Sears Portrait Studio is Now Officially Insect- Free

It seems the anteater is having the best week ever. Over at Discovery Cove in Orlando, a lesser anteater (only in name!) – or tamandua – was born just a few days ago to mother Cypress. And like any proud ma, Cypress’ first order of business was to carry her adorable freeloader over to get some frame-worthy photos taken.

“Give me junior-prom-date cheesy!”

“Give me artsy-fartsy avant-garde-y!”

“Give me Burt-Reynolds-on-a-bear-skin-rug-circa-1979 hunky!”

“Give me eyelash-less-eyeball-y!”

Again, thanks to Nick G. Photo by Jason Collier, Discovery Cove



  1. aaaawwww! really nice pics.

  2. Awww, it looks mightly comfy on mommy’s back. Look, baby is smiling!

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the artsy fartsy photo composishe! And the beauty of the beasties, too!

  4. Cypress has some mighty big claws on those front feet–I wouldn’t want her mad at me! And it’s no wonder she’s proud; her little one is adorable. I love the contented face in photo 3.

  5. “Her claws are long and curly,
    Her tail is curly-whirly.”

  6. The new baby’s first appearance was a bit of an ant e. climbs backs.

  7. picture # 3 has a cutie patootie faint little grin…
    and those are some serious capsules

  8. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s Plink-a-palooza with this baby!

  9. DaytimeDeb says:

    And 260Oakley, best.pun.ever!

    And Theresa: I can name that musical! I wonder if she’s going to “wash that baby right off of her back.”

  10. Plinkishly capsular, baby!

  11. Plinktastic! I wonder just how insanely soft that nearly hairless bebeh is….

  12. Eye capsules! *Shriek*

  13. Mom has some gorgeous blue eyes. Beautiful animals!

  14. I LOOOVE on the first pic, Cypress’ claws are all like “pretty pleeeeease?”.

    Yes Cypress, of course you can come home to ME and let me snorgle you and your eyeblubbular baby.

  15. Okay I totally grined at the artsy fartsy comment but best of all was the bear skin rug one LOLOL…

    And yes it needs said

    That is two Plinking pictures today!

  16. anybody see the “service anteater” in the environmental superbowl ad? I don’t even remember what the ad was for, but they had a something-sniffing anteater on a leash. Thanks CO for informing me so I could tell the other peeps at the superbowl party that it was an anteater!

  17. Aw, Momma is bee-u-tee-ful! And behbeh’s head fuzz, well, I’m ded from the qte, of course.
    These are terrific pictures.

  18. Geoge Lucas called. he’s claiming copyright infringement on the fourth shot.

    You know what they say: Don’t F**k with the Force!

  19. Is it just me or does he kinda look like Thom Yorke? 😛 In a good way, people!!!

  20. Good golly, those eye capsules have eye capsules!! Pleenk pleenk!!

  21. @260Oakley, (SPLODE)

  22. I actually laughed out loud- one of the better posts here! Love the descriptions of the photo shoot. Love, LOVE the grandpa comments!! Adorableness overall, of course. (Tailses, eye capsules, those claws, oh my!)

  23. ahhhhhh! tooo cute 😀

  24. Those eye capsules look ripe for the plucking! Though I disagree with the Burt Reynolds allegory, for where is his comically over-sized cowboy hat!?!?!

  25. dawww. baby anteaters are so cuuuute :3

  26. awww….first pics are the cutest!

  27. lil’ baby in pic 3 looks like he’s wearing a rug. maybe a good baby shower gift for him would be a junior hair club for men membership.

  28. wouldn’t this be the nosicles to end all nosicles?

  29. *plink* *plink* I can almost HEAR the eyelids
    On another note I will be leaving for a couple of days. There is a certain groundhog that needs to be “taken care of.” ;-D

  30. @Katiedid–I actually laughed out loud at that one! Yes, please send my DISregards to that little fink!! I’ve finally dug my car out from under 29 inches of snow, plus the “bonus” snow that the plows so helpfully left in front of my car…

  31. I’ve completely lost it! this is too much – I now want an anteater. They are so homely, they are extremely cute. The 3rd pic is just fabulous – the baby just hangin out, going “whaz up?”.

