Malcolm Reviews the Super Bowl Spots

I don’t know about you, but my favorite commercial came from Budweiser. You know the one I mean:


Oh, really – you say that spot’s from 1999…? Well you can’t expect me to watch the actual game when re-runs of “SVU” are on.

Eh, the commercials were terrible anyway, Elke V.



  1. Peenk Lower Leep!

  2. I just love smiling dogs. I love to pinch the little dangling tongue.

  3. Love the second picture

  4. StormCat42 says:

    Wish this little guy had his ears up… That would make the pic just about perfect… But then again that little smile with the tongue is working itself right up to perfect!!! Can we have some pics of smiling Bostons? Or Boxers? Now those pups can smile!!

  5. Lova da puppeh pix. (Who Dat Puppeh?)

    And agree with Malcolm re the Super Bowl ads, though these four Super Bowl ads, for McDonald’s, Snickers, FloTV, and David Letterman, were pretty darn funny and creative (VIDEO – SFW).

  6. kristinpants says:

    Should have watched the puppy bowl instead.

  7. I flipped over to Puppy Bowl and missed the commercials. But the news this morninng showed the one with Betty White. Betty White is the QUEEN of all the universe!!! An awesome lady and wicked funny (just watch her on the Mary Tyler Moore Show….) and a devoted friend to animals. Hail Betty!!!!

    But I would be more than willing to put up with the annoying wassuupp again only if it featured this extremely cute white floffy doggie. The expression on his face in the second photo has keeeelled me. And his cute little nose is begging for this:

  8. That beaver thing was absolutely stupid, but it still made me laugh at the end. I miss the Clydesdales though!

  9. Wait. The Muppets are real?!?

    [You maybe thought they were cartoons? – Ed.]

  10. I hate football, but I love this little guy!

  11. I’m sure this little fluffball is related to the one from a few years ago who ate all the lipstick. 😀

  12. the clydesdales were there! there was one that showed a colt and calf first, and then they grew up to be a big beautiful clydesdale and a big handsome bull!

  13. The four superbowl ads posted by J, left me totally nonplussed. If there’s some humour in them, its passed me by.

  14. They censored the clydesdale in my area since they were “clearly” gay lovers. Seriously, who thinks these things up?

  15. Happy Puppy!!! Nice for a Monday morning.

  16. the SB commercials were mostly terrible. ‘cept the chicken ones.
    “chicken screaming silently in space” has to be a metaphor for something.

    I just don’t know what yet. but it’ll come to me.

    [Irrelevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  17. thanks for the link and imagery, mr. Ed.!
    …there’s got to be a way to insert a (silently) screaming chicken in there.

  18. Everyone thought that the commercials were dumb? Dang, what’s happened to your sense of humor.. Must be Monday. I thought that they were great this year. The kid laying down the law to the new suitor.. the Doritos ads.. Betty White laying in the mud (now SHE has a sense of humor).

    Oh… wait… I get it. Most of these are men saying that they were dumb… and a good number of the ads were poking fun at “menliness”. Ahem. 🙂

  19. Puppy has a football-shaped head- I do hope his name is really ‘Arnold’!

  20. I loved the fiddling beaver! But I might be biased, being a musician myself… I was a bit disgusted by all the ads that made the feminist in me cringe, but I did enjoy the Snickers and Denny’s commercials, and a couple of the Dirito’s commercials, too.

    [I may now need to form a bluegrass band, just so we can be go on the road as “The Fiddling Beavers”. Now opening for Trampled By Turtles! – Ed.]

  21. I loved the puppy bowl. the kitten half time show was fabulous as always. Wasn’t so impressed by the rabbit cheerleaders. I think they disapprove of the puppeh bowl.

  22. Oooooh, that doggydoggy has so much personality. He looks very soft and friendly. In the first pic, t’s like he’s saying: “Oh, hello!”.

  23. Jess&Friends says:

    I hate myself for missing PuppyBowl. I can’t believe I missed watching hamsters ride a blimp! I’m ever so depressed now. I’m hoping that part will find it’s way over here. Hamsters in a blimp? Cute overload!!!11!

    [I hate myself for loving you. Can’t break free from the things that you doo. 😉 – J.J.]

  24. fish eye no miko says:

    mariser: I’m pretty sure it’s an Alien ref: “In space, no one can hear you scream”. [because sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum]
    Yeah, the Denny’s ads were my faves this year.

  25. I love the Clydesdales!

  26. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Disapproving Cheerleaders! Hamsters in a Blimp. Chamomile the Puppy. the Kitten Halftime Show.

    Was there something else on yesterday?

    honestly, the bunny cheerleaders made me howl.

  27. What a great little puppeh face! Malcolm should have his own talk show.

  28. Wasn’t the “chicken screaming silently in space” actually a rooster?

  29. LOL! I totally watched SVU all day Sunday. Come on over puppy.. I’ll make some popcorn and wings!

  30. *slap* keep your hands off my mama, and keep your hands off my doritos!

    That one got a huge chuckle from me! And the Betty White Snickers ad.

    A couple of the others were just so offensively sexist. And this is supposed to be funny?

  31. fish no miko: that’s it. for some reason I thought it was 2001:Space Odissey.

    @Paunchie: much sexism, and mean-spirited. Dockers was downright offensive, and the Google ad was stereotypical and predictable (maybe they’ll make a movie out of it: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in “You Got Search”)

  32. What a cute face! I love this little puppy!!!

  33. So no one liked the Carmax “Dramatically Smart” ads? It was a bit annoying playing two in a row every time, but I loved the dramatic prairie dog!

  34. earlybird1 says:

    GAH! The bottom leep, peoples! THE BOTTOM LEEP! *thunk*

  35. Well, by most of these comments I’m glad I played WoW with my husband and watched the Puppy Bowl. 😛

  36. SVU FTW!!

  37. That first pic looks like the doggie’s pulling a Kanye West on Taylor Swift.

  38. chanpon: That first pic looks like the doggie’s pulling a Kanye West on Taylor Swift.

    OK, that actually made me LOL.

    I love the expressiveness of this dog! (And I agree with the person above who suspected he was related to the lipstick addict puppy of a few years ago.)

  39. There was football yesterday? (head tilt) (innocent look)
    I would have watched SVU, but I’d already seen all of them while I was in the hospital last summer….

  40. I love that you can see his bottom lip. So cute, my poodle has the same one.

  41. oh my god I love you guys 😀 internetcuddles and cake for everyone!