You’re gonna need a bigger bird

Pushing the envelope on the whole “birds on backs” theme, Mama Bird re-enacts the famous “evacuation of Saigon” photo from the 70’s.

By Petra Z via Pixdaus.



  1. If I had that many baby ducks on my back it would put me in a fowl mood. Just kidding, I’d probably love it.

  2. Awwww. Common mergansers if I’m not mistaken.

  3. LUV the fuzzy-headedness on Mama and babies! …and, sadly, my wake-up hair looks a lot like Mama-birds’s hair… (What kind of bird/duck/etc. is this?)

  4. metsakins says:

    this was a squee out loud photo. good thing I’m alone in the office.

  5. skippymom says:

    This is actually the rare and elusive Northern Don King Merganser.

  6. Miaoosers says:

    Whoa, mama is sporting the “Rihanna” look and adopting the “Octomom” lifestyle. She has the cutest babies!!!

    @A K Strong: hahaha, awesome pun!

  7. Miaoosers says:

    Whoa, my cat just sniffed the olive juice in which manzilla olives marinate and he’s going completely nuts!!! I mean, he looks high! Now, he’s splashing some all over his head! Why??????

  8. lurve the fro on mom duck

  9. Yooperguy says:

    Common merganser mommas are either saints or suckers. Other female mergansers lay their eggs in the suckers’ nests for them to rear. They’ll adopt orphans, too. Couple years ago I took a photo of a merganser momma swimming with 17 count ’em 17 merganserlings in her wake. Who knew?

  10. I’m so envious. That’s exactly what I wish my hair would do.

  11. Hair by the Heat Miser.

  12. Still, I’d take a duck on my back over a monkey on my back…

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    @miaoosers, I think some cats go crazy for olives. I had a cat like that, he would go just as loopy for olives as for catnip. I had a stir-spoon made out of olive wood and I had to hide it in the drawer (not on counter in jug with other stirrers) because he would get on the counter, pull it out and try to carry it away, etc. It was really nuts.

  14. I was thinking it reminded me more of the plane on the hudson with the people on the wing.

  15. What EEES EET? Not a waterboid I’m familiar with.

  16. I’m with you, Trisha.

  17. paulajeanne says:

    Merganser it is! Squee for sure. Would love to see the mama with the 17!

  18. Momma Duck: C’mon kids, I have a 2:00 at Cathy’s Coifs. Get on and not another peep out of you.

  19. paulajeanne says:

    I think I count 10 with this ‘un.

  20. katfighter says:

    @miaoosers: my beloved late kitty, Tigger, used to go absolutely BONKERS for green olives. I mean completely, utterly and totally out of his mind crazy for them. He’d practically bite my fingers off, and he was not a biter by nature. Not sure what it is, but they can be like kitty crack. Another one of my kitties had a thing for celery tops – he’d roll around on them like they were ‘nip. Same family, maybe?

  21. Man, if I only had a dollar for every time I’ve said “You’re gonna need a bigger duck”… Oh, wait there it is – excellent, I can buy a coffee.

    Hey, who here ever played that game at summer camp? You know the one where you sit in a circle and one person chases another around the circle? “Duck … duck … duck … duck … BOAT!” That’s the game that taught me everything I ever needed to know about chasing girls. If you’re quick enough, you’re part of the inner circle, otherwise you’re alone on the outside.

  22. Oh, I forgot to add to the offtopic topic of kitty snacks – one of the felines is insane for watermelon juice. If we don’t put a saucer of drips down soon, he’ll be attacking us to lick the wedges in our hands. To answer Miamooser’s “WHY????” – because it’s a cat. They wrap inscrutable in comedy to disguise the enigma cloaked in shadow within.

  23. @ doggabone They wrap inscrutable in comedy to disguise the enigma cloaked in shadow within. Best description of a cat EVER!

  24. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    @doggabone: Now my friends and I play duck duck Grey Goose. The longer we paly, the less running there is.

  25. squeelove says:

    What a fabulous bird!

  26. You just made me yell OH MY GOD!!! At the top of my lungs. Congratulations, CO — a first for me over a bird.

    That’s real cute, but she’s got one huge family. Wonder if she’s babysitting??

    Thanks again. You made my day after accepting the fact that we are getting a blizzard for the third time this winter. I love you baby ducks and baby momma.

  27. poor dear little mama duck. She sure does look frazzled. But who could blame her?

  28. resriechan says:

    Skippymom for the win!!!

    She has located THE ONLY “elusive” Don King on tha PLANET!!!!!

    (not that I have any issues with wearing one’s hair, natural…..)

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! I think these ducks are incredibly gorgeous! This is my new desktop background. The mama has such an intense look on her face. Just beautiful!
    Juno: I love your comment! 🙂

  30. Suzanne Blake says:

    It reminded me of the miracle on the Hudson photo, not Saigon.

  31. Prosh mini budding afros on the bebehs!

  32. puddlepeppers says:

    daycare is gettin me down…