  32. Ugly in a beautiful way.

  33. fish eye no miko says:

    @260Oakley: Wow… You’ve really outdone yourself this time! Outstanding! [applauds]

  34. Desdemona says:

    @260Oakley: I had to read your comment over twice before I got it. A true groaner. Or else I need a nap.

    I think Mama’s expression in Pic #1 is absolutely angelic. The very definition of “sincerity.”

  35. LOL Nikki. That is a good way of looking at it. “Bonus” snow sounds a lot better than it really is! But I did hear we are in store for another 10-20 inches on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am really quite sick of all this snow, although my cats find it fascinating!

  36. I love her hand posishe in the first pic. Actually her feet are very cute too.

    Not to mention the adorable look on her face.

  37. kookiemaster says:

    After a crappy stressful day at work. I need the silly toupee-like blond hair and the cutsey smile. Thanks CO 🙂

  38. BabyOpossum says:

    Third pic: “Why yes, this is as comfy as it looks. Thanks for asking.” *wink*

  39. sabrina rose says:

    Darling pics! Do I see itsy-bitsy teeny tiny riblets in the top photo? Or maybe just soft baby-skin wrinklies…?

  40. Do I see a hint of a little teeny grin on mama waaaaaay at the end of her snout in the first picture???

  41. @Katiedid and Nikki
    I’m with you.
    *starts preparing car for trip north to find a certain groundhog*
    *mumble grumble frizzle frazzle*

  42. That sweet baby looks like a game show winner to me !!

  43. cutest little baby ever!!!!

  44. “Did Brundel absorb fly?” – Last photo

  45. I love anteaters and think they’re awesomely adorable…

    But what is UP with Mom’s tail? It looks like a GIGANTIC rat tail, and it’s kind of creeping me out. I don’t mind rat tails on rats, but something about making it much, much bigger… {shudder} Sorry, had to say it.

  46. Wow. Ok, I am now a fan of the tamandua, and pretty impressed with the photographer, too. There’s too much awesome here to list ’em all!

    In that first pic, baby looks like he was flung at her and stuck, like silly putty. Blap! Just kinda stuck on, armses dangling. And mama tamandua has all kinds of sweet and angelic going on, in spite of claws that could probably open up my arm like a hotdog bun if I attempted to cuddle her. “Hey, you… See that adorable thing on my back? I made that. Feel free to express how awed you are by offering me bucketsful of ants and termites.”

    *goes hunting for a bucket*

  47. Proud mama. Look at those hands and forearms in the first pic: “No-one is gonna mess with mah bebbeh.”
    I lurve tamanduas.

  48. As the proud mom of a UC Irvine athlete, all I can say is…


    thank you.

  49. Oh, and MM – if I recall correctly, tamanduas climb trees, and that tail is prehensile. So she has an opossum-like tail for better gripping, ’cause she doesn’t have a monkey’s “oops-I-fell-better-grab-hold-of-something-quick”-ness.

    Personally, the idea of wearing baby tamandua’s tail as a soft, warm, living armband (with baby tamandua still attached of course) sounds awesome to me. It looks a lot cuddlier than mom’s!

  50. The best pleenk pleenk post!!!

  51. I have this insane urge to put an empty paper towel roll over mom’s nose for a few seconds. I have Need To Put Empty Paper Towel Roll Onto Tube Shaped Object Syndrome. I’m considering therapy.

  52. thats too cute

  53. @KatieZ: Tubehab?

  54. Okay. I’m in love.

  55. THANK YOU! I love this animal! So underrated! Perfect 10!

  56. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Those eye capsules are DEADLEH.

    Look, I’m ded.

  57. I was WAITING for a “plink!” reference for the eye-caps! And I was not disappointed!

  58. oh baby! and mama! and omg QTE!

  59.! *plink plinks back*

  60. my 3-month-old nephew is now officially nicknamed “Adorable Freeloader”. Thanks, Cute Overload! I lurve all these pictures, but the Burt-Reynolds-on-a-bear-skin-rug-circa-1979 is my fave. All the Adorable Freeloader is missing is a mustache!

