Best dog birthday “cake” ever

People, why are you wasting your precious time making actual cakes for your dog’s birthday when you know all they want is an awesome sausage with a candle in it?

Yanhg, yanhg, yanhg:

Sender-Inner Dorota says her pup Amy is almost a purebred weiner dog but calls her “95% daschund 5% mystery LOL”



  1. whoa, that’s a big snausage!

  2. Looks like at least 5% Jack Russell, to me. And all dog–meat goes over better than cake.

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, lucky doggie! His humans love him!
    (and now I want some sausage…)

  4. My chihuahua/dachshund/Yorkie dog would take one look and immedicately attack the sausage, completely pigging out on it, candle and all. He’ll do anything for food, esp. for meat. Cake is so totally wasted on dogs, and meatcakes are the way to go. A cake made of steak and sausage, anyone? Bosco would be drooling by the time I serve it to him.

  5. Brittany F says:

    OMNOMNOMNOMNOM doggie says to snausage

  6. thats one happy dog lol

  7. thedistractor says:

    If a wiener dog eats a wiener sausage, does that make him a pseudo-cannibal?

  8. This is so funny! I laughed so hard when I saw this. It’s one of my favorite posts ever.

  9. Ah so cute. That dog can nom on my wiener anytime!.uh..wait..

  10. Nice birthday cake Mom. And Amy’s present to you? Sour dog farts.

    I have 2 dachshunds-1 is a total fatty and she would probably eat half of that thing without chewing.

  11. Omg, that is so EPIC!!! ROFL

  12. It’s my birthday too!

  13. It’s that little bit of mystery that makes any girl special …

  14. You know it’s not the size that matters.

    At least my wife says so.

  15. I wanna birthday cake like that!

  16. hahahaha it’s bigger than he is!!

  17. 260Oakley says:

    You go puppy. Don’t let your meat loaf.

  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    Pretty big kielbasa for a pretty small pup.

  19. I may try this on my cats but with prawns, perhaps set in an aspic jelly. Gronff ,slurp ,Yangh Yangh. Hic…Hic…

  20. Andi from NC says:

    Now that’s a mama that knows her baby!!!

  21. Awesome birthday treatage photo. The dog-to-meat ratio has me boggling and envisioning a sort of “Lady & the Tramp” unsung rewrite moment: “Their romance never got off the ground, because they got full before they reached the middle. Hm, maybe we should use spaghetti instead? Yeah, let’s go with that.” And this little hotdog has the sausage all to herself! Awwsplode.

    *looks again* Gotta agree with previous posts though, the winds of saus-change will blow harshly in that house tomorrow.. Kitties with tuna-wind, move over. *dons nosepin and resumes awwing*

  22. Err, *post, singular. ‘Ray for typos! Also, would a 95% daschund, 5% mystery = a dasch-huh-nd?

  23. Sausage doggie eating a sausage!

    I used to make homemade sausage and kielbasa with my Slovak grandmother many years ago when I was a young un. Wonderful memories. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. All the while keeping an eye on that burning candle.

  25. TrixandSam says:

    My dogs get a Burger King Whopper cake for their birthdays. They sit on the couch with a tray table in front of them with the unwrapped Whopper on a paper plate. The candle gets lit, we sing happy birthday (well, I sing it) and they do their best not to attack the Whopper. I then pull out the hamburger patty, chop it up and they enjoy their “cake”.

  26. 260Oakley says:

    At first she thought she might go for a bundt but in the end, the weiner takes it all.

  27. That would be 5% terrier for sure LOL as was noted by Plousia too
    and LOL 260 Oakley!

  28. “Let’s blow this party – it’s a sausage fest.”

  29. smartyboots says:

    HA! Pansy gets a “cake” made of cooked burger patties frosted with mashed potatoes every year, maybe this year it’s time to mix it up and go sausage!

  30. That’s the second reference to Jonah Falcon I’ve seen today . . . .

  31. Are you sure the CO won’t be had up for obsenity on this one?

  32. Ewwww, that *does* look more than a little obscene…

    [This isn’t that part of the internet. 😛 – Ed.]

  33. Om nom nom nom! I hope the pups doesn’t eat the whole thing. He will have a tummy ache for sure. Happy Birthday little weiner pup!

  34. Amazon search results return “Devil Dogs”?

  35. Dangit, I just keep thinking how sick that dog is going to be if she eats it all. Processed meat = too salty and fatty for dogs. Kidney stones, anyone? What a party pooper is me.

    How about taking the dogster for a birthday romp instead? Action shots of birthday rompage.

  36. Can I have some kraut to go with the wiener dog?

  37. I wonder if he’s going to eat the whole thing all at once… probably… =)

    [If this were your dog, and you were taking the picture, would you let him? ‘Cause I wouldn’t, and I doubt this pooch’s people would either. – Ed.]

  38. Yeah, I was thinking about whether or not that was a spicy sausage and how big a tummy ache the poor poochie might have later … not to be a nuffer or anything!

    Super cute pic of a super happy birthday pupster though!

  39. SInce the sausage is larger than the puppy I am sure after the picture was taken a rasonable chunk was sliced off for the pup of the day. No nuffing needed, 🙂

  40. A wiener eating a wiener! A wiener fractal!

  41. hmm….giant sasuge. Yumm!! ( i bet the puppy luvs it! )

  42. Trisha M. says:

    Whee!! Happy Birthday, pups! Hey, wait a minute-aren’t you supposed to blow out the candle and make a wish before you start nomming?

  43. AuntieMame says:

    @Trisha M., if your wish has already come true, and it looks like it has for this little feller, there’s no need to blow out the candles. 😀

  44. Judging from dogs I’ve seen at work, she looks like a “dorkie”, part dachshund, part yorkie, 100% cute.

  45. Adorable yes, bad for him absolutely!
    I love my babies sooooooo, I personally give my babies all natural safe treats, I want them to out live me, not make their sweet little hearts implode:

  46. CatViccer says:

    Well duh, who DOESN’T want a giant sausage with a candle in it??

    [I sincerely hope that’s NOT what she said – Ed.]

  47. Miaoosers says:

    Miaoosers 02.08.10 at 10:53 am
    I wonder if he’s going to eat the whole thing all at once… probably… =)

    [If this were your dog, and you were taking the picture, would you let him? ‘Cause I wouldn’t, and I doubt this pooch’s people would either. – Ed.]

    Ed, I think it’s rather obvious that I was kidding. You’d have to be pretty gullible to believe otherwise. Sheesh!

    [Universal truth of internet conversations: Tone is elusive. Just sayin’. – Ed.]

  48. Hey guys, glad you liked the picture. And just so everybody know Amy did NOT eat the whole sausage. She would probably explode if she did lol She only ate a little bit, but as u can see she sure enjoyed it lol

  49. happy birthday!!!!!!!:)

  50. Something a dog wants and got to have a perfect B-day present!