Things Are Looking Up

I’m a tiny little lizard in a great big world, and all I ask for…

… is someone to look up to.

Beautiful shot, Jackie.



  1. Aw, adorable tiny lizard! I was recently in Hawaii and there were similar adorable tiny lizards, but they would run away if I pulled out a camera, not to mention try to hold one! Cutsies!

  2. EYE.

  3. aw, what a teeny little super guy

  4. That is wonderful.


  6. run for his collar, little guy! Got to get inside out of sight!

  7. Well, he started it, his tail is pointing!

  8. look at those delicate little toesies! I agree with your hover text NTMTOM – I think his expression is a little wary, like he’s checking out you and your intentions. Don’t try anything, bitches.

  9. SQUEEEE more reptilian cuteness! Loving the lizards on CO lately! 🙂

  10. EYE TURRETS!!!

  11. Sooooooo tiny! 🙂

  12. Ti-hi, he looks like he’s ready to CONQUER THE WOOOORLLLD!

  13. Lizardy leery eyes!

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    @boaks: I agree! Just because they’re scaly and cold-blooded doesn’t mean they aren’t cute! Especially this little guy! Awwww!

  15. teeny slender toeses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. he can hang from my ear any time!

  17. Plinky goodness. Here lizard lizard lizard!

  18. TrixandSam says:

    “I’m the king of da world!!”
    (This little guy has a personality of titanic proportions!)

  19. StormCat42 says:

    OMG, I’d be afraid to pick up this leetle guy!! I’d be afraid I’d break heem… So I will just continue to sqee like an idiot and admire this on your finger, if that’s ok…

    OH, and plink plink… Luvs that noise!

  20. Reminds me of Randall from Monsters inc.

  21. Swivel eyed sweetie.

  22. How precious! Although it makes me a bit sad to think that this li’l guy is so fragile and potentially squishable. Bubba: I just finished watching (listening to) “Monsters Inc.” while repainting a bookcase this morning. 😀

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    @StormCat42: I agree! I occasionally get little lizards in my house, and if they’re somewhere they can’t get out of on their own, I try to get them out; but I’m always afraid I’m gonna hurt them if I’m not careful.

  24. marian the librarian says:

    This, like that teeny frog, demonstrates a new Rule of Cuteness (or at least a corollary to Rule 14): “If you fit on my thumb, you’re cute.”

  25. He is so teeeeenie that even a mosquito would look like a B-52 Bomber. Such a cute little chameleon. Do you think he will ever shape shift to look like the finger??

  26. I bet he saved alot on his car insurance!

  27. Little leezard looks to be contemplating the vastness of the Pink Warmth-Radiating Mountain That Moves. They’re so cute when they’re tiny! I especially like the ones that don’t seem to realize how small and squishable they are, and chomp fiercely when picked up by a hand a zillion times bigger than they are. This one appears to be of a mellower (or smarter) breed. 🙂

  28. Tiny lizard is tiny.

  29. earlybird1 says:

    EEEEE! His toes are the same width as the ridges on the fingerprints! Now that is one TINY lizard!!

  30. Hahaha, thought he was sitting on a tongue for a second. What a cutie!

  31. nature never ceases to amaze me. Perfect tiny feets, and perfect tiny eye capsules! I heart this lizard! I heart him so much!

  32. So cute, so suspicious-looking.

  33. Biscuit Tin says:

    Cold-blooded, I am. A sunny spot for me, you will find. Yes.

  34. Just don’t let him near the kitties…..not only would they consider him a chew toy to chase after, he’d make ’em sick once they chomped. (Unfortunately, geckos can carry salmonella and e coli. DON’T ask how I know this.) (Luckily, my orange boy is okay now….)

    [That’s not uncommon with purchased pet reptiles, actually – Ed.]

  35. Behold, my peeps, the dinosaur. Mammals rule, reptiles drool.

  36. That is one delicious little cat snack.

  37. Aww 🙂 When leezars are this smallio, I always think of how tiny their food has to be. This one has a very sweet anole face 🙂

  38. Oh my gosh! And the captions are heatrbreaking.

  39. Aww…