  61. This is so cute. How large it he? I jave never seen one like that before. all the ones I have seen have promarily been black in color.

  62. kibblenibble says:

    Very sweet. In the first picture, it looks as if Mama is carefully curling her toes and fingers up, to prevent injuring anyone with the loooong nails. Their expressions are very serene. What is the personality of this creature, I wonder? They seem to be quite comfortable with this portrait making. 🙂
    P.S. Has anyone noticed that Junior is wearing the latest both-sides-combed-up-toward-the-middle-fauxhawk?

  63. Hahaha…I eat ants!

  64. 1st pic so looks like a classic boxing stance.

  65. JustanotherHeather says:

    I think that there is someone out of frame on the first photo, and that someone just offered Mom and baby some tea and crump-ants. It’s just such a “Oh my, you shouldn’t have!” sort of pose with her hands together like that. And baby looking forward to nomming some treats too.

  66. Too cute!! I can hear the eye plinks from here!
    And how gorgeous is momma anteater?? Look at those blue eyes!

  67. Awwww, bebeh tamandua is smilingks in pic #3.

  68. @SoCalSis– Zot!

  69. @ Tony: Tamanduas are 2 to 3 feet long (plus tail)- so like a medium dog, only much much narrower!
    And though they are generally meek creatures, yes, those claws *can* be deadly!

  70. emily rachel says:

    THE definishe of “plink plink”, people.

  71. I think she’s got Wall-E’s little nervous hand-linking going on in the first one.

  72. Bstrange-careful, you dropped one! Over to the left-yeah, that’s it….shoop!

  73. Oooh, mommy has really pretty eyes!! *head tilt* What a pretty lady!

  74. Elisha B. says:

    These are some crazy lookin’ critters! But look at mom’s eyes, they are so intense and beautiful! And anything baby is super cute, well, almost always 😉

  75. I have to agree that the second pic is my fave. That protective limb and sheltering posture by mom is so adorable.

  76. plink plink

  77. Wonderful pictures–thanks for posting.

  78. a blue eyed anteater.. how extraordinary!!

  79. LaureninGeorgia says:

    @Katiez – maybe my mind is in the gutter, but your post definitely gave me the giggles. “tube shaped object”?!?!

  80. I have always loved anteaters since I met one up close and personal in a children’s zoo as a child. I think they are rather gentle wild creatures dispite the claws and size. Wonderful pics! Keep em coming.

  81. Can you really draw out “plink” as “pleeeeenk”? “Plink” is by definition a short, even abrupt, noise.

  82. First time ever seeing a baby anteater… SO COOL!!!!!

  83. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    an aside: did anyone else notice the anteater in the Superbowl commerical “Green Police”. you have to look quickly—but there is an anteater on a leash serving as a contraband sniffer!!!!!

  84. God bless that photographer, those are actually really gorgeous pictures. The anteaters are oddly beautiful, too.

  85. Wonderful pictures–thanks for posting…wishes from INDIA.

  86. Best.
    Eye capsules.

  87. Awww, they’re way cuter than I thought! Although all anteaters sound like Jackie Mason in my head (which isn’t so much cute as it is disturbing). :p

  88. Bette Davis eyes!!!!!

  89. Fleurdamour says:

    Smiling anteater!

  90. LOL… awwww, look at the baby!

  91. We had a baby anteater born at the zoo last year. I asked the keeper how long the baby would ride around on moms back. She said “as long as she will let him”.

  92. wow

  93. So sweeeeet! Love that little anteater baby!

  94. @ShinyHappyGoth:

    Having thought about it… I’d say ‘yes’. If one must have logic with one’s cuteness, it could be considered the “slow motion playback” version of “plink”. Or just a squee. 😀

    Yes, I am the type of nerd to whom such thoughts occur randomly at 3 AM. Le sigh.

  95. @@ShinyHappyGoth: welcome to the neighborhood, we are all so afflicted. I just get up and write it down if it is useful. Squees are so much fun! Just enjoy being a Peep! (Now THERE is an earworm for us Broadway babies!)

  96. Anteaters are so cute. That baby looks like it’s permanently plastered on its mom. These turned out prosh!

  97. OMG, the BEF is off the charts.