Let’s check in on the puppy cam

Everyone’s doing it. Look, Kimiko the Shiba Inu is watching the puppy cam. (And whimperingks!)

Let’s check in too. Come on, Boys and Girls [robotic hand wave towards link] Jump!

Jamie Lani S. sent in Kimiko getting her cam on.



  1. I was just watching the Shiba Inu puppy cam and the puppeh in the upper right was running in place and sleeping, Honest ta Gad!

  2. i know whos puppies those are!

  3. DaytimeDeb says:

    Dogpile! I wanna jump right in and snuggle with them.

  4. Heather Sherman says:

    That made my eyes water it’s so precious!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Watching Kimiko watch the puppy cam was so heart-wrenching. She was SO intense. Wonder what she was thinking? I ♥ puppy cam!

  6. kimiko is one smart pup!

  7. puddlepeppers says:

    Yeah, I agree with jen!

  8. I met the daddy of the first litter at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year. Cracked me up . . . I was like a tween girlie meeting some Disney Channel heart throb. “Ohmygosh!!! ThatisnotNOTtheShibaPupsdad!!!!!” I’m such a fan. Next time I’ll make sure i have a stamp pad to get his pawtograph!

  9. I make those same noises when I watch Shiba Puppy Cam, too! Good thing my office is soundproof.

  10. I love puppeh cams! I found a Pom Puppy cam the other day: HERE

    It’s not on 24/7, though. But it’s still super kewt!

  11. That’s just the best.

  12. Kimiko: I was that small once. Are you my mother?

  13. That pretty much reaction while watching the puppy cam too.

  14. Awww, tubby little puppers! :3

  15. Oh, poor concerned little Kimiko! The pups sre fine, sweetheart, really. I know you want to snorgle them– we ALL do!

  16. awwww the wimperinks are too much 😀

  17. Aww, Kimiko, that’s just what I say when I watch puppy cam. *whimpers*

  18. Wowzerz: Shhhhhhhhhhh! 🙂

  19. I’m watching it right now and I think I hear popcorn popping…

  20. Kimiko, there are puppies in that machine, let them out.

  21. How fwustwrating!

  22. DewiCasgwent says:


    You put a link to a Pom Puppy cam on CO, you know Meg will not be able to do anythink if She clicks on it.

  23. I just died from the whimperingks. Ded, I tell you! *thud*

  24. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck that noise is? I can’t watch the puppy cam for more than a few seconds due to it!!!

  25. Is the mike next to a window that’s being hailed on? That is a seriously loud and persistent noise.

    But awwwwwwwwww pile of puppy puddin’. With poofly mama tail. *melt* And they woke up just as I was about to post. Puppyslug swarm is GO!

    The posted vid with whimperinks makes me wonder if she’s thinking “Puppies, aww. Hey… those look like MY puppies! B-b-but who is that dog with them? And… why does she look so familiar? I’m so confused.”

  26. Had to add, when I got to to cam “part 3″…

    And the mighty Buttercream Crusader wobbles off to parts unknown! To explore where no Shiba Inu has gone befo– *bump*

    “Oh… Hi mom.”

  27. katfighter says:

    So, when you see video of the puppies resembling little furry worms with accompanying rain/hail sounds, that means the webcam is offline. They don’t broadcast 24 hours a day, so that’s filler.

    However, when you see fat little polar-bears sleeping, eating with gusto, or romping around, that’s probably live video. 🙂 I am in love with these little puffballs.

  28. @katfighter – I’d realized it’s recorded but missed their birth date. Thanks! Now I need to go back during live-time to see romping! *paces*

  29. Those white babies–especially the one on the lower right, are astonishingly, wonderfully FAT!

  30. “The Mighty Butttercream Crusader”- oh, snerkity, snerk-snerk what a wonderful name! I’d name it Butttercream! Yes, Momma is taking very good care of her roly-poly babies! I’m glad there are more Shiba Inus in the world!

  31. That is just too cute! Look how he rests his little head on the desk, aaaaaawwwww!!!

  32. I LUUUUUV Shiba Inu puppy cam! 😀 Could you get any cuter?! 😛

    Love that last pic there. Group puppy nod!

  33. Aw, thanks! Seemed a fitting title for a nommable pup. Want… to… INHALE…it… So cute.

    And AAAWW– I tuned in live just in time for the biggest puppy-stretch EVER. No romping, it’s naptime, but so… many… twitches!! I especially love the leetle head-shakes that look like they’re dreaming of rararar-fierce’ing on a squeaktoy.

  34. Fat little roly pollies! The white ones woke up a bit and nosed around, and then one decided to fall back asleep on top of his brudder. ehn ehn!

  35. So the white fuzzies are boy dogs, I’ve just been trying to figure out who’s who. They’ve listed the puppies by the color of the collar.

  36. Chanpon (comment # 12 above):

    You have entered here, possibly my single FAVE comment in a CO commentstream, EVAIR!!!! AND ALSO a classique kiddie-lit fave, as well!!!

    Bravo or Brava, as appropriate…

    (I know, I know, I’m SUCH an (eyeroll) old-skool/ Hippy!!!!

  37. I agree. I wimper, too, all day as I watch! Sweet!!

  38. I could be wrong, but I interpret the whimpering as “I can see the puppies, why can’t I smell them? This isn’t Right!”

  39. Awwww, poor Kimiko. She obviously wants those puppies so bad. Lookit her sad eyes.

  40. Daphne Moss says:

    I can’t tell if she wants to be the mommy or be one of the puppies…but it’s adorable…And dang it all, I got lured not only into shiba puppy watching but pom watching….this is one insidious site, let me tell you….

  41. When I checked in, the one on the bottom left was kicking his leetle feeties. Just the back feets though. SO CUTE.

  42. The last straw for me was at 0:28, when she went to paw the computer in an attempt to get the puppies! I lost it.

  43. “Mommy, there are puppies trapped in this strange box! We have to let them out!”

  44. Why doesn’t puppy cam seem to be live anymore???
    Everytime I tune it says “recorded live”. I want the old live puppy cam back!!!!

  45. ysubassoon says:

    I started leaving the puppy cam on all day at my desk at work so that everyone can get a dose of cute whenever they walk by. My mother and I both wish that we could join in the puppy pile because it looks so comfortabuhls for napping purposes.

  46. Those are just shiba noises for “WANT” and “OMG”. (My shiba isn’t quite that vocal, but when she squeaks or barks, she communicates rather clearly.)

  47. They were showing the episode of Mighty B earlier, called Dog Catcher in the Rye where Betsy’s friends become obsessed with a website that has a 24 hour puppy webcam.