameless in that regard – Ed.]

  48. Theo just curious- what do they do on Date Night in Dayton?

    [You’re asking the wrong guy. 😛 – Ed.]

  49. You want to smack that paper and make big papery noises ~ see kitteh spaz out!

  50. To me, that looks more like “Kitty has seen sights he cannot UNSEE!” rather than sorryface. Besides, cats don’t apologize; they blame it on the dog.
    *beeps kitteh on his nosicle and then hands him the brain bleach*

  51. Emmberrann says:

    @Teho: Agreed, agreed Baahstin is infinitely prefrable to anyplace else. But is there work there? Or is there no “there” there? (Does anybody think this is taking too Existential a turn here (or there)?) There sure isn’t a “there” here…. I think.

    [I’m an interesting person to ask about finding work, these days. You could get more of an answer than you’d expected. – Ed.]

  52. @Teho: So,……

  53. Then again, you might not. Life is so uncertain, isn’t it?

  54. this is one smart kittykat using his kitty-wiles to get away with
    ………. whatever bad deed he/she did…

    that face is too prosh and I don’t think it is a guilty look as much
    as the face that gets away with anythings…too too cute

  55. Emmberrann says:

    OK, Theo. There can be no arguing with that (altho’ I suppose,….. Naaaah, too much like work). But that’s also what makes CO so enchanting. (Confession here: I sometimes carry my camera around the house with me waiting for Mr. Picky to do something really cute. *Mr. Picky gives me the “oh, yeah?” look, and goes back to his nap*)